Barren Moon – Musical Meanderings 30th November 2017

Eleventh Vibration

Lucy Claire

Lucy Claire

A return to more traditional meanderings, featuring new examples of some of the post rock I’ve being learning about recently. In this case from Russia, such as Eleventh Vibration, Siberia* and We Shine Every Night.

Then I also somehow ventured from some blues based rock of Raging Slab and Richie Kotzen through a mini melancholic theme featuring alt country such as My Morning Jacket through to the gentle beauty of Lucy Claire and Daniel Lanois.

Thanks again to the ‘Where Post Rock Dwells’ YouTube channel for the help in discovering some of the new music:

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 30th November 2017 (including links to buy or find out more where available)
1. Eleventh Vibration – Nature (Illusions – 2016)
2. Wychhound – Hourglass (Wychhound EP – 2015)
3. Boris – Riot Sugar (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
4. 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
5. Obituary – Platonic Disease (Back From The Dead 1997)
6. Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners (I Bet On Sky – 2012)
7. Richie Kotzen – Something To Say (Something To Say – 1997))
8. Raging Slab – Gracious (Sing Monkey Sing – 1996)
9. Jackson Browne – Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate (The Pretender – 1976)
10. My Morning Jacket – I Needed It Most (At Dawn – 2001)
11. Daniel Lanois – Desert Rose (Belladonna – 2005)
12. Ulaan Khol – Sunset, 2am (Los Angeles EP – 2012)
13. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Your Own Spell (Diamond Mine – 2011)
14. Lucy Claire- Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon (Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon – 2016)
15. Elliot Smith – Stupidity Tries (Figure 8 – 2000)
16. Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole (Dirt – 1992)
17. Windhand – Hesperus (Grief’s Infernal Flower – 2015)
18. Alcest – Délivrance (Shelter – 2014)
19. Siberia* – She Is The Universe (Kaleidoscope – 2015)
20. We Shine Every Night – Guiding Hand (All Shall Rise, All Shall Prosper – 2017)

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