Assured Shorthold Tenants – take note!

Brian Hughes from Shenfield based solicitors, RAINER HUGHES joined me once more to look again at issues connected with tenancy agreements.

Today Brian turned his attention to the complex matters involving ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCIES (AST’s).

Listen again to what Brian told me today by clicking on this link: –

In the second hour of today’s programme, we looked at the misfortune of the tenant of a New York apartment, who, given his history of sleepwalking, might have been well advised to seek ground floor accommodation!

Apparently whilst sleeping soundly, he nipped out of his 8th floor apartment window and plummeted down six floors landing on a load of scaffolding.

That woke him up and no mistake!

Luckily he escaped with a broken leg and some other lesser injuries and hopefully the hospital  where he’s recovering will be able to catch him when he next “drops off”!

See you again tomorrow,