Gemma Lang from iSocialCircle

On today’s show, I welcomed Gemma Lang, founder and director of iSocialCircle which is a new social-media website that allows people to search for like-minded people in their area as gig-buddies, shopping companions etc.

Users of the website are called Socialites, and can search for people relevant to them for a particular activity/event they are looking to find a companion for.  Gemma spoke about why she created the website, how it fills a gap in the current trend of the various social-media websites – is there a need for another platform?  Yes, it would appear!

Click the player above to listen to the interview…

This seems like a great way of getting out of the house and, with many people working from home or not within the confines of an office – a handy way to stay active and enjoy life whatever the circumstances.  Inspiration and ideas are also offered on the website: Coffee day, a trip to Italy, places/sights to see etc – Often it’s not just a case of who to enjoy an activity with, but what activity and where!

Below: Charlie and Gemma pose in the Phoenix FM studio…

Charlie and Gemma from iSocialCircle in the Studio

iSocialCircle is also supporting the Havering Tribute FEST, taking place on Saturday 21st July in Upminster – this is a live music event and details are on Faceboook here.

iSocialCircle is online here and they are also active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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