Lakeside Speedway – JON COOK SPEAKS OUT

The latest from the Lakeside Speedway Press Office…

The Lakeside Hammers meeting this Saturday against Glasgow Tigers has been postponed to avoid a clash with the World Cup football fever which is sweeping the country.

Hammers Co-Promoter Jon Cook commented “Having taken the opinions of our supporters on board, we agree that on another heatwave day and with England hopefully on fire, we can’t expect fans to travel in their masses to watch speedway after the match which may go to overtime and of course then sees England’s potential opponents kicking off at 7pm.

“The World Cup only comes around every four years and England haven’t created this much excitement since 1990.  We believe that moving one meeting to later in the year for the convenience of all, including Sweden’s many Scottish supporters, is a sensible decision for all.  Our thanks go to Glasgow for their understanding in this matter.”

The next meeting at the Arena Essex Raceway, will now be on Friday the 13th of July, when the Sheffield Tigers are due to be the visitors.

Cook continued  “This meeting however, and all our other Friday meetings, mysteriously disappeared from the official BSPA fixture list at the end of last week and although the club has yet to receive any explanation from the Association, the SCB (Speedway Control Board) has reassured us on the continuation of our season, but has asked us to move our meeting with Peterborough from crowded Fridays to ease the problems one or two clubs are having with guests, which we view as an eminently sensible request to solve this situation.

“We have a (BSPA) Association meeting next week and I expect the matter to be sorted easily there. The Association by its name is there for all clubs and not for the few, as the few can’t race against themselves.  A problem has been identified and there are enough speedway related brains there to sort out the issues in a fair and even manner, and one which doesn’t present clubs with a situation that could prove terminal to their season.

“We’ve lost one speedway club this week and I’m sure when my fellow members attend next week, the gravity of that situation won’t go amiss when all matters are discussed.”

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