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So this week is the turn of another comedy animal video of a mouse who would put most actors to shame with his impressive performance of playing dead. This next short clip has racked over 11 million views on YouTube and is one of the best animal clips out there on the web.

I can’t help but think of the James Bond theme while watching this…


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So this week is the return of a very talented man who takes any song/instrumental and turns it into heavy metal using his own electric guitar. But this time, this clip goes out to my fellow video gaming fans who love playing all sorts of console games. One of the most hugely rated game was called Skyrim which to be honest I was not drawn to at first until I actually played it. One of the best parts of the game was the epic music that was composed which for me is brilliant. Then I discovered that Erock did his own version of this and I had to check it out. As a result I then had to share it with all of you. But like I said this is particularly for all those video gamers. Here is Erock – Skyrim meets heavy metal….


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So this week is the turn of a brillianly talented man who’s talent is being able to do disney character impressions with his voice. But in a twist, instead of just simply doing the impressions, he decided to turn his talent into a song brinning back the essessence of what made disney great with all those origional voice actors that made up the characters we all know and love.


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So this week is a YouTube Legend. First, as a bit of back story you need to watch this clip that was aired on the news in the USA. Even though the subject of this news story was a slightly shocking one, you can not help focusing on one man’s reaction to the camera.

Now comes the light hearted part. Someone decided to make a video of this very clip and turned it into a comedy marvel. Just like what happened with ‘No Time For Bronchitis’, this clip was remixed and auto-tuned to make a music video that has over 120 MILLION views on YouTube and is one of the most famous clips in YouTube history. Enjoy…


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So it is time for another YouTube Clip of the Week and this time it is the turn of an American weatherman called Jim Kosek. This guy brought a whole new meaning to weather presenting giving an somewhat Oscar nominating performance. If You thought our Weather presenters were boring, you may prefer it that way after you see this next clip.








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So this week is another comedy clip.  Someone took the song ‘Glamorous’ and turned it into a catchy comedy version Called ‘I’m a Hill-billy’

Don’t forget that in 2 Sunday’s time I will be having an instrumental special. I will be playing my favourite instrumentals from films, TV shows and Video Games. Don’t miss out…

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Its time for another YouTube Clip of the Week. This week brings back old childhood memories of Thomas the Tank Engine. However if you watch this you will never see it in the same way again. A YouTube genius decided to tweak episodes from the classic TV show and turn it into comedy gold. The only thing he did was dub a beep sound in specific places throughout the clip. Everything you incorporate to be rude is only created from our own corrupt minds.

This is ‘Thomas The Swear Engine’.




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So this time it is the turn of an animal clip. This next video was taken when the owners witnessed the dog dreaming while sleeping. If you’ve ever wondered if the rumors are true about dogs dreaming about chasing other animals, well here is the proof. Although this dog did perhaps get a bit carried away as you will see by the end of this clip which is in my opinion one of the most funniest animal clips on YouTube.

No walls were damaged in the making of the clip… Ish…


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So the last clip you saw was ‘Taking The Hobbit’s To Isengard’. This time it is the turn of another Lord of the Rings clip. Now, here is some back story… In 2010 a clip went viral on YouTube called ‘Trololololololo’. The reason for the name was because that was the only way people would understand the song would be by the sound of the singing as the original clip was brodcasted on television in a foreign country. You will understand when you watch this next clip…

Eventhough no one knows what the hell this guy is singing about it has become one of the most strangest comedy clips of all time on YouTube. Now days if anyone hears it, they would want to jump out of the window and think ‘oh no not again!!!’ so it was only a matter of time before remixes were created to highlight just that fact including this next clip which has become even more popular than the original clip with just under 22 million views. This is ‘Lord of the Rings: Trolololololo’.

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So here we are folks. Another YouTube Clip of the Week. This was the final Clip I broadcasted on air of this series. As it was the last clip of the series I wanted leave it with a bang. This clip is one of my favorite clips of all time on YouTube. Someone decided to take some small clips from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and turn them into a song that would rack over 15 million views. one of the most popular clips on the web.

I can watch that over and over again and not get bored. And the creator of this clip got a big surprise when this clip reached Orlando Bloom’s ear (The actor who Plays Legolas). While they were filming The Hobbit, they recorded Orlando actually singing along to the clip and was put on the DVD extras.

Although this is the last clip I will put on air, each week I will be posting YouTube Clips of the Week up. I will be putting up all those clips I could not broadcast before…



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So this week is the turn of another comedy clip. Have you ever asked yourself how corrupted your mind might actually be? As the decades go on, our human brains are more prudent to turn different scenarios into innuendo. This song is a true test and an eye opener to the real truth. With cleverly placed lyrics and a well created video to match, this next clip will have you blushing and shocked where in actual truth, we are the culprits of the innuendos we create in our heads.



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So this week was a double video show. Two clips both related to each other and both for comedy. First up was a clip that turned a very cheesy song into a an almost bearable funny clip. This is a different version of the song ‘What does the fox say?’. A song that remains in everyone’s nightmares I think. But some YouTube genius decided to change the pith up a little to make it sound like a Chipmunk style song.

This brings me to the second clip of the show. Now in this series of my YouTube Clip of the Week, I have shown some GTA 5 clips. Well it is time for just one more. A video gamer decided to take the tune of ‘What does the fox say?’ and put his own unique twist on it by changing all of the lyrics and basing it on the GTA game. He both created the lyrics and sang for this brilliant inventive video.

Next week is the second to last YouTube Clip of the Week with another comedy clip…


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Hey guys, so this week was an unscheduled clip as it was a video I had only recently discovered. This week it was the turn of another talented individual called Sarah Stone who turns a famous song into a unique version. On YouTube, sets of videos called ‘cup song’ were uploaded where you take an average plastic cup and make a song or tune out of it. But Sarah Stone raised the bar and took the famous song Royals, and turned it into an awesome cup cover version.

Tune in next time where I am bringing back some more comedy clips…

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So here we are again. another YouTube Clip of the Week. This time I decided to show a talent video of four guys called Andy Lange, Chester See, Andrew Garcia and Josh Golden who perform covers of different songs in their own unique way. This next video was actually recommended to me on a social networking site and was not originally part of this YouTube Clip series.

I’m not sure whether it is better than the original or not but I will let you be the judge of that.

Next week is another unscheduled YouTube clip of another talent video…



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Yes it’s that time again for my usual YouTube Clip of the Week. This week I wanted to continue with another animal video. With over 18 million views, this 20-odd second clip is one of the most hilarious animal clips I’ve seen.

I can just watch this video over and over again. It’s strange to think that a clip so short has become so popular. Next week I am showing a talent video.

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So it is time for another YouTube Clip of the Week. This time I wanted to bring back an animal video. This next clip is of someone who recorded their dogs playing with socks to the heavy metal song ‘Dog Likes Socks’ by a band called PSYCHOSTICK.

Next week I am putting on a video of another animal comedy clip…


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So this week’s YouTube Clip of the Week involves the return of an old favourite of mine who has been involved with both of my previous series. EROCK is a very talented man who takes all kinds of songs from original artists to films, TV shows, video games etc; and turns them into a heavy metal version using his own electric guitars which he records and puts on YouTube. The next two songs are examples of the countless versions he has made. First up is his take on the Benny Hill theme.

The next song that I broadcasted on the radio by EROCK is an instrumental that is very close to my heart as it is of my favourite TV show of all time. Doctor Who. He takes this very famous Si-Fi theme tune into a heavy metal marvel. And as a bonus, he also takes the most recent instrumental from Matt Smith’s era and brings his take on that half way through the clip.

I hope you enjoyed those two clips. Do go and have a look on YouTube at all his clips. You will be surprised to see what you will find.

Next week will be an animal YouTube clip…



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It is that time of the week again for my YouTube Clip of the Week. This week is a clip which has become one of my absolute favourite YouTube clip of all time. This next video link is of an elderly British lady who is playing a video game called GTA 5.

Be advised, this clip is not for those under the age of 15.

There you go. I could just watch that for hours. Tune in next week where I will be brining back an old favourite… EROCK.


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It’s that time of the week again for my usual YouTube Clip of the Week. This time it is the turn of an old favourite of mine, Walk Off The Earth. This band takes music talents to a new level. This next clip link is a cover from Taylor Swift’s Trouble’.

This is one of my favourite video songs of all time. Walk Off The Earth have become so successful and have created their own music videos including this next clip link called ‘Gang of Rhythm’.

Tune in next week for one of the funniest video game clips you will see…


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For my second YouTube Clip I wanted to do another comedy clip. And no other Clip on YouTube went as quickly up in view numbers than this next video link. This video was recorded on television in America on a show like what we have here in the UK such as Jeremy Kyle/Trisha that sort of thing. As soon as this clip was uploaded to the internet on YouTube it gained over 44 million views in a very short space of time.

So here it is, The Best Cry Ever!

But wait there’s more! Because you see like all famous YouTube clips, you always get some cleaver people who decide to have a bit of fun and turn these videos into a song. One of the most ingenious ways of turning a clip like this into a song is by using something called Autotune. There have been different versions of this but in my opinion this is my favourite…

Tune in next week where you will see the return of an old favourite, Walk Off The Earth…

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So here we go folks the first YouTube Clip of my series. First up is a clip that has had over 3 million views online from this clip alone. Some clever set of friends turn everyday themes into a musical style song ranging from TV shows, social networks, video  games etc…

This next clip link is my favourite of all their clips. They have turned a GTA V video game and turned it into a hilarious musical number. Enjoy…

So there you have it my first YouTube clip of this series. This is one of the most cheesiest clip I have ever seen on YouTube but believe me, this has nothing on some of their other musical videos.

