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Rocking at Phoenix FM

Live – Musical Meanderings 14th May 2017

Procol HarumA pleasure to be back with Musical Meanderings on Phoenix FM tonight, looking after Nigel Fitzmaurice’s show while he was away.

It was a great chance to celebrate some live music myself and others have enjoyed over recent days and weeks. The previous night I enjoyed watching Procol Harem at the Shepherds Bush Empire on the 50th Anniversary of the release of ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’. I enjoyed playing a wonderful live version of it, as well as playing ‘Spoonman’ by Soundgarden- remembering another great gig at the Empire back in 1994, a ‘secret’ event, launching the Superunknown album.

The live version of Whiter Shade of Pale I played was suggested to me by my friend Yinka while I was telling him I went. His band Sabatta had played a gig in Luton on their current mini tour and it was great to play an old classic by them.

Playing House

Playing House

Staying on the live music theme, I played a song from the latest ‘Jocelyn EP‘ by Playing House, remembering a wonderful recent tour with them I had the pleasure of joining over 10 dates around the UK promoting the launch. They’re really talented and play a great style of pop music, with really well written and crafted songs. They played in many cities around the UK and were well received everywhere.

Other recent live shows of bands I played included Monster Truck, Helmet and The National. Also, a few days ago Leftfield played at the Brixton Academy and some of my friends reported a wonderful time was had.

Also during the show I celebrated the life of Elyse Steinman of Raging Slab who sadly passed away on March 30th and shared more of my recent exploration of the ‘doom metal’ genre with great examples by Pallbearer, Khemmis and Yuri Gagarin.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 14th May 2017
1.  Soundgarden – Spoonman (Superunknown – 1994)
2.  Monster Truck – Seven Seas Blues (The Brown EP – 2011)
3.  Whale – I Miss Me (We Care – 1995)
4.  Helmet – FBLA II (Meantime -1992)
5.  Raging Slab – Laughin’ And Cryin’ (Dynamite Boogie Concert – 1993)
6.  Aerosmith – Mama Kin (Aerosmith – 1973)
7.  SabattaEmperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes – 2008)
8.  Playing HouseJelly Legs (Jocelyn – 2017)
9.  Procol Harum – Whiter Shade Of Pale (Live in Denmark – 2006)
10. Jets to Brazil – Autumn Walker (Perfecting Loneliness – 2002)
11. Downset – Together (Check Your People – 1995)
12. Khemmis – The Bereaved (Absolution – 2015)
13. PallbearerFear and Fury (Fear and Fury – 2016)
14. Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin – 2014 Remix)
15. The National – Available (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers – 2003)
16. The Breeders – Cannonball (Last Splash – 1993)
17. Asia – Heat Of The Moment (Asia – 1982)
18. Leftfield – Release The Pressure (Leftism – 1995)
19. Vibrasphere – Forever Imaginary (Exploring The Tributaries – 2007)
20. Hillsong United – Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Live – 2014)

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Christopher Deojee – Phoenix FM 13th January 2017

N91 Chris DeojeeA conversation with Christopher Deojee during a Drive show I was covering on Phoenix FM on 13th January 2017.

I wanted to catch up with him for a while, I met him at a talk he did about gender at the Wildheart festival in Devon in 2015. His background and work covers many topics and, as you can hear at the start, I had difficulty describing them at the start!

We discussed a few topics, including the the breakdown of the family, how anger is actually necessary and the huge issues with mental health at the moment.

Also, the importance of connecting with the people and community around us, instead of worrying about remote concepts we have no power to effect.

A large part of Chris’ work is based on language and gender- how language is used to divide and control, but then how it could be reclaimed to heal those wounds.

You can listen to it again here:

And here is the full Drive time show featuring the interview on my Mixcloud page:

Find out more about Chris, his work and how to get in touch:

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Winter’s Call – Musical Meanderings 21st October 2016

winters callAnother unexpected return, this time on a Friday evening allowed a different transition, actually on a few fronts. There was the start of the weekend which I was celebrating, along with the continuing transition into winter, such as 80’s rocking with Badlands.

Actually, there was a large chunk of the music based around an 80’s meander, as well as Badlands there was Foreigner, Heart and Iron Maiden.

There was also the usual genre meander, with most of the theme being around rock and blues rock, such as the Allman Brothers Band and Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelie. I have to thank my friend Felipe who’s also a friend of the station and member of Herida who introduced me to them, along with a couple of other tracks I played on the show, such as George Harrison, Chingon and the afore mentioned Badlands.

There were also deviations into jazz which gave me a timely excuse to play Oblivion, a song by Gabrielle Ducomble as she is playing next Tuesday 25th October at the Pizza Express jazz club in Soho, London. You can see the promo video of Oblivion here.

I enjoyed a gentle end to the show, celebrating Love with the ever wonderful Allen Morgan and Snatam Kaur, then a cheeky medley from the Until We Meet The Sky Album by Solar Fields.

You can hear the show again here:

The Playlist for 21st October 2016
Allman Brothers Band – Leave My Blues At Home (Idlewild South – 1970)
ZZ Top – Stages (Afterburner – 1985)
Badlands – Winter’s Call (Badlands – 1989)
Heart – What About Love (Heart – 1985)
Foreigner – That Was Yesterday (Agent Provocateur – 1984)
The Black Crowes – My Heart’s Killing Me (The Lost Crowes – 2006)
Credence Clearwater Revival – Oh My Love (Tom Fogarty & The Blue Velvets – 1961)
Madeleine Peyroux – La Vie En Rose (Dreamland – 1996)
Gabrielle Ducomble Band Oblivion (2015)
North Mississippi Allstars – Someday Baby (Shake Hands With Shorty – 2000)
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds (Exodus – 1977)
George Harrison – Isn’t It A Pity (Version One) (All Things Must Pass – 1970)
Otis Redding – Ton Of Joy (Complete & Unbelieveable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul)
Young Coppers – Hard Times Of Old England (Passing Out – 2008)
The CortègeStarting Gun (Love & Land EP – 2016)
Iron Maiden – Rainbow’s Gold (Powerslave – 1984)
Living Colour – Time’s Up (Time’s Up – 1990)
Chingon – Malagueña Salerosa (Kill Bill Vol. 2 – 2004)
Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – Sister Mercy (Shakin’ The Blues – 2002)
Jesus & Mary Chain ft Hope Sandoval – Sometimes Always (Stoned & Dethroned 1994)
Pink Floyd – Julia Dream (B Side to It Would Be So Nice – 1968)
Allen Morgan – New Dawn (Light Tide – 2013)
Snatam Kaur – People Of Love (Celebrate Peace – 2005)
Solar Fields – Last Step In Vacuum (Until We Meet The Sky – 2011)
Solar Fields – Until We Meet The Sky (Until We Meet The Sky – 2011)
Solar Fields – Epilogue (Until We Meet The Sky – 2011)

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Meandering Return – Musical Meanderings 17th September 2016

Musical MeanderingsAnother intervention on Phoenix during Vixter’s absence. A chance in the evening to return to some Musical Meanderings, however it was fun to learn I was introducing some habits from some of my daytime visits to Phoenix. You’ll be hard pushed to not know the time during the show.

It was great fun to allow the meander to unfold, from a rocking start, through to an introspective interlude in the second hour. This first night time session in a while allowed for some good friends of the show to have some songs aired, from the likes of Herida, The Cortège, Fifteen Lions, Black Orchids, Gaudi and Sabatta.

I also mentioned the good timing of the Black Orchids next week, the 26th October in Hackney, London.

You can hear the show again via the Mixcloud link:

The Black Orchids

The Black Orchids

Here’s the playlist for 17th September 2016
1.  Orange Goblin – Solarisphere
2.  Herida – Refrain
3.  Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song
4.  Deftones – Passenger
5.  Keny Arkana – La Rage
6.  Queensrÿche – Operation Mindcrime (Live)
7.  The Cortège – Love & Land
8.  Los Natas – Adolecentes
9.  Black Orchids – Blood Moon
10. Alice In Chains – Would?
11. My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday
12. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song (Live)
13. John B. WellsWestern Man
14. Fifteen Lions – I Am Free
15. Sabatta – Go And Be Damned
16. Manassas – So Many Times
17. The Lonesome Sisters – Deep Water
18. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Bats In The Attic
19. Nick Barber – Flower Of Light
20. Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Mater Mea
21. Daniel Lanois – Telco
22. Spiritualized – Let It Flow
23. Buddy Miles – The Segment
24. Count Basic – Speechless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
25. Gaudi ft. Danny Ladwa – Why You Wanna Run?

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A Month Of Sundays – we chat to William Hoyland

Actor William Hoyland is currently starring as Cooper in A Month Of Sundays, which is running at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch until 15 October.


Robin Hooper and William Hoyland in A Month of Sundays at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch. Photo: Mark Sepple

William has worked extensively with the most eminent theatre companies across the UK and he has also appeared in some of the world’s best-known films as well as numerous television hits. These include: Return of the Jedi, Gandhi, For Your Eyes Only, Scoop, Life on Mars, The Thick of It, Call the Midwife and Rules of Engagement.

Graham Stannard spoke to William about his current production and you can hear it again here.

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Darren Allen – Musical Meanderings 12th September 2016

Darren AllenDarren Allen has had what most external observers would call an exciting and varied life. He has worked in Russian cement factories, British refugee camps, Sudanese hotels, Qatari military bases and not so nice places in Saudi Arabia. He has groomed horses, plucked turkeys and sold shrunken heads.

As I discovered during our conversation was that under the surface these experiences weren’t as exciting as they sounded and turned out to be elaborate ways of avoiding what normally constitutes work as we’re trained to believe.

ApocalypediaI discovered his writing at least four years ago via his previous website/ blog called Gentle Apocalypse, during a period of my working life where I was generally dissatisfied and unhappy. I was searching for a way of forging a new path and in his writing I found writing that described how I was feeling. Not just with work, but the way we perceive life and how it is presented to us through the media and news.

I found his website via the subversive comments he writes under news articles on the Guardian website. It was there recently that I was pleased to find his new website Expressive Egg a month ago and news of his new book Apocalypedia which launched this month and where I had the pleasure of finally meeting him.



ApocalypediaAs a result he ended up in the studio at Phoenix FM where we enjoyed a conversation covering many of the topics in the book, such as the nature of work, how the indoctrination process starts at school, the importance of music as an art form and what a valuable skill improvisation is.

We also talked about his new comedy project called Belly Up!, which he created with his friend William Barker and features illustrations by Ai, Robert Crumb, John O’Brian and Otto von Beach. It comes out in October and there is a launch party on the 20th September in Peckham.

You can find out more about this, Apocalypedia and see some recent writing at Expressive Egg and hear the show again here via the Mixcloud link:

The Soundcloud link without the music is here.

Here’s the music we played – 12th September 2016
1. Johnny Nash – Hold Me Tight
2. Funkadelic – Can You Get To That
3. Mott the Hoople – All The Young Dudes
4. Beatles – Because (a cappella)
5. Can – Vitamin C (Ege Bamyasi)
6. Cumbia en Moog – Cumbia de Sal
7. Nina Simone – Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Just Like A Woman)
8. 10,000 Maniacs – These Are Days (Our Time In Eden)
9. William Shatner – You’ll Have Time (Has Been)

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Anathema – Musical Meanderings 8th July 2014


I’ve been playing the music of Anathema for a while and I’ve enjoyed and found it interesting how they’ve evolved their sound over their career. Always looking to push boundaries and their new album, Distant Satellites came out last month. It gave me a chance to speak to guitarist and singer Vincent Cavanagh, one of the founding members.

Vincent Cavanagh

Vincent Cavanagh

It was such a pleasure to speak to someone who is at ease with where he is in life and still passionate with what he’s doing. We covered a lot, including their influences, their sound, how it can’t be easily categorised and how the evolution of their sound is connected to the changes and growth they’ve experienced internally. We also spoke about the music industry and the difficulties facing young bands, especially with regard to how their music can be categorised amongst all of the eras of music behind us.

One of the issues I talk about on my show is how we are able to move on in life and pursue our passions. Vincent gave great examples from his own experiences and those of his brother and fellow band member Daniel, about how putting in time every day into what you enjoy will bear fruit. How much you get out of life is really about how much you put in.



Anathema have been at the forefront of the UK rock/metal movement for many years. They began their journey as pioneers of melodic heavy music, influencing a myriad of bands to follow them, before outgrowing all genres and limitations as they explored new territory and new ways to express feeling through sound.

Formed in Liverpool in 1990, the band’s sound, and musical vision has continually evolved over the ensuing years while always remaining true to their original goal of creating forward thinking, meaningful, passionate and honest music. The band consists of brothers Vincent, Daniel and Jamie Cavanagh, alongside childhood friends John Douglas and his sister Lee, who is an incredible singer in her own right.

As I mentioned on the show, they are touring in December and here are the dates:
18- Limelight, Belfast
19- Button Factory, Dublin
21- Glasgow, ABC 2
22- Newcastle, Academy 2
23- Manchester, Academy 3
25- Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
26- London, Koko
27- Bristol, Thekla
28- Southampton, Talking Heads

I really enjoyed our conversation and there was so much I wanted to include that it took up the whole show. I played a variety of their songs throughout the conversations, particularly ones that were mentioned, but also they paint a picture of the transitions in their sound. You can hear it all again here:

And you can hear the interview on its own via my Soundcloud link here.

