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As a child I listened to the pirate radio ships, particularly Radio London on 266. I loved the romance of the djs playing the latest music for the listeners to hear. After most of the pirate stations closed in August 1967 I used to listen to Fabulous 208 Radio Luxembourg, the continuing Radio Caroline, Radio North Sea International and Radio 1. I particularly enjoyed listening to radio in the evening and at night. One of my favourite shows was Late Night Extra in the early days of Radio 1. All kinds of guests would just turn up and be part of the show. As a listener radio should feel like a friend is talking directly to you. I dreamed of being on the radio for many years. In 1988 I began on Hospital radio with Radio Enfield in north London. I had my own request show and used to commentate from Spurs and Enfield F.C. home games. I was also part of the Radio Enfield Roadshow team, taking part in many outside broadcasts. Now I am delighted to be on Phoenix98FM, where I have had a Friday show since May 2011. On the show there are a mixture of musical genres. Often there are guests giving lengthy interviews on a wide range of topics. There are also some live music performances. The little boy's dream has come true. @RevpatrickS

Friday Night Extra 8.9.17 with guests Moira & Daria talking about The Hyve Dance & arts festival.

We welcomed organiser Máira and dancer Daria talking about the festival happening on the 17th of September in Hylands Park between 10 am – 10 pm. This will be an amazing event for the whole family. Dance workshops, battles, cinematography room, food and drinks, casting agency room, fashion shows and pop up shops. Workshops led by internationally recognised teachers in a wide range of genre, including Hiphop, Bollywood, House, Ballet, tap, Latin, jazz, popping, whacking, Irish etc. Moira told us how an idea a year ago had grown into a huge event, with some people flying in from San Francisco to watch the dancing. Daria had only been dancing for a year. She had flown to Paris for special lessons and enjoyed seeing the Eifel Tower. She is featured in the YouTube video about the event.  More information, including how to take part on the website You can e-mail for details





The show tonight included a special feature on Steeley Dan, following the death of original member Walter Becker.  Many listeners commented on the music and we will play more tracks by them in the following weeks.

Tonight’s playlist

Lou Reed – Perfect day

David Bowie – Lets dance

Bruno Mars – 24k – chosen by Moira and Daria

Jennifer Lopez – Dance again – chosen by Moira and Daria

Paul Young – Come back and stay

Dusty Springfield – I only want to be with you – requested by Phyl

ECHO – I way a little prayer to you – you can see ECHO live in Ingatestone on September 30th at the parish church.

Miles Davis – Human nature

Harry Chapin – W.O.L.D. – loved by Jonty, who had never heard it before, and Adrian e-mailing in.

The Band Perry – Gentle on my mind – a multi grammy award winning song

Alison Krauss – Paper aeroplane

Lisa Harman – Fall like the rain – a wonderfully emotional and moving performance of her own song. A Friday Night Extra exclusive.

Bruce Forsyth – Generation Game opening 1973 – remembering the funeral of Bruce this week.

Yoseph Cat Stevens – What love did for me – a new track from a legendary artist

Steeley Dan – Rikki don’t loose that number, Reelin in the years, Do it again – all classic tracks loved by listeners.

Celine Dion – Think twice – requested by Patrick

Zager & Evans – In the year 2525

Glen Campbell – Galveston – for Adrian, who l;ike us is enjoying revisiting Glen’s musical legacy.

Join me next week for another edition of Friday Night Extra, from our place to your place.


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Friday Night Extra 1.9. 17 Total eclipse

It was great to be back on Phoenix tonight. Jonty was back as well.  In the second hour we did a special feature on the Box Tops. This band from Memphis are part of the Happy Together tour, playing over 40 dates in the USA. This features a number of 60s acts, I was lucky enough to see them in Nashville. I felt the Box Tops, who closed the first half, were the best act. We learnt tonight that with 69 singles chart entries, the Shadows are the third most successful band in UK pop history. Ist is Elvis. 2nd is Cliff Richard.  Who would have thought it?

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGs – Crazy – Show theme

Ward Thomas – When its not me

Brenda Russell – Walking in New York

Sting – Desert Rose

Shakatak – Down on the street – for Rene, who is a big fan

The Shadows – Apache – for Phyl.

