Friday Night Extra 12.1.17 with guest Pastor Symplice Usuku and an appreciation of the music of Ray Thomas.

Pastor Symplice lives in the Congo. He told us about the extreme poverty throughout the country despite the mineral wealth. The Congo is a huge country by European standards. We were shocked to hear that the rainy season lasts for nine months. In the rural areas there are no services with people living with subsistence farming. Life is little better in the cities. Pastor Symplice has founded sixty five churches and trains those feeling God’s call to the ministry. We were also joined by Pastor Ian Moore who is on the team at Billericay Baptist church. He has been to the Congo seven times and feels that despite the extreme poverty, people live lives where there seek to make the best of everything and rarely complain. Pastor Symplice also told us about when he was a young pastor he felt God told he wanted him to go to India. Over twenty years later, Ian invited him to go on a missionary trip to that country, If anyone wanted to know more about the work in the Congo, Ian can be e-mailed on

We had a special feature on the musical legacy of Ray Thomas, singer and flautist with the Moody Blues. It was good that he knew the Moody Blues will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2018.

Tonight’s playlist

Paul Simon – Under African skies

Mango Groove – Special Star

Soweto String Quartet – Victory – enjoyed by John

Toto – Africa

Ward Thomas – Carry you home

Lisa Harman – Man with a child in his eyes – Patrick and Adrian both said they loved Lisa’s version of this Kate Bush classic.

Spyro Gyra – Morning dance

Sam Outlaw – Everyone’s looking for home

Sophie Griffiths – A change is gonna come

Moody Blues – Go now, Tuesday afternoon, Isn’t life strange, Nights in white satin

Leona Lewis – Better in time – requested by Patrick

ECHO – KNow where to run

Harry Chapin – Cats in the cradle – what a great song. REne said she had not heard it for years, and loved hearing it again.

Shakatak – City river

Joe Stilgoe – People are strange – a jazzy version of a Doors classic.

Fortunes – Caroline

Join me next week, when my studio guest is singer Sophie Griffiths.

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