Here is the Anathema playlist for 8th July 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1. Lovelorn Rhapsody (Serenades – 1993)
2. Angels Walk Among Us (We’re Here Because We’re Here – 2010)
3. Presence (We’re Here Because We’re Here – 2010)
4. Crestfallen (The Crestfallen EP – 1992)
5. Inner Silence (Alternative 4 – 1998)
6. A Fine Day To Exit (A Fine Day To Exit – 2001)
7. One Last Goodbye (Judgement – 1999)
8. Distant Satellites (Distant Satellites – 2014)
9. Lightening Song (Weather Systems – 2012)
10. The Lost Song Part 2 (Distant Satellites – 2014)

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Superknown – Musical Meanderings 1st July 2014

Bullseye_Zakk_Wylde_by_adomokMore re-integration back to UK life this week and looking ahead to a couple of events- speaking to Vincent from Anathema, which I’ll be recording and sharing next week. It gave me a chance to play a couple of their songs, including The Lost Song Part 2 from their new album Distant Satellites.

Also this month is Black Sabbath Time in Hyde Park, part of the British Summer Time events. It was a great excuse for me to play a jolly song, Desire, by Ozzy Osborne, featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar, which reminded me of seeing my friend Den’s band, Human Herd. He’s a guitar enthusiast and has a great example of the Zakk Wylde bullseye Les Paul which I enjoyed hearing when they played. Also playing at that event is Soundgarden, who are continuing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Superunknown, which allowed me to dive into that and Hands All Over from Louder Than Love. Which must be loud.

There was also time to celebrate this year’s Glastonbury by mentioning Metallica’s intervention and playing Frank Black during one of his breaks from the Pixies, who played there again this year. You can listen to all this and more once again here:

SuperunkownHere’s the playlist for 1st July 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Tool – Schism (Lateralus – 2001)
2.  Therapy – Safe (Semi Detached – 1998)
3.  Ozzy Osbourne – Desire (No More Tears – 1991)
4.  Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow [Live] (Nothing Else Matters Single – 1992)
5.  Soundgarden – Superunknown (Superunkown – 1994)
6.  Soundgarden – Hands All Over (Louder Than Love – 1989)
7.  Alice In Chains – Damn That River (Dirt – 1992)
8.  Monster Magnet – Baby Gotterdammerung (Powertrip – 1998)
9.  Anathema – The Lost Song Part 2 (Distant Satellites – 2014)
10. Anathema – A Fine Day To Exit (A Fine Day To Exit – 2001)
11. Dinosaur Jr. – Get Me (Where You Been)
12. Frank Black – I Burn Today (Honeycomb – 2005)
13. Mercedes Sosa – Todo Cambia (30 Años – 1993)
14. Peter Broderick – Below It (Home – 2008)
15. Aerosmith – Dream On (Aerosmith – 1973)
16. ZZ Top – Move Me On Down The Line (Tres Hombres – 1973)
17. John Trudell & Bad Dog – Undercurrent (Live À FIP – 2003)
18. John Trudell & Bad Dog – Carry The Stone (Live À FIP – 2003)
19. Allen Morgan – I Accept (Light Tide – 2013)
20. Krishna Das – My Foolish Heart (Bhaja Govinda) (Heart As Wide As The World – 2010)

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Third Eye – Musical Meanderings 24th June 2014


It was great to be back on Phoenix after a bit of a break. I had a healing adventure in Spain, escaping the rat race and visiting friends. It allowed me a fresh perspective on life and how I’ve been leading mine. As well as enjoying the wonderful sun and food I also enjoyed hearing new music, such as Calle 13 and Mercedes Sosa. I’ll be sharing examples of these over coming weeks, but on tonights show I began by way of Amaral, a lovely band from Zaragoza.

SunOn the UK front, I enjoyed revisiting examples of British bands such as Orange Goblin and Biffy Clyro which allowed me to reflect on nice memories rocking to them with friends Matt & Vick at Crysalid. Speaking of Matt & Vick, information on their latest Infinite Bliss Experience event is here.

There was new music to enjoy as well on the psychedelic front as I further explored Zero Point Field by Neutral Motion and a track from an upcoming release by Insane CreaturesComplex Behaviour. You can hear it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 24th June 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Orange Goblin – Magic Carpet (Frequencies From Planet Ten – 1997)
2.  Kyuss – Gardenia (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
3.  Tool – Third Eye (Salival – 2000)
4.  Cathedral – Fountain Of Innocence (The Ethereal Mirror – 1993)
5.  Totalselfhatred – Total Self-Hatred (Totalselfhatred – 2008)
6.  Aztlan Underground – Be God (Aztlan Underground – 2009)
7.  Amaral – Hacia Lo Salvaje (Hacia Lo Salvaje – 2011)
8.  Biffy Clyro – God and Satan (Only Revolutions – 2009)
9.  Johnny Cash – Man In Black (Man In Black – 1971)
10. Moby – Go (Moby – 1992)
11. Neutral Motion – Blue Rain (Zero Point Field – 2014)
12. Hoodwink – Digital Self (Paradoxical – 2014)
13. Onkel Dunkel – Total Viking Power (Use Your Head – 2011)
14. Loose Connection – Boom Blues (Insane Creatures Rmx) (Complex Behaviour – 2014)
15. Nerso – Particles (VA – Future Nature Vol.2 – 2011)
16. Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Nordlight Remix) (Day Din – A Deep Dive – 2009)

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Total Self Chrysalid – Musical Meanderings 27th May 2014

ChrysalidIt was back to the music this week and a pleasure to look forward to another few events. As well as the Sunrise Celebration this weekend which I spoke about last week in depth, there is a 24 hour party rocking this weekend- Chrysalid and Wildthings. Wildthings is a record label I tend to play a lot of music from and together with the Chrysalid organisers, a great party ensues. I enjoyed played songs by some of the artists playing, including Reality Grid and Whiptongue. Speaking of live music, there is of course Phoenix Fridays coming up this Friday.

Allen Morgan

Allen Morgan

Also, I’ve been looking into healing, it was lovely to get the chance to talk about an event, or actually a series of events organised by good friends of mine, Dr Victoria Hamilton and Matthew Williamson. It’s called Infinite Bliss and they’re set over weekends throughout June into July, healing foundational core issues experienced by all of us. You can learn more about it here. And indeed hear the whole show again here:

Here’s the playlist for 27th May 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Queens Of The Stone Age – Regular John (Queens Of The Stone Age – 1998)
2.  Whale – I Miss Me (We Care – 1995)
3.  Boris – Window Shopping (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
4.  Asian Dub Foundation – Real Great Britain (Community Music – 2000)
5.  Totalselfhatred – Enlightment (Totalselfhatred – 2008)
6.  Nine Inch Nails – Last (Broken EP – 1992)
7.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Abattoir Blues – 2004)
8.  The MC5 – Future/Now (High Time – 1971)
9.  Allen Morgan – Love Will Find You (Light Tide – 2013)
10. Allaby – Uberstar (Network – 2006)
11. K.i.MParty In The Woods (Digital EP – 2012)
12. Beardy Weardy – Eggman (Squelch Monster – 2012)
13. Reality Grid – Nine Waves (Cow House – 2013)
14. Whiptongue – Involuntary Moves (Looney Boom – 2012)
15. Ephedrix – Frontiers (Far Away – 2008)
16. Solar Fields – Falling Shadows (Origin #2 – 2013)

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Brandon Boyd – 22nd May 2014


I had a double helping on Phoenix FM this week and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to share I conversation I had with a wonderful artist who has been able to take some time out to spend on his own and give some space to other artistic interests. Brandon Boyd has spent almost half his life as one of the founding members and front man of Incubus and they’re in the middle of a break after their last album. He is looking forward to taking over from Tim Minchin in the lead roll in Jesus Christ Superstar as well as spending time preparing a book of his artwork.

Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd

Alongside all of that Brandon has also been enjoying the freedom to explore his own music. He has collaborated with legendary producer and musician Brendon O’Brien and started a new project called Sons Of The Sea. It’s in new direction than he’s embracing the experience and freedom he has at the moment. It was so lovely to be able to speak to someone who is at the top of their game, not just career wise, but balance within himself and comfortable with the next steps he’s taking, really feeling the joy in making music.

You can listen to it all again here, with the conversation in the second hour:

and the interview on its own on my Soundcloud page.

Here’s the playlist for 22nd May 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun (Pure Phase – 1995)
2.  Belly – Dream On Me (Feed The Tree EP – 1993)
3.  Incubus – I Wish You Were Here (Morning View – 2001)
4.  The Black Crowes – Girl From A Pawnshop (Three Snakes And One Charm – 1996)
5.  Pavement – Date With Ikea (Brighten The Corners – 1997)
6.  Buddy Miles – The Segment (A Message To The People – 1971)
7.  Malojian – Often Wonder (Live At BBC) (The Deer’s Cry – 2013)
8.  Kay Elizabeth – Sunset (Disposition – 2010)
9.  Teenage Fanclub – Radio (Thirteen – 1996)
10. Interpol – PDA (Turn On The Bright Lights – 2002)
11. Anathema – Lightning Song (Weather Systems – 2012)
12. Incubus – Version (Enjoy Incubus EP – 1997)
13. Sons Of The Sea – Jet Black Crow (Sons Of The Sea – 2013)
14. Sons Of The Sea – Untethered (Sons Of The Sea – 2013)
15. Sons Of The Sea – Where All The Songs Come From (Sons Of The Sea – 2013)
16. Sons Of The Sea – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye (Sons Of The Sea – 2013)
17. Paul Simon – Boy In The Bubble (Graceland – 1986)
18. The Lonesome Sisters – Oh Sleeper (Going Home Shoes – 2004)
19. Bruce Springseen – Better Days (Lucky Town – 1992)



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Sunrise Celebration 2014 – Musical Meanderings 20th May 2014


What a pleasure it was to look forward to a great festival coming up from the 29th May to the 1st of June. It’s the Sunrise Celebration and it was lovely to hear it’s back online and getting ready for launch. I spoke to one of the organisers, Sun Bird and it was fascinating to hear how he got back involved and the work that goes on in the background. On my show I regularly talk about ways that we’re finding together of working towards a kind of oneness and unity. There are so many different aspects of the festival for people to enjoy and get involved with, not just music. Included will be talks, workshops, a healing area and even activities for children to get involved with. It was lovely to hear how Sun Bird so eloquently described the process of getting a variety of different people of groups together to collaborate to make it happen, and even to find ways of getting the people who come to just enjoy the festival to feel more involved and able to participate. These processes and ideas will be manifested further at another up and coming festival Sun Bird is involved with in September, the Sundance Collective, more of which I’ll talk about in future shows.

The festival will be truly sustainable, with the infrastructure including an integrated power system in partnership with the Green Festival Alliance, a system for the waste generated, compost toilets and highlighting the importance and value of Permaculture. This information and more is also provided on their website and with their partners.



As well as playing music by some of the artists that will be playing, before coming down to the show I was able to catch a phone conversation with one- Lucas, the psychedelic trance DJ and producer. We managed to cover a lot of ground, from his origins, DJing at very early electronic music parties such as the early acid house events and playing at the Tip Records parties with people such as his friend Raja Ram. He then spoke about getting involved in running the Flying Rhino record label at a difficult time for the music industry, but then how it helped him evolve his musical style down the psychedelic route. We also talked about his love for the Sunrise festival and how he’s looking forward to getting back there again this year.

You can hear it all again here:

and via my Soundcloud page.

Here is the playlist for 20th May 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1. Eat Static – Forgotten Rites (Abduction – 1993)
2. MC Xander – Sick of the Lies (Eyeopeness – 2011)
3. Space Tribe – Genetically Modified Human (2000 O.D. – 1999)
4. Hypnocoustics & Chameleon – Boomslang (Into The Light – 2013)
5. Tristan – Orangutangy (VA – The Garden Of Delights – 2010)
6. Lucas & Eat Static – Troglodyte (Tales Of Heads – 2010)
7. Lucas – Hooked on Machines (Tales Of Heads – 2010)
8. Orchid-Star – Deep Down (Birth – 2008)
9. Ott – Smoked Glass and Chrome (Blumenkraft – 2002)



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A Few Twos – Musical Meanderings 13th May 2014

2 TwosThis week I revisited some long not played artists in twos. With half an eye on Soulfly’s visit to The Black Sabbath event at Hyde Park in July, I enjoyed playing a song from Prophecy once again. Then I spoke a bit of the disparity between the information we receive and what is happening around us, which led to a nice revisit to Sepultura after too long. Along the same topic I thought it would be great to play a couple of songs from Bruce Springsteen who does more than most to highlight the disparity between the haves and have nots and what we hear about them. I played a live version of The Ghost of Tom Joad which featured Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine, who kicked off the show.

Also in the doubles was Spiritualized, one of my favourite British bands of the 90s and I enjoyed hearing their recent Sweet Heart, Sweet Light album, along with heralding some wonderful new good weather with Lay Back In The Sun.

