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The ExtraJordanary Show CATCH-UP! (eps. 35-38)

On behalf of the stuttering duchess herself, we hope you enjoy this ExtraJordanary omnibus! Who could forget such magical radio moments as “PUPPY WATCH!”, the story of the black silk bed-sheets and Lydia Lucy tapping her anger into the Phoenix FM studio carpet… in Uggs.


Episode 35: Nostalgia, Peach Coke, Dogs vs Gays and Black Silk Bedsheets

Theme: Nostalgic music

With a record number of live listeners, Episode 35 (otherwise known as “possibly the greatest episode of the show so far!”) charts the music of our collective youths (from Linkin Park to Buddy Holly) while exploring the sickening beauty of nostalgia.

Jordan tells the most embarrassing story from her teens (and possibly her career), plays a round of “Love Hearts”, dives into Coke Zero’s new Peach “edition” and flies into a panic when fellow presenter Chris Hood tells her there are children on the roof!


Episode 36: Lydia Lucy and Linda White

Theme: Biscuits and boobs
Guests: Lydia Lucy (recording artist, performer, Buddhist person), Linda White (Snapchatter, biscuit kicker, mother to Lydia Lucy)

Following 2 hours of “Vikki Michelle’s Music Mix”, Vikki’s guests Lydia and Jordan stick around for more (Lydia for the LOLs; Jordan for the professional obligation to the station)

Episode 36 features in depth biscotti banter with the jet-setting Lydia Lucy (star of the Voice 2016) and her momma Linda. “You’ve Been Trumbled!” takes a sea-foody turn and we explore the merits of various social media platforms through the medium of song. Podcast features full uninterrupted rendition of Lydia Lucy’s “Instagram”.

Left to her own devices, hour 2 finds Jordan confessing her hypochondria, checking WebMD and urging us against the use of crystals to cure female hysteria.


Episode 37: Mother’s Day Special! / PUPPY WATCH!

Theme: Mother’s Day
Guest (in spirit): Jordan’s Mother Terri (not dead, or pictured)

In a Phoenix 98FM *first*, Jordan declares “PUPPY WATCH!” as her mother’s French bulldog gives birth to 4 beautiful pups during the course of the show. We explore what it means to be a mother, dreams about alien babies and WTF is #100Women all about?

A truly brilliant episode of off-the-cuff radio nonsense. Happy Puppy Day!


Episode 38: Animal Friends, Sexy Creme Eggs and Earthworm Jim!

Theme: all the stuff in the title + more

With Easter approaching and “that rabbit and chicken video” doing the rounds on Facebook, Jordan dives into the world of inter-species friendliness, symbiosis and cartoon animal duos. Prepare for gormless creme egg shock, childhood book love and the ballad of Earthworm Jim!

Because what happens in the Easter cave STAYS in the Easter cave. Apart for Jesus, obvs.

The ExtraJordanary Show CATCH-UP! (Eps. 30-34)

Busy with panto, Jordan’s been a bit lax when it comes to uploading her content. Bad Jordan.

But here’s episodes 30-through-34 featuring the a special guest visit from her panto’s producers Luke Coldham and Alice Fillary, top banter with returning musical guest Ren Stedman and LGBT history chat with Essex’s premier transgender police officer Gina Denham. Plenty of solo silliness in between.


Episode 30: The Only Way Is DICK! (feat Luke Coldham and Alice Fillary)

Episode 31: I Want You To Love Me Brentwood!

Episode 32: Ren Stedman and Gina Denham

Episode 34 (WTF happened to 33?): Video-shames

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 29: Cara Compass

Theme: Keep Going
Guest: Cara Compass (indie author)

*NOT Cara “CARTER” as I initially introduced her!

Taking time out from smashing it on social media, young first-time author Cara Compass join Jordan in-studio to discuss her forthcoming novel “Keep Going” – a pre-apocalyptic coming of age story.

Amidst literary chat, learn air about elephants, how Cara saved a cat and the mysterious art of “astrolonomy”.

