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Playlists for recent Interesting Alternative Shows

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Here are the playlists for the last three shows:
If you want to listen to any of our archive via Mixcloud then there are here:

John Adams – Naive And Sentimental Music (Naive And Sentimental Music)
Stereolab – Tomorrow Is Already Here (Emperor Tomato Ketchup)
Cheer Accident – More And Less (Putting Off Death)
Snapped Ankles – Come Play The Trees (Come Play The Trees)
Trojan Horse – Herbie Hancock (Fukushima Surfer Boys)
Naked City – The Outsider (Radio)
Tipographica – Infinity Street Car (Tipographica)
The Science Group – Chimera (A Mere Coincidence)
Karda Estra – Obelisk Of Cruithne (Infernal Spheres)
Numinous – The Most Beautiful Magic (Changing Same)
Hatfield And The North – Calyx (Hatfield And The North)
Hatfield And The North – Son Of There’s No Place Like Homerton (Hatfield And The North)
Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic – Lego (Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic)
Kate Bush – Night Scented Stock (Never For Ever)
Spiritualized – Spread Your Wings (Pure Phase)
Beck – Runners Dial Zero (Mutations)
Ian William Craig – Empty, Circle, Tremble (acoustic version) (Half Hearted And Fleeting)

Tortoise – Djed (Millions Now Living Will Never Die)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits- Pass Through The Fire (The Animal Spirits)
Martin Archer – Angelus Vander (Heritage and Ringtones)
Goblin – Suspiria (Suspiria)
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld (Never Were The Way She Was)
Unbeltipo – UBT25 (Un Bon Trouble)
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson – Disposable Thoughts (Live, Life, Larf Loaf)
Ruins – Messiaen (Tzomborgha)
Egg – Wring Out The Ground Loosely Now (The Civil Surface)
John Zorn – Pacifica (Alhambra Love Songs)
Philip Glass – Opening (Glassworks)
Mark Hollis – A Life (1895 – 1915) (Mark Hollis)
David Willey – Hamster Dance (Songs From The Hamster Theatre)
Buttonhead – Invisible Children (Never Or Forget)
Zut Un Feu Rouge – Cafe Thorax (Explain This Country)
Lars Hollmer – Snogang/Klocklat

Aquaserge – Tour Du Monde (Laisse ca etre)
Schnellertollermeier – Rights (Rights)
Pienza Ethnorkestra – Comme Des Oiseaux (Indiens d’Europe)
Zao – Joyl (Shekina)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Each Moment Like The First (The Animal Spirits)
Oxbow – Letter Of Note (Thin Black Duke)
Unbeltipo – UBT31 (Un Bon Trouble)
Artus – Chasse Party (Ors)
Prescott – Cis 3 Hex (Thing Or Two)
Angel Ontalva – Tarlaya Etkim Sogan (Tierra Quemada)
Martin Archer – I’m Yr Huckleberry (English Commonflowers)
Oneohtrix Point Never – New World Mall / Riker’s Island / Liberty Bonds (Good Time… Raw)
Valentin Clastrier – Et La Roue De La Vie (Le Butcher Des Silence)
Caterina Barbieri – This Causes Consciousness To Fracture (Patterns Of Consciousness)

2017-10-02 Interesting Alternative Show – Thumpermonkey special Mixcloud Re-Cue

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Playlist and Mixcloud Re-Cue for the Thumpermonkey Special
Click here to listen to the show again:

Strobes – Winder (Brokespeak)
Deerhoof – Con Sordino (Mountain Moves)
Cleft – Frankenstein (Wrong)
The Display Team – Mercy Nurse (Shifts)
Free Salamander Exhibit – The Keep (Undestroyed)
Rael Jones – Algeron (Mandrake)
Thumpermonkey – This Is Not A Fire (Electricity)
Ruins – Chittam Irangaayo (Tzomborgha)
Poino – Terpsichordia (Bon Ick Voyeur)
Troyka – Zebra (Moxxy)
Tony Wren, Larry Stabbins, Howard Riley and Mark Sanders – Excerpt from Improvisation Two (St. Cyprians 2)
Thumpermonkey – Woadscrivened (Electricity)
Swift and London – Pine Forest: Slow Ground (The Forest)
Let’s Meet Jesus – Alec Baldwin (Late Payment)
Hiatus Kaiyote – By Fire (Choose Your Weapon)
Knower – I Remember (Think Thoughts)
Yowie – Absurdly Innefective Barricade (Synchromysticism)
Miles Davis – Rated X (Get Up With It)
Shub Niggurath – Incipit Tragaedia (Les Morts Vont Vite)thumpermonkey