I rocked into this weeks electronic vibes with some fantastic acid techno from MK303, then recent music by the likes of Archaic and Digitalian. You can hear it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 13th May 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Rage Against The Machine – Testify (The Battle Of Los Angeles – 1999)
2.  Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Ill Communication – 1994)
3.  Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Quilombo Groove (Duplo (Dia) – 1998)
4.  Soulfly – Prophecy (Prophecy – 2006)
5.  Sepultura – Propaganda (Chaos A.D. – 1993)
6.  Mogwai – We’re No Here (Mr. Beast – 2006)
7.  Lacuna Coil – Hyperfast (Halflife (The EPs) – 2000)
8.  Pavement – Date With Ikea (Brighten The Corners – 1997)
9.  Spiritualized – Huh? (Intro) (Sweet Heart Sweet Light – 2012)
10. Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun (Pure Phase – 1995)
11. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – The Ghost of Tom Joad (Live) [feat. Tom Morello] (Magic Tour Highlights (Live) – EP – 2008)
12. Bruce Springsteen – War (Live 1975-85 – 1986)
13. Clutch – Small Upsetters (Robot Hive/Exodus – 2005)
14. Herbaliser – Battle Of Bongo Hill (Something Wicked This Way Comes – 2002)
15. MK303Hero Challenge (Digital Rejects 001C – 2013)
16. Reality Grid – Aquaplaner (Cow House – 2013)
17. Archaic – Three Worlds (Cosmic Perspective – 2013)
18. Digitalian – Unexpected (VA – Kaos and Kosmos – 2014)
19. Underworld – Rez (1992-2012 – The Anthology – 2011)

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Herida and Minerva Falls – Musical Meanderings 29th April 2014

Herida and Minerva FallsThis coming bank holiday Sunday, the 6th May will host a wonderful gig at Chinnerys on Southend seafront. It’s been organised by Dawson’s Music Management and it’s in aid of Help For Heroes. The lineup is a wonderful showcase of rock music from Southend and beyond- Rough Divide, Herida and Minerva Falls. It was a pleasure to be joined in the studio by Richard from the management company, Felipe from Herida and Ross from Minerva, who were joining me to talk about the event and catching up with their latest material and how they’re evolving musically. As I expected, the conversation flowed quite nicely and we covered a lot of ground, including their passion for music, which led to sharing of tracks by Pearl Jam and The Black Crowes.

Speaking of upcoming gigs, I couldn’t talk about upcoming bank holiday fun without mentioning a great night ahead, this Friday 2nd at the Boston Music Room in Tuffnell park where fellow Musical Meanderings stalwarts The Cortège shall also be rocking amongst another great line up. I celebrated by playing Homo Empathicus from their mighty Triangle EP. It’s all available to listen to again here:

Herida MinervaClick here for the link to the interview on Soundcloud.

Here’s the playlist for 29th April 2014 (Albums in brackets)

1. Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Night – Echoes Return (Underground – 2013)
2. Deftones – Passenger (White Pony – 2000)
3. Herida – Refrain (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
4. Herida – Colours (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
5. Minerva Falls – D-evil (Death In The Afternoon – 2014)
6. Minerva Falls – CLM (Death In The Afternoon – 2014)



7. Pearl Jam – Infallible (Lightening Bolt – 2013)
8. The Black Crowes – No Speak, No Slave (Freak And Roll…Into The Fog – 2006)
9. The Cortège – Homo Empathicus (Triangle EP)

Minerva Falls

Minerva Falls

Rough Divide

Rough Divide

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Catching Dreams – Musical Meanderings 22nd April 2014

More forward momentum on this week’s show, mainly catching up with artists that have featured before, but I’ve caught up to date with their more recent material. I celebrated a friends visit to London with a couple of songs by Crippled Black Phoenix. My friend Ottavia put me on their early album, 200 Tons of Bad Luck a couple of years ago and it was about time I listened to their more recent releases White Light Generator and No Sadness or Farewell which I played a couple of songs from. There was also time for another play of The Dark Tides, celebrating a gig they’re playing Wednesday night, along with Sabatta and the Black Orchids. It’s so nice that they’re all playing together as I was used to having to decide who to see at times- the last couple or so times The Dark Tides and Sabatta have played for instance, were on the same night in different parts of London!

Also this month sees a new release by Archaic on a compilation, Release The Kraken, available as a free download on Ektoplazm. I took the opportunity to include it in a bit of a mix amongst recent favourites such as fellow Greek DarkShiRe along with Beardy and even heavier rocking by Kindzadza. You can hear it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 22nd April 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Vista Chino – Acidizel the Gambling Moose (Peace – 2013)
2.  Deftones – Rosemary (Koi No Yokan – 2012)
3.  The Dark Tides – All I Want
4.  Rush – Mission (Snakes And Arrows Live – 2008)
5.  Crippled Black Phoenix – How We Rock (No Sadness Or Farewell – 2012)
6.  Crippled Black Phoenix – Hold On (No Sadness Or Farewell – 2012)
7.  Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (Accelerator – 1991)
8.  Ovnimoon – Learning (Trancemutation of the Mind – 2013)
9.  Beardy Weardy – London Calling (Squelch Monster – 2012)
10. DarkShiRe – Endless Dream (After The Storm – 2012)
11. Kindzadza – Dreamcatcher (Insoluable – 2010)
12. Vertical – Minotaurus rmx (Vertical – 2014)
13. Archaic – Parallel Dimensions (Release The Kraken – 2014)
14. Onkel Dunkel – Seven Sisters of Sleep (Use Your Head – 2011)

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Dawing Dreams – Musical Meanderings 8th April 2014

DreamsIt was wonderful to looking forward to some more out and about this coming summer after booking a ticket to see Black Sabbath in July. The line up includes bands I enjoyed seeing in my youth including Soundgarden, Motörhead  and Faith No More. It’ll be great to see and and indeed hear how they are now and to finally, belatedly see Black Sabbath. I celebrated by playing some songs by them, including the first ever Soundgarden one I heard, Slaves and Bulldozers.

I also played some new musical discoveries, good recommendations in the form of Lethian Dreams and Humanoid Interface, who were part of a psy trance mix I played in the second hour, including recent releases by Gelika and Ital. There was also a nod to last weeks wonderful show with some rocking acid techno by OB1. You can hear it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 8th April 2014 (Albums in Brackets)
1.  Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere (Live) (Live at the Brixton Academy – 1991)
2.  Motörhead – Too Late, Too Late (Overkill – 1979)
3.  Soundgarden – Slaves And Bulldozers (Badmotorfinger – 1991)
4.  Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf (Master of Reality – 1971)
5.  Lethian Dreams – Dawn (Season of Raven Words – 2012)
6.  Anathema – Lightning Song (Weather Systems – 2012)
7.  Interpol – PDA (Turn On The Bright Lights – 2002)
8.  The Dark Tides – Unnecessary Enemy
9.  Sabatta – No Permission (Know My Name EP – 2014)
10. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (X-Trax – 1995)
11. OB1 – Nice-One (Digital Rejects 002B – 2014)
12. Man With No Name – Possessed (Earth Moving The Sun – 1998)
13. Gelika – Rekorderlig (Nomad 25 Remix) (Exponential Terror – 2014)
14. Humanoid Interface – Moruboru (Kaos and Kosmos – 2014)
15. Fagin’s Reject – Skull (Degenerate EP – 2012)
16. Ital – Walking Conscious (Original Mix) (Angkor – 2014)
17. Merkaba – Galactic Ohm (2013)

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Chris Liberator – Musical Meanderings 1st April 2014

Chris LiberatorAfter a break of over a year, it was such a pleasure to welcome back Chris Liberator back to the Phoenix FM studios. We had such a wonderful conversation last time, discovering the origins of the acid techno scene, times with the festivals in the 80s and his part in them and continuing punk vibes with his band Dogshite. We continued the discussions, on the music front discussing the latest Stay Up Forever 100 releases and the continuing commitment to releasing on vinyl as well as the downloads. We also talked about the benefit of playing live music in a band and, despite the benefits of producing and playing analogue music, how young enthusiasts of the acid techno scene are able to contribute with the ease these days of producing music on their computers.

stayupforeverOn other fronts, there has been so much that has happened since we last spoke, including the recent passing of Bob Crow and Tony Benn, who’s legacies we discussed and continuing inequalities. We maintained a positive perspective and spoke of hopes for the future, with a move towards unity and how we’ll overcome the challenges we’re facing, including overcoming our ego and the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine.

You can listen to it all again here:

With Soundcloud link to the interview here.

For news and purchasing of Stay Up Forever releases visit here, Facebook here and the 909London site for downloads. As we mentioned during the show, we spent so long talking that we didn’t perhaps play as many songs as we would have liked, but to make up for it, the link to the Naked Lunch podcast featuring Chris’ mixes is here.

Thanks to listener Kevin Pearson- the link to the BBC festival documentary Chris talked about is here.

Here is the playlist for 1st April 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1. Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss with Rachel Rackitt – Croydon Girl (Suf 100.3)
2. Lochi – Crush Chop Sniff Repeat (Suf 100.5)
3. Rowland The Bastard and The Geezer – Deck Assassins, Acid Gladiators (Suf 100.5)
4. Dogshite – Violence Is Your Creed (Bristol Anti Fascist Compilation – released soon)
5. Skints – The Cost Of Living Is Killing Me (Penny Drop)
6. The Mob – Rise Up (All The Madmen)
7. Systems Rejects – D.L.W.S.A.T.B. (Corrosive 004)
8. The Dice feat. Tiddles – Made Me (Beetroot recs – unreleased)
9. Trip Hazard – Do Not Exceed The Dose (Suf 100.5)

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Out and about with Sabatta – Musical Meanderings 25th March 2014



It was great to get back on the conversation vibes tonight, and even better to head out for a drink to do it. After playing the conversation I recorded in a pub with Robert Francis last week, I headed to Borough in London to have a drink and a chat with Mari and Yinka from Sabatta who looking forward to the release of their new EP, Know My Name next Monday the 31st. I was able to learn how their sound is evolving and how they’re feeling about the new material, as well as how Mari feels now she’s established in the band. I played the title track from the EP, along with another song on it, Told Ya. Here are the links where you can get hold of it from Monday- Bandcamp and Soundcloud download.

On other music news, I was celebrating getting back out and about to some Psytrance enjoyment with a little mix featuring a song from Hoodwink’s just released EP Paradoxical (if it can be pronounced).

You can listen to it all again here:

Also you can hear the interview on its own on my Soundcloud page here.

Here’s the playlist for 25th March 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Foo Fighters – All My Life (One By One – 2002)
2.  Mother Love Bone – Capricorn Sister (Apple 1990)
3.  Deftones – Passenger (White Pony – 2000)
4.  Mogwai – White Noise (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will- 2011)
5.  Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Criança De Domingo (Afrociberdelia – 1996)
6.  Run DMC – It’s Tricky (Raising Hell – 1986)


Mari in Sabatta

7.  Sabatta – Know My Name (Know My Name – 2014)
8.  Sabatta – Told Ya (Know My Name – 2014)
9.  Ben Pearce – What I Might Do (Club Mix)
10. Seba – Painted Skies (The Joy (Face To Face) – 2010)
11. Ital vs. Spectra Sonics – Relations in the World (Revelations In The World – 2012)
12. Hoodwink – Paradoxical Part 1 (Paradoxical EP – 2014)
13. Ianuaria – Indigo Dance (Twisted Vision III – 2012)
14. Materia – Inside (The Aeon Gathering – The Revival Chapter II – 2014)

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Today Is A Good Day – Musical Meanderings 18th March 2014

UniverseIt was back to just music fun this week and with half an eye towards the Spring equinox towards the weekend. It’s been an interesting year so far, going by quick as expected, but with ups and downs and reminders to see them all as lessons and not attach. It was sort of appropriate to play Today Is A Good Day by New Model Army, who I found out last week are still with us which is nice. I’m not sure I took the song in the spirit it was intended as I was attempting to remind myself about living in the moment. I think they were talking about being a bit more proactive in our day to day dealings with the changes around us, which I thought was a great excuse to play music by Keny Arkana and Immortal Technique who are great at delivering messages powerfully and succinctly, certainly encouraging a bit pro-activity.

It was great to kick off with a rare appearance by Red Hot Chili Peppers, then Dinosaur Jr. appropriately being Almost Ready. I also celebrated great recent live gigs by show stalwarts Herida and Sabatta- Herida at the Edge bar in Basildon last Thursday and Sabatta at the Windmill in Brixton. You can listen to it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 18th March 2014 (Albums in brackets)



1.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Blood Sugar Sex Magik – 1991)
2.  Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready (Beyond – 2007)
3.  New Model Army – Today Is A Good Day (Today Is A Good Day – 2009)
4.  Deftones – Dai Th Flu (Around The Fur – 1997)
5.  Madrugada – Vocal (Industrial Silence – 1999)
6.  Herida – Colours (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
7.  Sabatta – Emperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes EP – 2009)
8.  Meat Puppets – In Love (Monsters – 1989)
9.  Keny Arkana – La Rage (Entre Ciment Et Belle Étoile – 2006)
10. Immortal Technique – Eyes in the Sky (The Martyr – 2012)



11. Puto Português – Ta Mal’e (Geraçao do Semba – 2010)
12. The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Surrender – 1999)
13. Oceanic – Insanity (Classic Radio Edit) (That Compact Disc By Oceanic – 1991)
14. KLF – What Time is Love? (The White Room – 1991)
15. Filteria – In The Heavens Eye (Daze Of Our Lives – 2009)
16. Ovnimoon – Learning (Trancemutation Of The Mind – 2013)
17. Reality Grid – Death To The Ego (Cow House – 2013)
18. Ozric Tentacles – White Rhino Tea (Live Underslunky – 1992)
19. Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way (Far Away Trains Passing By – 2005)

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Robert Francis – Musical Meanderings 11th March 2014

Night TideThis week it was wonderful to continue the momentum of the year and share a great conversation I was able to record with Robert Francis while he was in town promoting his new album Heaven with his band The Night Tide. I actually caught up with him in a pub in central London, which turned out to be a great location to have a drink and find out more about him and his music. We talked about his times before in the UK and Europe and how his approach to music has evolved over the years. It’s been a natural progression for him and it was lovely to hear how he has been following a path which is perfectly natural for him after leaving school early and being able to pursue music in his life. He has learned to get in touch with the different facets of his personality and find the musical outlets that resonates with each of them.

