Black Orchids | Live In The Studio | Musical Meanderings 11th January 2018

Wonderful to have live musical guests to launch powerfully into 2018. The Black Orchids, Kay Elizabeth, Magnus Box, Alain Duchesne and Brian Hedemann, joined me live in the studio in Brentwood to talk about the recording of the new album and shared a couple of songs from it- Still Remains and The Wonder.

You can hear it all again here:

We also reflected on the previous release ‘Blood Moon‘ and any changes in the song writing and production styles, especially with the help of producer John Moon.

Their Facebook:



As well as their music I also started the show with a song by Motörhead- Killed By Death, celebrating the life of ‘Fast’ Eddy Clarke who passed away today. Also, as the conversation unfolded, we talked about musical influences, such as the heavy music I’ve enjoyed with Kay, such as Windhand and there were a couple of contributions by Magnus who shared a song from his other project Sparkle Darkly as well as a song he enjoyed by another band he came across Ringo Deathstarr.


Also, here is the post rock youtube channel I mentioned, ‘WherePostRockDwells‘:

Here is the playlist for 11th January 2018 (including links for more information and where to buy where available)
1. Motörhead – Killed By Death
2. Alice In Chains – Dam That River (Dirt)
3. Grottos – Pendulum (Catch The Breeze EP – 2012)
4. Moby – New Dawn Fades (Heat Soundtrack)
5. Black Orchids – Obscure Vision (Blood Moon EP – 2015)
6. Black Orchids – Still Remains
7. Black Orchids – Blood Moon (Blood Moon EP – 2015)
8. Windhand – Hyperion (Grief’s Infernal Flower – 2015)
9. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles (Les Voyages De L’ame – 2012)
10. Black Orchids – The Wonder
11. Ringo Deathstarr – Guilt (Pure Mood – 2015)
12. The Sweetest Ache – Briaris (Jaguar – 1990)
13. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian voicesa Feat. Lisa Gerrard – Pora Sotunda (Single- 2018)
14. Sparkle Darkly – Velvet Glove
15. Sejd – Båtsman (Sejd – 2015)
16. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things (All Different Things EP – 1990)

Black Orchids

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