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Presenters’ Picks – 2008

Phoenix FM presenters pick their favourite albums and singles of the year …

Alex Fletcher

Single: Ladyhawke – Dusk Til Dawn
As the Girl Anachronism personified, secretly indulging in Stevie Nicks, David Bowie, The Cult, ABC and wishing I’d grown up in the Eighties, Ladyhawke was my shining light. You can still make music reminiscent of the Eighties in the Noughties. Every track on her debut album this year is a trip down Smash Hits magazine and September’s Dusk Til Dawn is a total synth-out, evocative of the Thompson Twins and New Order. It was love at the first listen.

Album: Young Knives – Superabundance
Tweed? Check. NHS spectacles? Check. Weight problems? Check. Sexy?… Check! Yes I probably do have a questionable taste in men but listen to this album and you might understand a little better – even if the brotherly frontmen are almost the indie world’s equivelent of Same Difference. Some wondered whether 2006 Mercury Music Prize nominated album Voices of Animals & Men could be bettered, I even wondered myself. We’d had a sneak preview via Terra Firma at the end of 2007, it was even my single of that year, it was so inspired. So when Superabundance finally hit the shelves on 10th March, I was blown away.Tune after tune. Danceable, moshable, pogo worthy guitars and foot tappingly brilliant drums mixed with beautifully wry and ‘oh the irony’ lyrics. Geek chic at its sexiest, self-depreciation at its most rock n’ roll. Music that touches my inner Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now soul.

Alex Linahan

Single: Beyonce – If I Were A Boy
I have chosen this perhaps because it’s pretty recent and my memory can’t stretch back too far, but also because I like it. I can listen to it over and over without getting fed up (the sign of a good track, I feel). I’m also from the Destiny’s Child era, and think Beyonce is amazing and her voice is incredible. My liking of this track is obviously nothing to do with the dig it has at men!

Album: Duffy – Rockferry
How boring?! I hear you say, but it is a great album which requires no effort to listen to. Duffy’s voice was a breath of fresh air when she broke into our fickle music industry earlier in the year and it continues to be stylish and unique (in my opinion of course). When I bought this album I was finishing up a 4 year degree so this adds to the positive attitude I have towards it.

Bryan Powis

Single: Friendly Fires – Paris
I heard this track last year when they released it the first time and loved it then so was happy when they re-released it this year with a brand new video – even though the old one was cool! Also there is some brilliant remixes of the track, my favourite being the Aeroplane one ft Au Reviour Simone adding some sexy female vocals to it.

Album: Sway – The Signature LP
What can I say love this album! (and got it for free too – bonus) This is 13 tracks that work together and deserve to be listened to from start to finish! MY favourite track being Jason Waste, heavy on wit and a terrific tale of a human failings. Sway also features on The Kaiser Chiefs album too, and picked up a BET award in the states this year. I was lucky enough to catch up with him on Drive back in October; check it out here.

Ed Wellman

Single: Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown – No Air
The soundtrack to summer 2008 – reaching No 1 in Australia and New Zealand, peaking at No 3 in USA and UK, where it spent 10 weeks in the Top 10 and 21 weeks in the Top 40. Jordin Sparks, winner of American Idol 2007, duets with Chris Brown, R&B singer to create this memorable song; the most sold of any contestant on American Idol to date.

Album: The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – Spirit Of The Glen: Journey
The 2nd album from The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Bagpipes – love them or not? There is something haunting about the sound of these instruments played, on this disk, by serving soldiers. Remarkably, much of this album was recorded in a tent within the British Army’s Central Operations Base at Basra airport, Iraq at temperatures of up to 55 degrees celsius. The bagpipes were as far from home as the men playing them. I will be featuring tracks from this album on Monday Classics at 7pm on Phoenix FM.

Hayley Crotty

Single: Nickelback – Rockstar
Okay, so this song has become a bit like marmite – bear with me on this evaluation! When it first came out all the rock/emo kids loved it, then everyone else got their hands on it and it became a bit of a ‘if everyone else likes it I won’t’ kinda thing, but I still love it. From their fifth studio album “All The Right Reasons” which is well worth a listen with songs like “Animals” and “Someone That You’re With”, “Rockstar” was originally released in 2007 but getting into our charts Summer 2008.

