Body Talk with special guest Helen Knox

My guest in the studio today was Helen Knox. Helen is a sexual health specialist,  she writes a monthly 5-6 page “column” for the main health magazine in the Eastern Caribbean, for Barbados’ Nation Corporation’s Better Health Magazine, which she started about 15 years ago!  She’s written 4 books and has an accredited training programme that she’s converting for e-learning at the moment; plus a very busy sexual health website –

Helen was very informative about sexual health issues, which don’t just affect the younger generation. With many older people divorcing or separating, and starting new relationships in their 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s plus, there is a whole new sector of society who need to be aware of the health risks of having a succession of different partners.

Although contraception may not be an issue for post menopausal ladies, there is still a need to use adequate protection. There is no such thing as being able to tell if your prospective partner is clean. Many different viruses can go undetected, but can easily be passed on by a carrier. Nobody is ever too old or too healthy to use a condom!

Helen’s two recent books, Sexplained One and Two, are a mine of information. If you have any concerns you can find just about anything in in them for both sexes. There are full colour pictures detailing various different STD’s, so if you are in any doubt you will certainly find an answer here. Both books are available to download, as well

This was a very informative interview and I’m hoping Helen will be able to join us again soon.

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