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A true cellphone and painful examination

For the first show of a new month, it was another maximum music Monday with a mass of great music from the likes of CHVRCHES, VANDA SHEPHERD, SHERYL CROWE, STEVE WINWOOD and BETTE MIDDLER, to name just a few – but we also had time to enjoy some “oddball” news stories.

First off came news of the prisoner who was found to have a mobile phone hidden up his backside!

After picking up a phone signal apparently emanating from a cell at HMP Bullingdon, Nr Bicester in Oxfordshire, suspicious prison officers conducted a thorough search of the cell occupied by Dylan Martin.

When the phone was eventually uncovered, Mr Martin managed to achieve a look of total surprise and tried to assure guards that the phone had nothing to do with him and that he didn’t know how it could possibly have got there.

He eventually admitted to having the phone – well he could hardly do otherwise, but continued to insist that the phone was not his. 

Already stretching credulity to breaking point, unfortunately for him, his arguments completely fell apart after guards discovered that the SIM card inside the phone, contained the numbers of his family and friends.

In the second hour of the show we heard why Sheffield University has told undergraduates that they don’t have to answer questions or write essays if they might be upset or offended by the subject matter.

Lecturers at the University of Sheffield have been advised that alternatives can be offered if ‘Sensitive and controversial issues’ risk upsetting students.

As standard, the English Literature Course includes items involving politics, race, gender identity, faith and religion, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, rape, abortion, disability and domestic or sexual violence.

Last year some undergraduates at Sheffield University said they were being left in tears and feeling anxious and distressed by some sensitive material!

Critics of the policy have said it is another example of pandering to the snowflake generation and warned they were not preparing these young people for the real world, whilst Chris McGovern from the Campaign for real Education said, ‘These kids need to toughen up. If they can’t face questions like this at university then they shouldn’t be at university. Mollycoddling them and giving them protective walls is not preparing them for life.”

Goodness me, whatever next!

I’ll see you again tomorrow – providing I can cope with it all,

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