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Playlist for 20 Jan 2018 (AOTW: Easy – A Heartbeat From Eternity)

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Today’s album of the week is from the highly unGoogleable EASY from Sweden.

From Gothenburg in Sweden, the band are best known in Europe for their debut album Magic Seed, released in 1990 on Blast First and produced by Depeche Mode producer John Fryer.

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release with some live shows, the band started writing some new material and with their friend, producer Charlie Storm, started recording again in Storm’s Cloud Chamber studio – named after one Easy’s tracks.

Satisfied with what they had created Easy pressed some CDs of the tracks they had recorded and gave them away to their friends, the band were on a creative roll and decided to write some music for Johan Holmlund’s poetry collection “Swimming with the Beast”, which became new album A Heartbeat From Eternity.

I couldn’t find them on Twitter but you can find them on Facebook at or their official website here.

Tonight’s playlist:

Buzzcocks – Harmony In My Head
Easy – Ask The Sky
Gaz Coombes – Deep Pockets
Say Sue Me – Good For Some Reason
El Morgan and the Divers – Decorations
Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy
Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous
Maximo Park – What Equals Love
Sunflower Bean – Crisis Fest
Glass Mountain – Ghosts
Beaches – Money
Safari Gold – Easy Company
Gwenno – Tir Ha Mor
Easy – Swimming With The Beast
Charlatans – Forever
Sinestar – A Million Like Us
Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS – Magic Swimming Pants
Danny Goffey – Ancient Text
Blur – Dan Abnormal
Franz Ferdinand – Feel The Love Go
Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker
Desperate Journalist – It Gets Better
Ghost Music – Home Dog
Polar Fever – She Comes & She Goes
Hole – Violet
Shame – One Rizla
Easy – For Beauty
Salad – Amsterdam
S*M*A*S*H – Hedy Lamarr
Sultans of Ping FC – Robocop
Longcut – Deathmask

Playlist for 13 Jan 2018 (AOTW: Shame – Songs Of Praise)

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Today’s album of the week is a proper album from a proper new guitar band! I managed to catch SHAME live at the Latitude Festival last summer and was pretty impressed to wander past a new band not playing folky/plinky plonky electronica or something.

Their debut album has now hit the online (and real) shops and it’s a fantastic collection of songs – thoughtful lyrics and real energy capturing a great deal of the passion of their live performances.

Tonight’s playlist:

Dream Wife – Fire
Shame – Concrete
Peppermint Club – Everything Is Changing
Desperate Journalist – It Gets Better
Gloria – The Rain Is Out
Serpent Power – Black Angel Rider
Ride – Catch You Dreaming
Danny Goffey – Ancient Text
Slowcoaches – Living Out
Franz Ferdinand – Feel The Love Go
Shame – Friction
Wind-Up Birds – The Astronauts
Ghost Music – Heart Shaped Holiday
Gaz Coombes – Deep Pockets
Usselman – Tongue Tied
Beatniks – The Girl Is Mine (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Darling Buds – Our Lips Are Sealed
Honeyblood – Swell Love
Superfood – Right On Satellite
Sibyl Vane – Thousand Words
Shame – One Rizla
Velvet Tree – Grace And Magic (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Deadcuts – Opium Style
Academic – Mixtape 2003
Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong
Sultans Of Ping FC – Indeed You Are
Idles – Well Done
Shed Seven – Enemies and Friends
Boy Azooga – Face Behind Her Cigarette
Echobelly – If The Dogs Don’t Get You My Sisters Will
MX Tyrants – Sycamore Semaphore (Studio 6 Music session)
Everglows – Here I Go Again

Playlist for 6 Jan 2018 (AOTW: Rainbow Reservoir – Channel Hanna)

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One of my many New Year resolutions which I manage to break every year is the plan to have an Album Of The Week every single week. Of course if I suddenly put out a show without one, there just wasn’t any good albums released, right? Wrong – will have to listen to MORE albums, not less, and just find them. There you go, there’s another resolution for you.

