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Unique Gifts to Give Your Partner

How many times are you stumped for a gift to give to your partner? There are so many different occasions that call for a gift that finding something different can be a challenge. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries – there are many occasions throughout the year that call for a gift. You can easily spend days wandering around your high street looking for inspiration. However, to save you the trouble, here is a list you can refer to.

  • Cake Stencils – is your partner a secret Paul Hollywood fan? Do they religiously watch the Great British Bake Off for a glimpse of every female bakers Adonis? Let them bake up a storm for you instead with personalised cake stencils.
  • Key Fob – these can be found in an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Choose one in the shape of their favourite holiday destination or have one personalised with their name, a picture or meaningful message.
  • House Portrait – if you share a home with your partner you could give them an illustrated portrait of your home. Alternatively, have a pet portrait made of their favourite four-legged fur baby.
  • Vape Kit – vaping is becoming a very popular pastime for people who want to relax. Visit for all the necessary supplies to help your partner get started on this thrilling new hobby.
  • Personalised Jewellery – something else that comes in all shapes and sizes and can be personalised with a special message is jewellery. Choose a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet that features their birthstone or anniversary stone.
  • Personalised Bookmark – is your partner an avid reader? Do they still read a proper book rather than an e-reader? What do they use for a bookmark? It’s probably a scrap of paper, toothpick or some other meaningless item. Give them something special to mark the pages instead.
  • Customised Phone Case – this sort of gift can be personalised in many ways. They might not want a picture of you on their phone case but how about a picture of their pet?
  • Powercube – does your partner have lots of gadgets that tend to be plugged into one of those ugly power strips? A Powercube is a far more attractive option and they’re available in a variety of colours.
  • Wedding Album – if you’ve just got married and you want to give you partner a special gift to celebrate your wedding choose a personalised wedding album and fill it with your favourite wedding snaps.
  • Neon Sign – how many times would you like to tell your partner that you love them? Buy a neon sign that says just that, and they’ll always know how special you are to them.
  • Wireless Ear Buds – ear buds don’t have the greatest of reputations when it comes to sound quality, and there’s always the problem of long dangling wires. Buy your partner a pair of wireless ear buds and these problems melt away.

Finding something unique to give as a gift doesn’t have to be such a problem when you’ve got a list of possibilities. Adding a touch of personalisation as well always make a gift special.

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