Tune in next week where you will hear a clip that has over 44 million views on YouTube.

See you then…

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So in honour of my new YouTube Clip of the Week series starting very soon, I have decided to revisit two of my old remix audio clip which I made up of my previous two series clips. Hope you enjoy…

My YouTube Remix 1

My YouTube Remix 2

So make sure you tune in to my show this Sunday for my new set of YouTube clips. There will be more variety of comedy and talents. Some old favourites will return as well. This definitely going to be my best series yet…

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Daughtry – Baptized







So as it is the beginning of a new year I thought it only appropriate to share with you the new album that came out last November by my favourite band of all time… Daughtry.

This is the fourth album they have released and in my opinion is the best one yet. Filled with so many catchy songs, this new album called ‘Baptized’ continues to uphold Daughtry’s reputation with both the balance of upbeat and smooth calming songs. This statement is even more clear if you buy the deluxe edition where there have been three extra songs fitted onto the album.

For those who may not have heard any of their songs before, here are a few of original past song examples. One of which you may recognise.

What About Now

Life After You

Rescue Me

So next are some songs from their new album. My personal favourites are ‘Battleships’ and ‘Long Live Rock & Roll’



Long Live Rock & Roll

18 Years

As I hope you will agree another fantastic album. Don’t forget to go on ITunes or Spotify to listen to their other songs. I only hope that Daughtry’s next album will be as good as their previous successes.


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So as it is the week of Christmas I thought it would be time for for a YouTube Clip of the Week one off special. And obviously it had to be Christmas based.

This Clip is of a family of cat owners that recorded their cats having a bath and meowing through the microphone. They then created a medley with those sounds and turned them into a festive song which is adorable to watch.

I hope you enjoy!

So there you have it. My one off special but do not worry, the start of my new YouTube Clip of the Week series will begin next year.

So from me to everyone out there, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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The Story:

The Assassin’s Creed series continues on from the final chapter of Desmond’s Story where it seems Juno has been ‘let loose’ upon the world. However we start of playing an unknown first person character that has been hired to work at Abstergo Industries (The Templars). It seems that samples were taken from Desmond Miles’ body in the moments after his death which enabled Abstergo Industries to continue to explore his genetic memories using the Animus’ new found cloud computing abilities (Don’t worry, I didn’t get that either).  Playing as this unknown muted character, he must sift through the memories of Edward Kenway (an eighteenth-century pirate and the grandfather of Ratonhnhaké:ton/Connor) in order to gather interesting material for an Animus-powered edited interactive feature film. In reality, The Templars are searching for ‘The Observatory’. As Kenway, the player must unravel a conspiracy between high-ranking Templars within the British, Spanish and French empires who, under the guise of cleaning up piracy in the Caribbean, have used their positions to find someone known as ‘The Sage’ who is the only man that can lead them the way which would be intended to spy on and blackmail world leaders. With no ambition or interest to join the fight between the Assassin’s and the Templars, Edward finds himself caught between the two orders in the race to find ‘The Observatory’. As the events thicken, so two does Edward’s involvement. Now personally this was a very dull, confusing, controversial and a slow story. Nothing is explained or expanded concerning Juno until the end but even then it is still very sketchy. ‘The Observatory’s’ ultimate designated purpose turns out not to be as impressive as we all thought it would be considering the massive effort all the Assassin’s and Templars seemed to go through for. Where the other games have ended with cliff hangers, the ending of this game just seems to stop with Edward becoming happy with his family. But there was so many more interesting events that were skipped for those who read the Assassin’s Creed book ‘Forsaken’ which told the life of Haythem Kenway (Edward’s Son/ Connor’s Father) in the form of a diary. Many stories and emotional events of Edward were told in the book. The whole game including both the unknown character and Edward’s stories just seems to feel like its all just been thrown together as a type of time killer like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. However, compared to All other Assassin’s Creed games including Revelations, Black Flag has the worse story in the Assassin’s Creed series.


The Game Play:

Although there are new features that look very intriguing it all gets quite complicated and frustrating. First of all the ability to control Edward’s movements seems very erratic. I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled performing simple moves such as climbing finding the character not doing what he is supposed to do. As for selecting your equipment such as the hidden blade, swords, smoke bombs etc; choosing the item you want gets very frustrating. In previous games you could simply align which weapon slot you wanted and apply that to a button.

You could also pause the game without any slow interruptions in order to quickly equip what item you wanted and continue playing. This was very handy if you were in the middle of combating enemies.

However in this game you can not do any of that. The ONLY way you can choose an item is by individually scrolling up or down on the directional pad of the controller while trying to control the player. There have been many times where I have tried to change weapons in order to fight back tactically but can not do so because of the difficulty between both factors resulting in Edward dying and failing the mission. Everyone was exited about the new free-roaming feature on exploring the open seas. However, unless you have explored certain areas already it takes a long time to travel between locations which can be very frustrating if all you want to do is start the next mission in the story. There have been times where I would go make a cup of tea while waiting to continue the story. I could understand if this was planetary correct but it’s not which makes the whole thing seem more frustrating. The ONLY real compliment I can give for the game play is the multiplayer feature. I love playing online against other players. But to be honest you have to really question the reality of likeness if you find the alternative multiplayer game play more interesting than the main story.


The Graphics:

There is not much I can tell you about the graphics. I thought that the computing technology would be upgraded like all the other games are doing in the video gaming industry but this time the development seems to have halted. The only change that took effect were the detailed quality of the sea and the trailer that was produced for the game. When I saw the trailer I was astonished at the realistic quality that was shown. I thought that was how the whole game would look but I was completely wrong. Nothing even close to that quality was shown in the game. Though at least the graphics did not look like it had been back tracked to earlier styles in the gaming industry.


The Music:

Unfortunately this became a disappointment. Apart from the very first Assassin’s Creed, Black Flag does not seem to have an iconic theme. If it is supposed to be considered a theme, it was not very well conceived as it sounded more like average background mood music. Even though most of the instrumental pieces were fitted well in the game play fitting with the specific time era, there was not an instrumental that stood out to be an emotional piece. It is almost like they have gone right back to the basics with the first Assassin’s Creed game. No pure effort has been made to connect with the audience.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Main Theme

So all in all I think you can guess that I was not very pleased with the game. It Seems every point in the game could not keep up with it’s previous reputation of being the most improving and inventive set of games the video gaming industry have seen. I now have more respect for the mess that was made with Revelations. There was so much potential in this game but unfortunately the creators of Assassin’s Creed could not deliver. If it was not the fact that I was eager to find out what was in store for future developments, I would have been completely put off. I only hope that the next game will redeem itself and restore the Assassin’s Creed reputation otherwise I will have to resort to just watching the game on YouTube. There is no point wasting money on something that is not value for money. That is why I have decided to give this game… 3/10

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This is the fifth instalment of the Assassin’s Creed series which is a sequel to 2011’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

The Story:

So after the very confusing events from the previous game, it begins with us being introduced to a new character that helps Desmond and the gang to continue the battle Between the Assassins and Templars. But as we all know from previous games this is not their main objective. In order to find a way to avert the 2012 ‘apocalypse’, Desmond must find an object lost somewhere in America that will allow him to open a temple door that holds a ‘key’ (according to ‘The Ones That Came Before’) to stop the upcoming doom. To find the object Desmond must relive the memories of his half-English, half-Mohawk ancestor, Ratonhnhaké:ton – also known as Connor which was later given to him so he could hide his true Native-American nationality from others. Connor’s time era is set in the 18th century – before, during and after the American Revolution – from 1753 to 1783. This is the final chapter of Desmond Miles’ story which holds many shocking twists. Thankfully this game explains pretty much all the questions we had in the previous games including a truth of an old particular member of Desmond’s gang. Personally I loved this story as there are so many intriguing moments in both Connor’s and Desmond’s story. Every video gamer thought that this was going to be the last Assassin’s Creed game but we were all wrong…


The Game Play:

So with a new ancestor and a new time period, it was no surprise that the development and look of this game would be different. Not only does it all look refreshing but we have new inventive weapons we can wield including a tomahawk, a rope dart and a bow and arrow as well as the old favourite hidden blade. You can choose between a variety of swords, guns, costumes and much, much more. You get to build up a community town by recruiting certain people and by buying hunting and industrial goods. By hunting I mean you can actual hunt animals for their skins such as rabbits, deer, bears and many other creatures big and small. The charter movements have also been improved with new skills and techniques for BOTH Connor and Desmond (yes, you get to play missions with Desmond for the first time). Another complete first time game experience which I was really looking forward to was the fact that you could play missions and side missions that involve sea battles where you can actually take control of a ship. I wish they had a free roaming feature for this as I could spend hours doing it. But as a positive you could replay the missions if you really wanted to.

With so many new game play features this is without a doubt the best Assassin’s Creed game play I have seen from the franchise.


The Graphics:

Once again the creators of the franchise did not fail to disappoint this time around. New advanced techniques have been used to enhance graphic quality. Considering how big each map location is, it is an unbelievably astonishing mixture of 360 degree detail as far as the eye can see.


The Music:

To be honest I was not sure how this was going to turn out as for the past 3 years we have been used to the same genre of music mainly including the theme music but personally I was very surprised when I found myself absolutely loving the soundtrack which in my opinion produced one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard.