Playlist and Mixcloud Stream for Interesting Alternative Krautrock Special 2017-09-25

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Here is the Mixcloud stream and playlist for the Krautrock special 2017-09-25

Click here to listen to the show again:

Michael Rother – Neutronics 98 [A Tribute To Conny Plank] (A Hommage To Neu!)
Harmonia – Watussi – (Music Von Harmonia)
Can – Chain Reaction (Soon Over Babaluma)
Amon Duul II – Kanaan (Phallus Dei)
Eiliff – Journey To The “Ego” (Close Encounter With Their Third One)
Thirsty Moon – Big City (Thirsty Moon)
Ashra – Sunrain (New Age Of Earth)
Tangerine Dream – Circulation Of Events (Atem)
Klaus Schulze – Mindphaser (Moondawn)
Tangerine Dream – Circulation Of Events (Atem)
Eroc – Des Zauberers Traum (Eroc)
Legendary Pink Dots – Super (A Hommage To Neu!)
Harmonia – Walky Talky (Harmonia De Luxe)
Tangerine Dream – Search (Sorcerer)

The Interesting Alternative last 3 playlists and Mixcloud re-cues

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Sorry for the lack of updates!
Here are the last three IAS Playlists with links to their Mixcloud streams


Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne (The Royal Scam)
Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks (Apocalypse)
Buttonhead – Robocop Sunset (Never Or Forget)
The Gasman – Ethyl Nitrate Spirit (Like This EP)
Urban Sax – La Traversee (Inside)
Julia Holter – Lucette Stranded On The Island (Have You In My Wilderness)
Ametsub – Mbr Flurries (Seefeel Remix) (Mbira Lights 1 EP)
Cheer Accident – Immanence (Putting Off Death)
a.P.A.t.T. – Give My Regards To Bold St. (Fun With music)
Aquaserge – Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou (Laisse Ca Etre)
Skeletons – The Telephone Rings (Life And The Afterbirth)
FIve Storey Ensemble – Woods Are Worried From Boredom (Night En Face)
Valentin Clastrier – New Delit (Les Butcher Des Silences)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani – Closed Circuit (Sunergy)
Gnod – Desire (Infinity Machines)
Steely Dan – Gaucho (Gaucho)


North Sea Radio Orchestra – Dronne (Dronne)
My Tricksy Spirit – Winter Story (My Tricksy Spirit)
Captain Beefheart – Love Lies (Shiney Beast – Bat Chain Puller)
Broadcast – Colour Me In (Ha Ha Sound)
April March & Aquaserge – Ready Aim Love (same)
Deerhoof – Criminals Of The Dream (The Magic)
Present – Promenade Au Fond D’un Canal (Triskaidekaphobie)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Stunts (Euclid)
Setna – Unite (Cycle 1)
Urban Sax – La Marche Des Narguiles (Inside)
Albert Marcoeur – Anne Chez Elle (Plusiers Cas De Figure)
Albert Marcoeur – Le Tourniquet (Marcoeur (Mar et Coeur comme coeur)
Albert Marcoeur – Ballade A Jean (Celui Au Y’a Joseph)
Albert Marcoeur – Bouges Pas (Ma Vie Avec Elles)
Albert Marcoeur – Bourree En La (Travaux Practiques)
The Other Without – Earthstar Transmitter (The Other Without)


Miriodor – Gallinule d’Amerique (Signal 9
Cheer Accident – Immanance (Putting Off Death)
Miriodor – Passage Secret (Signal 9)
Camera – Ego (Radiate)
Tricot – Wabi-Sabi (3)
April March & Aquaserge – Parce Que Pourquoi (Same)
Gnod – Collateral Damage (Infinity Machines)
Martin Archer – In Stereo Gravity/All The Wars Were Lost (Reprise) (In Stereo Gravity)
Giant Swan – Live At Contra Pop (Contra Pop 21-23 August 2015 Ramsgate Beach)
The Gasman – Like This #3 (Like This EP CD)
Rogue Spore – Margarine Dream (Escape From Asafoetida)
Daniel Denis – A L’Ombre Du Zed (Sirius And The Ghosts)
Daniel Denis – Opus Rictus (Les Eaux Troubles)
5UU’s – Compromisation (Points Of View)
5UU’s – Thoroughly Modern Attila (Abandonship)
5UU’s – Geronimo (Hungers Teeth)
Admirals Hard – Rounding The Horn (Upon A Painted Ocean)
William Drake – In Converse (Revere Reach)

