Body Talk 5/6/13

Did you know that acupuncture could be helpful for your painful knees? Research has proved that patients receiving acupuncture reported dramatic reductions in pain and stiffness along with improvements in mobility. Improvements were so dramatic that they didn’t need to have surgery.

Perhaps less appealing but just as effective is the use of leeches. These are special medicinal leeches that are bred on a farm in wales. Research has proved that a single session can significantly reduce knee pain caused by arthritis for at least two months. Researchers claimed that the improvements were comparable to taking painkillers like ibuprofen.

Apparently the secret is in the saliva from the leeches. It contains a large number of analgesic, anaesthetic and blood thinning compounds that combat pain and inflammation.

Finally, don’t sleep on your problems, it only makes them worse.

If you have had a bad experience the best thing is to talk it through or work it out in your head before you sleep. Remember what your mother told you and don’t go to sleep on an argument. It will worry you through the night and possibly keep you awake.