Glen Campbell – By the time I get to Phoenix _ Jonty said the words of the title were virtually the last words he said before he left the house tonight.

The Four Tops – Its the same old song

The Foundations – Build me up buttercup

Clare Teal – Chasing cars

Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart – for Sue and Leonard and family who I was blessed to be with near Nashville to see the total eclipse.

Beach Boys – Do it again – we will do the watching of the total eclipse again in seven years time, God willing.

Booker T & the MGs – Soul limbo – John e-mailed in and said he recognised the theme from Test Match Special and expected us to talk about cake. We didn’t!

Pentatonix – Somewhere over the rainbow

Kraftwerk – The model – requested by Patrick

The Box Tops – The letter

The Box Tops – Neon rainbow

The Box Tops – Soul deep

Natalie Grant – Clean

Carole King Musical recording – It might as well rain until September

The Crystals – Da do ron ron – We sang along in the studio

Toto – Rosanna

Michael Buble – Everything

The Temptations – Just my imagination – for John, listening to the whole show whilst decorating a kitchen…on Friday evening  !?!

Imagination – Just an illusion – for Jonty’s mum and all the family, listening at home

Michel Jackson – Human nature – for Jonty who has just been given an original vinyl copy of the album.

George Martin – Theme 1

Join us next week, when my studio guest is Moira O’Regan, who will be telling us about a dance festival she is organising for the whole family in Hylands Park.



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Friday Night Extra 11.8.17 Remembering Glen Campbell, Elvis Presley & August 14th 1967.

In a packed show tonight Jonty and I were joined by Karen, who listens to the show regularly in Canada. This prompted e-mails from two other listeners in Canada and one in Croatia! We remembered the career of Glen Campbell, listening to three of his recordings. We also remembered Elvis Presley, with 16th of August being the 4oth anniversary of his death. We considered how much young people relate to Elvis or understand his significance to popular culture. It was amazing to hear that there is an annual Elvis festival held in Toronto, Canada, which is growing bigger every year. The reality is Elvis has sold more music since his death than during his career. August 14th 1967 marked the closure of all the British pirate radio ships, apart from Radio Caroline. Their significance cannot be undervalued in relation to the subsequent development of radio in the U.K.

Tonight’s playlist

Elvis Presley – It’s now or never

Gregory Porter – Don’t loose your steam

Pentatonix – Can’t help falling in love – for Adrian

Kate Bush – The man with the child in his eyes

Glen Campbell – Wichita lineman – for Derek

Glen Campbell – By the time I get to Phoenix

Glen Campbell – Adios

Fairport Convention – Who knows where the time goes – for Phyl

Michael Buble – Today is yesterdays tomorrow – Michael is a Canadian artist and Karen told us about his popularity back home and his charity work.

Brenda Russell – Walking in New York

Lisa Harman – I’ll miss you

Joe Stilgoe – Waterloo sunset

Focus – Sylvia (live) – for Tom and Phil who both commented on my Facebook page when I said I would be playing this track tonight. We all remember hearing them in the early 70s and that they were LOUD.

Joni Mitchel – Big yellow Taxi  (2007 version)- a song by a Canadian artist for Rachel – listening to us in her car in Toronto, and screaming when she heard me say her name!

Elvis Presley – The wonder of you

Elvis Presley – In the ghetto

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse rock

Shires – Made in England

Sonowaltz – Theme tune of the pirate station Radio London, which closed on August 14th 1967.

Fortunes – Caroline – theme tune of Radio Caroline, the only one of the pirate stations to continue on air directly after that date.

Scott McKenzie – Lets go to San Francisco – No1 throughout August 1967 and an anthem for a generation. Written by John Philips in 20 minutes. Globally the 45 rpm single sold over seven million copies.

Mama & the Papas – California dreaming.  John Philips was a member of the band.

Carol Emerald – Riviera life

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely – the full album version.

Take That – The flood – for Patrick

Bob Marley – Three little birds

Beatles – Nowhere man

Join Chris Sivitar is sitting in on this time slot for the next two weeks. Join me in September.

