Damian Carruthers of Serenade the Stars, talks about his new film project, STRONG SOLDIERS


Michelle Ward talks to Damian Carruthers of Serenade the Stars about his new film project, STRONG SOLDIERS.





Strong Soldiers is a short film which focuses on 4 characters from completely different walks of life. The characters lives are inexplicably brought together by fate and they must all draw on their own and each other’s strengths to survive.

The film highlights how strong we can all be when situations arise and brings to light the fact that everyone is fighting their own individual battles.

The film was written by Serenade The Stars guitarist Damian Carruthers and the band will be teaming up with Citizens of the world choir to record the soundtrack.

You can check them out here


Serenade The Stars released their debut single “she’s the one” which received worldwide radio play on December 2017 – you can have a listen here! – please subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates on upcoming releases and involvement with the film


The band and choir will be working with the awesome guys at Hoffen Studios for the soundtrack – check out their page here


This is a completely unique and exciting project for all those involved! We are all extremely excited about working with one another and cannot wait to begin recording and shooting!

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge we face is recording a full choir and mixing that with the recorded track! It’s very difficult to get a full choir into a recording studio! – we plan to overcome this by recording the song initially at hoffen studios and then bringing a mobile studio off site to capture the choir sections of the song.


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