The Teapot Challenge with Michelle, Phil and Nicci.


Joined by Billericay Street Pastor, Phil Norton and Hazle’s Pottery Barn’s, Nicci Swainbank to reveal who had won the “Teapot Challenge“.

The Challenge – 

We had five minutes to make a teapot out of clay with the help of the team at Hazle’s Pottery Barn. There is only so much help one can have before nature takes over and you produce the teapots shown above. We were against the timer!

Mine can hold an egg cup of water before it falls out the spout and Phil’s resembled something a gentleman might use when bedridden in hospital! Nicci’s was better but the teapot lid look liked someone had taken a bite out of it. Still, we all styled it out with our wonderful hand painted creations (all but Phil who painted the teapot blue and had someone else draw the design).

Laughter aside, Hazle’s raised over £350.00 for Billericay Street Pastors with a 12 hour pot-ta-thon.

Here Phil talks about the important work that Billericay Street Pastors do (all volunteers) and Nicci explains why a sense of community is so important.


Who won? I mean CLEARLY you can see just from the picture below???????????? (Its not the hat).


Michelle, Nicci & Phil’s Teapots (Phil had to get his hat in the picture for some reason).


short arse

Pictured. Phil Norton, Michelle Ward & Nicci Swainbank.

On showing my Mum the above picture….

Michelle “Mum this is a picture of Phil and Nicci, that’s  the teapot I made”

Mum “why are you sitting down”


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