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Friday Night Extra 4.8.17 with Terry from Essex Search and Rescue & Richard from the Witness service.

Richard and Terry joined me tonight to talk about the activities they have undertaken since they have retired. Terry has volunteered to work with She has trained as a volunteer for this organisation which supports the Police in searching for missing people. The volunteers can be called out at any time 24/7 when the Police are looking for someone who is missing. She told us that there have been a large number of call outs for the organisation in this year. Terry has been training with the canine team with her dog Lucy. Richard has also been training for his role with the Witness service. This involves particularly helping vulnerable people and is a nationwide scheme that involved three days of intensive training in London, together with shadowing those already undertaking this role. Richard is also a member of the University of Sheffield Estates Committee. This helps with building projects. They both said how these roles had enhanced their lives, giving a sense of significance and purpose in retirement. They also felt that these roles let them “give something back” to society. They would encourage anyone who is retired to look to something that they enjoy that will help others.

The music tonight included a feature on Shawaddywaddy as suggested by regular listener Patrick. They had ten top ten hits. WeRichard Terry 4.8.17 also remembered the Concert for Bangladesh, held at 2.30 and 8 pm on 1st of August 1972 in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Tonight’s playlist.

Booker T & MGs – Crazy

Piano Guys – Its gonna be ok – over six and a half million hits for the video on YouTube.

Andrew Gold – Thank you for being a friend – chosen by Terry

Berlin – Take my breathe away – chosen by Richard

Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow

Joni Mitchel – Free man in Paris

Aker Bilk – Stranger on the shore – requested by Phyl, on holiday in Kent

PHD – I won’t let you down

Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart – requested by Sue and Leonard, looking forward to the total eclipse of the sun in Kentucky on 21st of August

Dolly Parton & Pentatonix – Jolene – for Jonty, who will be back from holiday next Friday

Petula Clark – Downtown

Shawaddywaddy – Under the moon of love – their only No 1.

Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold

Billy Preston – That’s the way God planned it (live) – recorded at the concert for Bangladesh

Lisa Harman – Perfect harmony – Rene liked this track and said it reminded her of Shakatak, so…

Shakatak – Easier said than done

Brenda Russell – Walking in New York

Sting – Fragile

George Martin – Theme 1

Join me next week for another edition of Friday Night Extra, live from Brentwood to the world.

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Friday Night Extra 28.7.17 Guest’s choices of music.

Tonight some of the music were tracks requested by Ben Lacey, Helen Rendell, Rob Scaggs, Caroline Seville and Archdeacon Elizabeth Snowden, who have been among the guests this year.

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGs – Crazy

Pentatonix – Na Na Na – first time we have played this track. Judging by listener reaction, it will not be the last time.

Marvin Gaye – Too busy thinking about my baby

Coldplay – Fix you – chosen by Archdeacon Elizabeth Snowden

Michel Buble – Nobody but me

Diana Krall – Just the way you are

Cliff Richard – Travelling light – requested by Phyl

Crosby Stills Nash & Young – Marrakesh Express

Dolly Parton, Emylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt – After the goldrush – from the album Trio2

Black – Wonderful life – chosen by guest Ben Lacey who said that the gift of life was wonderful.

Sam Cooke – What a wonderful world – requested by Derek

Lisa Harman – Nothing I can do – an exclusive track from show favourite Lisa, written with the hope of impressing Simon Cowell!

Walk of the Earth – Happy – chosen by Rob Scaggs from the charity CHESS

Dream Academy – Life in a northern town.

Inspector Morse theme

Fleetwood Mac – Seven wonders – requested by Rene

Four Tops – Walk away Renee – for John. Rene told us this had once been sung to her down the phone by Paul Rogers, at the time lead singer of Free. She handled his car insurance and he had had a bang and did not want Rene to be angry and walk away.

Joe Stilgoe – What’s on – I saw Joe perform as part of the Maldon festival. His trio were great.

Neil Diamond – Beautiful noise – for Patrick, also a track by chosen by Arch Deacon Elizabeth Snowden to illustrate the first Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Beach Boys – That’s why God made the radio

Carole King – So far away – with the news that the musical about  her life and music is about to close in the West End.

