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As the new month Marches on [I use this gag every year I think], I briefly chatted about Iow rent type customer service, that I have experienced this week and asked, can we get Great customer service in the UK, and what was your last rubbish experience of this.  I did my bit to serve up great new music, and this week we heard new tracks from Dicepeople [ft The Brookly Foundation] – Reflection – New Neon – Fused [ft Stephen Newton] – Velma Latrine – Levinsky – Vandal Moon, plus a few classic artsits along the way.  We had more gig chat as well and I mentioned my recent gig, where I caught the legends that are The Art Of Noise; I did forget to mention they had a great support act that night, a DJ Called DJ FOOD…who was awesome in his own right.

Feel free to catch the rerun of this weeks live radio show, via Mixcloud – the link is below;


1Flowers On The Moon by Stereo In Solo

2Spotlight by Promenade Cinema

3Let Us Go (E39 NYC Club Mix) by Milan

4Seedy City by EmT

5Showing My Face by ShapeShiftingAliens

6Trump 45 Version by Dicepeople feat The Brooklyn Foundation

7Where’s The Revolution (clean edit) by Depeche Mode

8You look like Warhol by Photona

9Bury Me by Actors

10Take It All by Reflection

11We Were The Kings by Shiny Darkness

12My Name Is Ruin by Gary Numan

13Ain’t Over Yet (Radio Edit) by Global Citizen

14Jagged Line by New Neon

15Plan B (ft Kyoko Baertsoen) (SD-KRTR remix) by PSYAVIAH

16Deceive a Believer by The Frixion

17Dream On by Fused (feat Stephen Newton)

18Everything Will Work Out by Empathy Test

19Elektronische by V-Sor,X

20The Sound Of Harm by Velma Latrine

21Shameless Fashion (Radio Edit) by Visage

22Comrades by Rodney Cromwell

23Violent Appetites by Levinsky

24Dive by VEiiLA

25Beyond The Veil (Radio Edit) by Jigsaw Sequence

26The Bomb by Vandal Moon

27FLUID LIKE WATER by Hemmingway

28Eighth Day by Massive Ego

LEAVE US A COMMENT, Maybe pick out what track you liked the best…..

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