Tony and Girard from KWHCoin

In the studio today to speak about KWHCoin, a digital currency, were Tony Tiyou and Girard Newkirk.

Simply put, KWHCoin is a digital currency that uses energy data of virtual and physical renewable energy assets of network members to create a decentralized peer to peer net zero carbon renewable energy platform.

Imagine being able to “sell” your own generated energy (ie: excess from a roof-mounted solar-panel) to your neighbour – that’s the concept, but there’s a lot more to it than that.  Around 1.2 billion people across the globe do not have access to a reliable energy source – KWHCoin is aiming to change that.  The biggest issue faced is that of distribution, how to get energy from A to B.

Click above to listen to Girard and Tony explain more!

Below : Tony (l) and Girard (r) in the studio…

Tony and Girard from KWHCoin

You can read about how KWHCoin works on their website here:

They’re very active on social media, especially on Twitter here…