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As May swirls on with block buster movies a plenty and all that there Royal wedding chatter, I looked back at the other hot story- and chated about News of new ABBA material for us, and why it should be acceptable to like their music and for what they are- a pop band ?? and not be all hung-up on trendy music bias ‘street cred’. I also announced a Cult artist who is due to headline a big gig, this autumn in London; that I will be the DJ at – Synthetic City London: RELOADED [September 22nd].

On the new music front this week, we had a few artists this week with guest vocalists colaborations. Such as Church Of Trees ft Dee Dee Butters – Chvrches – A Passionate Void – Pinklogik – darwinmcd Ft Eric C Powell – Engene ft Danny De Matos – Milan, plus a stonking Voxless from Airwolf One and the odd classic artist along the way, even a Mashup to boot.


1Falls By Another Name by Mirrors

2Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

3Radioactive Tubular Girls by LeeDM101

4Never Give Up_High Fly Mix by Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox

5You look like Warhol by Photona

6Like Gary Numan by Church of Trees ft. Dee Dee Butters

7Fallen Famous (radio) by Lover

8The Winner Takes it All by Promenade Cinema

9Miracle by Chvrches

10She Shines by A Passionate Void

11Little 15 by Depeche Mode

12Herculean by The Good, The Bad & The Queen

132Horses by Brutalist Architecture in the Sun

14The Vision by Pinklogik

15Love Parasite (Dicepeople Vampire Stripper Re-Vox Remix) by The Brooklyn Foundation

16Home (Vince Clarke’s Starstruck Mix) by Marlow

17Click (feat. Eric C. Powell) by darwinmcd

18In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry by Color Theory

19Out of Focus by The Ramona Flowers

20Waiting For You by Eugene feat Danny De Matos

21I Never Thought (Parralox Remix) by Caroline McLavy

22BUBBLEGUM by Apache Darling

23Higgs Boson Rocks by Airwolf One

24Art of Living (Nature of Wires Remix) by 5TimesZero

25Ghost in my Head (Sub Clowns Radio Edit) by Lemonade Kid

26Sight for sore eyes (7) by Milan

27Neon Oblivion by Zynic

28Maid Of Orleans by OMD

Check out all the above via the rerun edition here on Mixcloud;


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