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Another year of fantastic music!

Here we are at the end of another year so I thought that today I would try and play a selection of as many good songs released this year that I could pack into 2 hours.

In addition we took a look at a couple of recent stories that emerged during the past week.

First off came news of an armed man who robbed a bank in Svalbard, a remote location midway between Norway and the North Pole.

Whilst he might have thought that his trail might have quickly gone cold in the subzero temperatures of the area, with a population of less than 2000 people the culprit stood out like a sore thumb and was swiftly apprehended.

It is believed that the robber hadn’t given a lot of thought to his escape route as the only way of leaving the archipelago, which is roughly twice the size of Belgium, is by plane.

Back to the drawing board, then.

And then we learnt about the mother who was more than a little surprised when after 11 days, her daughter said that she no longer wanted to tuck into her daily ration of goodies from the advent calendar she’d bought her.

When questioned, her daughter said that they just tasted a bit strange.

Her mother then checked the label only to discover that what she has thought were apple flavoured chocolates were in fact yoghurt and catnip flavour treats for cats.

Oh dear. Well now she’s passed on the remaining treats to a friend for her cat to enjoy.

Well that’s me done for 2018. So let me finish by wishing you and yours the very best for 2019.

See you next year,

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