So without any further ado I can announced that my first AOTW from 2018 is the excellent CHANNEL HANNA from RAINBOW RESERVOIR. They’re and Oxford-based Anglo-American power-pop trio signed to Cardiff’s Oddbox Records, current home of the Darling Buds, Nervous Twitch, Peaness and lots more indie-pop goodness. Channel Hanna is out on 23 February and you can pre-order/buy it from here.

Tonight’s playlist

Suede – Trash
Rainbow Reservoir – Fuzzy
Manic Street Preachers – International Blue (full version)
Geowulf – Hideaway
Shame – One Rizla (radio edit)
Velvet Tree – A Little Like You (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Usselman – Tongue Tied
Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker
Blur – Chemical World
Sibyl Vane – Thousand Words
Vaccines – I Can’t Quit
Easy – Ask The Sky
Wind-Up Birds – The Astronauts
They Might Be Giants – All Time What
Rainbow Reservoir – Posh Ponytails
Wombats – Lemon To A Knife Fight
Beatniks – Send Me A Postcard (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Ghost Music – Strange Love
Shed Seven – Star Crossed Lovers
Cardigans – Never Recover
Total Control – Luxury Vacuum
Swirlpool – Camomile
Thousand Yard Stare – Black & Blue Sky Thinking
Everglows – Here I Go Again
Rainbow Reservoir – Brenda
Gary War – Windows And Walls
Pony – Small Things
British Sea Power – Saint Jerome
Bongolian – I’m A Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game Of Thrones
Salad – Debonair
Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
Radiohead – Planet Telex

Brentwood’s Only Alternative in 2017 – 525 bands and 1,291 songs later

It’s that time again when I go through my stats for the year!

In 2017 I played 525 bands and 1,291 songs.

This year the most popular artist played was BRITISH SEA POWER (29 plays), followed by THOUSAND YARD STARE (27 plays) and THE DARLING BUDS (24 plays).

The most popular tracks played were as follows:

1. Darling Buds – Evergreen (8 plays)
=2. British Sea Power – Bad Bohemian (6 plays)
=2. Los Campesinos! – 5 Flucloxacillin (6 plays)
=2. Shed Seven – Room In My House (6 plays)
=5. Cherry Glazerr – Nurse Ratched (5 plays)
=5. Darling Buds – Complicated (5 plays)
=5. Dream Wife – Fire (5 plays)
=5. Honeyblood – Swell Love (5 plays)
=5. Idles – Mother (5 plays)
=5. Idles – Well Done (5 plays)
=5. Jane Weaver – The Architect (5 plays)
=5. New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big (5 plays)
=5. Radiohead – Lift (5 plays)
=5. Ride – Charm Assault (5 plays)
=5. Salad Undressed – Being Human (5 plays)
=5. Strand Of Oaks – Radio Kids (5 plays)

These are the bands I played:

29 plays: British Sea Power

27 plays: Thousand Yard Stare

24 plays: Darling Buds

21 plays: Salad

20 plays: Sleeper

18 plays: Idles, Radiohead

17 plays: Blur, Shed Seven

13 plays: Honeyblood, Oblong

12 plays: Ride, Senseless Things

11 plays: Charlatans, Dream Wife, Salad Undressed, Taffy

10 plays: Big Moon, Brix and the Extricated, Garbage

9 plays: Cherry Glazerr, Divine Comedy, Jane Weaver, Los Campesinos!, Trusted

8 plays: Desperate Journalist, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Temples, Wolf Alice

7 plays: Bait, Cabbage, Carter USM, Franz Ferdinand, Lush, Rose Elinor Dougall, Strand Of Oaks

6 plays: Echobelly, Leyline Pass, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Ocean Flaws, Popguns, Pulp, Sultans of Ping FC, Superglu

5 plays: Blondfire, Elastica, Freak, Garbanotas Bosistas, Heart Throbs, Jesus and Mary Chain, Kenickie, Maximo Park, Melys, Moonlandingz, My Life Story, Pale Honey, Pony, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Public Service Broadcasting, Sound Mirrors, Vant, Wannadies

4 plays: A House, Asylums, Belly, Casper Skulls, Charley Bliss, Circa Waves, Declan McKenna, Estrons, Everything Everything, Faerground Accidents, Family Cat, Gurr, Japanese Breakfast, Juliana Hatfield, Leggy, MX Tyrants, Shins, Sleaford Mods, Slowdive, Sunflower Bean, Super Furry Animals, Thomas Tantrum, Weaves, XTC, Young Knives

