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The spooks are all out there!

I was joined today by local best selling author, SYD MOORE whose books are all inspired by the myths and legends surrounding ESSEX., notably the history of witch persecutions.

Her first book, THE DROWNING POOL, published in 2011 was based around the alleged Sea Witch, SARAH MOORE who lived in Old Leigh back in the 19th century. Just a year later Syd’s second novel WITCH HUNT came out and now just when we thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa she has a new trilogy of books – STRANGE SIGHT, STRANGE MAGIC and STRANGE FASCINATION.


Now Syd has come up with a prize that could be yours – an autographed  copy of her brand new book STRANGE SIGHT.

To be in with a chance of winning this prize all you need to do is answer the following question:

At the end of her book STRANGE MAGIC, one of the characters, Auntie Babs refers to one of her friends, Ray Boundersby who runs a restaurant off Fetter Lane.

That restaurant features in the new book STRANGE SIGHT.

All you have to do is name the restaurant.

Then simply e-mail your answers addressed to THE SYD MOORE BOOK COMPETITION, to by midnight 31st March.

The first correct answer pulled out of the hat wins the prize. Simple as that!

Listen to what Syd had to tell me today about her life and writings:-

Keeping to things out of the “left field” we reported on the news that a 14-year old Indonesian boy keeps laying eggs!

Yes, his family claims that he has laid 20 eggs in the past two years and his father told local media that over the past two years his son had laid 18 eggs plus another 2 on the day he was taken to the hospital where, just before he laid another egg in front of amazed medics, he was x-rayed in an attempt to prove his story.

He has now been quarantined so doctors can monitor his condition.

If they’re lucky maybe he’ll even lay on breakfast for them!

On that note I’m off.

All being well I’ll see you again tomorrow,

Surprise, surprise!

On today’s programme we heard about the unexpected haul resulting from a drugs raid by police on a house in Essex.

Much to the surprise, and one would imagine, some consternation, officers found a 4 foot long crocodile next to the bed plus 16 live snakes including a cobra and a Madagascan hognose  snake and a collection of various toads and spiders.

Clearly in that house you’d need to be pretty careful where you put your foot down if going to the loo in the night!

Another unwelcome surprise awaited a 3-year old boy playing on a gaming machine in his local McDonalds outlet.

Whilst playing a game called “GRANNY SMITH” he was suddenly confronted by the sight of a very un-grandma looking woman in a short black dress perched on a bed coupled with the slogan “mature women who always say yes”.

There was then a link to encourage further interaction.

Well I never – things have clearly moved on from the days when you got a toy with a Happy Meal.

See you again next week,

Now that’s what I call a blow struck for England!

Today we reported, if that’s the right word, on how a state visit was disturbed by a windbreak.

Yes. it seems that Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Philip and the Sultan of Bahrain were sharing a horse drawn carriage down The Mall to the accompanying of bands playing GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, when in the midst of polite conversation, the royal party were suddenly overwhelmed by a massive blast of flatulence accompanied by a truly humungous pong.

Not wishing to offend her guest, Her Majesty leaned over to the Sultan and apologised for the incident to which the Sultan replied, that’s quite alright your majesty, think nothing of it, I thought it was the horse!

Love it!

Being a Tuesday, Margaret Mills joined me and today regaled the story of a 16-year old boy, who in May 1879 had been caught stealing from his next door neighbour.

Clearly not too bright a lad for making his first foray into crime by going no further than next door, but what makes the story even more sublime is that his defence lawyer tried to suggest that his client had been led astray by reading “inappropriate” material.

Not much of a defence it must be said.

And indeed it didn’t work as his client was sentenced to 4 months hard labour.

Doubt that in those days there’d have been much dubious material to read whilst incarcerated.

Anyway you can listen again to this tale of woe by clicking on the link below: –

See you again on Thursday,


Rucksack Appeal a Great Success! Thank You Brentwood and Billericay.

Back in December last year I reported on the appearance of a wheelie bin in Billericay library asking for donations to help the homeless. This turned out to be the social project “Cool to be Kind” in association with the Essex Youth Offending Team. You can read my original post here

Well now I have just heard from the Essex Youth Offending Service – The appeal was a great success!

Over the past six weeks the young people, who are carrying out reparation work with the YOS, have collected, sorted and prepared items donated by the public, including warm clothes, sleeping bags and non-perishable food.

The group packed a total of 177 complete rucksacks ready to be delivered to people living on the streets in Essex and beyond.

Dan from the Cool to be Kind project said: “On behalf of myself and the team, I would like to thank everyone from Essex Youth Offending Service for their tremendous effort in galvanising young people and members of the community, and donating so many full rucksacks.

“The rucksacks are full of essential items that will benefit a homeless person during these cold months and have been distributed, not only in towns across Essex, but also in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

“These donations also make up just over 50% of the total rucksacks donated to the project this winter and I hope we can replicate these efforts again next winter. “

Karen Sinclair, Referral Order Co-ordinator for Essex YOS and Essex County Council lead for the rucksack project, said: “Our collaboration with Cool to be Kind has been such an astounding success and we have been amazed at the generosity of the local community and everyone involved.