Album: The Script – self titled
The first song I heard from this (11 Track) album was “We Cry” and it didn’t make me run out and get it but after a while the songs grows on you but it wasn’t until I heard “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” that I went out and got the album and it is my best buy for 2008. “We Cry” doesn’t do they guys and justice songs like “Rusty Halo” and the released “Break Even” have brilliant rhythm and melody while still having lyrics that make sense unlike some of the stuff that hits the airwaves.

Holly Black

Single: Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire
At the risk of being obvious… but it’s such a good song and I still like it after many months. It reminds me of drunken dancing at uni and that’s never a bad thing, is it?

Album: Various Artists – Juno: Music From The Motion Picture
Don’t judge me! I don’t listen to many albums the whole way through but I’m ashamed to say I really do like this one, it’s quirky-tastic and it’s got The Kinks on there so it must be cool.

James Moloney

Single: The Killers – Human
I entered the fray of Top 20 shows back sometime in May with a promise to do a U2 Top 20 in July (19th I think it was). Steve M was to do Coldplay the next week. I remember being curious as to what a Top 20 show was so scrolled backwards through the previous year….noting that Steve had done the Killers in March…..that’s when I discovered we don’t have listen again mostly…..darn!!!! but I did listen to some Killers (they also mysteriously appeared on the computer for Sunday Breakfast!) My impression was not particularly good…..anyway , like Heroes….. fast forward to the summer…..I’m driving in a hurry up the A128 from the A127 towards Brentwood ,it’s late summer evening , Bryan is on and he plays a Tune….I think….he’s never going to say who this is after but no….he does and it’s the Killers…Human and from then I’ve been hooked. I featured the Album not so long ago on Sunday Breakfast and it is probably the best track….if you like melody….which brings me to my album of the year.

Album: The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing
I, given age and many other indicators should probably be attracted by ‘The Batchelors Greatest Hits, Val Doonican’s Greatest or simply anything in the NOW series’. There’s a chance that REM’s Accelerate could do it but for tuneful oblivion Viva La Vida might be king however even tempted by the big bicepsed rhythm of the Kings Of Leon I have still consistently strayed to Twenty One. The randomness with which I chose it (Cork Airport and NME) BUT the reward I felt in the choice have not been equalled by anything else I have picked in the year. And my other possible single “Half In Love With Elizabeth” is still rumbling around the indie charts. Maybe I’ll even get to see them next year!

Jules Botazzi

Single: Wiley & Skepta – Rolex Sweep
This track shouldn’t work. For one, it’s a dance “craze”, which is generally not indicative of a good tune. For another, it’s got Timmy Mallett in the video. Hello? But from the moment you hear the weird, back to front, funky intro, topped up with ridiculously simplistic, catchy lyrics (“c-c-c-count with me!”) delivered in a deep, menacing, sinister voice, it is hard, grimy, north Londontastic Dance Heaven. Michael Jackson can’t dance like you, baby.

Album: The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing
No, they certainly didn’t. There’s not much in the way of groundbreaking music on this album; everything is begged, borrowed or stolen from Blondie, electronica, punk, indie, rap, jazz; just about every genre of modern music. But who cares, when it sounds as good, and has as much attitude, as this? On every album there are always one or two duds but if you judge an album by the number and quality of stonking singles, The Ting Tings have my vote for infectious, fun, poptastic album of the year.

Kat Rudge

Single: Paramore – I Caught Myself
Have loved Paramore ever since the realease of All We Know Is Falling. This track is on the Twilight soundtrack and is the best track that I have heard this year and completely outdoes what they have already released.

Album: Pendulum – In Silico
Because they are an awesome band and haven’t done a duff record yet. First fell in love with this band when I saw them supporting Kasabian! Has been a much anticipated album, I have been waiting for it since the release of Hold Your Colour.

Les Carter

Single: Screaming Tea Party – Holy Disaster
Album: The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

Lucy Costello

Single: The Script – Rusty Halo
It is just a really fun song. Everytime I play it it wakes me up with its interesting lyrics and funky beat. The Script are a great band to have come out of 2008 and I look forward to see what they produce in the coming year.

Album: Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
The name of the album says it all. It is a great album from one of my all time favourite artists. Seeing him on tour performing this album in September was amazing. He can sing. He writes the most amazingly clever lyrics. And has an awesome band backing him. Could not ask for anymore. Brilliant!

Mike Le-Surf

Single: The Killers – Human
Blew me away on the first listen and after hundreds of plays on Phoenix still loving it. A-list forever!