3 plays: Adwaith, Afghan Whigs, Amazons, An Emotional Fish, Andy J Gallagher, Audioweb, B-52’s, Beatniks, Bloc Party, Blushing, Breeders, Cardigans, Coldplay, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Duke Spirit, DWNTWN, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Girlpool, Graham Coxon, Happy Mondays, Kasakela, King Krule, Koria Kitten Riot, L7, Mammút, Margaret Glaspy, Marika Hackman, Marion, Midway Still, Milburn, Mr Happy Chainsaw, Placebo, Pop Will Eat Itself, Post War Glamour Girls, Rews, S*M*A*S*H, Seazoo, Shame, Sleater-Kinney, Slotface, Sparks, Suede, Supergrass, Surfer Blood, Tall Poppies, They Might Be Giants, Trash Can Sinatras, Velvet Tree, Voice Of The Beehive, Waxahatchee

2 plays: , Angelica, Arcade Fire, Are We Static, Art Brut, Bivouac, Black Honey, Blameless, Broken Social Scene, Bush, Catatonia, Charly Bliss, Clara Luzia, Darlia, Darrah, Dawnings, Dead Pretties, Dewey, Dives, Dodgy, Dronningen, Dutch Uncles, False Advertising, Family Gotown, Frank and Walters, Frau Pouch, Froth, Goldfrapp, Here Are The Young Men feat Uncle Peanut and Eddie Argos, Hole, Horse Heads, Horse Party, Inspiral Carpets, Jesus Jones, Kasabian, Kingmaker, La Bete Blooms, Lovely Eggs, Luxembourg Signal, Mac Demarco, Madonnatron, Mantarays, Mega City Four, Morrissey, Mystery Jets, Orders, Otoboke Beaver, Powder, Primitives, Pugwash, Pumarosa, Rah’s, Riff, Scarletts, Shampoo, Sherlocks, Songhoy Blues, Splashh, Spook School, Stone Roses, Superfood, Surge, Teenage Fanclub, Thurston Moore, Trampolene, Trash, Turin Brakes, Vince Petchey, Viva Brother, War On Drugs, Wire, Wombats, Wonder Stuff, You Want Fox, Yungblud

