Playlist & Download for the Gasman Special 3rd September 2012

Many thanks to Christopher Reeves AKA The Gasman for a totally off the wall show!

Here are the download links:
part 1
part 2

Here is the playlist:

The Nice – One of those people (Five Bridges LP)
Bob Landers – Cherokee Dance (7″)
Francine Thomas – I’ll Be There (7″)
The Left Banke – Evening Gown (And Finally LP/CD)
Jaques Yvart Suite A Vivre Du Temps Present – Invitation Au Carnage – Fils De Cain
Cecil Leuter – Pop electronique (no. 2)
Wiggy – Gritter Instrumental (Gonk CD)
Aphex Twin – Pancake Lizard (Donkey Rhubarb EP)
Spratleys Japs – Secret (Hazel CD)
Grizzly Bear – Southern Point (Veckatimest CD)
Danielson – Animal in Every Corner (Brother Son CD)
Frank Black – (I want to live on an) Abstract Plain (Teenager of the Year CD)
Clor – Stuck in a Tight Spot (Clor CD)
Squarepusher – A Real Woman (Just a Souvenir CD)
Walter Carlos – What’s New Pussycat (Walter Carlos by Request CD)
Jeff Mills – Man From Tomorrow (Cycle 30 CD)
Remi Gassman – Electronics 2 (E-M for the Ballet CD)
The Gasman – Freight (Unissued)
Barclay James Harvest – Beyond the Grave (Time Honoured Ghosts LP/CD)
Levitation – Evergreen (Even When Your Eyes Are Open CD)
Gentle Giant – I Lost My Head (Interview LP/CD)
Wiggy – Geet (Wiggin’s CD)