ELO – Show a little love – a track from 1978 that we had all forgotten. It was a no 1 in Canada, no2 in France, No4 in Ireland, no6 in UK and no8 in USA. So we should have remembered it!

Stevie Wonder – Have a talk with God

Coldplay – Adventure of a lifetime – for guest Helen who had retired and moved to live on the Island of Rhodes.

Unit 4 =+ 2 – Concrete and clay – chosen by last week’s guest Caroline Seville who had talked about all that happens at Doddinghurst church and that it was not made of these materials.

Elton John – Song for Guy

Kate Bush & Larry Adler – The man I love

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Gone gone gone

George Martin – Theme 1

Next week my guests will be Teresa Cattell-Hollox and Richard Hollox. Teresa is a dog handler with Essex Search and Rescue. Richard is an outreach officer with the Witness Service. They will be talking about these voluntary roles they have taken up in retirement. Join us next Friday for Friday Night Extra, live from our studios in Brentwood.


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Friday Night Extra 21.7.17 with guest Caroline Seville from All Saints Doddinghurst

Caroline talked about a thriving church community in a church building that is full of history. The worship uses a lot of traditional music and the choir are very important. The church building, which dates back to the 13th century. It was surprising to hear that this relatively small church building has the longest church porch in Essex. There is also another amazing building next to the church, The Priests House, dating the sixteenth century. This is now a community facility. One extra-ordinary fact related to a set of diaries associated with the church which pre-date Samuel Pepys by over a hundred years. These are now in a museum in Washington DC. Lots of activity happens in the church school, including an ecumenical drama group presenting Bible stories in assemblies. There were also activities organised in the community, including those for senior citizens.

A number of listeners were in touch tonight. Chris in Harlow was decorated a three tier birthday cake, and gave us regular updates. Susan and Ian  from near Reading were in touch for the first time in months. There were lots of comments from listeners about the music. The Dave Koz track was especially appreciated.

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGs – Crazy

Shires – Made in England

Abba – Thank you for the music – chosen by Caroline for the choir at church.

Unit 4 & 2 – Concrete and clay – chosen by Caroline as she said these components were the exact opposite to those used to build the church.

Vivaldi – Gloria – sung by Kings College choir. – Chosen by Caroline as she said, “It sums everything up”.

Shadows – Apache – for Phyl

Hilary Scott – Thy will be done

Joni Mitchel – Big Yellow Taxi (2007)

Raymond Lafevry – Soul coaxing

Nilsson – Everybody’s talking – we learnt that Harry Nilsson did not play any significant public concerts.

Hollies – He ain’t heavy – for Patrick

Diana Krall – Just the way you are

Michael Buble – Nobody but me

Lisa Harman – Red skies – an exclusive track. Lisa said she wrote the music first. Having completed it, she looked out of the window at a red sky. She then thought of the way people make wishes when there is a red sky…and the song was born.

Nat King Cole – Let there be love

Four Tops – Simple game – for Susan and Ian.

Marc Antione – Latin quarter

Carrie Underwood – Jesus take the wheel – for Holly, who loves this track

Santana – Black magic woman – for Chris, decorator extraordinaire.

Beach Boys _ I just wasn’t made for these times – just the voices.

Pentatonix – I can’t help falling in love

Dave Koz – You make me smile

George Martin – Theme 1.


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Friday Night Extra 7.7.17 Remembering Christopher Stone

Tonight the show was on the 90th anniversary of the first broadcast by Christopher Stone, the first DJ on the radio.  We heard about his career, with both the BBC and commercial radio. We featured a recording of him from 1938, which received considerable listener comment. He always dressed formally for broadcasting, so Jonty and I did the same for tonight. We had  a lot of listener interaction, with Sue and Leonard listening whilst driving in West Virginia and Adrian driving in Ingrave. Adele in Ingatestone was a new listener tonight and Chris from Ingatestone returned after some months.

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGs – Crazy

Lady Antebellum – Home is where the heart is.

Marvin Gaye – Abraham, Martin & John – for Alison in Lincoln who had been laser-tagging with her year 6 leavers. She needed some relaxing music!

Springfields – Island of dreams – for Phyl who remembers it from 1962. Jonty said the rhythm was the same as riding a horse.