Playlist and Mixcloud Stream for Interesting Alternative Show 2017-08-21

babyHi All
Sorry for the delay
Here is the mixcloud stream for the show

Snorkel – One Long Conundrum (One Long Conundrum EP)
Nik Bartsch’s Ronin – Modul 33 (Stoa CD)
The Gasman – Museum (Hiding Place # 2 CD)
Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Rise (The Days Of Mars)
Rogue Spore – Pozor (Escape From Asafoetida)
Arnold Dreyblatt – Animal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism)
5UU’s – Well … Not Chickenshit (Hunger’s Teeth)
Salle Gaveau – 800% (Strange Device)
Zao – Marochsek (Z=7L)
Ian William Craig – On The Reach Of Explanations (Durbe)
Martin Daniels – Track 2 (Blue Noon)
Urban Sax – Perchman Aux Oreilles Mouvantes (Live In Pori 1984)
Tipographica – TP-1 (God Says I Can’t Dance)
Tipographica – Naked Lunch (The Man Who Does Not Nod)
Karda Estra – Andromeda Approaches! (TIme And Stars)

Playlist and Mixcloud stream for the Rob Crow and Chlöe Herington special

Hi All


Many thanks to Chloe Herington for dropping by and spinning some of her favourite tunes
Here is the Mixcloud link:

Rob Crow Showcase:
Optiganally Yours – Oar (Exclusively Talentmaker!)
Heavy Vegetable – Cotton Swab (Frisbie)
Rob Crow – Hangnailed (He Thinks He’s People)
Pinback – Offline PK (Blue Screen Life)
Other Men – False Positives (Wake Up Swimming)
Goblin Cock – Flumed (Necronomidonkeykongimicon)
Thingy – Plenty (To The Innocent)
Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – What We’ve Been Doing While You’ve Been Away (You’re Doomed Be Nice)

Chloe Herrington’s selection:
VÄLVĒ – LIghts (#1 [The Theosophical Society])
Lindsay Cooper – The Assasination Waltz (Music For Other Occasions)
Freeze Puppy – Katama Bay (The Night Attendant)
Sacred Paws – Everyday (Strike A Match)
Henry Cow – Falling Away (Western Culture)
Hen Daddy – Daydreaming (Currently Unreleased)
Alif Ensemble – Eish Jabkum Hon (Aynama-Rtama)
Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul – Reviellons-nous (Ex-Future)
This Heat – Twilight Furniture (This Heat)
The Cesarians – Blunted (Pure White Speed)
Bob Drake – Weeds (What Day Is It?)
VÄLVĒ – Atmos #1 (#1 [The Theosophical Society])
Slapp Happy / Henry Cow – Riding Tigers (Desperate Straights)
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh – Takhabot (Mir’ah)


Playlist and Mixcloud Stream for 2017-08-07 Steve and Kavus

Hi All
Hope you enjoyed Monday’s show!
Here is the Mixcloud stream and playlist:

Faust – Fresh Air (Fresh Air)
Five Storey Ensemble – The Respectable Booksellers (Night En Face)
Cheer Accident – Immanence (Putting Off Death)
Barringtone – Dream Boys (7″ single)
Aquaserge – Virage Sud (Laisse Ca Etre)
Oxbow – A Gentleman’s Gentleman (Thin Black Duke)
Simon Steensland – Tollkarlen (25 Years Of Minimum R&B)
Melvins – Flaming Creature (A Walk With Love And Death)
David Borden – Part 3 (The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint Parts 1-4+8)
Daniel Chudley – Fractal Belvedere (Unreleased)
Steve Reich – Variations For Vibes, Piano & Strings (Fast) (Daniel Variations)
Horse Lords – Towards The Omega Point (Interventions)
Palm – Walnut (Shadow Expert EP CD)
The Focus Group – Arlington Main (Stop-Motion-Happening)
Miriodor – Peinture Dans Le Coin (Signal 9)
Robyn Hitchcock – Autumn Sunglasses (Robyn Hitchcock)