Assassin’s Creed III – Trouble in Town

So all in all this has been an astonishing improvement from the last game. The Creators of Assassin’s Creed have thankfully redeemed themselves of the mess they made with the previous game. So much so that I honestly think this is the Best Assassin’s Creed Game to date I have ever played and is up there with my top 5 ultimate favourite games of all time. That is why I have given this game… 9/10

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This is the fourth instalment of the Assassin’s Creed series that both ended and started a new chapter.

The Story:

After the shocking cliff hanger that surprised so many video gaming fans, this was the long awaited story that would end the trilogy of Ezio’s life. (Not giving anything away) The story begins with Desmond (Subject 17) finding himself on a strange, small deserted island. But all is revealed when he is surprised to have a first meeting with someone he did not expect to see. This mysterious island is explained to be the very core of the Animus (a machine that can show the memory’s of someone’s ancestor). After Desmond fell unconscious in the previous game, his mind was redirected in the Animus’s core data bank in order to stop Desmond’s mind from completely collapsing. However this is only a temporary measure. The more time Desmond stays in the Animus the more risk there is of the whole system collapsing which would result in Desmond’s death. To escape the island get back to reality in his own body Desmond must live through the his ancestor Ezio Auditore da Firenze’s memories in order to learn all there is that Ezio learned as well as revisiting Desmond’s previous ancestor’s memories Altair. By doing this Desmond will separate the confused crossover of memory timelines linked with himself, Altair and Ezio. That is why Desmond is stuck in the Animus. It can not distinguish between all three memory timelines resulting in the collapse. Now this all seems quite confusing but trust me when you play the game it will all make sense. Most of it anyway. Like I said before this was the end of Ezio’s Chapter and a hinted start of a new direction of story telling.

Now personally I found this to be a dull story. In previous stories, there was more activity in the way of plots with both Desmond’s ancestor’s and Desmond himself. This focus’s mainly on Ezio and occasionally Altair. Even then Ezio’s story is quite slow with no real plot. Literally the whole game is with Ezio trying to find these 5 ‘Masyaf Keys’ in order to find what Altair kept secret behind closed doors. Hardly any twists and shocks as was created before. The only real intriguing thing about the story is the occasional flash backs on Altair’s memories and the ending.

Unlike before, more questions are added to the video gaming fans with hardly any answers to the previous games. We are almost completely placed in the dark which is a shame as this had so much potential. This game seems more like a chapter to just kill time for the next one like waiting at the traffic lights. Very disappointing.


The Game Play:

The game play seems to have remained the same with only very minor changes from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. The mini map has been made to look blue (still the same shape as before). The health bar is different and the money currency is different. The only real difference that takes effect is the fact that you free roam in different environmental locations. There are also these so called ‘Den defence’ optional objectives to try to add some differences but to be honest I find then very frustrating and annoying to the point where you could throw your controller at the T.V.


The Graphics:

This has to be the very best part of the game. You can tell instantly the more advanced detail that has gone into the game. The PS3 console’s technology has evolved into something that is both pure and very realistic. This was a new beginning for the series’ look. Astonishing locations and environments make this a marvel to look at. You could spend time just looking at all the details both big and small.


The Music:

Like before in previous games, the composers have continued to live up to their reputation in creating and evolving the instrumental music of the game. They still find ways of refreshing the old theme tune as well as composing music to fit all the environments and help to give the game more emotion even with the lack of dynamic story telling. An example of this is the chilling evolution of the old instrumental called ‘Earth’ which always gives me chills.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Earth

So all in all this was a half and half situation. On the one hand a very poor piece of what you would call a plot with not too many game play changes, on the other hand a well executed creation of graphics and music. That is why I have decide to rate this game 6.5 /10

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Beyond: Two Souls is a very recent game that came out on the 2nd October.

The Story:

The Story revolves around the life of a person called Jodie Holmes who has an extraordinary ‘ability’. Since birth Jodie has been connected to an entity that Jodie calls Aiden. Aiden seems to have a life of it’s own. No voice, no physical form but a certain personality that for some reason can’t leave Jodie. Jodie herself becomes weak if he strays too far. With no explanation of whom or what this entity is, Jodie is brought up by a couple of scientific researchers called Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman to discover the truth and learn to understand why. But along the way they discover that there is a whole new world that mankind had not discovered before. This is a very cleverly done story. It can be confusing at times as we follow Jodie’s timeline except we see her whole life in different orders. Though personally I like this because it is a very long story and the different breaks make the whole game very intriguing. You stay hooked and want to learn more and want to find out what happens next. In this game you feel absolutely timeless. I spent up to 4 or 5 hours playing this at a time straight and not even realise it until I finally looked at my clock. This is also a very emotional story. You feel very attached to the characters and cannot help to have a sense of relation to them especially Jodie and Aiden. There are many twists and turns and shocking truths that reveal them selves and by the end I nearly cried. Not many stories can do that. This story is one of the most powerful stories ever written. The only negative I can give the story is the fact that literally right at the end when the credits are going to kick in, the story becomes very confusing. As it seems there could be a sequel on the way. I don’t want to give anything away but the way the story describes it, this was just part 1 of Jodie’s story. You’ll have to watch it to understand. I was dumbfounded for hours trying to make sense of this revelation.


The Game Play:

This is not your usual game. Any video gamers who have played a game called Heavy Rain will understand what this game play involves as Beyond: Two Souls is a game created by those same creators. Unlike ALL other types of games, the creators for these decided to take a new approach to video game entertainment. In stead of the usual running around, fighting when ever you want, pressing lots of buttons to create combos etc; you press buttons throughout the game in order to let Jodie and Aiden interact with objects and people. You can still control players to be able to walk or in Aiden’s case float to where you want them to go, but you do not have the full control that other games use. To help explain this it is more like a very long interactive movie. But a movie in which you can choose what action you want Jodie and Aiden to take. Playing the game the first time is not ‘it’. You can play it over and over again to discover more choices they could have potentially decided to make. You can also decide what ending you want Jodie to pick. The game offers multiple conclusions. (Note: this is not the reason for the mysterious cliff hanger. That is meant to happen what ever you choose.)

I prefer games where you can go back and do things you couldn’t or didn’t do before. Now when I played Heavy Rain I did not like it. But I think that was down to the story. I wasn’t immersed into it like this game. If you do play this game you have to remember one thing. Do not think of it as a video game, think of it as a movie.


The Graphics:

These are the best graphics I have ever seen in ANY game. It is so realistic that at times you can’t distinguish between the video game and real life. They use real actors to play these characters with immense detail. Two very famous actors play Jodie Holmes and Nathan Dawkins (Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe). I cannot express enough how much attention to detail this game has. This has to be the most advanced and complex game ever made which now sets a new high for video gaming history.


The Music:

In my opinion one of the best composed pieces of music. If you get the special edition version of this game you get to install the official sound track. I am not exaggerating when I say every instrumental sent shivers down my spine. No game has ever done that to me with every single piece. It is no surprise coming from the composers that helped bring Assassin’s Creed and also very famous films such as Pirates of the Caribbean to life. The music is a crucial part to the game as it makes it so very emotional and powerful in its portrayal.

Beyond: Two Souls – Jodie’s Suite

So all in all this is one of the best games I have ever played in a long while. Outstanding and unique in all different aspects. This truly is a game I will always remember for the rest of my life. This is however not a game for light video gamers as the transitioning for Jodie’s timeline with get very confusing. This is a very long story in which you could forget important plots if you leave the game for a long time which would mess up the future story and make no sense.

That is why I have decided to give this game 9.5/10

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the third instalment of the Assassin’s Creed series.

The Story:

So the game starts exactly where it finished in the last game. Now that Desmond and the modern version of the Assassin’s have discovered a much bigger problem than the Templars, they must find another ‘Piece of Eden’ that is hidden in a lost forgotten Temple that was built by an ancient civilization known only as ‘The Ones Who Came Before’. But in order to do this, Desmond must enter the Animus once again to find the location by re-living Ezio Auditore da Firenze’s memories. Desmond’s Assassin ancestor from the 16th-century in Italy. This time in Ezio’s life we see the struggling fight against the Templars in the form of the Borgia family in Rome.

All your favourite characters are back as well as some new faces and the story takes extraordinary twist and turns that will have your jaw dropping in shock. Once again Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood leaves on another outstanding cliffhanger.


The Game Play:

Now the game play has not changed much since the last game. But just enough to make this sequel seem a little refreshing. The free roaming features and movement have not changed much though this time there seems to be only one huge map. However there are many optional objective maps that you can play. As well as the usual weapons as before there are many other new weapons you can unlock. My personal favourite weapon is the crossbow. Like before, everything can be upgraded. Weapons, health, armour, costumes and abilities. A fantastic new feature that has been installed is the ability to actually requite Assassin’s by helping certain citizens that need help from enemies. You can build up their rank and you can use them to help you out whenever you like. Whether you are in a mission or in free roam. Also for the very first time, Assassin’s Creed have introduced a new multiplayer feature where you can play against other video gamers around the world.


The Graphics:

As usual the graphics have become slightly upgraded. There is much more detail than before and there are also more dynamic environments that challenge the amount of detail and colour applied.