Album: Heavy Load – Shut It!
Pure punk from Lewes’ answer to The Ramones. 11 awesome tracks including the superb “Nicole” and a homage to the ex-Wham frontman in “We love George Michael”. Seen them live twice in 2008 supporting Sham 69 at the ICA and at their own gig in Brighton featuring lead singer’s blood on the stage! Coming to Brentwood in 2009 hopefully with a touch of Phoenix magic. x

Oliver Rowe

Two albums and no single:
JJ Zarbo – self-titled album
Steve Curtis – Out Of The Woods

Two local artists who I have featured on the Saturday Pit Stop during 2008.

Paul Golder

Single: Sons and Daughters – Darling
Beautiful female-fronted toe-tapping indie pop. Part punk, part folk, part twee, part Town Called Malice-bassline, what’s not to like?

Album: British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music?
A real return to form after the good but patchy Open Season. The album is consistently strong throughout with new epics like Lights Out For Darker Skies sitting alongside proper pop songs such as Waving Flags. One of the very few physical CDs I bought this year, coming with pages and pages of nonsensical liner notes which shows they’ve lost none of their eccentricity. The songs are so good that their soundcheck before a show at Canvey Island was one of my best gigs of the year! It was a great interview too – not many bands answer your first question with the words “Baked Alaska”.

Piers Hewitt

Single: Elbow – One Day Like This
I was actually disappointed this ended up being a single, but it is gloriously uplifting and coming in at probably well over 5 minutes it sticks the proverbial 2 fingers up at all those people who inexplicably decide the general public can’t cope with songs longer than 3 minutes 40. It is justification of their mainstream success (after years of labour) caught up in a few wonderful minutes and the outro is to die for. Proof you can have a beer gut and sing in a band too. I like. I want to buy. Oh, I already have.

Album: Alberta Cross : The Thief And The Heartbreaker
Is it possible to vote for a 7 track mini-album? Well, it’s going to have to be, ‘cos 2008 hasn’t been the best. And this lot of songs is the absolute nuts. Guitars not turned up to 11 because they know how to use them. And more than a very interesting modern-day nod towards Neil Young. It also has some extraordinarily gorgeous moments, particularly towards the end, and on countless occasions the whole thing made me wish I’d written it. I will play the last track, ‘The Devil’s All You Ever Had’ on my show soon, and I’m sure at least one person in Billericay or Brentwood will cry. That’s what I’m about you see, pleasure pain…

Steve Mead

Single: Elbow – One Day Like This
Saw Elbow back in October I think. I had only heard this track once or twice and live it blew me away, they created a massive sound with a string quartet on stage too, to say the least it was BIG! This made it the standout track of 2008 for me. I never get tired of hearing it.

Album: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig
Saw Nick Cave for the second time this year after a 16 year gap, and got him this time, this album is dark, groovy, sleazy and sexy all at once, all of the tracks are like short tales, complete with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Steve Robertson

Single: Elbow – One Day Like This
The almost melancholy sound with cheerful lyrics has me singing along every time I hear it. The lyric “Kiss me like we die tonight” still sends shivers down my spine. The song seems to gradually fade away in something that is reminiscent of a football chant, which only adds to its allure for me.

Album: Kings of Leon – Only By The Night
Sex on Fire and Use Somebody are two of the best tracks to hit the UK singles chart this year. I know there has been some critisism that the band’s fourth album is too commercial but that’s pbobably why I love it so much as I head towards 40. The album is superbly produced, with the drumming on Manhattan cheering me up in any traffic jam.

Taylor Godwin

Single: Paramore – That’s What You Get
Being the last single of their second album, RIOT!, I was ecstatic when they released it in February of this year. This track definitely sums up my year and it’s a great live song every time I go to one of their shows. The video is also brilliant, showing them messing about with friends and family – just like us at Phoenix on a daily basis! Get ready to hear some amazing stuff from these guys in 2009!

Album: Forever The Sickest Kids – Underdog Alma Mater
This. Is. Amazing. And if you haven’t heard it, where have you been all year?! From start to finish it ticks every box to make it the best pop punk record of 2008. Punchy guitars fused with key/synths and melodic vocals translates perfectly to the stage. The best part about it is that they are a relatively small band over here so they play the tiny venues you never knew existed and they get the crowd pumping brilliantly. Loving the FTSK!