1 play: 14 Iced Bears, AC Acoustics, Airiel, AK/DK, Allo Darlin’, Alvvays, Amber Arcades, Angel Olsen, Apeman Spaceman, Army Of Bones, Ash, Assist, At The Drive In, Auteurs, Average Sex, Bang Bang Machine, Bang Bang Romeo, Barns Courtney, Be Your Own Pet, Being, Bellatrix, Ben Folds Five, Besnard Lakes, Bessie Turner, Beth Orton, Beths, Bettie Serveert, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, Bis, Bjork, Blab Happy, Bleech, Blood Red Shoes, Bluetones, Boo Radleys, Boy Azooga, Bridport Dagger, British India, Brownies, Bruising, Buffalo Tom, Calva Louise, Camera Obscura, Camp Cope, Cannon, Car Seat Headrest, Carousel, Catch, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chatrooms, Chumbawamba, Chumped, Cibo Matto, Colour Of Spring, Communions, Coral, Cornershop, Cousteaux, Creases, Cribs, Cryptic Street, Cud, Curve, D’s Kitchen, Daisy Chainsaw, Dakota, Day Wave, Dayflower, Deadcuts, Decrees, Del Amitri, Dingus Khan, Django Django, Duds, Dyslexic Postcards, DZ Deathrays, Earl Brutus, East Village, Easy, Eat, Ecca Vandal, Editors, El Presidente, Elbow, Elcka, Electric Six, Everglows, Everlasting Yeah, Everyone Is Dirty, Fair Maiden, Fall Of Ego, Farm, Fatima Mansions, Feeder, Fever Dream, Fews, Ffug, Fields, Five Thirty, Flatmates, Fleet Foxes, Foals, Foil, Formation, Four Tet, Futureheads, Gallops, Gary Numan, Gengahr, Glass Animals, Gomez, Goodly Thousands, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Graceland, Grandaddy, Grates, Grizzly Bear, Guided By Voices, Gulp, Gwenno, Happyness, Harkin, Harry Styles, Heldinky, Honey Lung, Hoops, Hot Puppies, Hundredth, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Hurtling, I Am Kloot, I, Ludicrous, Ian McNabb, Ida Maria, Indian Queens, Interpol, Interview with the Sherlocks, Jacques, Jagwar Ma, Japandroids, Jenn Vix, Jesca Hoop, Jim Noir, Jitterz, Jocasta, Joy Zipper, Juanita Stein, Julia Jacklin, Julian Cope, Juliana Hatfield Three, Kamikaze Girls, Katalina Kicks, Katalina Kicks feat GT Solo, Kate Pierson, Kellen of Troy, Kent, Kidsmoke, Kill For Eden, Killatrix, KLF, Ladyshark, Last Shadow Puppets, Late Of The Pier, Lawrence and Cow, LCD Soundsystem, Lemon Jelly, Letters To Cleo, Liam Gallagher, Llovers, Long Blondes, Los Blancos, Luby Sparks, Magic Gang, Magic Seas, Make Up, Maker, Manic Street Preachers, Mansun, Manuela, Marmozets, Mayflower, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Menace Beach, Meow Meows, Mexico 70, MGMT, Mint Royale, Mise en Scene, Missio, Mock Turtles, Moderate Rebels, Monarks, Montrose Avenue, Motion, Mount Eerie, Mr Ben and the Bens, Muse, Mutants feat Beki Bondage, Mutants feat Judy Nylon, Wilko Johnson and Wayne Kramer, Nabihah Iqbal, National, Needles For Teeth, New Model Army, New Musik, New Order, New Young Pony Club, Nine Black Alps, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Northside, Oasis, OK Go, Operator Music Band, Orielles, Pale, Palm Honey, Paravelle, Parva, Peaness, Pearl Harts, Pelvis, Peter118, Phalcons, Pharmacy, Pia Fraus, Pigeon Detectives, Pixies, Pizzicato Five, Pretty City, Priests, Protomartyr, Purest, QTY, Queens of the Stone Age, Railway Children, Rainkings, Ralegh Long, Real Estate, RedFaces, Regular Fries, Roadcase Royale, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Royal Blood, Ruts DC, Samurai Seven, San Cisco, Scarlet, Scarlet Fever, Screens, Scumbag Philosopher, Shambolics, Shamen, Shy Beast, Sibyl Vane, Skellums, Skinny Girl Diet, Slow Readers Club, Smashing Pumpkins, Södra Sverige, Sofa Surfers, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Soup Dragons, Soviet Soviet, Space, Spitfires, Star Tropics, Stare, Starsailor, Stereolab, Steve Hackett, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Sugarcubes, SuperGlu, Sway, Swedish Death Candy, Swervedrive, TeenCanteen, Terrorvision, Terry Blair and Anouchka, Theaudience, Therapy?, Three Dimensional Tanx, Throwing Muses, Tiger, Tigercub, Ting Tings, Towers Of London, Ulrika Spacek, Ultra Vivid Scene, Unqualified Nurse Band, Urusei Yatsura, Utah Saints, Velvet Hands, Veruca Salt, Ward Thomas, Warm Digits, Warm Digits and Field Music, Watercolours, Waters, We Are Scientists, Wedding Present, Ween, Where Fires Are, Wild Things, Willie J Healey, Wind-Up Birds, World Of Twist, Wylderness, xx, Yassassin, Yonaka, Ysgol Sul, Yuck, Yws Gwynedd

BOA’s End Of Year Indie Disco

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Always wanted to do one of these shows, which I managed without me spoiling it by talking all over it. Grab a White Lightning and party like it’s 1991.


