Show 190: The SoSlam Songwriting Project

This week my guest were some of the participants from the SoSlam Songwriting Project.

The project was made for adult aspiring songwriters and form being in the project myself I’ve seen all the participants grow step by step. And with the live videos below you can see why.

You can hear the full show below. Plus watch live performances on videos also. Here is the songs played on the show and the live performances are in bold.

1. Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten
2. Asylums – When We Wake Up
3. Leo C – If You’re Not Beggin
4. Owen Williams – The Man Who Ate The Hurricane
Paul Nicholls – Those Are The Days
Rest Your Mind

5. The View – Same Jeans
6. John Paul Elliot – On The Stairs
Kate West – Dig A Bit Deeper
Take What You Need

7. Alice Merton – No Roots
8. Emily Frith – I Think We Should
Phil Steed – Make it Count
Laugh It Up

9. Foo Fighters – Best Of You
10. David Woodcock – Beggars Can’t Be Choosers
11. Kerry Morris – Sweet Little Girl
Kerry Morris – Still You
12. Finding Miranda – Karaoke Singers
13. Nicola Collis – Burning The Candle At Both Ends
Gary Robinson – He’s Got A Whiskey Smile
Leave The Past Behind

14. Caitlin King – Heal Your Heart

The five songwriters worked as a team on the guest quiz 50 Grades Smarter and scored an impressive 14.5 points. Here is the scoreboard…

Rob Palladino and Baz – 16
Paul Finch – 15
Minerva Falls – 15
SoSlam Songwriters Project – 14.5
Young Machetes – 14.5
Katy Forkings – 14
Drew Tobias – 13.5
Leo C – 13.5
Chay – 13
Josie Tullett – 10.5

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