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Body Talk

Body Talk 19/8/18

Way back in the 1970’s there was a very fashionable diet called the wine and egg diet, and that is read more

Body Talk 11/8/18

Many people choose skimmed or semi skimmed milk on the basis that it’s better for you, but the latest evidence read more

Body Talk 5/8/18

Do you know the benefits of hypnotherapy? The word itself is derived from the Greek word hypnos meaning sleep. It read more

Body Talk 29/7/18

Make sure you are building up your vitamin D store cupboard with all this sunshine. There’s a host of reasons read more

Body Talk 22/7/18

Do get into a bit of a rut with your food? It does become really challenging trying to think up read more

Body Talk 15/7/18

Dieting is more about the approach than the diet itself. It is about changing our mindset, shift your mind and read more

Body Talk with special guest Helen Knox

My guest in the studio today was Helen Knox. Helen is a sexual health specialist,  she writes a monthly 5-6 read more

Body Talk 1/7/18

Migraines are the third most common complaint across the world. At least 3,000 headaches occur every day for every million read more

Body Talk 24/6/18

When it comes to the common cold we all suffer in differing ways, from the almost deadly man flu to read more

Body Talk 17/6/18

Scientists have finally done some positive research into the benefits of taking herbs and have found that there can be read more

Body Talk 10/6/18

Sometimes our diets go a bit too far, and we can get hooked . Eating disorders affect about 30 million read more

Body Talk 3/6/18

Arthritis and asthma medication reduces the effects of Parkinson’s and is paving the way for new research. People who took read more

Body Talk 27/5/18

Insomnia is a very difficult subject to come to tems with, but unfortunately is all too common these days. There read more

Body Talk 20/5/18

500,000 people in the Uk are apparently suffering from Coeliac Disease without even knowing it. It’s a disease where the read more

Body Talk 13/5/18

Love conquers all, so they say, but could being in love be bad for you? You could be addicted to read more

Body Talk 6/5/18

Omega 3’s are essential fats that our bodies can’t make themselves,but are crucial for our heart and overall health. You read more

Body Talk 20/4/18

What effect is social media having on us all? The older generation often worry about it’s effect on young people, read more

Body Talk 22/4/18

Bright electric light in the evenings can suppress melatonin production in young children, which basically interrupts the circadian rhythm,or sleep read more

Body Talk 15/4/18

Exercise is not just good for us,but for future generations too. Research has proved that parents who exercise are more read more

Body Talk 1/4/18

Dementia and Alzheimers are now the leading cause of death in the UK. 850,00 people are living with dementia in read more

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