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It’s all about pets!

On today’s music filled show, we looked at two stories involving cats and dogs.

First off we heard about the mishap that befell Baloo, a tabby cat who hails from Nova Scotia in Canada.

We all know how cats love to cuddle up in cardboard boxes left lying around the home. Unfortunately Baloo’s choice of box in which to curl up resulted in his being despatched by courier to the other side of the country.

When Baloo’s owners initially missed their moggy they first went out asking neighbours if they’d seen him, searched nearby woods, and looked in sheds and garages.

Baloo’s whereabouts were only discovered after a truck driver taking a parcel across Canada stopped to investigate why there appeared to be urine seeping out of the box.

Pleasing to report that Baloo is now back home and none the worse for his adventure.

Meanwhile closer to home comes news of a vet who was forced to dress up as a giant mouse so he could examine a nervous Dalmation called Rupert.


Vets at the Davies Veterinary specialist surgery in Hitchin were originally unable to safely approach the animal so owner Sonya Schiff thoughtfully provided the mouse onesie which allowed Rupert to be safely examined.

M/s Schiff from London said she adopted Rupert from The Dogs Trust a couple of years ago but it took a year for him to bond with her due to some “serious guarding issues and aggression”.

Rupert also had separation anxiety if she left him so Sonya thought he might benefit from having the scent and sense of her with him and thought the mouse romper suit, which she often wears at home to relax in would make a reassuring bed for him in the kennels.

Well that’s a novelty in itself, methinks!

Right I’m not here tomorrow as just like Rupert I am having to undergo some medical treatment – but unlike Rupert I will not insist upon my physician dressing up in a romper suit!

See you again next week,

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