Presenters’ Picks – 2007

Alex Fletcher

Single: Young Knives – Terra Firma
Love it, love it, love it! This song gets totally stuck in your head; “Fake rabbit, real snake, terra firma, terra firma!” Genius. Sounded brilliant live at Reading this year. Waiting for their second album with baited breath!

Album: Horrors – Strange House
A fantastic debut album from the Victoriana Southenders. Strange House is such a super example of a clash of old school sounds made into something new and exciting; eighties goth meets garage, punk, pop and a Hammond organ thrown in for good measure. No one makes music or dresses as good as these boys.

Bryan Powis

Single: Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill
One of my favourite artists of this year and one whom I have seen live this year … this song has memories behind it for me, so I choose this one … this song was also on the A List around the time I joined Phoenix back in May.

Album: Twang – Love It When I Feel Like This
The boys from Birmingham have definitely got my juices flowing this year with tracks including Either Way, Wide Awake and Two Lovers, and I still don’t find them boring … they have also got some cool remixes to their songs.

Charlie Davy

Single: Calvin Harris – Acceptable In The 80s
I’m not a big dance music person, but if something catches my ears – then I’m going to buy it. It’s a very simple song in terms of lyric and arrangement, but it got everybody raving about Calvin Harris (who used to be a shelf-stacker) back in March of this year and the album is pretty good, too. You play this track on a night out and everybody takes notice.

Album: White Stripes – Icky Thump
We had to wait 2 years for this album after the release of “Get Behind Me Satan”, and it was certainly worth the wait – A raw sound of blues and cheerful pop with the 3 first singles all crackers (Icky Thump, You Don’t Know What Love Is, Conquest). Jack and Meg get a lot of stick for being too simple but it works, and you only have to browse the many videos on YouTube to see that they are also fantastic live. PS: Meg is hot.

Dani Tebbutt

Single: Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
This was a great comeback album and single which showed us a different side of her skills/talent.

Album: Pink – I’m Not Dead
Again this was a great comeback album and she is a brilliant artist. I went to see her on my birthday at Brixton Academy and the one word I use to describe her is phenomenal. This year has been a great year for new artists and comebacks so it was so hard to choose but I have gone with two of my favourites that I am glad to see back on the music scene.

Dave Bishop

Single: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love
Worth the wait – eat your heart out, Shayne Ward.

Album: Mark Ronson – Version
Normally I hate cover versions but I think the tracks on this album are the exception. I also very nearly chose the Amy Winehouse version of “Valerie” as best single as well.


Single: Justin Timberlake – My Love
Loved this just because you could listen to it over and over again. Reminded me of seeing Justin live – even if you didn’t like him, by going to his concert you would have been impressed as he is so talented.

Album: Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
This will go down in history.

Gemma Smith

Single: The Enemy – We’ll Live And Die In These Towns
The whole band without exception are very funny looking, but that didn’t put me off – beauty is only skin deep, and I’m a massive fan of this song.

Album: Jack Penate – Matinee
It’s all just remarkably cheerful! And he was very good at Reading.

Jay Preston

Single: Confection – I Choose You
A great modern tune with a strong helping of 80’s Kashif stamped all over it!

Album: Billy Griffin – Like Water
Only heard this recently but already one of my fave albums this year, real lurve music.

Mark Jackson

Single: Kings of Leon – Fans
A great upbeat tune, for us the … errr … fans.

Album: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
Not a poor song on the album, how many can boast that in 2007? Quality!

Oliver Rowe

Single: Paolo Nutini – New Shoes
In Phoenix FM’s first year of permanent broadcasting, I’ve let the station dictate my choices. This seemed to be the top track played during our first few weeks on air.

Album: Koopa – Blag, Steal And Borrow
Regular visitors to the studio.

Paul Golder

Single: Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill
The only song this year that I’ve wanted to play over and over again. Unless you count any of the tunes on …

Album: Radiohead – In Rainbows
… which is their best album in ten years and a real return to form after two really patchy efforts. Top tunes are new single Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Nude and Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.

Steve Mead

Single: Editors – Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
The first single taken from the album An End Has A Start. A fantastic anthem, moody and melodic, an awesome first single for an awesome second album, I’ve really got to see this band again soon! Tim Ten Yen was a close runner up with Girl Number 1.

