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The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 19.5: Jordan (on her tod)

Theme: The History Of Hallowe’en (Samhain)
Guest: …

In a distinct change of pace, Jordan flies solo for an entire episode. Undistracted by another human, Jordan riffs on sexy vampires, oral hygiene the poison of Christian theology… all while remembering to do the weather, traffic and adverts (as she describes) “like a proper radio person”. All in all, a textbook episode that’s well worth an ear-gander. Big love to #1 Jordanite Allysa Pentolfe and everybody listening live throughout.

G&B Halloween Special – OCT 31ST @ The Royal George (Soho)
New Comedian of The Year Quarter Finals – NOV 5TH @ The Museum of Comedy


The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 19: Tom Mayhew

Theme: Pain
Guest: Tom Mayhew (Comedian, not just a sad man)

Joining Jordan for a hilarious pre-record, comedian Tom Mayhew talks about his lifelong love affair with comedy, Pokémon and The Simpsons. The odd couple discuss Tom’s Edinburgh special “Fragile Fragments”, incl. it’s upcoming commitment to DVD – the filming of which Jordan herself would be guesting at a few hours after this episode went out. The pair also improvise a number of fake adverts to appease imaginary sponsors.

Pictured is Tom holding an award that Jordan won the following morning, while Jordan sips Victorian Lemonade from it’s shiny goblet.

Tom Mayhew on Twitter | @TomMayhew

Jordan on social —

The ExtraJordanary Show : Episodes 15-18

As The ExtraJordanary show comes of age, let’s take a look back at the teenage years of Phoenix FM’s extraordinary Sunday afternoon programme, with TV’s Jordan Gray.


Episode 15: Louise Bastock (Comedian, Heroine Addicts Podcast)

louise bastock


Episode 16: Arthur Walwin (Recording Artist, Producer)

aj and emma blackery


Episode 17: Stephen Trumble (Comedian, Graphic Novelist)



Episode 18: Dean Threadgold

dean threadgold

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 14: Andrew B. Forsyth

Episode Theme: Fulfilment
Guest: Andrew B. Forsyth

True blue rock n’n roll radio. THIS is what The ExtraJordanary Show should have been from Episode 1. Mildly scandalous but ultimately from the heart (and cervix). Aussie comic Andrew Forsyth (Andrea Foreskin) brings his own brand of low-aspirational comedy to the Phoenix FM studio as the two discuss Food, Faith and what happens when you fancy someone… doesn’t sound as funny written down but TRUST us… it’s a belter.

Andrew on Twitter @andrewbforsyth

Jordan on Twitter @Talldarkfriend

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 13: Daniel John

About the show

Episode Theme: Lineage (… Essex)
Guest: Daniel John (Comedian, Podcaster, Dudeist Priest, former child star)

Episode 13 represents a true return to form after a haphazard August. Daniel and Jordan wax lyrical about the deep theory of comedy, extol the virtues of an estuary upbringing and round off the show with a heartfelt pledge to end world hunger. Truly a standout episode and a pleasure to have Daniel John in the Phoenix FM chair. Big up to Kyle Wallace and the G&B Comedy gang!

Daniel John on Twitter @ChubbyFonzey

Jordan | @Talldarkfriend

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 12: Edinburgh Fringe Special

Theme: Fringe!
Guests: Spring Day (Comedian), Tom Mayhew (Comedian), Elliot Simpson (Comedian), Rob Saunders (Comedian)

Cooped up in the studio, pre-recording an otherwise guestless show, Jordan phones 4 of her favourite touring comedians, all of whom are currently showing at Edinburgh Fringe. We here from the incorrigible Spring Day, the undernourished Tom Mayhew, the staggeringly asexual Elliot Simpson and *Panic Award Comedian Of The Year* x5 Rob Saunders.

… after that, things go off the rails because Jordan gets a bit tired and weird. Vive la Fringe!


  • Spring Day

spring day

  • Tom Mayhew


  • Eliott Simpson

eliott simpson

  • Rob Saunders

rob saunders




The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 11: Luke Coldham & Alice Fillary

Theme: “The Theatre”
Guests: Luke Coldham (Actor, Writer, Producer, Director), Alice Fillary (Actor)

Luke Coldham joins Jordan in studio, with Alice Fillary in tow, to discuss ALL THINGS THEATRE, DARLING! We dive into the mind of one of theatre-land’s most prolific, diligent and eloquent up-and-comers. Luke is a major driving force behind theatre in Thurrock and Essex and his ongoing projects grace the county’s theatres year round. Also, he does loads of impressions n’that.

Luke Coldham on Twitter | @lhc2990


Jordan on Twitter| @Talldarkfriend


The ExtraJordanary Show | Episodes “8.5”, 9 & 10

Bang in the middle of her busiest season, Jordan has finally gotten around to uploading the last 3 episodes of her flagship show. Listening figures would suggest that, despite the slew of *celebrity* guests, you’d rather hear from Jordan’s closest friends and immediate family. The funniest, most adorable and easily the shoddiest episodes so far!


Episode 8.5: Edd Coates (singer, songwriter – former keyboardist of “The Corridors”)

(with commentary by Dalton Gray)



Episode 9: Dalton Gray (author, Viking, Jordan’s Brother)



Episode 10: Jordan’s Fiance Heli (driver, lover, Czech person)

jordan and heli

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 8: Cara Compass & Eden Tredwell


tejs 8 poster

Episode Theme: Free Will
Guests: Cara Compass (Indie Author), Eden Tredwell (Muso, Model)

Bucket lists, Facebook culling and ladies with 6 packs – three women question their free will as chaos descends on the Phoenix FM studio. Shots fired, musical history re-rewritten and the new Dr Who is announced amidst the mayhem.

“I’m too hot. Hot damn. I send the Hobbits back to the Shire, man”

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 7: Ria Lina, Saski

TEJS ep7

Episode Theme: Choice

Guests: Ria Lia (comedian, actress), Saski (singer, LGBT+ educator)

Episode: Theme Choice

Jordan invites chaos into the studio with viking Saski and honourary mockney Ria Lina as they discuss cartoon crushes, the science of Herpes, giant puppies and the devastating illusion of free will. With live music from Ria Lina.

ria and saski