Teresa Elizabeth Lobos – Interview

“Exploring the liminal spaces between the darkness of the waking world and the mystery of the unconscious, Teresa Elizabeth Lobos’ mixed media works have inspired wonder and dread in equal amounts.”

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing on of my favourite artists; Teresa Elizabeth Lobos. Please do check out her social media and her latest event coming up on the 5th of July!

[C] Hi Teresa, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I wanted to ask you first, at what point did you know artist was the career for you?

[T] I don’t really think of it as a career, more as a way of life, a survival tactic that allows me to dredge up the darkest or strangest parts of my subconscious to dissect and make some sense of. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t turning to art to deal with the world.

[C] It’s fair to say I think your art isn’t traditional I think working in mixed media. Have you always worked in that medium or did you start painting or drawing?

[T] I’ve never liked to limit myself so yes, it’s safe to say it’s always been mixed media

[C] I hope you take this as the complement It’s meant to be as It’s definitely my cup of tea, but your work is quite dark. Has it always been that way?

[T] Yes. Happy art is boring haha

[C] But yours is definitely not for everyone would you say?

[T] No, it definitely isn’t. But that doesn’t bother me, I don’t even think about it, really.

[C] Are there themes you like to revisit in your artwork?

[T] Yes, of course. Fairy tales, trauma, sexuality, isolation, among others… those come up a lot.

[C] For me I see gender and also anti capitalism. Are those familiar themes for you too?

[T] Yes, for sure.

[C] Tell me what you have been working recently

[T] I’m working on some new pieces for my upcoming show. There’s a lot of blending of architecture and the occult in these as well as a sense of urban isolation. I’m not sure yet how they’re all going to turn out, but hopefully people can find something to relate to in them.

[C] Is that something that’s important to you that at some level people should be able to relate?

[T] Not so important, no. but it’s nice if you can create a bridge to someone with your work.

[C] Tell me about the show you have coming up

[T] It’s myself and two other artists, Erin Donnelly and Chloe Frizzell who are both painters. We really just wanted to showcase our work without going through a gallery. We’re going to be showcasing works that represent unseen moments in urban life, that break the metropolis down to form and movement rather than everyday portrayals of familiar city life.

[C] How and where can people find out more about you and the show? Do you have a website or social media?

[T] Yes, twitter @onelittlerabbit Instagram @lagomorphosis my website is https://www.lagomorphosis.com/about/ and there is a facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/228085534447067/?ti=cl

[C] Thank you  very much Teresa

[T] You’re welcome!

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