Robert FrancisWe also talked about the different energies between creating the music, recording it and playing it live and connecting with the audience, as well as the trust and camaraderie of a band. Also with the influences of location, such as the recording of Heaven in the beautiful countryside of Washington state, compared to studios in Los Angeles.

Other music I played included those I mentioned in the conversation, Loudon Wainwright and My Morning Jacket, along with London based artist Eileen Quashie who I’m looking forward to catching up with on the show soon.

You can listen to it all again here:

The interview is available for download on my Soundcloud page here.

Here is the playlist for 11th March 2014 (Albums in brackets)
Robert Francis Heaven1.  Fishbone – Behavior Control Technician (The Reality Of My Surroundings – 1991)
2.  My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (It Still Moves – 2003)
3.  Herida – Elias (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
4.  Foo Fighters – Everlong (The Colour And The Shape – 1997)
5.  Malojian – Often Wonder (The Deer’s Cry – 2014)
5.  Rilo Kiley – A Better Son-Daughter (The Execution Of All Things – 2002)
6.  Robert Francis & The Night Tide – Baby Was The Devil (Heaven – 2014)
7.  Robert Francis – One By One (Before Nightfall – 2009)
8.  Robert Francis & The Night Tide – Pain (Heaven – 2014)
9.  Robert Francis – Junebug (Before Nightfall – 2009)
10. Robert Francis & The Night Tide – See You Around (Heaven – 2014)
11. Loudon Wainwright III – Surviving Twin (Last Man On Earth – 2001)
12. The Black Crowes – Stare It Cold (Shake Your Money Maker – 1990)
13. Eileen Quashie – Come To Me (Mighty Children)
14. Ojos De Brujo – Memorias Perdías (Bari – 2002)
15. Spiritualized – Take Good Care Of It (Pure Phase – 1995)
16. Chihei Hatakeyama – Towards a Tranquil Marsh (Minima Moralia – 2006)


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Dar Williams – Musical Meanderings 4th March 2014

Dar Williams

When I saw and interviewed The New Mendicants at Dingwalls back at the end of January I also had the pleasure of chatting to Malojian who was supporting them. During our conversation he mentioned that he was returning to the UK to support Dar Williams on her tour in March. She’s a wonderful singer-songwriter and I’ve enjoyed her music, especially since hearing her version of Highway Patrolman on the Badlands: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album. That seemed like a good reminder to familiarise myself with the rest of her large body of work and try and catch up with her too before she arrived. I was able to arrange to speak to her on the phone last week while she was still in America, still quite early in the morning and I was out and about here, but I was able to record our chat.

We were able to cover a lot of ground during our conversation. She is touring the UK supporting her latest album In The Time Of Gods, but also it was the 20th anniversary of her debut album, The Honesty Room. We were able to talk about how she got the first album released and the differences of each album since and that landmarks they reflected in her life. I learned how her creative process hasn’t changed, but she has along her journey, what she brings to her music and how even being in different places can affect her music. Also I was able to talk about the cover versions she has performed, particularly Highway Patrolman which introduced me to her music and Comfortably Numb which includes a wonderful contribution by Ani DiFranco on vocals. Dar also teaches music to young people and in workshops and it was great to hear her perspective on how young people are engaging with the world and the optimism that brings. Speaking of optimism, I was also able to ask Dar about ‘Positive Proximity‘, which is something she has been speaking about and helping encourage in small towns, where through social capital-building, towns can become unique, prosperous and self-reliant.

Also on the show I was able to play songs from a couple of artists who unfortunately left us recently. Legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia and former Cry of Love singer Kelly Holland died within a couple of days of each other towards the end of February and I celebrated their life and how they were able to shine.

You can listen to it all again here:

You can listen to and download the interview without the music via my Soundcloud page.

And you can find out more about the tour dates here.

Here’s the playlist for the 4th March 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Black Crowes – Hotel Illness (The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion – 1992)
2.  Robert Francis & The Night Tide – Baby Was The Devil (Heaven – 2014)
3.  Cry Of Love – Highway Jones (Brother – 1993)
4.  Paco De Lucia – Chick (Zyryab – 1990)
TimeOfGods5.  Dar Williams – The Light and the Sea (In the Time of Gods – 2012)
6.  Dar Williams – You’re Ageing Well (The Honesty Room – 1993)
7.  Dar Williams – The Easy Way (Live) (Many Great Companions – 2010)
8.  Dar Williams – This Is Not The House That Pain Built (The Honesty Room – 1993)
9.  Dar Williams – Comfortably Numb (My Better Self – 2005)
10. Dar Williams – Highway Patrolman (Badlands: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska – 2000)
11. Dar Williams – This Earth (In The Time Of Gods – 2012)
12. Dar Williams – Crystal Creek (In The Time Of Gods – 2012)
13. Allen Morgan – Tide of light (Light Tide – 2013)
14. Bliss – Come Into The Light (A Hundred Thousand Angels – 2004)

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Light Tide – Musical Meanderings 18th February 2014

lightideBack to some old school meanderings during tonight’s show. The first hour showcased a lot of what I’ve been enjoying recently, with the likes of Mother Love Bone, Black Crowes and Stone Temple Pilots keeping it rocking. I also continued my attempt at summoning the new Tool album by playing 4 Degrees. There was then a traditional transition into the next hour when I celebrated many peoples adventures in India this winter. Every year many people head over there to enjoy psy trance rocking in the sun so tonight I joined with many people who are online sharing their experiences by playing rocking psy trance by people who are out there rocking it, such as Rena Psi-Bindi. I also celebrated the continued journey of Insane Creatures after Gelika posted this week that she was keeping the vibe going.

There are an exciting few weeks coming up here on Musical Meanderings, tonight I also played songs by great artists who I’m looking forward to speaking to over the coming weeks. The wonderful Rev Allen Morgan will be joining me for a chat and I’ll also be catching up with Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, who has a new project- Sons Of The Sea. You can hear it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 18th February 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Van Halen – Fools (Women and Children First – 1980)
2.  Mother Love Bone – Heartshine (Apple – 1990)
3.  Tool – 4 Degrees (Undertow – 1993)
4.  Kyuss – Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
5.  Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing (Core – 1992)
6.  Rollins Band – On My Way To The Cage (Come In And Burn – 1997)
7.  The Black Crowes – HorseHead (By Your Side – 1998)
8.  The Black Keys – Give Your Heart Away (Magic Potion – 2006)
9.  Incubus – I Wish You Were Here (Morning View – 2001)
10. Sons Of The Sea – Jet Black Crow (Sons Of Sea – 2013)
11. Curtis Mayfield – Love To The People (There’s No Place Like America Today – 1975)
12. Manuel El Guajiro Mirabal – Mi Corazon No Tiene Quien Lo Llore (Buena Vista Social Club Presents – 2007)
13. Allen Morgan – New dawn (Light Tide – 2013)
14. 10,000 Maniacs – These Are Days (Our Time In Eden – 1992)
15. The Future Sound Of London/Amorphous Androgynous – Guru Song (The Isness – 2005)
16. Shpongle – Scmaltz Herring (Nothing Lasts… But Nothing Is Lost – 2005)
17. Ital – New Beginning (Spiritual Vibes – 2008)
18. Rena & Psymmetrix – Sunshine
19. Insane Creatures – Insane Gelika (Brotherys Balderdash – 2011)
20. Southwild – Anti Gravity (4 Crazy Legs EP – 2013)
21. Shiva Chandra – Arvika (Change Of Air – 2005)

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Valentines Fun – Musical Meanderings 11th February 2014

Love was in the air for this show as a love theme sort of took over. I was compiling music and thought I would find a variety of songs that covered the love aspect of life. As I discussed during the show, for me it wasn’t just a romantic love which can, when you’re single like me, leave you a bit disconnected during the Valentines Day ritual. I also talked about how important it was to build the love for ourselves, which is important to have for ourselves in life in general once we remember we have everything within us that we need. And it’s even more important to harmonise that attraction to someone special and not hang our happiness or need on them or anything external.

Compiling the music then became great fun. Toward the start I continued my journey with some of the rocking I’ve been enjoying recently, including the likes Raging Slab, Tool, Vista Chino and great memories of the Persistence of Time album by Anthrax with H8 Red. The love theme really got rocking with the likes of Downset for all of us, then romantically with John Lennon, Joan Armatrading, and Nirvana, with a comical element from the Welsh favourites Tigertailz. I eased out of the show, if you’ll pardon the expression, rocking with a last minute rocking intervention from Mammoth, before the gentle, beautiful vibes from Nick Barber and Bliss. You can listen to it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 11th February 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Cult – Soul Asylum (Sonic Temple – 1989)
2.  Tool – Lateralus (Lateralus – 2001)
3.  Raging Slab – Ain’t Ugly None (Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert – 1993)
4.  Goatsnake – Raw Curtains (Dog Days – 2004)
5.  Vista Chino – Sweet Remain (Peace – 2013)
6.  Anthrax – H8 Red (Persistence Of Time – 1990)
7.  Downset – Together (Check Your People – 2000)
8.  Tigertailz – Love Bomb Baby (Bezerk – 1990)
9.  Ty Segall – Love Fuzz (Twins – 2012)
10. The Rolling Stones – Factory Girl (Beggers Banquet – 1968)
11. Tom Waits – Shiver Me Timbers (The Heart Of Saturday Night – 1974)
12. John Lennon – Love (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – 1970)
13. Joan Armatrading – Love By You (Secret Secrets – 1985)
14. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Love Letter (No More Shall We Part – 2001)
15. Nirvana – Love Buzz (Bleach – 1989)
16. The Doors – Love Her Madly (L.A. Woman – 1971)
17. Mammoth – All The Days (Mammoth – 1989)
18. Nick Barber – Angelheart (Clear Blue Sky – 2008)
19. Bliss – Naked (A Hundred Thousand Angels – 2004)

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The New Mendicants and Malojian – Musical Meanderings 28th January 2014

New Mendicants

The New Mendicants Clear Vinyl.Last Thursday I had the pleasure of heading down to Dingwalls in Camden for lovely gig and conversations with lovely people. The New Mendicants were playing and supporting their new album Into The Lime and Northern Irish act Malojian was supporting.

The New Mendicants is a project with Joe Pernice from the Pernice Brothers, Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub and Mike Belisky from The Sadies. They have known or been aware of each other for many years, but it wasn’t until they separately migrated to Toronto and hung out there that the project fell into place. I only met Joe and Norman as Mike was already away with The Sadies, but one thing that was clear when I saw them was how at ease they are, making an art out of creating your own reality, something I have talked about on the show many times. They enjoy playing music, each others company and have put no pressure or expectations on themselves. This is reflected with the ease they have on stage and how they’re able to enjoy themselves on tour, actually spending time in the cities and countries they are visiting, rather than just living out of a suitcase, tour bus or a hotel room, especially as it was only the two of them at the moment which helps immensely with time and logistics. During their tour, both they and Malojian had their albums available on vinyl which brought us to also reminisce on analogue listening.



It was also a pleasure to catch up with Malojian during his first visit to London, it’s always so nice in those moments when you experience something for the first time. You can listen to it all again here:

The New Mendicants

The New Mendicants

You can listen to and download the conversation without music via my Soundcloud page and my conversation with Malojian here.

Here’s the playlist for 28th January 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Teenage Fanclub – Radio (Thirteen – 1996)
2.  Belly – Baby’s Arm (Now They’ll Sleep single – 1995)
3.  The Black Crowes – Girl From A Pawnshop (Three Snakes And One Charm – 1996)
4.  Gomez – Get Miles (Bring It On – 1998)
5.  Manassas – So Many Times (Down The Road – 1973)
6.  Dar Williams – Comfortably Numb (My Better Self – 2005)
7.  Malojian – Often Wonder (The Deer’s Cry – 2014)
8.  Malojian – Julie-Anne (The Deer’s Cry – 2014)
9.  Bobby Whitlock – The Scenery Has Slowly Changed (Where There’s a Will There’s a Way – 2013)
10. Kay Elizabeth – Sunset (Disposition – 2010)
11. The Beautiful South – From Under The Covers (Welcome To The Beautiful South – 1989)
12. Pernice Brothers – Conscience Clean (I Went to Spain) (Live A Little – 2006)
13. The Lonesome Sisters – Oh Sleeper (Going Home Shoes – 2004)
14. The New Mendicants – Cruel Annette (Into The Lime – 2014)
15. The New Mendicants – Shouting Match (Into The Lime – 2014)
16. The New Mendicants – Out Of The Lime (Into The Lime – 2014)
17. The New Mendicants – If You Only Knew Her (Into The Lime – 2014)
18. The New Mendicants – A Very Sorry Christmas (Into The Lime – 2014)
19. Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place (A Strangely Isolated Place – 2005)

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Always New Music To Hear – Musical Meanderings 21st January 2014

Seckou KeitaThe new year has been continuing and I’ve been so grateful to have more new music come my way. As I talked about in the show, I have always been proud of the range of music that I’ve known about and enjoyed, but I’ve not been integrating a lot of new stuff recently. However, in tune with the new year and thanks to many great friends, integration has now been happening for sure. Tonight I was able to play a whole lot of new music, from the likes of Natacha Atlas, Seckou Keita, Bill Miller and Sara Tavares. Then there was also music by artists who I was familiar with name-wise, but not actually familiar with actual music wise, such as Raging Slab and Manassas.

