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I was joined today by local wedding photographer, ROSS WILLSHER, who has also just written a book about planning your wedding.


In very broad terms the book is intended to guide couples how to have the wedding they want and avoid the stress of being pressured into other people’s ideas of the perfect wedding, all without getting into confrontational situations.

Listen again here to what Ross told me today: –

You can find out more by going to the following website http://www.rosswillsherphotography.co.uk/   or you can e-mail Ross at info@rosswillsherphotography.co.uk

Keeping loosely to to the photographic theme in the second hour of the show we heard about a British photographer, DAVID SLATER who’s found himself in a lengthy legal battle in the USA with a 7-year old monkey.It seems that back in 2011, whilst playing with David’s camera, the monkey, named NARUTO, took a “selfie” and in 2015, animal rights group PEOPLE for the ETHICAL TREATMENT of ANIMALS (PETA) filed a law suit that sought to give NARUTO copyright over the selfie.

In spite of Mr Slater negotiating an out of court agreement last September under which Mr Slater donates 25% of the revenue he receives from the selfie to charities that protect crested macaques, and although the Court of Appeals has thrown out the case on multiple grounds, the group has declared that they intend to appeal the latest ruling.

Jeff Kerr, general counsel for PETA, said: “Naruto should be considered the author and copyright owner, and shouldn’t be treated any differently from any other creator simply because he happens to not be human.”

Mr Slater has been fighting the case from the UK, which not surprisingly has taken an emotional and financial toll on him. Even if he is finally compensated for his legal fees, with the Court battles set to continue it may be sometime before he will see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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