Otis Redding – Dock of the bay – for Chris in Ingatestone.

Diana Ross – Do you know where you are going to? The theme form the film Mahogany.

Mona Lisa Twins – I didn’t know birds that well – requested by Patrick

Christopher Stone – ABC of Decca – introducing artists on the label in 1938.

Dave Koz and friends – Got to get you into my life

Lisa Harman – United we stand – Lisa had written this song with Tom Jones in mind.

Billy Taylor Trio – I wish I knew how it means to be free

U2 – Staring at the son – for Adrian who would have liked to have been at their concert tonight.

Noel Harrison – The windmills of your mind – John reminded us his father was Rex Harrison.

The Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny come home – for Rene for whom it had been playing in her head all day.

Jacob Collier – Flinstones – as popular with listeners as it was last week.

Judy Collins – Both sides now

The Association – Never my love – Loved by Sue, driving in West Virginia. She is going to see them in a concert in Nashville in August.

Nina Simone – I wish I knew how it means to be free

Box Tops – The letter – they will be on the same bill as The Association in Nashville.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – They can’t take that away from me

George Benson – Breezin – Jonty had heard this played by Johnny Moore at Brentwood School.

Joe Stilgoe – Waterloo sunset – he had played this in the encore at Maldon the previous night, when I had been fortunate enough to see the Joe Stilgoe Trio in concertp01hfyp9[1].

Charlie Pride – You have to believe in something – for Adrian, who grew up listening to the music of Charlie Pride.

Join me next week, when my studio guest is Caroline Saville, from Doddinghurst Church.


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Friday Night Extra 30.6.17

In our then and now feature we had Billericay’s very own Alison Moyet, with a classic song and the title track from her new album,.  We recalled dancers Pan’s People, following the passing of Ruth Pearson. Also passing away this week was Gary DelCarlo, one of the writers on Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss him goodbye. We had many requests tonight, including one by Ronie Ronaldi, on which he sings, whistles and imitates birdsong! We needed to dust off the Phoenix 98FM 78rpm player, and wind it up for this track.

Tonight’s playlist

Temptations – My Girl – for John and family

Pentatonix – Take on me

Darius Rucker – If I told you

Box Tops – Cry like a baby – remembering Pan’s People, who danced to this track on Top of the Pops in 1968

Jacob Collier – Flintstones – Grammy award winner 2017

Ronnie Ronaldi – Bells across the meadow – for Phyl, who remembered that this track was loved by her grandfather, born in 1880.

Beach Boys – Here today – from Pet Sounds – for Jonty, at his school prom.

Lisa Harman – When your dreams come true – a bitter sweet track

Piano Guys – Hello – Chris in Harlow worked our this string version in the style of Mozart was Hello. It baffled others.

Steam – Na Na, Hey Hey, kiss him goodbye. This track was No 1 for two weeks in the USA in 1968 and a No 9 in the UK. It sold a staggering 6.5 million 45s!

Applejacks – Tell me when – requested by Patrick.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Yesterday

Chic – Good times – requested by Chris, who subsequently danced around the kitchen with Bob to this tune. Just as well the kids were out!

Beatles – Hello, Goodbye – for Isabelle and all pupils who had been at a very emotional Ingatestone Juniors Year 6 disco tonight.

Ward Thomas – Cartwheels

Beth Neilson Chapman – Years – performing soon at Emmanuel Billericay. Check out the events guide.

Alison Moyet – Love letters

Alison Moyet – Other – title track of her new album

Peter, Paul and Mary – Leaving on a Jet plane

New Order – Run 2

Fleetwood Mac – Albatross

Hilary Scott – Still

Isley Brothers – Summer breeze – loved by Rene and Chris.

George Martin – Theme 1.

Join me next week for yet more Friday Night Extra, live from Brentwood and gifted to the world.

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Friday Night Extra 23rd of June 2017 Nothing but the music.

Tonight the music did the talking. New music was from Lady Antebellum, Pentatonix and Glen Campbell, all from this week’s album chart. We had requests for ELO, La La Land soundtrack, Bee Gees, China Crisis and Andy Williams.  The lost band were the Box Tops, who are back performing live in the USA. Lisa Harman was thrilled that one of her exclusive tracks to the show had been requested. Listeners appreciated the relaxed feel of the show tonight.


