Braun Strowman Tag Partner Predictions

In a few weeks at Wrestlemania, Braun Strowman will reveal who his mystery tag team partner is. There is much speculation as to who it may be, it could literally be anyone on or off the Raw roster. Could we see someone new, or perhaps a returning superstar? Those theories are coming up in the next post. So for now, here are my 5 picks for possible tag partners for Braun Strowman, from the current Raw roster.

The Big Show. The Big Show is retiring this year, and if you are to believe him, he is done as of now. However, the Big Show has been on our WWE screens since the late 90s, is he really going to retire quietly with no last hurra? Maybe. or maybe he will have one more Wrestlemania match by partnering with the Monster Among Men. I would love to see this, however there is a tradition of retiring on a loss, so that would mean a win for The Barr. Perhaps then, Show could intentionally lose, setting up a final feud with Strowman.

Kane. Kane made an appearance on Raw last week confronting John Cena. We have not seen much of him lately and I just wonder if his appearance last week is putting him in the frame for something more. This one may be quite unlikely, but tell me you wouldn’t want to see The Big Read Machine team up with The Monster Among Men. The trouble with this pairing (as he has with most of this list) is that Strowman was feuding with Kane. Never say never though in the World of WWE.

Bray Wyatt. Here we go. These last 3 are a lot more plausible. Bray Wyatt vanished into the lake of reincarnation at the end of The Ultimate Deletion. Broken, sorry, Woken Matt Hardy then declared The Great War to be over. Rumours are circulating that Wyatt is going to be repackaged… Everyone has assumed that means a new character, however what if it were a scaled back version of the current character. more submissive and looking to re-join his family. Story wise it would make a lot of sense and would be the make or break for Wyatt. But for Strowman, I’m not so sure it would be a good thing.

Samoa Joe. Another one from The Rumour Mill. Samoa Joe is not due to return from injury just yet. However the rumours are he has made great progress to the point of a possible early return. Wrestlemania is where magic  happens, and what a great platform for him to make his comeback. Strowman and Joe would be an amazing tag team. The technique and brutality of Joe. The strength and brutality of Strowman… It would be… brutal!

Elias. The last on my list, and actually the most likely, is Elias. I love Elias. I think he is a great in ring worker, a brilliant character and he’s excellent on the mic. He has been slowly moving up the card too. Now you may say, that’s crazy talk! The last we saw of Elias, he was being destroyed by Strowman. True, but, didn’t it seem odd that the feud just ended? It was very strange and I for one expected their feud to culminate at Wrestlemania. And maybe it still will? Elias turns up as the tag team partner, except he turns on Strowman and the three of them defeat The Monster Among Men. I know you can already see this happening!

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