The Music:

Just like before the music is wonderfully created to continue the current Assassin’s Creed theme. As well as keeping the iconic instrumentals the composers have enhanced the previous quality and composed new mood swinging music to help set the feel for this game.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – City of Rome

So all in all I think this is a fantastic game and certainly holds it reputation of being one of the best run of games the video gaming world have ever seen. That is why I have decided to give this game 8/10

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The Story:

After the cliff hanger in the first Assassin’s Creed, it continues with Desmond Miles escaping from Abstergo Industries (the Templars) with help from Lucy Stillman. She introduces Desmond to her team mates who evidently are also the modern version of the Assassin’s. Now that the Assassin’s know what the Templars are after (another ‘Piece of Eden’), Desmond (also known as Subject 17 by the Templars) must enter a different Animus that the Assassin’s obtained in order to re-live the life of his ancestor Ezio Auditore Da Firenze back in the era of the Italian Renaissance. It seems that the Templars used Subject 16 to find another ‘Piece of Eden’ in the same era but unfortunately he was exposed to the Animus for too long resulting in the Templars reaching a dead end. By re-living Ezio’s memories, the Assassin’s can stop the Templars from obtaing the object and possibly try to fight back. Desmond will learn all the skills of the Assassin’s by the help of Ezio’s years of learning by something called ‘the bleeding effect’. However by the end of the game Desmond and the Assassin’s find out that there is something much bigger and dangerous heading their way than just the Templars. Something that would affect the entire world as we know it.

Filled with many twists and turns more questions are brought up and send the entire Assassin’s Creed plot to a whole new level. Even tough this has a brilliant story I find that it is quite confusing the first time you play it just like The Matrix. But eventually you will get the hang of it once you play it again. And trust me this is a game you could definitely play again.


The Game Play:

Like other features in this game this has been improved immensely giving you full choice and movement in what you want to do. Not only do you unlock upgrades for your standard weapons (unarmed, throwing knives, sword and hidden blade) but you can unlock many other weapons including a small improvised gun device design attached to the hidden blade. Though do not get too exited. This game tries to be as realistic as it can to what life was actually like in those days so don’t expect Ezio to fire bullets rapidly so you can go in all guns blazing. That is not how it works.

You can also customise your outfit. Eventually you can visit other cities that let you choose what colour outfit you wish to purchase. Each map has their own unique looks so make sure you visit all maps.

Like the first Assassin’s Creed, your free roaming movement skills are pushed to the limit. In this game all the actions seem more fluent and faster than before. Though like the other game can have those moments where you could just keep running into a wall but I think that is more down to the player than the actual game. A workman always blames his tools.


The Graphics:

Like all games in general, this game improves by enhancing the detail in everything you see. Outstanding vibrant colours make this a marvel to look at. I love exploring all the cities and maps to see what is around as (like the first game) each environment is create as close to the real world locations that were built in that era.


The Music:

Since the unsatisfying attempt with the music in the first game, Assassin’s Creed II certainly made up for their faults resulting in making one of the best games I have played that has this amount of emotion in each instrumental. And for the very first time Assassin’s Creed has its very own theme tune. An example of this is when the first intro credits kick in. As soon as the music starts I get goose bumps and not a lot of game instrumentals can do that.

Assassin’s Creed 2 – Ezios Family

So all in all this is a fantastic game that holds yet another cliff hanger and sets the course for the next Assassin’s Creed game. That is why I have given this game … 9/10

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Assassin’s Creed is a game that came out in 2007. Little did any gamer know that this would be a first of a long series of games that would be entirely unique to other video games.

The Story

First things first. The game centres around two separate organisations. The Assassin’s and the Templars. The Assassin’s are a Creed that believe in peace by freeing the world from those who would seek to control. The Templars also seek peace but they believe the only way to do this is to manipulate everyone in the world. These two organisations have fought against each other for thousands of years. Originally set in 2012, Desmond Miles (a bartender), is kidnapped by the company Abstergo Industries (the modern version of the Templars) and is used as test subject known by everyone as Subject 17. Desmond is put into something called an “Animus,” a ‘bed looking’ device that can simulate ancestor’s memories by tapping into any person’s brain. Abstergo intends to put Desmond in the device to recall the memories of his ancestor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad, a member of the Assassin Brotherhood in Masyaf in the year 1191, who lived during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land to find an artefact called a ‘Piece of Eden’. Desmond relives Altaïr’s past exploits over the next several days while trying to answer some of his own questions.


The Game Play

As I said at the very beginning, this is a truly unique game not only for it’s story but mainly for it’s game play. While you are in the animus there are many features that you can use that let you fully control Altaïr. Firstly, you can walk, jog, sprint, blend (such as sitting on benches with citizens), climb and free fall off certain buildings into haystacks called ‘Leap of Faith’. You can also select what weapon you wish to choose. You can choose the un-armed combat, sword, throwing knives and hidden blade in which to assassinate enemies. All of these skills and weapons fused with a free roaming map make this game very enjoyable. You can do what you want when you want. Up to a point. If you hurt an innocent person you can loose health and potentially loose synchronisation. You will respawn at a previous checkpoint. Your health is portrayed as a bar that depletes if you fall, get hurt or de-synchronise. Luckily your health bar regenerates over time. There are optional objectives you can complete as well. You can collect flags, reveal more of the city maps on your select menu screen by performing ‘Leap of Faiths’, perform tasks for other assassin’s and much more. I love this game play but the only problem I have with it is that when you are running around on buildings and climbing, you have to be really precise on where to go as you could find yourself walking into walls and not going anywhere. Plus when you are climbing tall buildings it takes so long to get up there.  Not good if you are in a heated chase.


 The Graphics

Considering this game came out in 2007 this is a great game that tries to put as much detail into everything as well as trying to keep everything realistic and as close as to what life was like back in the 1100’s.


The Music

To be honest there was not anything in the way quality. None of the music seems to stand out. I think the composers struggled to come up with something imaginative. The only real intrigue is how they create background music for the different city maps that are inspired by stereotypical instruments from those real world locations. But in all fairness this game was an experiment to see if they had potential for future games. More work and dedication was put into Story, game play and graphics.

Assassin’s Creed – Jerusalem

So all in all this is a fantastic game which I like to play all the way through again every now and then. But compared to future games this was more like baby steps.

That is why I have given this game… 7/10

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This was a game many video gamers were looking forward to not only because it was made by the brilliance that are Naughty Dog but because this game would be the first of a new kind of console technology.

The Plot:

There is not much I can tell in the way of this detail as there is so much I could give away so I will do as much as I can.

It starts off where a huge medical facility explodes that spreads out a lethal virus. How far it spreads we are not certain but it seems to spread right across America. This virus infects all humans (possibly animals but again not certain) which turns people into hideous creatures. These ‘infected’ try to kill everything in sight but are not intelligent. All human assets seem to be erased. They react mainly on instincts.

After many, many years later the whole of America is put into quarantine zones where there are more populated areas. Following the Journey of Joel, a man who has lost everything, he soon finds himself entwined with the task of escorting a 14 year old girl called Ellie to reach a facility across America to find a group called ‘The Fireflies’. As unlikely as it seems, Ellie may be the only person that could stop the virus.

How? You have to find out.

This is a fantastic story with so many dynamic elements that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This game is more like a movie and holds everything a movie would contain. The story is so emotional it’s untrue. In the first 10-15 minutes you will be crying. If you think Titanic is emotional, it’s got nothing on this. (yes I will point out I very nearly cried on a couple of points in this game) So prepare to be astounded.

The only problem I had with the story was right at the end as I got a little confused. Obviously I can’t tell you why in detail as I would have to spoil the ending for you so all I will say is that it ends on a gloomy-ish cliff hanger. Is the world safe or not?

I have been even more confused as lately I have heard that there may be sequel or it may turn into a series of games. But nothing is certain so it is all up in the air.


The Game Play:

Well this is a game which really tests your gaming skills and your brain. You have to think tactically throughout and every decision and action you take changes the way enemies react around you. You can choose, for example, to go in all guns blazing or try to sneak past them avoiding contact. If you do go into combat you have to keep an eye on your ammo as you can very rapidly run out of weapons to use to fight enemies that attack you. You have really do have complete control over what you want your character to do (Apart from the cinematics.) You gather a whole range of weapons ranging from a sniper rifle to a bow and arrow which you can upgrade.

You can also use everyday items suck as a can and nails in order to create tactical weapons against enemies. These you can upgrade as well. If fact you can upgrade everything from heath packs to abilities.

Sometimes though, the game play can drag on a bit. You start to wonder how long a section will go on for but this gets balanced out with the story.


The Graphics:

As I said at the beginning, this game uses new console technology which was the starting point of a new generation of gaming. The graphics are so astonishing to a point where you could not tell from a cut scene to actual game play. The whole game looks like a movie as if it was filmed. Well in fact it kind of was. To create this effect they use real actors to play out the scenes and then the creators fit the animation on afterwards. Unlike other previous games (apart from L.A Noire) you see every detail when it comes to human expressions. Future games are now using this new technology so it feels and looks like you are actually controlling characters in a movie. The technology is also always being upgraded so imagine what gaming would be like in 10 years time.


The Music:

The music is very dramatic but in only subtle ways. Even though none of the music contains up beat drums or electric guitars, the soft sounds set the atmosphere to every scene helping to move the game play forward and enticing you in at every turn.

The Last Of Us – Main Theme

So all in all this was a brilliant game with the slight exception of the confusing ending which is why I have decide to give this game 8/10

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After all other Star Wars spin-off video games it was time that a new unique game would be created.