ManassasThere was also new band along with gig news as I previewed a conversation I’ll be recording with The New Mendicants on Thursday at Dingwalls in Camden. It’s a new band featuring Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub. I’ll be playing my chat with them next week, but in the meantime I played a song by them and led in with some classic Teenage Fanclub from the Grand Prix album. You can hear it all again here:

Ojos-de-BrujoHere’s the playlist for 21st January 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Jimi Hendrix – Can You See Me (Are You Experienced – 1967)
2.  The Black Crowes – No Speak No Slave (Southern Harmony and Musical Companion – 1992)
3.  Stone Temple Pilots – Still Remains (Purple – 1994)
4.  Smashing Pumpkins – Daphne Descends (Adore – 1998)
5.  Herida – Colours (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
6.  Tool – H. (Aenema – 1996)
7.  Foo Fighters – Everlong (The Colour And The Shape – 1997)
8.  Joy Formidable – This Ladder Is Ours (Wolf’s Law – 2013)
9.  Raging Slab – National Dust (Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert – 1993)
10. Manassas – Isn’t It About Time (Down The Road – 1973)
11. Ojos De Brujo – Todo Tiende (Techari – 2006)
12. Natacha Atlas – Iskanderia (Diaspora – 1995)
13. Teenage Fanclub – Sparky’s Dream (Grand Prix – 1995)
14. The New Mendicants – This Time (The Australia E.P. – 2013)
15. John Trudell and Bad Dog – Broke The Light (Live À FIP – 2005)
16. Bill Miller – Praises (The Red Road – 1993)
17. Seckou Keita – Distance (Miro – 2012)
18. Sara Tavares – One Love (Balance – 2006)
19. Ulrich Schnauss – In Between The Years (Goodbye – 2007)
20. Porn Sword Tobacco – Pappa Min Karlek Ar Gravid (New Exclusive Olympic Heights – 2007)
21. Snatam Kaur – Ong Namo (Live In Concert – 2007)

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Into January – Musical Meanderings 14th January 2014

Solar Halo (January 30, 2011)

January is well underway (once again, how quickly!) and it’s very easy to fall into a midwinter depression. We’re around the day when someone worked out (or made up) that it’s the most depressing day of the year. That is one way to look at it- the days are dark, the weather can be bad, we’ve finished a holiday season and it all makes life a bit hard to swallow, especially if there are many things day to day are hard to tolerate. This week I was talking about the positive elements of this time of year- the days are slowly getting longer, some the weather can be enjoyable (snow!) and during the cold weeks, it’s so lovely to be indoors, cuddled up in the warm. Particularly if there are projects that can be worked on indoors, to get ready for launch in the warmer months when more time will be spent outdoors having fun!

the CortegeI attempted to help provide some musical entertainment to help any winter blues. I celebrated an upcoming gig by The Cortège at the Boston music room in Tufnell Park  on 24th January by playing Bewitched Betwixt from their E.P. they played when they visited me in the studio in 2012. I also played a song by Trivium after a brief recent look at their catalogue, dove into some Allman Brothers and Chris Robinson and remembered how long it was since I saw Nicole Atkins on Jools Holland, amongst other delights. You can listen to it all again here:

Here’s the playlist for 14th January 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. – 1984)
2.  Stone Temple Pilots – Hollywood Bitch (Shangri-la Dee Da – 2001)
3.  The Cortège – Bewitched Betwixt (The Cortège E.P. – 2012)
4.  Trivium – To Believe (Vengeance Falls – 2013)
5.  Rage Against The Machine – Testify (The Battle Of Los Angeles – 1999)
6.  Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Fear Of A Black Planet – 1990)
7.  Cypress Hill – I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That (Black Sunday – 1993)
8.  Fugazi – Ex-Spectator (The Argument – 2001)
9.  Wolfmother – White Unicorn (Wolfmother – 2005)
10. Foo Fighters – Halo (One By One – 2002)
11. Black Crowes – Ballad In Urgency (Amorica – 1994)
12. Chris Robinson – Safe In The Arms Of Love (New Earth Mud – 2002)
13. Allman Brothers Band – Trouble No More (Live at A&R Studios, NY 8-26-1971)
14. Joan Armatrading – I could have been better (Whatever’s for us – 1972)
15. Low – Broadway (so many people) (The Great Destroyer – 2005)
16. Nicole Atkins – Kill the Headlights (Neptune City – 2007)
17. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Darker With The Day (No More Shall We Part – 2001)
18. Paul Simon – Graceland (Graceland – 1986)
19. Crystal Gayle (Tom Waits) – Take Me Home (One From The Heart – 1982)
20. Tom Waits – New Coat of Paint (The Heart Of Saturday Night – 1974)
21. Cocteau Twins – The Itchy Glowbo Blow (Blue Bell Knoll – 1988)
22. Deva Premal – Om Namo Bhagavate (Embrace – 2002)

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Launch – Musical Meanderings 7th January 2014

Motherland2014 is underway and it was great to continue as I mean to…continue! On tonight’s show I continued to celebrate the likes of Trippy Wicked and Chico Science, but I also looked ahead at some of the artists that will be joining me over the coming weeks. In particular tonight a wonderful musician called Kyazi Lugangira. who I had the pleasure of meeting at a night put on by my friend Yinka Oyewole. He is the guitarist in the band of the wonderful singer Sona Jobarteh and I enjoyed playing a song from the soundtrack they made for the African documentary film Motherland. I’m looking forward to when he can join me on the show and, in the meantime, I enjoyed playing music by a couple of artists he recommended, particularly Ballake Sissoko and Ayub Ogada.

I enjoyed the sequence of music on tonight’s show, particularly how I managed to meander from Soulfly and Black Sabbath through Sona, Ballake and Ayub to John Lennon and Bateman & the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra playing the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. You can check out how I got on here:

Here’s the playlist for 7th January 2014 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Stone Temple Pilots – Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart (Tiny Music – Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop – 1996)
2.  Texas Is The Reason – Back And To The Left (Do You Know Who You Are? – 1996)
3.  Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Banditismo Por Uma Questa (Da Lama Ao Caos – 1994)
4.  Soulfly – Mars (Prophecy – 2004)
5.  Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight – Echoes Return (Underground – 2013)
6.  Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s Dream (Volume 4. – 1974)
7.  Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire (The Battle Of Los Angeles – 1999)
8.  Audioslave – Yesterday To Tomorrow (Out Of Exile – 2005)
9.  Anathema – Sunlight (Weather Systems – 2012)
10. Pink Floyd – On The Turning Away (A Momentary Lapse Of Reason – 1987)
11. The Black Crowes – She Gave Good Sunflower (Amorica – 1994)
12. Lee Scratch Perry – I’ll Take You There (Jamaican E.T. – 2002)
13. Sona Jobarteh – Saya (Motherland – The Score – 2011)
14. Ballake Sissoko & Toumani Diabate – Bi Lambam (New Ancient Strings -1999)
15. Ayub Ogada – Thum Nyatiti (En Mana Kuoyo – 1993)
16. Gil Scott-Heron – You Could Be My Brother (Real Eyes – 1980)
17. John Lennon – Mother (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band – 1970)
18. The Antlers – On The Roof (In The Attic Of The Universe – 2007)
19. Paul Bateman & The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra – The Balcony Scene (From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)
20. Easily Embarrassed – Moon People (Injection Of Dreams – 2012)

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New Years Eve – Musical Meanderings 31st December 2013


So we’re here. The end of 2013 arrived and where did it all go. It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the sun during precious moments of the day, but they’re behind us and we’ve rampaged into winder, celebrated a wonderful solstice and festive period and are ready for launch into 2014. After enjoying the dawn of Christmas the previous week, it was wonderful and a pleasure of presenting the final Phoenix FM show of 2013 and herald the dawn of 2014. I continued looking back at some of the musical highlights of the year, but also the previous year as I remembered when De Fuego joined me live in the studio. They are Edina Balczó and Davide Lufrano Chaves and the reason I revisited that episode is because I heard the upsetting news over the Christmas period that Davide had passed away after an extended period of illness. He was supremely talented musician who was loved by everyone that saw him play. One great example he left behind was how he was able to embrace his talent and live a life performing and doing what he loved. That was also reflected in what people saw and even though it is immensely upsetting to lose him, it was at least wonderful to have seen him burn brightly and make such an impact.

During the launch into 2014 I also played more music that inspired me in 2013, such as Nação Zumbi and the new albums by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight and Mazzy Star and I felt it appropriate to leave 2013 with a beautiful Devi prayer and set the tone for a wonderful new beginning. You can listen to the show again here:

Here’s the playlist for 31st December 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Belly – Now They’ll Sleep (King – 1995)
2.  Dinosaur Jr. – I Know It All So Well ( I Bet On Sky – 2012)
3.  Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight – New Beginnings (Underground – 2013)
4.  Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity (Dopes To Infinity – 1995)
5.  Nação Zumbi – Propaganda (Nação Zumbi – 2002)
6.  Soulfly – Living Sacrifice (Prophecy – 2004)
7.  Rage Against The Machine – People Of The Sun (Evil Empire – 1996)
8.  Stone Temple Pilots – Down (No. 4 – 1999)
9.  Mazzy Star – In The Kingdom (Seasons Of Your Day – 2013)
10. Dan Reed Network – Rainbow Child (Slam – 1989)
11. Elliott Smith – Don’t Go Down (A Basement on the Hill – 2004)
12. Paco De Lucia – Chick (Zyryab – 1990)
13. De Fuego – The Empty (Bluebird – 2012)
14. De Fuego – Bluebird (Live Phoenix FM Session – January 2012)
15. De Fuego – E Minor (Live Phoenix FM Session – January 2012)
16. Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way To Fall (A Long Way To Fall – 2013)
17. Craig Pruess & Ananda – Devi Prayer (108 Sacred Names Of Mother Divine – Sacred Chants of Devi – 2002)

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Tangra Festival 2013 – Musical Meanderings

Tangra 2013

TangraAfter a bit of a delay, I enjoyed having a fond look back at my time at the Tangra 2013 festival in June. I did play a show special back in July, but I’ve revisited it now, along with posting my photos of the event. The festival was in the Sandanski region of Bulgaria, and as I mention a few times in the show, it was a lovely experience and it was such a pleasure to be there and meet the Bulgarian people in particular. I found them to be warm, hospitable and enthusiastic to welcome people to their country. More than one of them were a bit sad to report that their fellow countrymen spoke negatively about their conditions there, but actually they have many things to be proud of, such as the local produce and food, the actual countryside and, especially,  the character of the people, which I found warm and hospitable, as everyone who attended the festival felt.

Matt In Orbit

Matt In Orbit

The festival was based in the grounds of a nice hotel, which used to be the summer residence of the old dictator, Todor Zhikov and it was lovely to feel the lovely surroundings made use of for such a positive, rocking vibe. The line up was fantastic, featuring a lot of favourite established acts such as Arjuna, E.V.P, and HypoGeo, local Bulgarian artists such as Kliment and Kundalini and also, a nice part about the organisation is how they showcase new artists and it was lovely to hear new up and coming DJs and producers such as Kloud Nin9 TRD, Looney and Matt-In-Orbit enjoy playing in the festival sunshine. Also, a large part of the experience there was the Spiritual Garden, which was a beautiful area of structures and tents where there were workshops, healing and yoga amongst other activities. There was also great artwork on display, such as a lovely gallery by Looney Moon productions from Italy, Free Trance Form and Quantum Tribe from Russia and Janis Lipstovs from Lativa. Pioneering visual artists such as Luthien form Venezuela and Aksvenur from Bulgaria really added to the spectacle.



It was a pleasure to meet good friends there as well as many new ones and I was able to speak to them and be able to share some of the conversations I recorded. I spoke to artists who enjoyed playing at their first festivals or, at least, in Bulgaria such as Elevator Muzic and Matt_In_Orbit and wonderful souls who were sharing knowledge in the workshops, or in food stalls, or helping with the infrastructure.



You can listen again to it here:

Tangra Festival 2013 – Musical Meanderings by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Psy Cow

Psy Cow

Here’s the playlist from 2nd July 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1. Arjuna – Geometric (VA – Hill Top Chronicles, Vol. 1 – 2011)
Chat with Ogi
2. Yudhisthira – Take A Deep Breath (Wicked Gail’s Tales – 2013)
Chat with Ren and Mark from Elevator Muzic
3. Elevator Muzic – Home
4. HypoGeo – Sector of Silence  (VA – Various Poems – 2010)
Chat with Saci
5. TRD – Scripture
Chat with Matt-In-Orbit



6. Jahbo – Subatomic (Parvatrip, Vol.3 – 2012)
Chat with Tudor
7. Aura – Ruffly Feathers (New Circuitry – 2012)

Elevator Muzik

Elevator Muzik

















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Christmas Eve – Musical Meanderings 24th December 2013


Well Christmas came all a little bit quick! As I discussed in the show, it only seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the sun. But no matter it’s a wonderful tie of year anyway as we come out of the solstice celebrations into a nice time with loved ones and then looking forward to longer days. I enjoyed not only rocking into the middle of the week, but into Christmas day! I took the opportunity of having a little look back over the year at some of the highlights including my conversation with Chris Liberator when he joined me in the studio and some of the music I discovered, including Puscifer and Vista Chino.

