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Evening All and Merry Christmas!!

Thank you to those who contributed to the phone in on the ‘best ever Christmas song’. I can reveal that audience responses indicate popularity in ascending order:

3 Pogues feat. Kirsty Maccoll (Fairytale of New York)

2 (last surge) Brenda Lee, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

1 Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas is you (maybe it’s my listeners?? :))

Don’t forget to eat lots, be merry, and watch my TV and DVD rcommendations! Top five things to stay in for are:

1 Christmas Dinner (obviously)

2 Bad TV (except there are some excellent bits! e.g. ‘Ab Fab’ back 10pm Xmas Day BBC1)

3 ‘Bored’ games (deliberate incorrect spelling- see what I did there? ) Actually, there is a considerable amount of fun that can come from simple games- have you played ‘Uno’?

4 Snoring relatives (possibly less annoying while asleep)

5 Unnecessary cold meat and pickles (… though no one is hungry?)

Well… I hope you all get the presents that you’re hoping for or, at the very least, some consideration in the form of receipts!

Take care


Entertaining in the Cold (Pip Edward’s Entertainment Show)

Thank you to all who shared their winter-warming stories on this evening’s Entertainment Show.

Based on a local survey, carried out with little statistical credibility by my good self!, it turns out that the top five Christmas presents to receive are:

1. Experiences- dance and cookery classes and fun days out

2. Concert tickets- Ed Sheeran is touring next year!

3. Photos on canvas 🙂

4. Things you’ve lost and want to find, like your childhood toy or book… ahhh!

5. Books- of all varieties!…. A mega, destructive blow to the Kindle!

In the ‘not so favourite section’ we had, ‘soap on a rope’ (serious?); socks (obviously not getting festive enough socks); recycled gifts! (watch out for the people that give you give back the gift that you gave them the year before!!; Nan-like smellies mainly giving off a lavendar scent; pots, pans and household goods were also a no no! … does that mean that buying men tools is boring too? Hmmm guess it is!

Tune in next Friday at 6pm for more pre-Christmas entertainment and gossip!

The Entertainment Show– keeping you warm and happy this Thursday 20th October

Kicking off the show was our phone in, ‘ways to keep warm this winter’. Top five tips were:

1. Soup and a roll- a restaurant starter that may often feel like the ‘there was nothing else I liked’ compromise, soup in a flask is the way forward this winter! It’s trendy and tasty!

2. Hot water bottles in your coat? Sounds whacky but one listener thought it good practice to admit that she has been known to tuck a small hot water bottle in her coat on those cold mornings!

3. Distraction tactics- turn that ipod (or other MP3 device) up and forget that it’s cold!

4. SNOW- We are all sick of it by day two, but the pretty, fluffy white stuff does tend to bring a smile to our faces

5. Moon boots and mittens- cold weather is the perfect excuse for ‘bad fashion’ that ends up ‘working’ 🙂 Spot me wearing my monster CJ (Christmas Jumper) in December!

The regular competition caused some excitement this year, with some people finding it hard to chose between one of two years… Can you guess the year?

1. Aqua- Barbie Girl

2. Backstreet Boys- I want it that way

3. Spice Girls- 2 become 1

I’ll be away for the next two weeks, but you can look forward to a re-vamped Entertainment Show, launching Thursday 10th November .

Take Care

Pip 🙂

The Entertainment Show

Good Evening All

The Entertainment Show was jam-packed with celebrity and TV gossip, as well as the usual discussions and ‘guess the year’ quiz! Our listeners struggled to get to the 1979 answer, but a primeminister related clue may have given it away!

I would strongly recommend the following weekend TV shows:
1. England v Scotland rugby and highlights 4.30pm ITV
2. X-Factor 7.30pm ITV- Find out who will make it to the live shows!
3. Jonathan Ross, 9.30pm ITV, features X-Factor judges Gary and Tulisa; Alan partridge, Ewan McGregor and Cee Loo Green!

I’d also recommend the Great British Bake Off on the player- superb!!!

Don’t forget to check out our featured local events. Best of luck to all runners in the southend 10K this weekend.. may the gorgeous weather last!

Entertaining you 25th August 2011

Ok listeners, I caved… to a Big Brother special!! So interesting to watch human behaviour within the ‘goldfish bowl’ that is Big Brother. If it’s sheer voyarism or an interest in celebrity… Big Brother will fill you with ‘marmite’ style polarised views from those possessed by your nearest and dearest! For instance, I simply don’t like Jedward, for their coleslaw spillages and general strange behaviour, though I can admit that I do find them interesting to watch!… more so when they’re being mildly shocked!

Watching Big Brother this week has given me an appetite for red meat cooked in caesar dressing, a desire to try to spot more whacky and pointless plastic surgery than Darren’s ‘six pack’, and a compulsion to write to Big Brother producers and advocate the use of subtitles when Paddy is talking; though I have really warmed to the lovable Irishman.