The Plot:

Set between Star Wars Episodes III and IV The Force Unleashed starts with Darth Vader hunting down the last of the Jedi. After a confrontation on Kashyyyk, Vader discovers a small young boy that is strong with the Force. Pitying the boy, Vader raises him to become his apprentice… unknown to the Emperor.

Trained in the Dark side of the Force into his teens, the newly dubbed Starkiller must help Vader to hunt down not only the remaining Jedi but hunt down those who would potentially rebel against the Empire. To do this Starkiller must find these people and pretend to be forming an alliance in order to bring them all together and eliminate them in one big strike. Aided by Juno (his pilot that sends him to other planets) and Proxy (his most trusted droid) Starkiller does just that but finds himself conflicted by some turning events. Following his journey, Starkiller must decide where his allegiances lie.

Now I have only explained the story in its basics as I do not want to give away anything away to you. But this is a very well conceived story that fits perfectly into the Star Wars Saga. Some explanations are shown in the game that were never shown in the entire Star Wars Saga. In small and big ways. Filled with shocks, horror, love and many other emotions, this has to be one of the best inventive stories I have ever seen. If it was a movie I would certainly watch it over and over again.


The Game Play:

This game is also slightly unique in its game play. I say slightly as there are components where they relate to Star Wars Episode III The Official Video Game.

You can unlock and upgrade many Force powers by finding hidden items throughout all the maps in the game. Not only that, but these items can unlock body wear, heath upgrades and even let you customise your Lightsaber. There are unfortunately a couple of downsides. Firstly the Lightsaber looks more like a glow stick that an actual Lightsaber and secondly you do not have enough variety when it comes to using the Lightsaber. Unlike Episode III Video Game, you can not perform a lot of combos which every Star Wars fan wants to see. However, the variety of combos you can perform with overlapping Force powers slightly makes up for this.


The Graphics:

The graphics are astonishing. So much colour so little time. So much detail in every scene. Sometimes you feel as if you could just have a look around and see what is around. You become very intrigued especially when you travel to planets that you have not seen before.


The music:

As you would expect from the Star Wars composers, this game is no exception to the grand scale of music that is created. With a very catchy theme tune, The Force Unleashed delivers a dramatic sense of storytelling with the music pushing it with even more emotion.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Main Theme

So all in all a very good game however this is where it gets a little complicated. The PS2 and PSP versions are much better. You have more to play with and there are extra missions in them. There are also more details when it comes to the story. But I am only reviewing the PS3 version.

I decided to give this game 8/10

This is a good version of the game but I much prefer the older and original versions. If you want to play this game for it’s full potential I would recommend those versions.

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Well my show Sunday just gone was an absolute pleasure as I had the Ukulele band D’Ukes in the studio. This is not the first time D’Ukes have appeared on Phoenix as they have been on many times before. My thanks to fellow presenter Bob Simpson who introduced me to this amazing group. Going from left to right in the picture we have Dave Warren (Lead and Bass Uke), Phil Seeley (Uke and Vocals), Brian Smith (Lead Uke and Backing Vocals), Hazel Smith (Uke and Vocals), Jo Kerr (Uke and Vocals), Martin Burdikin (Uke and Vocals), John Mattock (Uke and Bass) and finally at the very front with the grey T-shirt is Mike Clarke the Sound Engineer where without him, you would hardly be able to hear the band’s splendid music.

D’Ukes are an exciting 7 piece ukulele band that has given the small four-stringed, two hundred year old, modest ukulele a makeover for the 21st century. The Essex based band features lead singers, backing vocalists, strumming ukuleles, dazzling solos, pounding bass and exciting percussion. The music is an eclectic mix. A D’Ukes performance is fun (with a few surprises!) and guaranteed to get you smiling.

Formed at a pub jam session in Chelmsford in 2009 by ukulele player Dave Warren, D’Ukes comprises a diverse group of enthusiastic ukulele players from across the Essex region including Bishops Stortford, Brentwood, Romford, Grays & Braintree whose interests cover the complete musical spectrum. The band’s music is an eclectic mix from artistes as diverse as Amy Winehouse, Deep Purple, Johnny Cash, Radiohead and the Beach Boys.

2012 saw the band venture out of the UK into Europe for a brief tour of the Czech Republic in and around Prague followed by live events around the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics and a TV appearance on Channel 5’s ‘Big Brother’. D’Ukes have already kicked off 2013 with a performance at the legendary Half Moon in Putney, London, and with upcoming theatre shows in Chelmsford, Hornchurch and Colchester as well as headlining the 1st Ukulele Festival for the Czech Republic in the late summer.

If you did not tune in to the show then you missed out on some brilliant music. Below I have put on a some of the songs that D’Ukes played.

D’Ukes – Valerie

D’Ukes – Valerie

D’Ukes – Ring of Fire

D’Ukes Ring of Fire

D’Ukes – One Day Like This

D’Ukes – One Day Like This

Also on my show I played Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple on the playlist which coincidentally is one of the songs they play. Below is that very song performed by D’Ukes which was recorded live at T Fest in July 2011…

One of D’Ukes main gig’s that is coming up is on Sunday 20th October at the Brentwood Theatre. Tickets are available at the Brentwood Theatre Box Office and are £10.

D’Ukes are also going to be running a beginners and intermediate course for anyone out there who may want to learn how to play ukulele or improve their skills starting at a slightly earlier date on the 5th October.


For bookings or more detailed information please contact Dave Warren on 07790 452820 or by email to

You can also go on their website:

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook

Twitter: ukedukes

Facebook: I’m A D’Ukes Supporter!

You can also find them on YouTube ‘Dukesonfilm’ if you wish to hear some of their songs.


No doubt this will not be last time we hear from them…






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Hello again folks! It’s me again brining to you another YouTube Clip of the Week.

This week it is another talented clip of a band that is raging YouTube. With over 153 MILLION views ‘Walk Off The Earth’ are a band that make other singers look bad. As you will see, these 5 members play a cover version of Somebody That I Used To Know on only one guitar. Even though they only play one instrument, this to me sounds better than the original.

Not only this but they have made other videos of different covers which are just as popular.

Maybe one day I will bring them back…


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It’s that time again for my YouTube Clip of the Week.

This time around I am bringing back an old legend called EROCK. Last year I played his Metal version of The Lord of the Rings theme. This next version is something that is personally amazing as I have had a stage musical background. This is something I enjoyed very much and I hope you do too. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you EROCK: Phantom of the Opera…

Another legendary clip from a very talented man.

Now here is an exclusive clip from me. A few weeks ago before I started these set of clips, I put on another of EROCK’s videos.

This is the only video from him that actually keeps the chorus lyrics in the song which to me sounds even greater than the original. I never was a fan of Bond but even I can not deny that this next clip is amazing…



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It’s that time again where I bring to you another YouTube Clip of the Week. This time it is the turn of a hilarious piece of footage where these to commentators go completely crazy over this competitor about to win a championship. I give you… Commentators Go Nuts

I swear one of those guys got an injury and I am not talking about the rider. I don’t know how anyone can get that exited but oh well. they are doing what they love.

Tune in next week for the return of an old legend of mine…

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YOUTUBE CLIP OF THE WEEK – Chris Hadfield Space Oddity

Well here it is guys… YouTube Clip of the Week is BACK!

Oh yes I really have been looking forward to this. For the next several weeks I will be putting up a new set of YouTube Clips. First up it is the clip that has racked up over 17 million views. Commander Chris Hadfield was an astronaut who was up in a space satilite and decided to do something no other astronaut had done. After he put up a few clips of different things happening around the ship, he decided to post this little clip up on the web. Recorded and edited from the satellite itself this is  Commander Chris Hadfield’s version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity…

I think he must be in the wrong business. Chris certainly is a very talented man. To be honest I was surprised he would not have had a no1 single on his hands. But Chris is not up in space now. He came back to Earth earlier this year and announced his retirement. He truly is a man of many wonders.


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Well it is a very sad time folks as unfortunately this is my final YouTube Clip of the week.

But to give it a good send off I decided to make a remix of my own! Featuring my previous clips, I have put together a remix using ‘No Time For Bronchitis’ as the base plate. Now there is no video. Just audio but I hope you enjoy it all the same.


Well there you go I hope you enjoyed listening and watching all these clips. For the past weeks I put up:

No Time For Bronchitis

The Screaming Sheep

The Yeah Lamb

EROCK: Lord of the Rings Meets Metal

The No No Cat


Charlie The Unicorn

That is it. It is over for my YouTube Clip of the Week. Once again thank you for listening and watching these clips. I have truly enjoyed finding them and showing them to you.

Note: YouTube Clip of the Week will return next year…

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It is nearly the end of my YouTube Clip of the Week but don’t worry I have one more next week.

But before then, here is this week’s clip. This is a clip that has become an absolute legend on YouTube not for being the most funniest (well that as well) but because of the rather annoying characters that were created. One very talented person created and put on the web a masterpiece of a cartoon that had 3 sequels to go along with it.

This one clip alone received nearly 20 million views! 20 MILLION! who knew cartoon unicorns were so entertaining.

Tune in next week for my final YouTube Clip of the Week where I will b putting on something rather special…

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Once again it is time for another instalment of my YouTube Clip of the Week.

This is a clip that has gone down in YouTube history as it will show for itself. Not only is there a sheepdog that has very bad navigational skills but the reaction from the farmer is the real reason this clip is so hilarious and so famous. I bet there are people out there thinking ‘I know how he feels’.