WildthingsEvery year the presenters on Phoenix FM pick their favourite albums and songs of the year, so I took the opportunity to play my song of the year by the mighty Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight– Echoes Return from their fantastic mini album of this year Underground. My album of the year was the long awaited release from Reality Grid- Cow House, which is the side project of E.V.P and it came out this month. I played the title track and it rocked appropriately! The psy trance mix I played also included new releases this year from Southwild and Archaic. I hope you had a wonderful festive period!

You can listen again here for your seasonal delights:

Christmas Eve – Musical Meanderings 24th December 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 24th December 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Kyuss – Odyssey (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
2.  Vista Chino – Dargona Dragona (Peace – 2013)
3.  Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight (Underground – 2013)
4.  Puscifer – Telling Ghosts (Conditions Of My Parole – 2011)
5.  Chris Goss, Tim Commerford, Dave Grohl, Brad Wilk – Time Slowing Down (Sound City OST – 2013)
6.  Mother Love Bone – Capricorn Sister (Apple – 1990)
7.  Pearl Jam – State Of Love and Trust (Singles OST – 1992)
8.  The Dark Tides – Can’t Let You Go (2013)
9.  Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready (Beyond – 2007)
10. Tool – Forty Six and 2 (Aenima – 1996)
11. Hawkwind – Space Is Deep (1996 Digital Remaster)
12. Chameleon & Temporal Coding – Quixotics (Organic Dream – 2010)
13. Southwild – Confused and Distorted (4 Crazy Legs – 2013)
14. RealityGrid – Cow House (Cow House – 2013)
15. Archaic – Hidden Universe (Cosmic Perspective – 2013)
16. Chris Liberator – Rock It Now (Teknic 07 single – 1997)

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Band4Life, The Santa Cause – Musical Meanderings 26th November 2013


Jessica Noah

Jessica Noah

There have been two previous Band4Life events in Southend and on those occasions I’ve had the pleasure of being joined by Chris Powell on the phone before hand to catch up and find out more about them. This time it was great to actually have him live in the studio to discuss the upcoming event, the Santa Cause, on the 21st December at the Railway Hotel. It was appropriate because it’s one of the biggest line ups he’s organised and great that it’s in aid of a charity that is close to his heart. Chris unfortunately had a brush with homelessness in his youth, but was fortunate to receive assistance when it mattered. Chris is returning the favour because this next Band4Life event is in aid of H.A.R.P. – a charity based in Valkyrie Road in Southend which is the Homeless Action Resource Project. It does great work in helping the homeless locally and funds from the next event will go towards them.

Glass Brides

Glass Brides

It’s unfortunately been a while since I have been joined in the studio by guests so it was appropriate that I caught up with loads all at the same time! It wasn’t quite a madhouse, but a few of the 23 acts that are playing at the Santa Cause were able to come along with Chris to the studio- Glass Brides, The Fifty-Four Plates, Jessica Noah and Matt from Vox Empire. We found out more about Chris’ background with the charity and about the bands themselves. It was also lovely to hear how they each find the music scene in Southend and are able to help and encourage each other in their directions. Chris also brought along music from Youth Club and Micky Denny who will also be playing at the event. Other artists playing who I look forward to having on the show soon include the wonderful Bloodline and The Good Jet Shooters with previous guests Mark Wynn and Mark Schubert with from Phillious Williams with his daughter Jesse.
There are videos from the sessions, more links and info to be updated on this page, but in the meantime here is the show again to catch up with at your leisure:

Band4Life – The Santa Cause – Musical Meanderings 26th November 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud


The Fifty-Four Plates

The Fifty-Four Plates







Here’s the playlist for 26th November 2013

Glass Brides

Glass Brides

1.  Anthrax – Madhouse (Spreading The Disease – 1985)
2.  Glass Brides – No Costa Del Sol (Nature of the Beats – 2013)
3.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – I Had A Dream Joe (Henry’s Dream – 1992)
4.  Glass Brides – Parasite (Live Phoenix FM Session)
5.  A Perfect Circle – The Noose (Thirteenth Step – 2003)
6.  The Fifty-Four Plates – All The Way Home (Live Phoenix FM Session)
7.  Shimshai – All That I Am (I Sense Your Presence – 2001)
8.  Pink Floyd – Mother (The Wall – 1979)
9.  Youth Club – Flashlight
10. Youth Club – Nothing
11. Jessica Noah – Best Friend (Live Phoenix FM Session)
12. Micky Denny – Chocolate Jesus
13. Vox Empire – Lovers Fall
14. Vox Empire – Lindsey (Live Phoenix FM Session)

Vox Empire

Vox Empire










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I Bet On Sky – Musical Meanderings 27th August 2013

I Bet On SkyHere’s the playlist for 27th August 2013
1.  Van Halen – The Full Bug (Diver Down – 1982)
2.  Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade (Evil Empire – 1996)
3.  Public Enemy – See Something, Say Something (How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who  Sold Their Soul? – 2007)
4.  A Tribe Called Quest – What? (The Low End Theory – 1991)
5.  Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run (Kill Bill OST – 2003)
6.  Habib Koité & Bamada – Din Din Wo (Muso Ko – 1995)
‪7.  El Amor – Siempre Quedara‬
8.  Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The Legend Of Jesse James (The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford – 2007)
9.  Barn Owl – Pale Star (Lost In The Glare – 2011)
10. Crippled Black Phoenix – A Lack Of Common Sense (200 Tons Of Bad Luck – 2009)
11. Heavy Blanket – Dr. Marten’s Blues (Heavy Blanket – 2012)
12. Dinosaur Jr. – Pierce The Morning Rain (I Bet On Sky – 2012)
13. Sebadoh – License to Confuse (Bakesale – 1994)
14. Throwing Muses – Saving Grace (House Tornado – 1988)
15. Plump DJs – Electric Disco (A Plump Night Out – 2000)
16. Sonic Species – Machina Terra (Unleash The Beat – 2012)
17. Ianuaria – Indigo Dance (VA – Twisted Vision III by Shotu & Manu – 2011)
18. Chris Rich & Module Virus – Space Face (VA Momento Demento – 2013)
19. Archaic – Three Worlds (Cosmic Perspective EP – 2013)
20. Illustrator – Freaky Karatshi (Secret Vibes EP – 2013)
21. 2012 – Abduction (Carbon 7 EP – 2012)
22. Xerox & Illumination – Funkenstein (VA – The History Of Goa Trance Vol. 2 – Sound of HOMmega – 2008)
23. Nerso – Synapse (Exploration Of Infinity – 2011)

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Trancemutation – Musical Meanderings 20th August 2013

Ovnimoon TrancemutationHere’s the playlist for 20th August 2013
1.  Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere (Live) (Live At The Brixton Academy – 1990)
2.  Metallica – Jump In The Fire (Kill ‘Em All – 1983)
3.  Queens Of The Stone Age (Songs For The Deaf – 2002)
4.  Downset – Eyes Shut Tight (Do We Speak A Dead Language? – 1996)
5.  Guano Apes – Open Your Eyes (Proud Like A God – 1999)
6.  Lacuna Coil – Swamped (Comalies – 2001)
7.  The Joy Formidable – My Beerdrunk Soul Is Sadder Than a Hundred Dead Christmas Trees (Single 2008)
8.  The Naked And Famous – Hearts Like Ours (In Rolling Waves – 2013)
9.  Fifty Four Plates – All The Way Home (Phoenix FM live session)
10. Band Of Horses – Laredo (Infinite Arms – 2010)
11. Hawkwind – Paradox (Hall of the Mountain Grill – 1974)
12. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Music For The Jilted Generation – 1995)
13. Ancient Tribes – Inside The Soul (AHO – 2011)
14. Ovnimoon – La Danza Espiritual (Trancemutation Of The Mind – 2013)
15. Savage Circuit – Slight Of Mind (Digital Domain EP – 2013)
16. Encephalopaticys – Error 11 (Ukalen – 2009)
17. Ajja – Bayaya (Tulpa – 2012)
18. K.i.M – Cumbrella (Party In The Woods – 2012)

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Nocturnal Network – Musical Meanderings 6th August 2013

Nocturnal Network

Here’s the playlist for 6th August 2013
1.  Helmet – Milquetoast (Betty – 1994)
2.  Rollins Band – Inhale Exhale (Come In And Burn – 1997)
3.  Ty Segall – Thank God For The Sinners (Twins – 2012)
4.  Obituary – Threatening Skies (Back From The Dead – 1997)
5.  Dinosaur Jr – Rude (Bet On Sky – 2012)
6.  Joy Division – Interzone (Unknown Pleasures – 1979)
7.  The Cult – Wake Up Time For Freedom (Sonic Temple – 1989)
8.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Straight To You (Henry’s Dream – 1992)
9.  Yinka Oyewole – Little Hipster Girl Lost (Single)
10. The Dark Tides – Can’t Let You Go
11. Frank Blank – Headache (Black Session – 1994)
12. Orbital – Never (Wonky – 2012)
13. Hawkwind – Wind Of Change (Hall Of The Mountain Grill – 1974)
14. Sinister Silence – Someday (feat. Camile Jones – Still Around Mix) (Groove Attack by Liquid Soul – 2012)
15. Ital – Indian Force (The World Of Spirit Plants – 2009)
16. Archaic – Surreal Resonator (Nocturnal Network – 2013)
17. Neutral Motion – Response Acceleration (Nocturnal Network – 2013)
18. Harmonic Rebel – Deep Cuts (Once In Nature EP – 2013)
19. Insane Creatures & Ivanelic – Fractal Patterns (Fractal Dreams – 2011)
20. Savage Circuit – Buying Time (Digital Domain – 2013)

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Sound City – Musical Meanderings 30th July 2013

sound city

Here’s the playlist for 30th July 2013
1.  Mother Love Bone – Capricorn Sister (Apple – 1990)
2.  Living Colour – Pride (Time’s Up – 1990)
3.  Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike (Temple Of The Dog – 1991)
4.  Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror (Vs. – 1993)
5.  Soundgarden – Outshined (Badmotorfinger – 1991)
6.  Audioslave – Out Of Exile (Out Of Exile – 2005)
7.  Chris Goss, Tim Commerford, Dave Grohl, Brad Wilk – Time Slowing Down (Sound City – Reel To Reel OST – 2013)
8.  Masters Of Reality – Domino (Masters Of Reality – 1989)
9.  Nirvana – Breed (Nevermind – 1991)
10. Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly (There Is Nothing Left To Lose – 1999)
11. Kyuss & Queens Of The Stone Age – If Only Everything (Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age EP- 1997)
12. Puscifer – Green Valley (Conditions Of My Parole – 2011)
13. Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners (Bet On Sky – 2012)
14. Heavy Blanket – Corpuscle Through Time (Heavy Blanket – 2012)
15. Ulaan Khol – Sunset, 2am (Los Angeles EP – 2012)
16. Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice (Rock Action – 2001)
17. Whiptongue – Unobservable Thoughts (VA Fantasy Drops – 2010)
18. Savage Circuit – Re-Entry (Digital Domain EP – 2013)

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Devi Prayer – Musical Meanderings 23rd July 2013

Here’s the playlist for 23rd July 2013
1.  Tool – Prison Sex (Undertow – 1993)
2.  Megadeth – My Last Words (Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? – 1986)
3.  Thin Lizzy – Are You Ready? (Life – 1983)
4.  Public Image Limited – Low Life (First Issue – 1978)
5.  Rollins Band – Up For It (Nice – 2001)
6.  Iggy Pop – Lust For Life (Lust For Life – 1977)
7.  Throwing Muses – I’m Alive (Hunkpapa – 1989)
8.  Hüsker Dü – I Don’t Know For Sure (Candy Apple Grey – 1986)
9.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song (Live At The Royal Albert Hall – 1997)
10. The Beautiful Girls – Cash Money (Learn Yourself – 2003)
11. Meat Puppets – Another Moon (Forbidden Places – 1991)
12. MC5 – Looking At You (Back In The USA – 1970)
13. Sic Alps – Everywhere, There (U.S. EZ – 2008)
14. Ty Segall – Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart (Slaughterhouse – 2012)
15. Dinosaur Jr – I Know It Oh So Well (I Bet on Sky – 2012)
16. Heavy Blanket – Galloping Toward The Unknown (Heavy Blanket – 2012)
17. Savage Circuit – Instinct (Digital Domain EP – 2013)
18. Illustrator – Secret Vibes (Secret Vibes EP – 2013)
19. Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way To Fall (A Long Way To Fall – 2013)
20. Craig Pruess & Ananda – Devi Prayer (108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine – 2002)

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I Feel You – Musical Meanderings 18th June 2013

i-feel-youEvents tonight meant that I was able to start the show half an hour earlier. It was great to be able to make the most of it and it also unveiled some deeper meanderings. I had a brief celebration of this years Download festival by enjoying some new Queens of the Stone Age from the new ….Like Clockwork album. They were one of the main acts at this years festival and as always, I’m not able to play one of their songs without diving into their origins and rocking with some classic Kyuss. I also couldn’t resist playing a song by local chaps Depeche Mode.