Album: Apartment – The Dreamer Evasive
One of the strongest debut albums I have ever heard, not one filler track on this album. At first I didn’t really ‘get’ Apartment, then I saw them live and was blown away by their live energy and seemingly note perfect performance, also they are bloody nice blokes too which always helps.

Presenters’ Picks – 2006

Phoenix FM presenters pick their favourite singles and albums of the year …

Alex Fletcher

Single of the year: CSS – Let’s Make Love (And Listen To Death From Above)
Probably the best gaytastic single this year; gets me dancing like a queen everywhere I hear it.
Album of the year: Huski – Love Peace Pain
Chances are you’ve probably never heard of them but they are the best electronica/pop act around at the mo, playing some wicked small venues in London.

Ashwyn Smyth

Single of the year: Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Album of the year: Janiva Magness – Do I Move You

Chris T-T

Single of the year: Jarvis – Running The World
Album of the year: Joanna Newsom – Ys

Craig Hannington

Single of the year: not sure
Album of the year: Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

Dave Bishop

Single of the year: Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
Album of the year: Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Dave O’Neill

Single of the year: Absolutely nothing!
For the second year running, the music industry failed to release anything that captured my ear. Maybe 2007 will be different? Well, I’m not holding my breath!
Album of the year: Frost* – Million Town
Oh, this is an easy one. It is a seminal release of fusion progressive rock, combining hard edged lyrics with rocking metallic riffs in places, interlaced with exquisite and intricate melodies that puts hooks into your musical psyche and stretches it to the point of tearing. I can’t get one of the tunes out of my head as I write this! Now, that’s what music is really all about!

Eddie Curry

Single of the year: Art Brut – Nag Nag Nag Nag
Everything three minutes of music should be.
Album of the year: Long Blondes – Someone To Drive You Home
Someone had the great idea to mix Pulp, Blondie, Sleeper, Salad and the Younger Younger 28s on one album. Best track is Giddy Stratospheres, my favourite single of 2007.

Gemma Smith

Single of the year: Sunshine Underground – Commercial Breakdown
Well, I’ve been harping on about it for pretty much the whole year, and it’s been released twice, but still nobody’s heard of it.
Album of the year: Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out
After much pondering (and checking what actually came out in 2006!), I am going to go for this – it’s pretty much been my soundtrack to the year, and to think I only bought it because the shop had sold out of copies of the Arctic Monkeys’ debut!

Leo Martins

Single of the year: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Dani California
Album of the year: Rapture – Pieces Of The People We Love

Lloyd Bonson

Single of the year: Feeling – Fill My Little World
For a number of reasons this band really stood out for me over the course of the year and it was the video to this song that got me interested in them. The video took some influences from the video to Talk Talk’s hit ‘Life’s What You Make It’ with the setting and layout of the band. Added to this some great music and probably the best lyrics I’ve heard this year and this song is a winner.
Album of the year: Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell III (The Monster Is Loose)
The final part of the Bat Trilogy and this one is an absolute stonker!!!! Not only does Meat team up with long term writing partner Jim Steinman, there’s additional material from Desmond Child, Nikki Sixx, John 5 and appearances by Todd Rundgren, Steve Vai and Brian May. This album is just bursting with Rock Gods – well worth a listen to.

Nick Field

Single of the year: Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes
Album of the year: Fratellis – Costello Music
Not bought many albums this year, but any album with tracks like Creeping Up The Backstairs and Henrietta is bound to be up there with the year’s best.

Oliver Rowe

Single of the year: Scissor Sisters – Irreplacable
Album of the year: Razorlight – Razorlight

Rifa Bhunnoo

Single of the year: New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
Album of the year: The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control

Steve Furby

Single of the year: Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger (indie), Take That – Patience (pop), Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (disco)
Album of the year: Don’t buy many albums but from my Radio 2 listening I ALMOST went and bought Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Worst single of the year: Toss up between Chico – Chico Time, David Hasselhoff – Jump In My Car and El Chombo – Chacarron

Steve Mead

Single of the year: Hybrasil – We Got Music
Album of the year: Pure Reason Revolution – The Dark Third
Nine tracks that melt perfectly into one another, this album is magnificent. The band are struggling to sort out a line-up change that occurred at the end of 2006 but I saw them at The Bassment in Chelmsford recently and they seem to be getting through it. Album highlight is Bright Ambassadors Of Morning.

