How to be Safe and Secure Online with Pete Sipple

Today’s guest was local gadget and tech guru, Pete Sipple, who came in to talk about being safe online when shopping, clicking links in e-mails and, more importantly, how to manage+moderate your children’s internet experience.

General Internet Safety

In the first segment, Pete talks about general safe browsing, looking for the padlock symbol when buying online, dealing with strange e-mails and a how to avoid having your computer infected with malware.

Managing the Kid’s Internet Activities

We then moved on to looking after the youngster’s online activities: Controlling and monitoring their access to websites, which tools can help (your broadband provider may already provide this free) as well as a WiFi hardware solution that regulates (eg: allow or deny) your child’s access but still gives the adults the ability to use social media and other content.

Pete Sipple Gadgets

Pete produces the “tech radio show” podcast FrequencyCast which looks at technology, gadgets and general media. Everything from 4G, backing-up your computer files, Freeview, GPS, RaspberryPi and even a rather amusing gizmo called the Wand Remote!

In future weeks, we’ll be looking at the Amazon “Echo” where it tells us a knock-knock joke, a plug-in gadget for your car that offers a range of diagnostics (now being offered by the AA), and how to turn your non-smart TV into a smart one!