Baking A Community Cake – a recipe for inclusion

Frontline Partnership (Frontline) is a Brentwood-based charity that has been promoting inclusion and acceptance of all for many years, by supporting adults with learning disabilities and high-support needs to be active participants in the local community.

Frontline has been asked countless times how the charity was developed. In response to this they have produced a document detailing the story of Frontline’s development and presenting the reader with thought-provoking questions to guide them into developing community-inclusive projects.

Using the analogy of a recipe for a multi layered cake, the document takes the reader through the various stages of building an inclusive community project. Each layer of the cake relates to a different aspect – for example preparing and baking, who are your cooks (people who are going to make the ‘cake’), what do you have in your store cupboard (what are the local resources) and so on.

The recipe is written based on Frontline’s work but can be adapted by the reader to meet the needs of other social groups and differing community structures.

It is available for free download from Frontline’s website here or alternatively a pre-printed copy can be obtained at cost price plus postage and packaging from the Frontline office.

Mary Hill and Gill Soper, the authors of the new Frontline document, are interested in hearing from individuals, groups or organisations that could enable Frontline to reach a wider audience by sponsoring the printing of this document and reducing the ongoing costs.