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Making More Money in 2019

As a new year has officially kicked off, many people are thinking about how they can improve their finances. This could be because they need extra money for bills or are trying to reach certain goals. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for how to make more money this year, then you should be aware that there are quite a few options available.

The goal is to be creative and think along the lines of things you usually wouldn’t do to make money as therein lies opportunity. On that note, see tips for making more money in 2019 below.

Use Your Talents

Everyone has a unique talent no matter how insignificant it seems. For some, their talent is their ability to communicate effortlessly while for others it could be their superb writing skills. To monetise your talents and skills, explore ways that you can meet a need using those skills. If, for instance, you can take great pictures, then sell them online so people who need images can find them.

Consider Drop Shipping

Amongst the many available ways out there to make money, drop shipping is one of them. This is a convenient option for those who aren’t keen on some of the stress associated with starting a business but would like to start one. In case you don’t know, drop shipping is when you sell a product online, but the manufacturer or another retailer deals with the preparation and shipping of the item to the customer.

If you’re thinking about what to sell online, there are tons of products to choose from such as makeup, car parts or home décor. It will be left to you to pour your efforts into marketing so the product is visible to prospective customers and it sells.

Look for a Better Paid Job

People are often afraid of the work that comes with looking for a job as well as unprepared for the rejection when it takes longer than expected. However, to make more money, you often have to put yourself out there and go and look for opportunities. Here are a few steps that could help your hunt for higher paid work that doesn’t include sending CVs out on job recruitment sites.

Research Prospective Companies: The first step you should take when job hunting is to research companies you’d like to work for. You could use a business directory, LinkedIn or platforms like Monster to identify potential employers. Think about your competencies and skills and what you could offer those businesses to help them meet their overall objectives.

Make the first Point of Contact: Once you have your list of prospective jobs, send in an introduction letter stating who you are and the reason you’re writing. A week later, follow it up with a cover letter and CV.

Request a Meeting: Once you’ve sent in your CV, don’t wait for a response as the chances of you getting one are slim. Instead, take the initiative by calling and trying to get in touch with a decision maker in the company so you can request a meeting where you’ll essentially sell yourself.

Sell Valuables

One unique way of making more money in 2019, especially if you enjoy shopping is buying valuables. Look for items that will continue to increase in value and keep them until you can resell them for more than the purchase price. Examples of valuables that you could sell are Lego collections which are known to sell for thousands of pounds as well as Harry Potter Books, valuable comics, and old iPods.

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