Sultans of Ping FC – Where’s Me Jumper?
Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro
Soup Dragons – I’m Free
Charlatans – Weirdo
Mock Turtles – Can You Dig It?
Farm – Groovy Train
Blur – There’s No Other Way
New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Big
Pop Will Eat Itself – Can U Dig It?
Jesus Jones – Real Real Real
Darling Buds – Burst
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television
Breeders – Cannonball
L7 – Pretend We’re Dead
Wonder Stuff – The Size Of A Cow
Thousand Yard Stare – No Score After Extra Time
Inspiral Carpets – This Is How It Feels
Carter USM – Sheriff Fatman
Frank and Walters – Michael
Kingmaker – When Lucy’s Down
Shampoo – Trouble
Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode
Pulp – Common People
Wannadies – Hit
Elastica – Line Up
Sleeper – Delicious
Salad – Your Ma
Shed Seven – Disco Down
Cardigans – Lovefool
Utah Saints – Something Good
Feeder – Buck Rogers
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook remix)
Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Bloc Party – Banquet

Knees Up Mother Brown! West Ham fans’ Albums of the Year

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Every year I compile a chart of Albums of the Year from the music section of longstanding West Ham United fan site Knees Up Mother Brown.

This year we played out selected songs from the chart in a special lunchtime BOA show.

Here’s the chart:

1. Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology
2. The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
3. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Who Built The Moon
4. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream
5. Jesus and Mary Chain – Damage And Joy
6. Four Tet – New Energy
7. Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley
8. The xx – I See You
9. Gary Numan – Savage (Songs From A Broken World)
10. Morrissey – Low In High School
11. Jlin – Black Origami
12. Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud
13. Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains
14. Ian McNabb – Star Strong Smile
15. The Hempholics – Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Volume 1
16. King Krule – The OOZ
17. Obituary – Obituary
18. Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down
19. Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me
20. The Shins – Heartworms

The show’s playlist:

Shed Seven – Room In My House
British Sea Power – Bad Bohemian
Shins – Name For You
Mount Eerie – Toothbrush/Trash
King Krule – Dum Surfer
Ian McNabb – Can’t Get What I Want
Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do
Kasabian – You’re In Love With A Psycho
Morrissey – Spent The Day In Bed
Gary Numan – Bed Of Thorns
The xx – Say Something Loving
Public Service Broadcasting – Progress
Four Tet – Two Thousand And Seventeen
Jesus and Mary Chain – Always Sad
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Man Who Built The Moon
The War On Drugs – Nothing To Find
Jane Weaver – The Architect
Thousand Yard Stare – Action Stations

Playlist for 23 Dec 2017

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The last show before Christmas, and I’ve resisted the temptation to pack it full of Christmas tunes!

Tonight’s show featured new releases and more of my favourite songs of the year, including a few that slipped through the net earlier in the year.

British Sea Power – International Space Station
Shame – One Rizla
Manic Street Preachers – International Blue
Garbanotas Bosistas – Wonderland
Everglows – Here I Go Again
Pretty City – Melt
Guided By Voices – Space Gun
Deadcuts – Opium Style
Boy Azooga – Face Behind Her Cigarette
Willie J Healey – People And Their Dogs
Slow Readers Club – Lunatic
Spook School – Less Than Perfect
RedFaces – Kerosene
Sherlocks – Live For The Moment
Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Holy Life
Seazoo – Dig
Calva Louise – Getting Closer
Pugwash – What Are You LIke
Graham Coxon – Falling
Barns Courtney – Golden Dandelions
Echobelly – Faces In The Mirror
Thousand Yard Stare – This Is A Weight
Salad – Cut And Cover
Shed Seven – Nothing To Live Down
Jane Weaver – The Architect
Idles – 1049 Gotho
Yungblud – Tin Pan Boy
Pony – Small Things
Swedish Death Candy – Broken Engrams

Playlist for 16 Dec 2017 – The Beatniks and The Velvet Tree in session

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On tonight’s show we gave a first play to our interviews and complete sessions with two local bands – The Beatniks and The Velvet Tree – who both recorded for us last Saturday as part of our ongoing Creative Sessions project.

We also played some of the best tracks of the year which didn’t appear on our “best albums” show last week!