Now it was obvious from how well this clip was received that there would be some time of remix well guess what…? Not only was there a remix but there were in fact around 10 different remixes that were put online.  This clip alone received over 9 million views on YouTube! Not bad for a clueless dog and a stressed out farmer.

No Deer, dogs, farmers or cars were injured during this clip.

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The time has come again for another YouTube Clip of the Week.

Now a couple of weeks ago I introduced to you The Screaming Sheep and The Yeah Lamb for the ‘animals talking like humans’ genre. But looking through different clips I found an animal that tops both of them. Introducing to you… The No No Cat

Its hard to believe that that noise came from a cat but trust me when I say that was genuine. This little furry creature has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube and has become a personal favourite of mine. Not only because it is funny but because my Mum does an excellent impression of it, even though she didn’t realise in the first place until I showed her the clip.

There has also been a few remixes but no one has come up with a fantastic clip… Yet…

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Hello again and welcome to another edition of my YouTube Clip of the Week.

This time it is the turn of an absolutely talented and extraordinary man who calls himself EROCK. He takes very famous songs and instrumentals from various films, T.V shows and games and turns them into a Metal version on his own guitar that he performs in front of his camera which he than puts on YouTube.  This clip is just an example of what he has done.

As you can tell a very talented man indeed. I wish I could play the guitar like him but alas… no. EROCK has become one of my ultimate YouTube favourites and I hope he will become yours too.

No doubt I will be putting some more of his clips here on Phoenix in the future…







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Yes, once again it is time for my YouTube Clip of the Week. Like last week it is a very short clip.

Whilst last time it was a sheep, this time it was a lamb. But in a way It was a 2-in-1 video as it also introduced the ‘WTF’ dog in the background which you will see at the end. I give you… The Yeah Lamb.

Now even though this was such a classic, it turned out not to be be the original which I found out the hard and upsetting way. someone had changed the pitch of the vocal to make it sound deep. But even so this was still a classic and there have been many beat box and other style remixes on Youtube that kept this clip alive and entertaining for many YouTubers.

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It’s me again for another YouTube Clip of the Week. Nice short one this.

Throughout YouTube history people have been searching far and wide to find the best ‘animals talking like humans’ videos but none have been more successful than the legend that was The Screaming Sheep.

There have been many versions of this on YouTube. Remixes, Song dubs, you name it it was done but this was the original clip that I just had to put on.

Maybe one day I may put on a remix of this animal legend…

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Hello folks.

Well the time has come for me to start my YouTube Clip of the Week feature. I have wanted to do this for a long time. For the next several weeks I will be putting on air and posting my favourite audio clips from YouTube.

First up is the turn of a very Famous clip which was originally an American aired news headline but was later auto-tuned and remixed.

I hope you enjoyed the clip as I did. I laugh every time I watch it.

Tune in next week where I will continue the run of YouTube Clips.




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This game is the third instalment of the Saints Row franchise. I never played the first game as it was only made for the original Xbox console many, many years ago. This was back with the PS1. I never owned an Xbox and it was never remade for other consoles and seemed to be lost in time. I have played Saints Row 2 but I could not do a review on it due to its context.

The Saints Row games are more of a comedy cartoon/animation version of Grand Theft Auto. Except these versions have an actual story to them and are more fun to play.


The Story:

Now there is a back story to this but I will explain in this little extract from the game itself.


The story of human history.

Since time immemorial great leaders have risen from humble beginnings to…

Do stuff.

And so it was with the Third Street Saints. Since conquering Still Water the once small-time street gang has evolved into a media empire. A Saints movie is in development.

Johnny Gat and Shaundi are pop-culture icons and Pierce…

Well who cares about Pierce? The Point is the Saints are on the world stage and every criminal organisation wants their crown.

It was only a matter of time before one of them took the fight to the Saints…


This game however is not set in Still Water. Instead it is set in Still Port (due to an unexpected run in with a powerful organization called the Syndicate. The Saints (now trapped in this newly discovered city) must build up their gang once again by accumulating weapons, recruiting members and all manor of other tasks so that they can rid the city of the Syndicate forever. But not before many complications get in the way to obstruct both gangs.


The Game play:

Much like Saints Row 2 you can buy and upgrade both plain and crazy, out of this world weapons. You can unlock stores in which you can buy guns, customize vehicles, buy clothing and even let you change your appearance in major detail. You also have the choice to change your personality and the way your gang members look like. You can fly planes, drive tanks drive boats and even fly a broomstick (If you have DLC edition which I highly recommend).

You have option adjectives that you can perform such as collection items that boost your money and respect which are essential for completing the game. Also there are option activities to gain the same but each activity has a different set of tasks to complete for example in Tank Mayhem you have to cause as much destruction in a limited time as you can.


The Graphics:

Every detail is considered and like I said before this is a cartoon/animation type style game while trying to keep to the reality aspects of the game. Hard to explain but you will see if you play it.


The music:

Below is an example of what music is in the game. But there is an extra feature which is inventive but not unheard of in other games that I have played before. Built in the settings of the game there is a special made up list of Radio Stations that you can listen to with real life music such as Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.

Saints Row the Third Theme


All in all this is a brilliant game with so many brilliant aspects which in its own right has become one of my top favourite games. But be aware THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR YOUNG CHILDREN. Trust me.

So I rate this game…….. 9/10

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This was the game that everyone was looking forward to as the last game ended on a massive cliff hanger which was a major step in video gaming history. At least it was for me.

Now I can’t go into too much detail about this story as I do not want to spoil any major plot developments for both this game and the first game. Both of these stories are very tightly linked together. The first game was only a set up for what was to come.

After the event in Empire City, Cole McGrath now knows the bigger role he has to play. A fearful enemy known only as ‘The Beast’ is coming. It will arrive to destroy everything in its wake including Cole and Empire City. But only Cole has the abilities to defeat this gigantic foe… But not just yet. As powerful as he is, he is nowhere near ready to ultimately destroy The Beast.

To do this, he must travel to the City of New Marais to find a man by the name of Dr. Wolfe who tells Cole that the only way he can amplify his powers is through these so called ‘Blast Cores’. Much like the first game, Cole discovers a horrible truth and realisation of what he must do as the plot thickens though many twists and turns that will shock all fans of InFamous.


Once again the game play is almost the same as before. You can free roam, collect blast shards to improve your charge bar, complete optional missions to earn experience and Karma, unlock new powers along with some added extra features on the map. Like before you can choose whether you want to be hero or infamous and that every decision you make contributes to the way your appearance, powers and environment changes. The most intriguing any may I say most inventive part of the game play is that you can swap between powers using a new ‘slot’ system which allows you pick any power from the 20 or so more variety of powers you unlock without interrupting the game play. You don’t get shot while you are busy deciding what power to choose. With this system you get to keep all the powers you unlocked in the first game plus unlock new and extraordinary abilities.


The Graphics are the same as before except more enhanced as the video gaming consol’s technology is improved as each year goes by. Very colourful and a mass amount of detail is put into the entire game.


The music is even more epic that the last game. Below is an example of what music has been placed in the game.

The Beast


So in all I was very pleased with this story. Not many games can pull off what these did. To me InFamous and InFamous 2 are not to be seen as individual games but 1 big story like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 (just as an example).

These 2 games are ultimately the best games I have ever played and in my opinion the best games of all time.

That’s why I rate InFamous 2 10/10.

But I give both games as a whole 11/10 (a bit of a cheat but whose counting?)

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The Story:

You play a man called Cole McGrath who is an everyday citizen in a place called Empire City. This average bike messenger doesn’t seem to be important but right from the start he is shown to be very unique person. Something that Cole himself does not know himself to be.

The very moment you press start on the controller, you are sucked right in the game as the very first thing you see is a massive electrical looking explosion that spreads throughout the entire City. After the destruction Cole emerges from the rubble noticing he seemed to be at the centre of the explosion. Injured and no idea what is going on, Cole tries to get to safety but is electrified on the way. However, rather than get killed by these mass amounts of volts, he finds himself absorbing the electricity.

Eventually he falls into a coma and is carried to hospital. But when he wakes up he sees that much has happened in the meantime. The city has been put in quarantine (suspiciously quickly), all back street gangs have been trying to take charge of the destruction and specific people seem to be popping up with superpowers. Just like Cole. While learning to control and develop his powers, Cole searches for the reason behind all this madness. As he does, he finds individuals and events are more linked to his life than he ever thought possible. One ‘conduit’ called Kessler seems obsessed with Cole and seems to not only know why all this is happening but he also has a much darker secret and motive. As Cole gathers more information, he has to make decisions that will affect himself, his friends and the future of Empire City.

This is one of the best stories I have ever seen in video games and indeed films. This is truly a work of genius where every twist and turn leads into another twist. It is also the most dramatic and emotional game I have ever played.


The Game Play:

As you can guess, you wield superpowers… electrical powers. For example you can shoot a short bolt of lightning that you can fire off to either shock enemies or charge electrical objects. But this is just a basic power. You unlock and discover over 10 truly inventive abilities that you use to help you through the game both offensively and defensively. There is a brilliant feature in the game play where you can choose whether you want to be known as a hero or infamous. Every decision you make contributes to your ‘karma’ bar. Some powers can only be unlocked if you choose either good or evil. Depending on which karma you choose, not only do your powers look different but so too does your appearance and the state in which Empire City will be in by the end of the game.

There are optional missions you can play both to help with your karma, experience and powers. Some missions are specifically for if you are good or evil which helps to unlock new karma powers.

