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Beyond: Two Souls is a very recent game that came out on the 2nd October.

The Story:

The Story revolves around the life of a person called Jodie Holmes who has an extraordinary ‘ability’. Since birth Jodie has been connected to an entity that Jodie calls Aiden. Aiden seems to have a life of it’s own. No voice, no physical form but a certain personality that for some reason can’t leave Jodie. Jodie herself becomes weak if he strays too far. With no explanation of whom or what this entity is, Jodie is brought up by a couple of scientific researchers called Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman to discover the truth and learn to understand why. But along the way they discover that there is a whole new world that mankind had not discovered before. This is a very cleverly done story. It can be confusing at times as we follow Jodie’s timeline except we see her whole life in different orders. Though personally I like this because it is a very long story and the different breaks make the whole game very intriguing. You stay hooked and want to learn more and want to find out what happens next. In this game you feel absolutely timeless. I spent up to 4 or 5 hours playing this at a time straight and not even realise it until I finally looked at my clock. This is also a very emotional story. You feel very attached to the characters and cannot help to have a sense of relation to them especially Jodie and Aiden. There are many twists and turns and shocking truths that reveal them selves and by the end I nearly cried. Not many stories can do that. This story is one of the most powerful stories ever written. The only negative I can give the story is the fact that literally right at the end when the credits are going to kick in, the story becomes very confusing. As it seems there could be a sequel on the way. I don’t want to give anything away but the way the story describes it, this was just part 1 of Jodie’s story. You’ll have to watch it to understand. I was dumbfounded for hours trying to make sense of this revelation.


The Game Play:

This is not your usual game. Any video gamers who have played a game called Heavy Rain will understand what this game play involves as Beyond: Two Souls is a game created by those same creators. Unlike ALL other types of games, the creators for these decided to take a new approach to video game entertainment. In stead of the usual running around, fighting when ever you want, pressing lots of buttons to create combos etc; you press buttons throughout the game in order to let Jodie and Aiden interact with objects and people. You can still control players to be able to walk or in Aiden’s case float to where you want them to go, but you do not have the full control that other games use. To help explain this it is more like a very long interactive movie. But a movie in which you can choose what action you want Jodie and Aiden to take. Playing the game the first time is not ‘it’. You can play it over and over again to discover more choices they could have potentially decided to make. You can also decide what ending you want Jodie to pick. The game offers multiple conclusions. (Note: this is not the reason for the mysterious cliff hanger. That is meant to happen what ever you choose.)

I prefer games where you can go back and do things you couldn’t or didn’t do before. Now when I played Heavy Rain I did not like it. But I think that was down to the story. I wasn’t immersed into it like this game. If you do play this game you have to remember one thing. Do not think of it as a video game, think of it as a movie.


The Graphics:

These are the best graphics I have ever seen in ANY game. It is so realistic that at times you can’t distinguish between the video game and real life. They use real actors to play these characters with immense detail. Two very famous actors play Jodie Holmes and Nathan Dawkins (Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe). I cannot express enough how much attention to detail this game has. This has to be the most advanced and complex game ever made which now sets a new high for video gaming history.


The Music:

In my opinion one of the best composed pieces of music. If you get the special edition version of this game you get to install the official sound track. I am not exaggerating when I say every instrumental sent shivers down my spine. No game has ever done that to me with every single piece. It is no surprise coming from the composers that helped bring Assassin’s Creed and also very famous films such as Pirates of the Caribbean to life. The music is a crucial part to the game as it makes it so very emotional and powerful in its portrayal.

Beyond: Two Souls – Jodie’s Suite

So all in all this is one of the best games I have ever played in a long while. Outstanding and unique in all different aspects. This truly is a game I will always remember for the rest of my life. This is however not a game for light video gamers as the transitioning for Jodie’s timeline with get very confusing. This is a very long story in which you could forget important plots if you leave the game for a long time which would mess up the future story and make no sense.

That is why I have decided to give this game 9.5/10

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