Then after some more wonderful John Trudell I transitioned into some psychedelic realms almost in an appropriate way via Gong, Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane, then celebrated some of the artists I enjoyed at the Transition festival and others that are playing around Europe this summer. I’m back on top of the listen again facility and you can check out this show again here:

I Feel You – Musical Meanderings 18th June 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here is the playlist for 18th June 2013
1.  The Cult – Sun King (Sonic Temple – 1989)
2.  Dinosaur Jr. – Blowing It (Green Mind – 2006)
3.  Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine (The Reality Of My Surroundings – 1991)
4.  Stan Bush – Dare (Transformers The Movie Soundtrack – 1986)
5.  Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Songs Of Faith And Devotion – 1993)
6.  Led Zeppelin – In The Evening (In Through The Out Door – 1979)
7.  Kyuss – Gardenia (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
8.  Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
9.  Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun (…Like Clockwork – 2013)
10. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On? (Live) (What’s Going On? Deluxe Edition – 2000)
11. John Trudell & Bad Dog – Crazy Horse (Live à Fip – 2005)
12. Gong – Radio Gnome Invisible (Flying Teapot – 1973)
13. Pink Floyd – Julia Dream (The Early Singles – 1968)
14. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (Surrealistic Pillow – 1966)
15. Astral Projection – Nilaya (Another World – 1999)
16. Via Axis – Melt Into The Green (Expressions Of One – 2011)
17. Astrix – Life System (Eye To Eye – 2003)
18. Hilight Tribe – Didjedelik (Trancelucid – 2009)
19. Asimilon – The One Just Moved (Galactic Suite – 2010)
20. Ital – The World Of Spirit Plants (The World Of Spirit Plants – 2009)
21. Savage Circuit – Just An Animal (Digital Domain EP – 2013)
22. Suduaya – Divine Healing (Dreaming Sun – 2011)
23. Day.Din – Sync Yourself (Krama Remix) (Across The Sea – 2011)

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Secret Plants – Musical Meanderings 11th June 2013

Here’s the playlist for 11th June 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister (Sonic Temple – 1989)
2.  Texas Is The Reason – Back And To The Left (Do You Know Who You Are? – 1996)
3.  David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – 1972)
4.  The Stone Roses – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister (The Stone Roses)
5.  UFO – Doctor Doctor (Phenomenon – 1974)
6.  Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – 1988)
7.  Crippled Black Phoenix – Littlestep (200 Tons Of Bad Luck – 2009)
8.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Cannibals Hymn (Abattoir Blues – 2004))
9.  Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds (Exodus – 1977)
10. De La Soul – Say No Go (3 Feet High And Rising – 2009)
11. Chase & Status – Smash TV (More Than Alot – 2008)
12. Egorythmia & Ace Ventura -White Tunnel (Forensic Science – 2011)
13. M-Klome – Secret Plants (Fairy Tales – 2004)
14. AMD – Carnival (After Go – 2013)
15. Beardy Weardy – 3 Pipe Problem (Squelch Monster – 2012)
16. Hoodwink – Shimmer (Sound Mirrors – 2010)
17. Tron – Think Slink (Across the Andes – 2010)
18. Insane Creatures & Ivanelic – Mexican Base (Tropical Visions – 2012)
19. U-Recken – Eye Of The Beholder (Deeper Into Man – 2008)

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Band4Life – Musical Meanderings 4th June 2013

As the sun continues to shine it was lovely to look forward to a busy few days, especially over the weekend. Over in Southend at the Peter Boat on both Saturday and Sunday is the latest Band4Life event, this time in aid of St. Christopher’s School. I had the pleasure once again of being joined on the phone by Chris Powell who is helping organise it and it was great to hear his excitement about how it will unfold. I spoke to him on the eve of their last event back in December and, as then, the line up this time is looking good with the likes of Phillious Williams, The Good Jet Shooters who joined us here for the Phoenix Creative sessions and indeed White Devils’ Cause who have joined me here before on Musical Meanderings. If you’re able to head down to Old Leigh in Southend over the weekend you’re sure to find sunshine, lovely people and great music.

On a similar note, it’s also a busy weekend on the psychedelic trance front as there are a couple of great events to enjoy if you’re out and about on that side. There is a Chrysalid and Wildthings records outdoor event featuring the likes of Hoodwink, Avalon, E.V.P and Whiptongue, then if you’re staying in London there’s another wonderful Tribal Village event at the Crucifix Lane venue featuring Journey (Jay Om), Nick Sequenci, Fordy and Andy Force who also joined me a few weeks on the show. When the music meandered into a psychedelic vibe I enjoyed playing some of their music and looking forward to some sunshine. You can listen to the show again here:

Band4Life – Musical Meanderings 4th June 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the plaits for 4th June 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Bob Marley – One Love / People Get Ready (Exodus – 1977)
2.  Poison – Nothing But A Good Time (Open Up And Say Ahh… – 1988)
3.  Tool – Forty Six & 2 (Aenima – 1996)
4.  Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined (The Fragile – 1999)
5.  White Devils’ Cause – All The Way Home (Phoenix FM Session 29/01/13)
6.  The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun (Dig Your Own Hole – 1997)
7.  Rodriguez – I Wonder (Cold Fact – 1971))
8.  The Rolling Stones – Happy (Exile On Main Street – 1972)
9.  Paul Simon – The Boy In The Bubble (Graceland – 1986)
10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Carry Me (The Lyre Of Orpheus – 2004))
11. Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face (Unreasonable Behaviour – 1999)
12. Liquid Soul – Global Illumination (Original Mix) (Love In Stereo – 2009)
13. Journey – Spirit Molecule (Through The Mirror – 2011)
14. E.V.P – The Great Machine (Harmonic Module – 2005)
15. Insane Creatures – Sicksicksicks (VA – The Whole Spectrum – 2012)
16. Whiptongue – Unobservable Thoughts (Fantasy Drops – 2010)
17. Vibrasphere – Vertical (Exploring The Tributaries – 2007)
18. Solar Fields – Random Friday (Random Friday – 2012)

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Rocking eternally – Musical Meanderings 28th May 2013


This week it was once again back on my own in the studio, but it gave me a chance to celebrate a previous week of musical moments. I had the pleasure of catching with friends on various occasions and each time brought either new music to my attention or great memories of old favourites. On a warm evening in Shoreditch I managed to watch two great gigs, first of all catching up with Yinka at a boutique bar, which led me to play Emperor’s New Clothes from his band Sabatta, then there was a rocking gig at the Underbelly where Michael Jablonka’s band The Dark Tides were playing. Michael has been in a few bands, including playing bass in The Dustaphonics. Now though he is the front man in this exciting three piece and I’m looking forward to them joining me in the studio in a few weeks.

At a friend’s birthday over the weekend it was great to catch up with Dan Shears who was also in attendance. He is such a nice guy and we enjoyed his impromptu performance during the proceedings and I couldn’t resist playing the beautiful Lily tonight. Speaking of catching up with friends, on the 5th of May I’m looking forward to a crazy one day mission to Paris to see Iron Maiden during their anniversary Maiden England tour which brought an appropriate playing of Can I Play With Madness? tonight. Staying on the heavy metal theme, I was catching up with some news and spoke about Jeff Hanneman who died on May 2nd. He was the guitarist and one of the main songwriters in Slayer and it was upsetting to hear that he had left us so young. Slayer were one of the most visceral and powerful of the 80’s ‘big four’ metal bands, which included Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth.

Here is the playlist for 28th May 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Led Zeppelin – We’re Gonna Groove (Live At The Royal Albert Hall – 1970)
2.  The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (Abbey Road)
3.  Queens Of The Stone Age – My God Is The Sun (…Like Clockwork)
4.  The Cortège – Homo Empathicus (Triangle EP)
5.  The Dark Tides – All I Want
6.  Sabatta – Emperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes EP)
7.  Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra – Lily (The Eternal Mystery Of The Human Heart)
8.  The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Queen Is Dead)
9.  Herida – Refrain (Ghost Of The Sun)
10. Slayer – War Ensemble (Seasons In The Abyss)
11. Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son)
12. The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Music For A Jilted Generation)
13. Dust & Whiptongue – Da Blah (VA Momento Demento)
14. Ital – Pure Air (Goa Neo Full On And Progressive Trance Vol 7)
15. Fagin’s Reject – Dirty Random (Degenerate EP)
16. Insane Creatures & Ivanelic – Alien Dreams (Fractal Dreams EP)
17. Archaic – Vortex (Wildness)
18. Ritmo & Zen Mechanics – Imprint (Phrase A)

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E.V.P – Musical Meanderings 21st May 2013

Tonight’s show was one I have been looking forward to for a while. Earlier this year I was able to record an interview with psychedelic trance artist Alex Diplock, otherwise known as E.V.P. In fact we recorded it over two sessions as the first time we weren’t able to cover everything we wanted, including a tour in India he was able to do in between them. I have always liked his music and have known him for a while so I knew it would be an interesting conversation because, as well as his music and musical background, we would cover other subjects too as he has interests and knowledge in other subjects, including what I try and regularly talk about on the show.

We did find out about his original musical influences, particularly psychedelic rock which inspired him to become a guitarist in a psychedelic rock band. Then his musical studies and experience with sound engineering led him into music production and sound design via the genres gabba and acid techno into psychedelic trance music, then forming Wildthings Records with Beardy. Speaking of his sound design, during the interview you will hear Phoenix FM jingles that E.V.P made. You can find out more here. Along side this over the years he has been studying and developing a business with DJ Neil Apex doing 3D animation and design, particularly for visuals and light shows for parties and festivals. He then shared his experiences of a successful past year with all of the gigs he has played around the world and his upcoming itinerary over the summer and beyond, including the excitement of being on the same line up at the Future Nature festival with one of his favourite bands the Ozric Tentacles.

We then talked about the effect of sound and sound frequencies on our bodies and brains from a healing perspective, especially the influence E.V.P‘s music and psychedelic trance has in general. This then led us on to discussing our evolution as humans and we also discussed the psychedelic trance party scene in London as well as how he’s expanding his music mastering work to other artists, not just his own, including the soon to be released compilation for the Momento Demento festival. Throughout the interview we heard his music, including his side project Reality Grid and the music he suggested from the bands that influenced him, namely Gong, Steve Hillage and the aforementioned Ozric Tentacles. You can listen to it all again here:

Here is the itinerary of his upcoming gigs:
May 28th Parvati Valley India,
May 31st Sunrise Festival, Uk
June 08 Chrysalid, Uk
June 15 Tree Of Life Festival Turkey,
June 20th Tangra Festival Bulgaria,
June 25th Spiritbase Festival Hungary,
August 9th Wonderland festival, Germany
August 10th Paradigm 050 Festival Netherlands,
August 15th Future Nature Festival Croatia,
August 21st Modem Festival Croatia,
Sept 5th Black Moon Festival Italy,
Sept 22nd Texas USA
October 5th London,
October 12th Hamburg

And here is a link to the Soundcloud page of the upcoming Wildthings Records release ‘Nocturnal Network

Here’s the playlist for 21st May 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Gong – Master Builder (You)
2.  E.V.P – Harmonic Module (Harmonic Module)
3.  Steve Hillage – The Salmon (Fish Rising)
4.  E.V.P – Zombie Killers (Holographic Consciousness)
5.  E.V.P – Mutiny (Holographic Consciousness)
6.  Ozric Tentacles – Sploosh! (Strangeitude)
7.  Reality Grid – The Art Of Music (Reality Check)
8.  E.V.P – Neuroplasticity (Neuroplasticity)
9.  E.V.P – Baad Sheep (with Southwild) (Neuroplasticity)
10. E.V.P – Ancient Monuments (with Onkel Dunkel) (Neuroplasticity)
11. E.V.P – Spectral Seagulls (Neuroplasticity)
12. E.V.P – The Great Machine (Harmonic Module)

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Move On Up – Musical Meanderings 30th April 2013

Here’s the playlist for 30th April 2013 (Albums in brackets) Listen again to follow…
1.  Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun (Pure Phase)
2.  Tool – Vicarious (10,000 Days)
3.  Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think (How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul)
4.  Stevie Wonder – Superstition
5.  Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
6.  Paul Simon – Graceland (Graceland)
7.  Kundalini – Cow Den (Dance, Trance & Magic Plants)
8.  Ajja – Widdershins (Tulpa)
9.  E.V.P – Waldorf Salad (Neuroplasticity)
10. Archaic – Visionary Plants (VA Cymatic Freakuenices)
11. Insane Creatures – Insane Gelika (VA Brothers Balderdash)
12. Seti – Convenience (Primordial Distortions)
13. Whiptongue – Congruant Angles (Tetraspace)
14. NOK – In Heaven With You (Royal EP)
15. Liquid Soul – Global Illumination (Original Mix) (Love In Stereo)
16. Solar Fields – Perception (Random Friday)


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Psy Sisters – Musical Meanderings 23rd April 2013

This week I had the pleasure of sharing information about a new project in the psychedelic trance scene called Psy Sisters. It’s a collective of talented female artists which include producers, DJs, décor and visual artists and organisers. Since the end of last year and into this year I have spoken a few times on the show about the rise of the divine feminine and examples I’ve seen of the rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies in the world around us. This is a great idea to collaborate and showcase their skills and as an organisation they are aiming to help, seek and inspire women as artists. As I mentioned during the show I couldn’t think of a better example to celebrate this than the some of the rocking music I was able to share, such as mixes from artists that will be playing at their launch party at the Union Club in Vauxhall on the 17th May, such as Gelika, Psibindi and Nuky.