Playlist for the 2017-07-31 Mike York Special

Many thanks to Mike York (Teleplasmiste, Guapo, Cyclobe, Coil) for an amazing selection of music on Monday.
Visit their Facebook page HERE
Teleplasmiste are at the Golden Lion in Todmorden, Lancashire on the 10th August and The Islington, London on 12th August

Here is the playlist from Monday’s show. Mixcloud stream will be ready tomorrow.

Tigue – Mouth (Peaks)
Various Artists – Little Bob Twenty In (Change Ringing On Handbells)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Exixtence In The Unfurling (Ears)
Bie Deti Dallget (Plaintes et Chants D’Amour)
Psarantonis – (Ideaon Antron)
John Zorn – Litany II (Six Litanies For Heliogarbalous)
Colin Stetson – The Lure of the Mine (All this I do for Glory)
Radionics Radio – The Magician’s Apprentice (Radionics Radio)
Rustie – Ultra Thizz (Glass Swords)
Gyorgy Ligeti – Hungarian Rock (Mechanical Music)
Moondog – Crescent Moon March (A New Sound Of An Old Instrument)
Bobby Beausoleil – Part IV (Lucifer Rising)
Coil – Paranoid Inlay (Music To Play In The Dark II)
Dead Can Dance – Advent (Spleen and Ideal)
Fields Of The Nephilim – Submission To (The Dub Posture) (For Her Light CD single)
David Byrne – Under The Mountain / Dinosaur / The Red House ((The Catherine Wheel)
Cyclobe – Replaced By His Constellation (The Visitors)

Playlist and Mixcloud Stream for 2017-07-03 Anthony Child (Surgeon) Special

Many thanks to Anthony Child (Surgeon) for joining us in the studio and sharing some of his favourite tracks.

Here is the Mixcloud Stream:

Here is the Playlist:
Donna – Art of noise
Love – Art of noise
Walking through heaven – Chris & Cosey
Dances III – Rashad Becker
You don’t know what love is – Diamanda Galas
8 Men & 4 Women – Diamanda Galas
Whispering Glass – Jon Brooks
Avocado Afternoon- Diva Dompe
It’s Time – Max Roach
Cosmic Jam – Neil
Janitor of Lunacy – Nico
Paper Error – Gnod
You can fall – broadcast
Debris in LEO – Twinkle
Dinah’s Dream- Surgeon
Rabbit Snare – Throbbing Gristle
Mind Flowers- Ultimate Spinach
Vital Transformation- Mahavishnu Orchestra

Playlist and Mixcloud stream for 2017-07-24 Dave Sturt Special

Many thanks to Dave Sturt (Gong) for joining us in the studio and sharing some of his favourite tracks.

Here is the Mixcloud Stream:

Here is the Playlist:

Simon Steensland – Koko (25 Years Of Minimum R&B)
Melvins – Flaming Creature (A Walk With Love And Death)
Fantomas – Rosemary’s Baby (The Directors Cut)
Dave Sturt – Dreams And Absurdities (Dreams And Absurdities)
Charles Mingus – II BS (Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus)
Palm – Two Toes (Shadow Expert)
Reve General – Paralyse (Howl)
Sibelius – The Swan Of Tuonela
Steve Reich – Variations For Vibes, Pianos & Strings – Slow (Daniel Variations)
Teleplasmiste – Fall Of The Yak Man (Frequency Is The New Ecstasy)
Oranssi Pazuzu – Tyhja Temppeli (Valonielu)
Gnod – Bodies For Money (Just Say No To The Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine)
Dave Sturt – Unique And Irreplaceable (Dreams And Absurdities)
Robyn Hitchcock – Raymond And The Wires (Robyn Hitchcock)
Brian Eno – The Big Ship (Another Green World)
Harold Budd – Boy About 10 (By The Dawn’s Early Light)
The Beta Band – Dr. Baker (3 EP’s)
The Beatles – Blue Jay Way (Magical Mystery Tour)
Beck – Nobody’s Fault But My Own (Mutations)
Bill Frisell – Unsung Heroes (Where In The World?)