Presenters’ Picks – 2005

Phoenix FM presenters choose their favourite singles and albums of the year …

Ashwyn Smyth
Single of the year: Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
Album of the year: The SPIKEdrivers – Ain’t It Real

Craig Hannington
Single of the year: The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It
I didn’t think it was that great a year for singles but Hot Fuss still stands out as a fantastic record.
Album of the year: The Heavy Blinkers – The Night And I Are Still So Young
This was a tricky choice; Devils and Dust by Bruce Springsteen was great too.

Daniel Beale
Single of the year: James Blunt – You’re Beautiful
Album of the year: Coldplay – X & Y

Dave O’Neill
Single of the year: nothing!
Sorry, but nothing stands out, no matter how hard I sit and cogitate over the year’s releases
Album of the year: Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Porcupine Tree are probably the most important band to hit the world of Progressive Rock in over a decade. This album shows a maturity and balance that allows it to hold its own as a rock album as well. The production is incredible and shows that prog isn’t just soaring synths and spacey lyrics as this has a raw edge to it. If you haven’t heard of this band then you are seriously depriving yourself of a fantastic rock experience.

Eddie Curry
Single of the year: Mystery Jets – You Can’t Fool Me Dennis
A brilliantly eccentric song tightroping between prog rock and jangly indie, my two great loves. There are many reasons why I love this, not least because we have a Dennis on Phoenix FM to whom we often sing ‘you can do anything you want as long as it makes sense’.
Album of the year: Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
It was very trendy to like Bloc Party in 2005 and I’m not very trendy but it’s still my favourite and most-played. Every time I listen to it I hear something new in the music, the production is amazing. Still don’t understand the lyrics though.

Gemma Smith
Single of the year: Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
An absolute stormer of a track that will never fail to get everyone dancing and shouting along – it’s got to be my single of the year for sheer feel-good factor.
Album of the year: I’ll come back to you on this one!

James Brierley
Single of the year: Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Album of the year: Not Arcade Fire!

Jim Henderson
Single of the year: Snow Patrol – Spitting Games
Album of the year: U2 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

Laura Miller
Single of the year: British Sea Power – It Ended On An Oily Stage
Album of the year: Arcade Fire – Funeral

Marc Ollington
Single of the year: British Sea Power – Please Stand Up
Album of the year: Arcade Fire – Funeral

Natalie Smith
Single of the year: The Subways – With You
Absolute magic, the catchiest song of 2005. Once heard you cannot get it out of your head!
Album of the year: Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger
The most uplifting album I have heard for years, a “rocky” yet “romantic” album, and each song is superb!

Nita Jhummu
Single of the year: Madonna – Hung Up
Although I’m not keen on the video. It kind of makes me feel ill.
Album of the year: Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor
Her whole album has got me into 70s dance music. I missed all that stuff: Abba, Rod Stewart, Bowie, Donna Summer etc the first time round ‘cos I wasn’t born so now I can catch up on it! Hoping it’s going to make a comeback!

Oliver Rowe
Single of the year: Razorlight – Somewhere Else
Album of the year: Magic Numbers – Magic Numbers
They were both in car CD player on holiday and played constantly because the alternative was dodgy foreign radio stations!

Richard Nott
Single of the year: James Blunt – You’re Beautiful
This was no 1 when my daughter Isabel was born.
Album of the year: Babies Need Lullabies
It is full of soporific piano music. It didn’t work on Isabel, but sent me to sleep at lunchtimes when I put it on my iPod!

Steve Furby
Single of the year: Madonna – Hung Up and Mariah Carey – We Belong Together
Two old girls going back to what they do best – I thought Madonna live at Hyde Park was superb. Mariah wasn’t but I thought her single sees her using her amazing voice to full effect.
Album of the year: Various Artists – Get This Party Started (Chris Hill’s new Caister soul anthems) andColdplay – X & Y
GTPS has 8 tracks out of 14 that are pure class – you will hear them on my Sunday show – and Coldplay’s album has great melodies.

Steve Mead
Single of the year: The Modern – Jane Falls Down
Because it has a refreshing sound compared to nearly everything else released last year, as they say “The Future Remembered”. I saw this band for the first time at the Leeds Festival; I was just wandering through the dance tent, heard and saw them, and was glued to the spot until the end of the set.
Album of the year: The Others – The Others
I love this album! I saw the band live for the first time at the Wireless festival in June and was hooked, BOA has now interviewed the band three times, and seen them on numerous occasions, and they get better every time, everyone should give this album a try, here’s to the follow up!