Amy Childs is flying the Essex flag, taking vanity, fake tan and her own ‘Amyisms’ into the manufactured house! From now on I shall call all irritants and irritating people ‘bugs’- it’s genious because it’s so inoffensive but at the same time it’s very funny! I’m not sure if I’ll vow to share her love of BO as advertised on a t-shirt featured on yesterday’s show!

If I were to recommend some TV to cosy up to over the next few days it would have to be:

1) BBC1 9pm tonight- The Duchess (Kiera Knightley and Ralph Fiennes play out this Princess Diana like story of stoic love and obligation- 4****)

2) C5 Big Brother tonight 10pm/ 9pm Eviction Show on Friday- will it be Sallie, Bobby or Kerry who is given the boot?

3) 8pm Saturday  ITV X-Factor- for the latest in unique singing talent catch the second audition show.

Don’t forget to check out ‘local events’ on our website, or treat yourself to the cinema. The Inbetweeners in hilarious (if you’re of the correct age); Super 8 is amazing and takes you back to childhood; and Final Destination 5 is released this week for all horror fans! Also released this week is the re-make of Conan the Barbarian and the Spanish hit The Skin I live in, as well as the much awaited One Day.

If you want to share your thoughts on any of the aforementioned, tune in next Thursday from 6pm.

Let’s all go pray for sunshine!

Pip 🙂

Entertainment Show featuring Sarah Toomey

Thank you to the talented and charming Sarah Toomey, who wowed Phoenix listeners with her acoustic set, featuring three cover songs and a song that she had written herself. If you missed the show, click on to the links below to listen, as you simply cannot miss her cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’, renaming it ‘Love on Fire’. Also listen to her version of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ and Caro Emerald’s ‘That Man’. My favourite of the evening was her own song ‘Down to Me’, such a beautiful song, delivered with such passion and created with heart felt lyrics.

Sarah also joined in with the Entertainment Show chit chat and gossip, as we discussed possible line ups for the new Big Brother, our thoughts on BB and other celebrity stories; especially the rumour that Kim Kardashian has three dresses lined up for her wedding on Saturday! Sarah also put in a strong movie recommendation for:

1) Bridesmaids- very funny film!

2) Super 8- a bit like a modern ET, with plenty of jumpy bits in, so a perfect dating movie 😉

3) Horrible bosses- also very funny and well worth a watch!

Listen in to the show! You won’t be disappointed!


Entertainment Show 11th August 2011

Thank you to all participants, particularly those from the US, who tuned in to the show and got involved!

The celebrity world has simultaneously been affected by the disturbing events which have taken place in out nation’s cities, and their take on events was included in out usual celebrity catch up. We also talked about the successes and substantial yields of the likes of Jay Z and Kayne West, who feature first and third in the Forbes rich list; which must make Kayne feel better after falling on his derriere during a performance in Norway.

TV promises to suit all tastes over the next few days, with the return of MOTD on Saturday night, and the continuation of the final PGA event and the third test at Edgbaston; which at present seems to promise England the much coveted and elusive ‘first place’ status in the world rankings. New series The Borgias is purported to be a cracker, and that starts this Saturday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

If you fancy a trip to the cinema, please keep in mind the following:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (4*)- out on 11th August! This blockbuster stars James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freido Pinto, and shows that man’s greatest discovery could also turn out to be its greatest threat. A true visual spectacle for all those that loved the originals, and for anyone who is new to the idea of walking, talking apes!

Harry Potter (3*) The final part in the Potter series, this is the film that should piece together all the outstanding pieces of the jigsaw, from Horcruxes to the long running intentions of Snape. If one was to criticise, it could be said that this film felt like it was being dragged out with a little less material than its predecessor movies.

The Inbetweeners (out 17th August) 4* Be warned that this is not for kids, and in the same manner of the TV show, this follows Jay, Will, Neil and Simon through some rather cringe-worthy and embarrassing moments whilst on holiday in Malia. This is very much a ‘boy humour’ giggle fest, but Neil’s dance moves may well be the very thing that transcends this to a female audience.

Well done to those of you who guessed the year as 1983! I truly was spoilt for choice on which hits to select, but went with the Spandau classic ‘True’, ‘Uptown Girl’ the original and still the best and Phil Collins’ ‘You can’t hurry love’.  I did feel somewhat that I had betrayed this particular year by not selecting ‘Karma Chameleon’…. so maybe next time!

Don’t forget, Sarah Toomey joins us next Thursday to do an acoustic cover set, and you’ll also be treated to the usual package of gossip, news, TV recommendations, local events and cinema suggestions!