“Keep Going” is released January 26th

Cara on Twitter – @caracompass
Jordan on Twitter – @Talldarkfriend


The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 28: Mo Omar

Theme: … Mecca?
Guest: Mo Omar (comedian)

Episode 28 kicks off the new year in style as a first time meeting turns into full-on Grade 8 bantomine! Comedian Mo Omar (winner of the 2017 Leicester Sq. New Comedian of the Year) regales us with tales of camel milk, mumble-rap, Mecca LOLs and overselling underlay.

Mo riffs on “having too much face”, Jordan defends her honour in “You’ve Been Trumbled!” and the pair discuss plans for Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Follow Mo @MoKUltra (like M K Ultra, ya dig?)
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The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 27: NYE Special! w/ Andrew Forsyth, Stephen Trumble & Daniel John

WHAT A WAY to close the year!

Episode Theme: 2017
Guests: Daniel John (comedian), Stephen Trumble (comedian), Andrew Forsyth (“comedian”)

Deftly controlled chaos takes over the studio for 90minutes of 2017-bashing fun. Triple the guests means triple the bants, broaching subjects from transgenderism in anime, Louis CK and the Weinstein scandal, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and “that Tinder poop girl that got stuck in a window”.

Jordan and the boys play “You’ve Been Trumbled” with the Trumble himself. Daniel John beseeches us to throw our tellies out the window (just like that Tinder poop girl that threw her poop out the window). Andrew Forsyth shows up late and complains about green milk and plastic nipples.

“This episode will make you feel feelings” –

Merry New Year and a big sexy thank you to all our listeners for weathering this 27-week teething period. 2018 will be better. We WILL make The ExtraJordanary Show GREAT (again?).

Jordan @Talldarkfriend

Andrew @andrewbforsyth

Daniel @ChubbyFonzey

Stephen @StephenTrumble


The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 26: Xmas Eve Special!

Theme: Xmas?
Guest: Allysa Pentolfe (singer, muso, student, #1 Jordanite)

In a madcap tribute to Mary’s labour, Jordan counts down the greatest Christmas horror movies of all time, bursts into stream-of-consciousness and gives long-time listener *Allysa Pentolfe* a call, just to see what’s up.

A truly special episode and the penultimate show of 2017. Many thanks to our many listeners from Jordan and the whole team @ Phoenix 98FM | | @phoenixfm
@talldarkfriend #extrajordnary

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 25: Commitment (feat. Chris Hood)

Theme: Commitment
Guest: Chris Hood (fellow Phoenix presenter – The Orient Hour)

Jordan demonstrates extrasensory presenting skills as she juggles two shows at once; simultaneously recording episode 26 while episode 25 is going out live. Tips on sticking to NY resolutions, intermittent readings from Kerouac’s “On The Road” and an impromptu chat with fellow Phoenix presenter Chris Hood about prog-rock and murderous trains.

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 23: The Green-eyed Monster

Episode Theme: Jealousy

A standout episode, diving into the murky and mercurial world of jealousy – especially insofar as it pertains to “Christmas”, “the movie Toy Story”, “Lady Gaga” and “Louis CK”. Sod your Mr. Frosties, bust out your Buzz Lightyears and join us for a darkly comic meander through the Emerald City of the mind.

New features include “Love Hearts” and “Love Hearts (Parma Violet edition)”.

green eyes

The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 22: Chris Glasson

Guest: Christopher Glasson
Theme: …?

One half of Hardcore Listing’s “Chris & Stu” — podcaster, health fanatic and reader of books Christopher Glasson joins Jordan in-studio for a bantastic episode filled with sneek-a-peekas and proper good radio stuff. The pair play a nail-biting edition of “You’ve Been Trumbled!”, Chris regales us with tales of past employment and the pair both speak fondly about Stu (not present).

You can catch the Hardcore Listing podcast LIVE on Thursday December 7th @ The Civic Hall (Grays) — with Jordan appearing alongside a number of distinguished guests from music and telly.


The ExtraJordanary Show | Episode 21: The Spirit of Autumn!

autumn spirit

2 hours of textbook radio, *totally winged* on the premise that “the leaves are currently changing colour”.

Jordan extols the magic and majesty of the Autumnal season as only she knows how: high off her little titties on off-brand energy drink and with the help of her listeners, including and especially #1 Jordanite: Allysa Pentolfe.

Catch Jordan as “Fairy Hanny” in “The Only Way Is Dick, this Janurary @ The Towngate Theatre, Basildon.
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