“We are very proud to have helped the team with the work they do to support homeless people, and happy to have been able to give our young people the chance to contribute to this important project.”

Essex YOS work with many young people aged 10-18 who carry out ‘reparation’ as part of their court order.

The service ensures all its reparation work with young people is restorative and involves giving back to the local community, including charities, not-for-profit agencies and those who are most vulnerable in our society.

Councillor Dick Madden, Essex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “I’m really proud of the efforts of our Youth Offending Service and the young people that work with them.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved in supporting the Cool to be Kind project, including our local communities for the generosity they’ve shown.”

The YOS is always looking to contribute to projects to help vulnerable individuals across Essex. If you have an idea for the team, please contact Karen Sinclair on or 07921 912509.

The Fold Arts Centre Billericay – Angie McGlashon

The Billericay Arts Association was set up in 1979 as a registered charity to run The Fold in Billericay, as a community arts centre. It is run and staffed by unpaid volunteer members
Today I was pleased to welcome Angie McGlashon to the studio to tell us all about what goes on at The Fold and in particular the children’s show that they have planned for tomorrow (Friday)

Angie McGlashon

You can listen to our chat here –

The Fold’s website is here

Here are the details of tomorrow’s show –

Captain Cauliflower and Marvin the Mischievous Moose
Friday 16th February

Come and join the invincible Captain Cauliflower and his faithful companion Marvin on an unforgettable adventure, filled with extreme silliness and unquestionable danger.

Marvin the Mischievous Moose presents Captain Cauliflower with a mystical magic hat that gives him super powers. We then follow his adventures into outer space and deep under the ocean, saving those in peril, but can he beat his arch nemesis the evil and odorous Onion Man?
Dan Lees and Neil Frost invite you on an adventure that combines clowning, playful games and chaotic fun that’s suitable for all the family.
Ideal for children 3+. Performance lasts 50 minutes
Tickets: £5.00 children and £8.00 adults
Family offer (2 adults & 2 children) £22.00


Now this is really how to get your own back!

On today’s show we heard about the member of a shooting party who became a victim of his prey, when one of the large Canadian geese they had been hunting plummeted from the sky, braining him and rendering him unconscious.

Canadian geese can weigh anything between 10 to 14 lbs and have a wingspan of up to 6 feet, so if they drop out of the sky from a height of around 90 feet, will certainly do you a power of no good.

Perhaps he’ll now think twice before picking up a gun again!

Being a Tuesday Margaret Mills returned with another of her historical gems, this time concerning an old miser from High Ongar who died in 1854.

Apparently he was a miller who had somehow amassed a fortune of around £7000 in cash and a similar amount in investments which together must have been worth the equivalent of close on £2m in today’s money.

To hear more click on the link below:-

See you again next week,


Assured Shorthold Tenants – take note!

Brian Hughes from Shenfield based solicitors, RAINER HUGHES joined me once more to look again at issues connected with tenancy agreements.

Today Brian turned his attention to the complex matters involving ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCIES (AST’s).

Listen again to what Brian told me today by clicking on this link: –

In the second hour of today’s programme, we looked at the misfortune of the tenant of a New York apartment, who, given his history of sleepwalking, might have been well advised to seek ground floor accommodation!

Apparently whilst sleeping soundly, he nipped out of his 8th floor apartment window and plummeted down six floors landing on a load of scaffolding.

That woke him up and no mistake!

Luckily he escaped with a broken leg and some other lesser injuries and hopefully the hospital  where he’s recovering will be able to catch him when he next “drops off”!

See you again tomorrow,

Billericay Acts of Random Kindness with Matt Everard

Local hero Matt Everard came into the Phoenix studio to tell us all about this new group dedicated to spreading kindness and bringing the community together. In a very short time the group now has over 1500 members and has already carried out many kind acts in the local community.

Matt Everard

You can listen to our chat here –

Bob and Matt

If you would like to get involved in this great new movement in Billericay, can offer or need help, you can join the B.A.R.K. Facebook group here


A severe case of ruffled feathers

Now taking your guide dog on a plane is understandable but a peacock – now that’s really pushing things even if you do book a seat for it!

Nevertheless the New York based photographer and performance artist, VENTIKO, claimed that she had a right to take the bird on board as an emotional support animal even though she’d failed to provide supporting documentation from a medical professional within the required 48 hours before take-off.

Well I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’d have been too keen to find myself sitting next to a peacock on the plane.

You’d always wonder whether it was completely house trained and whether it might take a fancy to any snacks or other food you might want to eat.

And would its owner take it with her if she left her seat for any reason?

In the end UNITED AIRLINES were adamant that the bird would not fly and so had to make the journey back to New York from Los Angeles, by car.

I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that car either!

On today’s BYGONES feature, Margaret Mills related the tale of SAMUEL WYATT, a postman who’s round for 30 years encompassed Bardfield, Finchingfield, and at one time also Thaxted.

The size of his round meant that he had to cover up to 26 miles a day all on foot for up to 6 days a week.

When he retired at the age of 54 he was presented with a certificate but it is not known if he received a pension or any other kind of financial reward.

Listen again here to what Margaret told me: –

See you again next week,