One of the best parts of this game is that it is free roam meaning that you can go anywhere in the entire city. Plus you are not confined to the ground as you can climb up buildings and run across the rooftops. Oh and as a note: this game is meant to be realistic so whatever you do, DO NOT FALL INTO THE WATER. Liquids and electricity do not mix.


The Graphics:

AMAZING… Enough said.


The music:

Completely epic. Below is an example of the music pieces put in the game. Each piece is placed perfectly in the game to enhance emotions which truly sucks you into it.



So overall a very, very well conceived game and is ultimately one of the best games I have ever played. This is a game that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat and leave our jaw open. This truly is a game that you every video gamer must play at least once in their life.

That’s why I have rated this game 10/10

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This game was released in 2011. It is a sequel to a game that came out in 2009 called American McGee’s Alice. But, more importantly, these games were based on the character Alice whom we all know to be the character from Alice in Wonderland.

These games were meant to be set after ‘Alice Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’.


In Alice Madness Returns, the story is set around 1874, where Alice Liddell is 19 years old. But Alice is not the innocent girl we once knew. Not only has she got jet black hair and a gothic look to match, she has quite a dark personality however, her intelligence and witty remarks balance her character out so she doesn’t come off as an evil girl with major issues.

After spending many years in Rutledge Asylum (mainly because everyone thinks she is crazy – going on about wonderland), she continually visits a therapist as she wishes to find out the truth about a house fire when she was 8 years old that killed her parents and sister. With no help from them and convinced the fire was no accident, Alice becomes obsessed in finding the truth. With all her emotions running wild it is no wonder she ends up going back to wonderland. But wonderland (much like herself) has become very dark, and is filled with many horrors.

Old characters are back including the Mad Hatter but just like everything else, they have become corrupted and twisted. Not only this, but There is a mysterious horrifying steam train roaming around wonderland which seems to be the source of the problem. In order to save Wonderland and herself, Alice must destroy the train and discover the truth behind the fire.

This is a very unique story and very disturbing. WARNING: THIS IS NO KIDS GAME. If children did play this you would not get them to sleep for weeks. Filled with gore, bad language and other disturbing factors… This truly is an animated cartoon horror video game to be admired.


The game play is very unique. I have never played a game with this type of style.

You wield weapons so that Alice can fight enemies including the Vorpal blade, the Hobby Horse, the Pepper Grinder and the Teapot (which are more deadly than you think). You can upgrade these crazy weapons to make them more powerful. Also, when you unlock these weapons, you can use one in order to get to secret areas in which you can find optional collectables. These collectables help to understand parts of Alice’s past. There are many other features but there is so much I could go on for hours so you will just have to experience it yourself.

Also just to let you know, this is a very long game. Certainly one of the longest games I have ever played. Sometimes the levels can go on for too long but I find the dynamic changes in the environment help to keep you intrigued.


The graphics are breathtaking. So much colour, so much detail, so much of everything. This is definitely something that can not really be explained but experienced. That is always a good sign for a video game or indeed any media in general.


The music as you would imagine is dark and creepy but is only slightly hinted throughout the game just to add with the dramatic atmosphere. Below is an example of the music.

Alice: Madness Returns Home Intro Music


So all in all a very disturbing, horrifying, shocking and addicting game. This truly is a piece of mastery even if it is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why I have decided to give this game 9/10

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This is a game that came out Last year. It was a game I was never initially drawn to when I saw the trailer but never the less I saw it and decided to give it a whirl.


The story (for a war/soldier game) is quite cleverly done. The plot is set in New York but with a massive difference. The entire city has been hit by a massive sandstorm. So destructive is this storm, that it is thought only a handful of people have survived it. 3 soldiers are teamed together to carry out a mission to simply go into the city, find as many survivors as they can and evacuate them out.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

Well as the plot thickens, you will find there is a lot more going on and more things to deal with than just sandstorms. There are many shocks and horrors in this, along with terrible decisions that must be made throughout. However… the ending is very confusing. I am usually good at understanding complicated plots (I could even explain The Matrix Trilogy to you) but this does not seem to make sense to me. I think the story was completely ruined by the ending. It is a shame considering how well they conceived the story.

Another problem I had with this is that the game only has 15 chapters which are quite short. I finished this game in about 4-5 hours where usually an example of today’s gaming length can take up to 12 hours to complete give or take. A very short game indeed.


The game play was disappointing. It was too basic. You do not have to think tactically (the story does that for you). It is basically just run, point and shoot, throw grenades and occasionally swap weapons that enemies have dropped. Nothing special really.

As for the optional objectives? All you do is collect a couple of Intel items in each chapter which are mainly to help plot wise. Even then they do not truly help understand what is going on in the story, neither does it help explain the ending.


The graphics are only the truly real dynamic part of the game. You can change the ‘look’ of the screen by selecting a filter in the options menu. If you wanted to, you could play the game in black and white for example.

The attention to detail is excellent. You also have to take into account how much effort it takes to create an entire game full of sand.

I did have a little issue with it. I found (because the game looks so orange all the time due to the sand) my eyes seemed to go a bit funny when I look away from the T.V. It could just be me but I would definitely advise taking breaks while playing this.


As for the music, there practically is not anything special about it. I think the story and game play could have been made better if the music was more dramatic.


So in all this was a very disappointing game. There definitely was a reason why the game did not initially attract me. Game play and music was poor, complications with graphics and the story (though initially was conceived well) was completely ruined by the ending.


That is why I rate this game 3/10

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So this game is one of the latest games of the Need for Speed franchise as it came out in 2011. For those who are not aware of franchise, Need for Speed are basically racing games.

Now unlike other Need for Speed games, this one does not have a storyline which I found odd seeing as they have created some very nice plots in the past. I suppose the creators ran out of ideas for a game that is created just for racing.

All you have to do in this game is work your way to beat 10 bosses and win there cars to become the highest champion in the entire city.

All together you can unlock up to 63 cars that exist today such as the Aston Martin and the Buggatti Veyon (The fastest car in the world). As you win through many optional races throughout the map, you unlock cars, trophies, mechanical/physical upgrades and special car abilities. An example of which is that you can equip a nitrous booster so you can overtake other contestants at crucial moments. As you unlock and gain enough experience points, you get the chance to enter a head to head battle with the next ranking boss. Once you defeat all 10 bosses and take their cars, you beat the game. Seems pretty simple really. But unlike other games in general, the main boss races are not the only reason you continue to play the game as you have to keep racing, keep unlocking in order to become the ultimate racing video gamer. The true reason you play the game is to get 100% completion of the game.

But in order to do that you will have to face bosses, find tokens/cars/, smash through special barriers, achieve mechanical goals (such as using nitrous for a specific amount of time), earn trophies and much more.

Not so simple now is it?

The biggest problem I have with the game play is that if you hit something hard and high speed in the wrong way (i.e. the environment) or get rammed by another racer, you will get wiped out. Luckily you can still keep racing. You just get reset on the road. But then I suppose the creators wanted it to be as challenging and as realistic as possible. Not too realistic. If that was the case, the cars would not reset, you would have to get petrol, receive speeding tickets and many other things in the real world where you would do your nut. That would be the worst racing game in history if anyone did that.


The graphics are amazing. It is very realistic indeed including the mass detail in the cars and environment. You can also really sense the speed and emotion as you race through the city giving you an extraordinary gaming experience.


I especially like the music side of things. Where other games would have theme tunes and specifically created music pieces, the game uses the music option in your console so that you can choose whatever song you want in a created playlist function. So if you wanted to, you could import an audio CD in to your console, create a playlist, go into the game options, select the playlist and listen to your favourite music while you play the game.


All in all this is a fantastic game. Other reviews gave this 9/10 but I have to deduct a couple of points due to lack of story. So my rating for this game is…


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Many video gamers may remember a game called Marvel Ultimate Alliance that came out on PS2, PSP, XBOX and many   other consoles many, many years ago. It was a fantastic piece of gaming which was very well received by many people. Due to its success, it was only a matter of time before a sequel was made.

This version of the game is from the PS3 console that was released in 2009.


The game is based around playing up to 24 Marvel characters including superheroes and supervillains who have to stop a virus epidemic that is spreading across the world which infects all beings in order for this newly created race to enslave the Earth to ‘create peace’. How this virus came about is something you will have to figure out yourself.

During the story, a law is put in effect called the Registration Act where all mutants are to sign up and make themselves known to the government so that they can be kept in check. However there are many mutants that disagree with this act and decide to rebel. I will explain more about this when I come to the game play…


Now personally I was quite disappointed with the plot as it seemed just too bland and dull. The first game had it all: twists and turns, shocks, horrors, sadness you name it it had the lot but this game does not give of the same emotions at all. The only real shock was at the very end which I will not spoil for you.


The game play more than makes up for this absence though. Much like the first game, you can pick any 4 characters out of the 24 optional choices that you can put in your own personal team whom you can upgrade and change appearance with. However most characters you have to unlock first by collecting tokens or progressing through the story. This brings me back to the story briefly. During the game you have to choose whether you wish to sign up or rebel against the Registration Act. Once you choose there is no going back. Half of the super characters then get automatically locked until the last act of the story. So if you had a character you loved playing and it turns out they want to join the other side… you are going to be very disappointed.


Each character has a unique ability which you can use throughout the game. Sometimes you may need a particular ability so you can get to secret areas in order to unlock medals, upgrades, audio and documents.