Take care


Entertainment Show 28th July 2011

Morning All, and thank you to those who tuned in last night!

From Beckham’s latest underwear deal, to some edgey discussion on the rights and wrongs of air-brushing celebrity photos; we kept you up to date with the latest and most topical in the world of celebrity!

DVD’s of the week are as follows:

1 Oranges and Sunshine- the gritty directorial debut from Jim Loach, which deals with the uncomfortable issue of child deportation in an interesting an gripping fashion (3 stars)

2 Middle Men: comedy starring James Caan and kelsey Grammar. A ‘not for kids’ movie about a group of men who take their business ventures into the world of pornography and realise that it’s more difficult than first suspected (3 stars)

3 Justin Bieber- Never say never: biographical film that gives you more insight into and more respect for this teen star (4 stars of family fun)

Also catch at the cinema from next week:

1 Captain America- the ultimate in superhero meets US values and ideas.

2 Zookeeper- it’s ‘Hitch’ meets ‘Dr Doolittle’ and stars the funny Kevin James!

3 Mr Popper’s Penguins- Jim Carey at his comical best, in this family film about some resident penguins.

Well done to those who guessed the year as 2007, with releases from Girls Aloud; Amy Winehouse; Robyn and Rihanna.

I’ll be back in two weeks time.

Until then- let Phoenix keep you entertained 🙂


The Entertainment Show 7th July 2011

Thank you for those of you who shared your ‘Thursday bragging rights’. Feel free let me know your claim to fame on the Entertainment Show, and I’ll share it with the audience! Top ‘claim to fame’ rights go to the lady who touched Robbie’s hand- you know who you are!

We discussed the National Reality TV Awards, and our Essex based congratulations went to the thrice award winning TOWIE! Congratulations to The Apprentice, which also swept up three awards, with an additional fourth going to Karen Brady as ‘best TV judge’; though I think there was a consensus that Nick was robbed!

I hope that all enjoyed our 80s meltdown- in the next show you’ll be expected to guess the year, so tune in to claim your ‘music maestro’ bragging rights!

I’d recommend that every cinema visitor watches:

1. Tree of Life- Brad Pitt at his down to earth best in 1950s America, where a boy loses his innocence, changing him forever.

2. The Guard- Irish comedy about a policeman who teams up with the FBI to uncover a drug-smuggling scandal!

3. Bridesmaids- more than just a chick flick, it’s a story of love and human endeavour and resourcefulness… it’s also very funny!

Join me this Thursday 6pm-8pm for the latest and greatest in celebrity news, gossip, and ideas on what to do in the local area and beyond! We’ll also be discussing celebrity baby names, as the family Beckham celebrate the birth of Harper Seven.

Congratulations Beckhams!

Entertainment Show Thursday 23rd June

Good Evening Phoenix listeners!

Thank you to all contributors who added their thoughts to my ‘silliest questions ever’ phone-in which was inspired by last night’s Apprentice where Suzie asked “do people in France drive?” amongst other unintelligent inquisitions. Top phone in question was asked by a child, enquiring “Is Elizabeth Tudor our Queen’s Mum, because they’re both called Elizabeth?” and, in a close second place “Will Murray win Wimbledon?”- which we all hope turns out to be a rather prophetic rather than irritating question!

Top recommendations for films to see on DVD are:

1)The Lincoln Lawyer- great thiller about a lawyer involved in a high profile murder case- 4 stars

2) Source Code- Government experiment to send people back in time to stop acts of terrorism… a great idea, but can Gyllenhaal do it?- 4 stars

3) West is West- not as funny as it’s predecessor but an amusing tale of a young boy sent to the Punjab to learn some values and life lessons- 3 stars

Top cinema ‘must-sees’-

1)Bridesmaids (released today)- funny film about Maid of Honour Annie and her inventive way of playing the role for best friend Lilian- 4.5 stars

2)Harry Potter (pre-book as released 15th July)- the 3D finale with a few surprises for those who haven’t read the books!- 4 stars

3) Senna- docu-drama about the life of racing driver Senna, which tracks his brilliance and his contemporaries views on him; very moving and interesting to watch!-3 stars

For all of you celebrity gossip vultures- check out Pink’s baby pictures on her website and learn a lesson from the Saturday’s Una Healey, and pack a cardi! It’s meant to be hot by Sunday but the next two days suggest the possibility of rain!

For all TV buff’s, check out the brilliant detective series Luther 9pm BBC1 Tuesdays (catch ups can be accessed on the bbc iplayer); Wimbledon footage for dramatic twists and turns and unexpected Gaga impressionists; and the Apprentice 8pm Wednesdays BBC1.

Until next time…. 6pm-8pm Thursday 30th Jun, … Keep asking great Apprentice style questions and share them with us (as well as other peoples reaction to them) next week!

Pip 🙂