Booker T & Mgs – Crazy

China Crisis – Thinking of you – for Adrian

Another day of sun – from La La Land – for Greg

Andy Williams – Moon River – for Phyl

Lady Antebellum – Heartbreak

Pentatonix – Can’t help falling in love

ELO – 10538 Overture – for David

America – Ventura Highway

Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman

Glen Campbell – Adios

Lisa Harman – A 1000 different ways

Lulu – To Sir with love – the biggest selling single in the USA in 1967.

Young Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut.

Temptations – Just my imagination – John commented that hearing this made all his stress drift away.

Zombies – And we were young again

Box Tops – The letter

Box Tops – Soul Deep – they are part of the Happy Together 60s & 70s  show tour in the USA.

Jackie De Shannon – Needles and pins – the original version, written by Jackie.

Bee Gees – My World – for Patrick

Missi Hale – What the world needs now is love – from Boss Baby – also written by Jackie De Shannon

Beach Boys – Disney Girls

Jamie Cullum – Night and day – Jamie is performing at Glastonbury.

Elton John – Song for Guy

Nik Kershaw – Human racing – Elton John said that Nik was the best songwriter of his generation.

Joe Stilgoe – Rainbow connection

Hilary Scott & the Scott Family – Still

George Martin – Theme One


Join me next week for another edition of Friday Night Extra, live from Brentwood.

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Friday Night Extra 16.6.17 with guests missionaries Robin and Janet Fenner.

Robin and Janet talked about their work as Elim missionaries in a very poor part of northern South Africa. They recalled the arrival of Christmas shoe boxes and the overwhelming joy of a child who received a toothbrush amongst her items. They spoke of the need to dig a water hole in their village 2000px-Flag_of_South_Africa_SADCWebsiteas there is drought in their area. They also spoke about how £15 would buy a blanket for people have  very little in an area where it gets very cold at night. Their work has involved setting up four Bible colleges. The hope is that when the students have finished their courses, they will be equipped to plant and run churches. They also talked about holding a Christmas party for over 150 children, using finances raised from Christmas parties in the UK. They have had a very busy two months in the U.K. talking about their work, including trips to Scotland and Ireland. Janet said they had slept in sixteen different beds. Robin also said that when they arrived in the U.K. he had just £57 in his wallet, for a two month stay. They were very grateful for the hospitality that so many people had shown towards them.  They receive no salary for their work, which can be supported by going to

then you search for Ronin and Janet Fenner and then click on donate.

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGFs – Crazy

Jason Mraz – Summer breeze

Tom Inglis – Bayete Inkosi – chosen by Robin & Janet

Michael W Smith – A new hallelujah – chosen by Robin & Janet

Godfrey Birtill – You are still God – chosen by Robin & Janet

Soweto String Quartet – Kwela

Rick Wakeman – Summertime

Michael Buble – Summer wind

Georgie fame – Get away – requested by Patrick

Russell Watson _ have I told you lately that I love you – Adrian commented that he really like the song.

1960s batman theme – in tribute to Adam West, who died during the week.

Lisa Harman – I can’t stop laughing – an exclusive to this show. Again we admired the variety of styles in Lisa’s work.

Dolly Parton & Pentatonix – Jolene – we were all dancing in the studio ( there was a lot of dancing tonight)

Celine Dion & Elvis Presley – If I can dream – do watch the amazing video

Snowy White – Bird of paradise

Zombies – She’s not there – to celebrate keyboard wizard Rod Argent, who also wrote the song, whose birthday was on Wednesday.

Lionel Ritchie – Running with the night

MonaLisa Twins – June – they will be appearing at the Glastonbury Festival this year.

Bryds – Turn, turn, turn.

George Martin – Theme 1.

Join Jonty and I next week for another show, live from Brentwood.

Marjorie was listening on 98FM and contacted to say how inspirational she found Robin and Janet.

Lisa Harman contacted from on board ship after listening to the recording of the

show. She said that the music mix was great and was inspired by Robin and Janet.


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