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5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Electronic Design

Electronic design careers are very popular these days, as many people like problem solving and having a chance to do something special. Therefore, the industry is very competitive and it won’t be easy to get into. However, there are many other reasons why you’ll want to at least consider an electronic design position, and some of those are outlined below.

1.Excellent Average Salary

One of the key reasons why many people get into electronic design is because they like to take things apart and see how they work in the background. With that being said, although it’s a hobby to some, they certainly don’t mind the excellent average salary of $82,930 that comes with it – and this is just basic for an electronic design engineer in the US.

2.Do It Yourself Benefits

A career in electronic design doesn’t just pay well and give you the chance to climb the career ladder, it also gives you a trade to do in your spare time. Those who have experience in electronic design won’t just be able to fix things in the workplace; they’ll also be able to fix more complex electronic issues at home. By using circuit design software like the ones Altium provide, you’ll have access to your own tool station so you can design, repair, and replace any faulty hardware with ease.

3.Job Security

Depending on the company you work for, job security will vary. However, one thing is guaranteed once you are an experienced electronic designer – you’ll have many job opportunities available should one not quite work out. Just look at how technology is evolving – the likes of Apple, Google, Intel and many others all rely on electronic engineers to keep up with their competitors. You certainly won’t be short of job opportunities, and the security of the job is usually guaranteed.

4.Electronic Design Will Keep You Ticking

One of the best reasons to get into electronic design is the fact that technology is growing and changing all the time. You could be undertaking the same work for a few months but one slight change of technology will get you thinking how to do it again. It’s an ever-changing role and if you like a challenge, working in electronic design will give you plenty of obstacles for you to get over.

5.A Great Chance to Start Your Own Business

Once you have enough experience in electronic design, your earning potential is virtually endless if you launch your own business. You may need to be in the industry for a couple of decades to get the experience you need to flourish, but it’s certainly a niche business that could give you plenty of ideas when it comes to inventing something new.

The electronic design industry is a competitive one and you’ll need to work hard to get to the top to earn that great salary. However, should you be motivated and willing to get to the top, you’ll benefit from a great salary, job security, and you’ll have a trade under your belt that you could use to launch your own business in the future.

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