Jazz lives on!

I was honoured to be joined on today’s show by two legends from the world of jazz – Keith Ball also known as Kenny Ball Jnr, son of the one and only Kenny Ball and Peter Corrigan who has been putting together jazz concerts for donkeys years full of some of the biggest names from the world of jazz. 

Peter brought his BAND OF HOPE to the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch back in February 1976 and in 10 days time on the 17th June, he and Keith will be back there together again to present JAZZ THROUGH THE AGES.

Listen again here to what Keith and Peter had to tell me today:-

Later in the programme we heard about how someone, although being investigated for misconduct, was granted 7 months compassionate leave from her £45,000 a year job due to stress resulting from that very misconduct hearing.

So stressed was Sgt Leanne Carr of Lincolnshire police, that during this compassionate leave, she posted a steady stream of photos on her Facebook page showing her taking in the sun in Cyprus, snorkelling in Thailand, snowboarding in the Austrian Alps, plus a trip to Cape Town in South Africa.

Now in most places where I’ve worked, if you were stressed by the pressure of work, you would be  told that if the heat was too much for you, you should “get out of the kitchen”. And if you had been under investigation for any kind of misdemeanour, “that would have been that”. 

Things are clearly rather different in some parts of the the public sector!

See you again next week – if I can stand the pace!

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