Here’s the playlist:

Darling Buds – Evergreen
Dream Wife – Somebody
Juliana Hatfield – You’re Breaking My Heart
Senseless Things – Lost Honey
Beatniks – Send Me A Postcard (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Beatniks – Prendedor de Varal (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Beatniks – The Girl Is Mine (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Pony – Small Things
Coldplay – Aliens
Salad Undressed – Being Human
Turin Brakes – Would You Be Mine
Honeyblood – Swell Love
Tall Poppies – Now
Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Over Everything
King Krule – Dum Surfer
Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong
Velvet Tree – A Little Like You (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Velvet Tree – Grace And Magic (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Velvet Tree – I’ll Keep You Breathing (Phoenix FM Creative Session – 09 Dec 2017)
Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
Faerground Accidents – Gaslighter
Songhoy Blues – Bamako
Dawnings – Winter’s Done
Wombats – Lemon To A Knife Fight
Blondfire – Here And Now
Radiohead – Lift

Playlist for 09 Dec 2017 – BOA’s albums of the year

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No oldies tonight – the show featured tracks from each of my favourite albums of the year – although I haven’t quite worked out the order yet, so we played the songs in a sort-of-chronological order. I’ll post my top 20 once I’ve given it a bit more thought!

Tonight’s playlist:

Rose Elinor Dougall – Stellular
Cherry Glazerr – Nurse Ratched
Sleaford Mods – B.H.S.
Strand Of Oaks – Radio Kids
Circa Waves – Fire That Burns
S*M*A*S*H – Hedy Lamarr
Bait – Push The Elephant
British Sea Power – Keep On Trying
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Gurzle
Thousand Yard Stare – Action Stations
Jane Weaver – The Architect
Popguns – Sugar Kisses
Ride – Charm Assault
Oblong – S’Dim Ots Da Fi
Moonlandingz – Black Hanz
Idles – Mother
Japanese Breakfast – Road Head
Public Service Broadcasting – Progress
Charley Bliss – Percolator
Big Moon – Silent Movie Susie
Sparks – Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)
Brix and the Extricated – Something To Lose
Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional
Pale Honey – Someone’s Devotion
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain
Casper Skulls – Chicane, Oh
Shed Seven – Room In My House
Divine Comedy – I Like (live)
Salad – Amsterdam

Playlist for 2 Dec 2017 (AOTW: Salad – The Lost Album Vol. 1)

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Here’s our album of the week …

Salad - The Lost Album Vol 1

It’s great to be able to play a new album from Salad, even if it’s not new. But it’s still new.

The band split up after two albums – 1995’s top 20 album Drink Me, and their 1997 follow up Ice Cream. Both were released on Island Records who subsequently dropped the band, and Salad were no more soon afterwards.

That meant that they were sitting on 30-odd songs in various states of completeness – some were glossy productions in “proper” studios and some were knocked together on a 4-track. Vol 1 (meaning there could be more?) features 14 of them and they certainly do stand the test of time. You can get hold of the

An acoustic album – Good Love Bad Love – will be released under the name Salad Undressed in February and there is also a brand new album with the full bandin the pipeline too. You can order The Lost Album and read about the latest releases at their Pledgemusic page.

Today’s playlist:

Pizzicato Five – It’s A Beautiful Day
Salad – Cut And Cover
Shed Seven – Star Crossed Lovers
Orielles – Let Your Dogtooth Grow
Gulp – Morning Velvet Sky (Richard Norris remix – radio edit)
Towers Of London – Shot In The Dark
Garbanotas Bosistas – Long Ago Far Away
Wombats – Lemon To A Knife Fight
Spitfires – Over And Over Again
Sway – To Be A Man
Salad – Billy
Kenickie – In Your Car
Divine Comedy – Bernice Bobs Her Hair
Tall Poppies – Now
Supergrass – Mary
Foil – Reviver Gene
Three Dimensional Tanx – Spacey’s Cure
Thousand Yard Stare – Epecuen
Idles – Mother (clean)
Salad – Amsterdam
Family Cat – Airplane Gardens
A House – Why Me?
Harry Styles – Kiwi
Sleeper – Lie Detector
Velvet Hands – Trains
Pelvis – I Am The Supergrass
Gaffa Tape Sandy – Beehive
Gwenno – Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki
British Sea Power – Fear Of Drowning
War On Drugs – Nothing To Find