Body Talk 1/10/17

Scientists have now discovered that the onset of dementia can be detected by a simple smelling test.That’s correct smelling! It seems to be the sense that is affected the most, several years before the start of the disease. If detected it could be possible to reverse the symptoms.

This research discovered that the worse the sense of smell, the more likely dementia was to develop in old age.

Peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather were the smells that were used. They can be used as an early warning system and take it as time to maybe change diet and lifestyle to protect your health into old age.

Dementia can go unnoticed for an incredible 20 years as the body goes into a slow decline. Five years after the test participants started to be monitored, all of those who had no sense of smell were all displaying signs of dementia, and nearly all of those who only provided one or two correct answers also had those same signs.

This simple test could provide a quick and inexpensive way to identify those who are already at high risk. Of all human senses, smell is the most undervalued and underappreciated until it’s gone. Other senses may also play a part in dementia detection, but it seems the olfactory sense could be the most important.

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