Spring forth with Happiness, Atheism and French Sparrows!

Ben got into Acid House 3 decades late!

Another tremendous Tuesday has passed with Ben attempting to be slightly more verbose this week. Listen in amazement as The Show That Goes Like This deals with the hard hitting issues of Springtime, Storytelling and Sparrows. Then be aghast as the same show skirts simpler topics like Alien Abduction, Atheism and Happiness.

Listen back to another 2 hours of random ridiculousness, social media interaction and Good Songs. Cry tears of regret that YOU didn’t win the legend of the Week Award. Next week it could be you!

Music featured tonight included the likes of The Beach Boys, Madonna, One Direction, One Republic, Celine Dion, Pharell & Kylie Minogue.

Click the player to relive the glory. See you soon. Like you all a lot x

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