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In a week in which I assumed I heard a very weak attempt at a new business buzzword – Ringfenced interviews, I asked for yours. -sadly the usuals cropped up in our facebook chat: Blue sky thinking etc….Which may mean those days of buzzwords at work have moved on??

Anyway, we had yet more great new and varied tracks, as we had the exclusive first airplay of the new single from Sinestar, which leads off their new album. Plus new from Simple Minds – New Neon – Vogon Poetry – Analogue Electronic Whatever – Roee Yeger & Roby Fayer ft Tay – Niels Gordon – Lemonade Kid . Sub Clowns – ForgottenBee and a few more delights along the way, remixes and the odd classic.

Checkout the reun of the live radio show via the mixcloud link, below the Tracklist;


  • Vivien Glass – JULIUS
  • Honey Beard – This Might Be Something.mp3
  • Graingerboy – Shadow Former Self (Deuce & Charger Remix)
  • Lolly Pop & The Couture Club – Glamourous Life (2018 remix)
  • David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group – This Is Not America
  • Simple Minds – Magic
  • Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox – The Last Waltz (Radio Edit)
  • Black Forest – Greed
  • Lover – Fallen Famous (radio)
  • Sinestar – A Million Like Us
  • Shiny Darkness – Aim That Lighthouse
  • Daysound ft. Neil Francis – Just Like Me Just Like You
  • Erasure – In My Arms
  • New Neon – New Pulse
  • LorD and Master – Three little words
  • Meter Bridge – Frequent Seas
  • Vogon Poetry – Children of Mine
  • VEiiLA – Dive
  • Gary Numan – The End of Things
  • Analogue Electronic Whatever – Frozen Milk 77
  • Niels Gordon – Chloro
  • Photona – You look like Warhol
  • Roee Yeger & Roby Fayer – Lost It All (Ft. Tay)
  • Eyeshadows – Jump
  • Lemonade Kid/Sub Clowns/ForgottenBee – Good Feeling 18
  • Depeche Mode – Heaven [Matthew Dear vs. Audion Vocal Mix]
  • Shmoo – Immervation
  • Seadrake – Something durable (Miyane Vocal Remix)

Feel free to leave a comment about the show or the music we played…..

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