Mine’s bigger than yours!

The past week has seen some amazing allegations reportedly contained in a new book about the workings of the current incumbent of the WHITE HOUSE.

And before that we saw some rather undiplomatic tweets from said incumbent aimed at his North Korean counterpart concerning the size of their buttons and whether or not they work.

Now that aforementioned recent book asserts that, fearing that someone might try to poison him – (who on earth would want to do that?) –  Mr Trump likes to eat food from McDonalds because he knows it is freshly cooked.  

It seems that this revelation was too much for rival fast food company, KFC who have now  joined the fray and taken a pop at Mc Donalds saying that someone should tell Ronald, the leader of that red nosed regime that whilst Ronald says he has a burger on his desk at all times, they have one in a box which is bigger and more powerful and also contains gravy!

So is it a case of the Colonel, Ronald and burgers at dawn?

Will mushrooms be on the menu and what might the fall out be?

Who knows?

Watch this space and take cover! 

Being a Tuesday, Margaret Mills joined me in the second hour of the show to describe the scene when QUEEN VICTORIA opened Epping Forest on Saturday May 6th 1882.

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