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Research Shows CBD Oil Can Help with Multiple Sclerosis

CBD oil has many people who sing its praises because it’s been found to provide pain relief for people with chronic pain conditions. However, it’s also been discovered through research that anxiety levels can often reduce in severity, epileptic seizures are cut in frequency, and it has been shown to help with some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis too.

Let’s learn a bit more about CBD oil and why it might be helpful for people living with multiple sclerosis.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that is extractable. When combined with an oil, it becomes CBD oil.

While cannabis has a known psychoactive response, CBD doesn’t have the same effect on the human body. Accordingly, CBD is approved for sale in both the UK and the USA.

The main point with CBD is that it’s derived from a hemp strain. This limits the amount of THC (the psychoactive compound) present to 0.3% or lower in hemp-derived CBD products.

Can CBD Oil Products Be Purchased Legally in the UK or USA?

The answer is yes in both countries. This is on the basis that it is hemp-derived, so the THC potency is 0.3% or lower. This is a minimal amount that has no effect on mental acuity and therefore is permissible.

In the US, CBD products like the ones supplied by Cope CBD can be sold as long as they fit the above criterion, are not sold as medicinal products, or state that there is a medical benefit to using them. Basically, no wild claims!

What is Multiple Sclerosis and Does CBD Oil Help at All?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a medical condition that impacts the spinal area and the brain directly. Unfortunately, the myelin that forms a protective barrier over the nerve fibers comes under attack by the body’s own immune system.

There’s a variety of unpleasant symptoms including sudden spasms, weakness, vision quality issues, numbness in the extremities, and mobility issues to name a few. These symptoms are neither uniform nor continual; they’re changeable by nature with some worsening in severity over time.

The Frontiers in Neurology journal last year researched the connection between MS and CBD oil. The findings were that CBD oil specifically offered a variety of positive benefits like being an antioxidative, antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory. The researchers found CBD oil to be safe in their tests where it did not negatively impact basic functionality, motor functions, blood pressure, or other important aspects of human functioning.

Unlike with the newly released medicine, Sativex in the UK which is only prescribed by specialist doctors after other treatment options have been tried, CBD oil only contains a minimal amount of THC. By contrast, Sativex has equal parts of THC and CBD which is mainly why it’s sold under strict conditions. The Frontiers in Neurology study is the first to study patients using CBD oils with low loads of THC below 0.3% under clinical conditions.

If you’re interested to try out CBD oil for yourself, we’d recommend finding a good source like Cope CBD. This ensures that the composition of the product is properly measured to get the benefits you require.

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