There are also powers that have been newly introduced called Fusions which allows you to combine your powers with another character that is in your team. I could spend hours looking though all of each combination for each character.


The graphics are… O.K. The only problem I have with it is that the cinematics look a little different than the average game play. They tend to make it look more like it’s from a movie which to me doesn’t seem to make the game play run smoothly.


The music is brilliant. It is very catchy and epic. So much emotion can be portrayed in the music. There is an example of the music below. It is the official theme tune for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Main Theme


So apart from the Story and the slightly rough smoothness of the game, I feel that this could have had much more potential but it seems the game play is the reason to buy the game. That is why I have decided to rate this… 6/10

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The Jolley Selection Video Game Review of the Week: W.I.T.N

My first official ‘Jolley Selection Video Game Review of the Week’ starts with The Lord of The Rings: War in the North.









The story revolves around the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Fellowship, Two Towers and Return of the King).

We first meet our ‘Heroes’ Farin (The Dwarf), Eredan (The Man Ranger) and Andriel (The Elf Mage) meeting up with Aragon at The Prancing Pony to discuss the quest that is set for them. Bare in mind this meeting is a few days before Frodo and the other Hobbits arrive.

At the end of the story, the heroes complete their task at almost exactly the same time that Frodo pops the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. So don’t expect this game to be short as it is very much the opposite but trust me when I say, you won’t get bored. You get very enticed throughout the game to a point where you do not have any concept of time which in my mind tends to be a good thing.


The Basic Plot:

As we know, Sauron plans on ruling Middle Earth by destroying the land with his armies and if he occupied the One Ring…. Well… I think everyone would be screwed beyond measure. Even for him I doubt he would have thought his armies alone were enough to decimate Middle Earth. That’s where we discover a new villain… Agandaur.

Agandaur is Sauron’s ‘Right Hand Man’ as it were. Not much is known about him, only that he is as powerful as he is ruthless (which is quite a lot). He was sent to the North of Middle Earth to build an army that would later be a major part in destroying the land. He would also have been the person responsible for enslaving Hobbinton (Boo hiss, boo hiss). This as you can imagine doesn’t dwell well for the people of Middle Earth so they had a choice… either do something about it or let Agandaur destroy everything they love even if Sauron kicked the bucket.

So these three heroes were very highly recommended to set upon the dangerous task of travelling up North fighting Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, spiders, all manor of dark creatures where they would eventually confront and defeat Agandaur thus putting an end to his and Sauron’s plans. So…… NO PRESSURE!


The Game Play:

Well don’t worry; it’s not just a simple of matter of pressing one button for an attack. You upgrade and unlock several combat moves and abilities throughout the game depending on what character you play. You can unlock over 30 skills! And that’s just for one character! You can also buy and sell armour, weapons, amulets, health potions and many more items. Some of which can be fitted with special elf stones (for example: You can slot a 75 fire power elf stone into a specific sword). But it’s not a matter of you accidently bumping into these extra special rewards oh no… you have to find them by opening chests, defeating enemies and finding hidden passages. Some pathways can only be found and opened by a specific character. If you’re wondering, yes you can switch character when you get to a checkpoint if you wish. You can complete optional side quests given to you throughout some of which can only be completed by finding an exact hidden location but trust me when I say it’s worth the look.

This is definitely one of those games where you will need to play it again to find any hidden items you will have missed and to upgrade your skills fully.

The graphics and artwork are magnificent. I can not tell you how many times I stopped to have a look at the environment and scenery. The detail from the environment to the characters is mind blowing; an appreciation that can go amiss by some people who are more interested in just fighting bad guys. If that is the main reason you want to play it however, this game is definitely up for the job.

I can’t tell you much about the music only that it is truly epic as you would imagine with it being part of The Lord of the Rings and all. I have put an example of one of their epically put together pieces right here so you can have a listen yourself.

[audio:|titles=Between Hammer and Anvil]

In my opinion this is one of the best games I have ever played. It’s got everything from story, game play, graphics and much more.

If you listened to my show you would have heard me rating this as an 8 out of 10 but now I have decided to upgrade the number as I can’t tell you how great I think this game is. That’s why I have decided to rate this game………


So there we have it, my very first official Video Game Review of the Week. Keep an ear and eye out next week for another review. Until then… See you later!!!

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My Favourite Band Of All Time – Daughtry

Daughtry is an American rock band that was formed and leaded by American Idol’s Season 5 finalist Chris Daughtry. Their very first self-titled debut album was released in America in November 2006.






After only five years, the singer/songwriter and musician from North Carolina Chris Daughtry, released back-to-back No. 1 albums and had 4 platinum’s for their first album. It became the fastest selling rock debut in Soundscan history.


  ‘Leave This Town’




Daughtry have scored four No. 1 Top 40 hits with ‘It’s Not Over’, ‘Home’, ‘Feels Like Tonight’ and ‘No Surprise’. They earned four Grammy Award nominations including ‘Best Rock Album’ for their first album. They won four American music awards and brought its electrifying live shows to the world and has had sold-out arenas in South Africa, Singapore, and The Philippines.


  ‘Break The Spell’

The band’s influences came from the legends Bon Jovi, U2 and Aerosmith.

To date, Daughtry has sold over 6.7 million albums and over 12.4 million digital tracks in just the United States alone.

Daughtry announced that the band is working on a fourth album! No other informations on titles or dates have been given out… Yet.

I very discovered the band when I heard their original song ‘What About Now’ recently covered by Westlife.

[audio:|titles=what about now]

My Top 10 Favourite Songs:

No 10. No Surprise’

No 9. ‘Home’

No 8. ‘Renegade’

No 7. ‘Feels Like Tonight’

No 6. ‘Rescue Me’

No 5. ‘We’re Not Gonna Fall’

No 4. ‘What About Now’

No 3. ‘September’

No 2. ‘Life After You’

No 1. ‘Supernatural’


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Yes that’s right, an Asteroid is on it’s way


So you can all relax. The asteroid named ‘2012 DA14’ will be passing through the  Moon’s orbit . That’s around 21,000 miles away from Earth. It has been measured to be approximately 45 meters across and has an estimated mass of about 130,000 metric tons.

There was a speculation that this same Asteroid would hit in 2020 but thankfully that has been ruled out. Phew….

So set your calenders for the 15 February. It will pass rapidly from the southern evening sky into the northern morning sky at around 7.26pm in the UK. About 4 minutes after its Earth close approach, it will pass into the Earth’s shadow for around 18 minutes before reappearing from the eclipse. When it travels through the northern morning sky, It will quickly fade in brightness.

What a week it will be! Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and err…. 2012 DA14 Day?


Unfortunately it will be hard to see with the naked eye but if you have a telescope or even a very cheap one, chances are you will be able to see it. Lets be honest… it’s the only time we will ever see an event like this in our lifetime so close to Earth.

As you can see this is only PART 1 because no doubt there will be pictures from satellites, telescopic cameras and other sources. If there are many of you who are unfortunate to see this spectacle do not worry. I will put some images on our PhoenixFM website.

So get your telescopes handy. Remember… 15th February, 7.26pm. You will not regret it!


Songs I put on my show:

Blondie – Atomic

Daughtry – Feels Like Tonight

Uncle Kracker – Follow Me

Madness – Our House

Elbow – One Day Like This

Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Example – Say Nothing

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

Amy McDonald – This Is The Life

Queen – You’re My Best Friend


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As many of us know, we have been hit by snow devastating roads, pathways and other environments. As such I can not get to the phoenix studio. No Jolley Selection this evening but not to worry I will be on air next week… Hopefully.

As many regular listeners would know, I thought we would get bombarded in February. Well I was close.

Still if any of you love the snow, get out there and make the most of it… Just beware of the snowballs!


Remember be careful and stay safe out there. I will see you next week here on Phoenix…

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So far Team GB have been eating up the medals becoming 3rd in the Olympic tally out of the 56 countries taking part. Great Britain proves that we deserve to have the word ‘Great’ written in.

With the Olympics at the half way point, how many more medals will we claim and can we keep up the standards we have now? All will be revealed in the final week of the London Olympics 2012.



The Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago (approximately around 776 BC) in the south-west of Greece at Olympia. The Games were part of a religious festival that honoured the king of the gods Zeus. The games were staged every four years at Olympia, a tradition that remained with us even since our modern Olympics began in 1896. It has inspired millions of people and will continue to be a thriving event throughout our human history.


As you know my show was Olympic themed, so here are some examples of songs I played…


Europe – The Final Countdown

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

The Who – Run Run Run

Kevin Rudolf – Don’t Give Up

Shane Ward – That’s My Goal

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss A Beat

Champs United – Go For Gold

Queen – We Are The Champions

James Morrison – All Around The World

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Day 2 of the Olympics showed very gloomy weather hanging over London but it did not seem to affect the atmosphere around the park. Thousands of cheery people were soaking up all of the rain to support the Olympic events including the cycling event.


Eventually the thunder passed on… Over Brentwood!

Photo taken from my phone outside my home window!


So I thought it was quite apt that I put these two songs into my show:-

James Morrison – Please Don’t Stop The Rain

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain


Other music that I played in my show included:-

Madness – Baggy Trousers

Queen – Play The Game

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Nirvana – About A Girl

Nelly Furtado – Maneater

Buddy Holly – Heartbeat

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

The Posies – I Guess You’re Right

Handbags and Gladrags (Decade In the Sun Version) – Stereophonics

David Bowie – Golden Years






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