It was great to be able to record a conversation with Rena (Psibindi) before my show and we talked about the origins of the collective and how they’re looking to build on the great momentum they already have, as well of course looking forward to the party. She was also able to explain about the music in the mixes I played on the show as well as what will be heard at the party, including artists that aren’t able to attend live, such as Altruism.

You can hear it all again here on my Mixcloud page:

Psy Sisters – Musical Meanderings 23rd April 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

And hear mixes from the Psy Sisters members here.


Miss Piskey

Sol Shine


DJ Nuky


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Transition Festival 2013 – Musical Meanderings 16th April 2013

As I mentioned last week during my show, over the Easter period I was able to enjoy another transformative occasion in Spain at the latest edition of the appropriately titled Transition festival. It’s the second year in a row I was able to attend this wonderful event, held in a beautiful national park near Almonte in the Huelva province of southwestern Spain. It’s the first major European festival of the season and it was a great way to temporarily flee the biting cold of the UK and get dancing outdoors, literally experiencing the transition out of winter into spring. While I was there I was able to record nice conversations with some of the artists who played, including Psibindi and Suduaya, who actually ended up camping next to my friends and I. Leading up to the festival here was a DJ competition run by the Transition crew through Facebook and the winner was able to play at the festival. This year it was won by Tobias Bassline and it was great to see him enjoying himself during his first set outside his home country of Germany. I had a chat with him too and you can check out his set here.

I loved getting different perspectives on the event, though there were common themes amongst most of the people I spoke to, mainly based around the great music we were enjoying, the lovely, friendly people that we were constantly meeting and the beautiful location, surrounded by amazing pine trees. You’ll hear me mention them more than once during the conversations and also talk about the welcoming, hospitable feeling from the organisers and, as a result, from everyone sharing the atmosphere. It was also great to feel the progress the festival is making, evolving from last year- improving where needed, yet keeping what was working.

Sonic Species

As well as the conversations, I played music from some of the artists I enjoyed rocking at the event, including Sonic Species, Suduaya, Avalon and Lucas. You can listen to it again here on my new Mixcloud page:

Transition Festival 2013 – Musical Meanderings 16th April 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud


Here’s the playlist for 16th April 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1. Sonic Species – Bend The Future (Goa Deluxe)
2. Day.Din – Sync Yourself (Sync Yourself)
3. Shpongle – Dorset Perception (Tales of the Inexpressible)
4. Filteria – Earthrise (Daze Of Our Lives)
5. Hypnocoustics – Auratoria (Buddha Nature EP)
6. Suduaya – Children Of The Sun (Dreaming Sun)
7. Suduaya – Divine Healing (Dreaming Sun)
8. Avalon – Teleporter (Distant Futures)
9. Tristan & Lucas – Magic Umbra (Tales Of Heads)

Armin Boom Shankar








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Andy Force – Musical Meanderings 9th April 2013

Last week I returned fully charged from the Transition festival and inspired by the experiences I had, the people I met and the conversations I had with them. I was fortunate enough to continue the vibe this week as I was joined by psy trance DJ Andy Force who joined me in the studio. He was able to share his story of his musical journey from enjoying rock and metal, through discovering Hard House electronic music and enjoying the parties in London to enjoying his current adventure with Psychedelic Trance and how he’s now able to DJ at great parties and co-organise his own events, such as the next Astral Circus event on the 31st May. I enjoyed hearing some of his current favourite songs he enjoys and plays, such as by Psynina and Ginetik.

One of the many things I love about the psy trance scene is how the people involved are able to share their experiences and demonstrate new ways how humans can co-exist. This is often demonstrated at events such as festivals which show how sustainable living can be achieved outside the current defined system. Andy and I talked about this and it led us onto another of his great passions which is politics and how he saw the Occupy movement as the first way he could get involved rather than being a worried, powerless spectator which many of us can be led to feel. We talked about how the weaknesses of the capitalist system and how it’s failed the general population. The conversation was well timed because of the death of Margaret Thatcher on Monday and we talked about the effect she had on the direction of politics since she came to power. This led us to play music along these themes such as Fuel by Metallica, which Andy wanted to play for the students who occupied Sussex university because of the privatisation there, Toxicity by System Of A Down, which was appropriate when we were discussing the banks and the always welcome Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine. It was a great way to end the show and we played it for the people mentioned in the Calum’s List memorial page who died as a direct result of the welfare reforms which are part of the policies which have continued since Margaret Thatcher’s reign.

Here are a couple of sources of alternative news which we talked about during the show:

You can find out more about Andy here, on the page promoting his participation at his first international gig at the fantastic Vibe festival this coming June.  It includes links to his mixes such as this one.

And you can listen to the show again here at your leisure:

Andy Force – Musical Meanderings 9th April 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here is the playlist for 9th April 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Meat Puppets – Paradise (Huelva)
2.  The Wedding Present – Dan Dare (Seamonsters)
3.  Psynina – Necrastate Patterns (Sexy Secret)
4.  Ginetik – Makes Me Wonder (Wild Prospective EP)
5.  Chameleon & Temporal Coding – Quixotics (VA – Organic Dream)
6.  Metallica – Fuel (Reload)
7.  Elvis Costello – Tramp The Dirt Down (Spike)
8.  System Of A Down – Toxicity (Toxicity)
9.  John Trudell & Bad Dog – Crazy Horse  (Live à Fip)
10. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine)

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Tales From The Coin Spinner – Musical Meanderings 26th March 2013

This was my last show before a break for a week when I was able to head to Spain for another wonderful time at the Transition festival. It’s a very appropriately named event and my first time last year came at a very transitional time for me as I was moving into a time of working for myself and all of the internal transformations which came with self reliance. This year was no different and I look forward to sharing my adventures and chats with some of the people involved next week on the 16th. In the meantime my show was the last one for a while where I was able to meander through another journey from old favourites into new, via the likes of the Black Crowes, who played a reunion concert in London over Easter, through another enjoyable psy trance mix with new songs from 2012, Seroquel and Ital and Spectra, finishing off with a beautiful song from 2011 by Easily Embarrassed. I’m looking forward to being joined by more guests to share the load, along with great music and wonderful conversation, starting with Andy Forse on the 9th April.

Here’s the playlist for 26th March 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Kyuss – Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop (Welcome To Sky Valley)
2.  The Black Crowes – Twice As Hard (Shake Your Money Maker)
3.  Jack White – I’m Shakin’ (Blunderbuss)
4.  Belly – L’il Ennio (King)
5.  Mammoth – All The Days (Mammoth)
6.  Kirsten Hersh – Glory Weed (50 Foot Wave)
7.  Joy Division – Disorder (Unknown Pleasures)
8.  Peter Broderick – Sideline (How They Are)
9.  Harold Budd – Boy About 10 (By The Dawn’s Early Light)
10. Aretha Franklin – Good Times (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You)
11. Pink Floyd – In The Flesh (The Wall)
12. Ozric Tentacles – Snakepit (Live Underslunky)
13. Nerso – Synapse (Exploration Of Infinity)
14. Seroquel – Serenity (VA Butterfly Effect)
15. 2012 – La Fuerza Spiritual (Baktun 130000)
16. 2012 & Tera – High Paradise (Baktun 130000)
17. Ital & Spectra Sonics – Relations in the World (Voyage)
18. Isochronic – Crowbar (Section 6 EP)
19. 2012 – Alien Contact (Carbon 7 EP)
20. Aqualize – Land of 2 Suns (Phaxe Remix) (Land of 2 Suns Remixes)
21. Easily Embarrassed – Moon People (Tales Of The Coin Spinner)

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Eyes Wide Open – Musical Meanderings 19th March 2013

It was back to the meandering selection tonight as I was back on my own.  Even though I’m coming to prefer my conversations and connections with guests, I really enjoyed diving into a selection of music, including some new songs recommended by friends. I got back into some Joy Division vibes recently and it was great to play Atmosphere, then Therapy?’s rendition of Isolation. Then it was a great highlight to play a song recommended by Felipe Bricknell from Herida this week by a band called Aztlan Underground. They’re a rap/rock band from Los Angeles and they really speak on behalf of the indigenous peoples, especially the Nahua in Mexico. I played Moztlitta by them and it’s completely sung in the native language Nahuatl. After that I couldn’t resist playing another band from LA, Downset, who I had great memories seeing play in the early 90s and they can also be relied upon to express powerful thoughts and emotions in their words. Tonight I played Eyes Shut Tight which brought to mind the current and latest financial crisis, this time in Cyprus and it’s now clear that a lot more people are waking up and opening their eyes to what is happening to them and the whole picture of the system that’s being imposed on us.

Then I treated myself to a little celebration of some nice vibes last week and this. I enjoyed catching up with friends’ birthday and engagement party celebrations so I enjoyed  continuing the vibe with the song Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park, which was recommended by my friends Matt and Vicky as I hadn’t kept up to date with many bands from the ‘Nu-Metal’ scene. Then of course Birthday Party by Grandmaster Flash was great way to continue celebrating! It was great to be joined by them and a few others on the chat room during the show for a mini reunion.

Into the second hour I shifted a meander back down the psychedelic route with more rocking songs I’ve been enjoying recently.

Here’s the playlist for 19th March 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1. Deftones – Leathers (Koi No Yokan)
2. Marilyn Manson – I Don’t Like The Drugs (Mechanical Animals)
3. Joy Divinsion – Atmosphere (Substance)
4. Therapy? – Isolation (Troublegum)
5. Aztlan Underground – Moztlitta (Aztlan Underground)
6. Downset – Eyes Shut Tight (Do We Speak A Dead Language?)
7. Linkin Park – Wretches And Kings (A Thousand Suns)
8. Grandmaster Flash – Birthday Party (Grandmaster Flash)
9. Living Colour – Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothing (Biscuits)
10. Sabatta – Emperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes)
11. The Future Sound of London – Lifeforms (Lifeforms)
12. Shpongle – My Head Feels Like a Frisbee (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
13. Xerox & Illumination – Funkenstein (The History Of Goa Trance Vol.2)
14. K.i.M – Souranded
15. Nomad 25 – Twisted Inmate (Spiral Entities EP)
16. Ajja – Surge (Tulpa)
17. Zen Mechanics – Psychotropical Nights (VA Universo Paralello 2008)
18. U-Recken – The Lucid Dream (Deeper Into Man)

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Sleepy Wood – Musical Meanderings 12th March 2013

After a break for a week I returned to some more rocking guest fun. And indeed once again from Southend as Sleepy Wood followed in the footsteps of the likes of Stratus Rocks and joined me in the studio. It was also interesting to hear about the evolution of the band as it seemed to mirror Stratus Rocks’ to some degree. Singer and guitarist Dean and drummer Chris had been together in bands for some years and only relatively recently were joined by guitarist Shaun and bassist Jenn. Once they joined the band, the path to their seemingly seamless integration and the harmonious unit of Sleepy Wood was complete. It was lovely to notice from an outside perspective, and after only meeting them for a short time, how elegant that process is. It seemed as if they had been together as a band for a long time and it was reflected in the conversation when they spoke of the difference in the songwriting contributions.

Speaking of songwriting, we also talked about the innovative way that they are able to keep momentum even if they’re not able to see each other too often. They have an e-mail group and an online folder which they can all add to at anytime which creates a large resource of material that they’re able to refer to when they do meet up. Sleepy Wood are now in the process of recording their first EP and it was great to play an early demo version of ‘Nobody Knows’ from these sessions, before hearing their live songs.

I also played a song from one of the bands that inspired them- Pearl Jam. Last week was the 20th anniversary of the locally renowned gig at the Esplanade on Southend seafront where Pearl Jam played during the ascent to their success. It was celebrated by the covers band Pearl Jammers who played at Chinnery’s last week during a great weekend of music when show favourites Herida also played on the Saturday night.

You can find out more about Sleepy Wood here via their links:
FacebookTwitter and Youtube



You can check out the show again here:

Sleepy Wood – Musical Meanderings 12th March 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

I will be moving the ‘listen again’ facility from this and previous shows over to a Mixcloud page which will have easier to use features.

Here’s the playlist for 12th March 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Cult – Rain (Love)
2.  Depeche Mode – I Feel You (Songs of Faith and Devotion)
3.  Uncle Tupelo – Outdone (No Depression)
4.  Throwing Muses – Reel (Chains Chained)
5.  The Stone Roses – Made Of Stone (The Stone Roses)
6.  Pearl Jam – Given To Fly (Yield)
7.  Sleepy Wood – Nobody Knows
8.  Sleepy Wood – Under Your Influence (Live Phoenix FM Session)
9.  Sleepy Wood – Weightlessness (Live Phoenix FM Session)
10. The Doobie Brothers – China Grove (The Captain and Me)
11. Sleepy Wood – Long Time Dead (Live Phoenix FM Session)
12. The Antlers – No Windows (Burst Apart)
13. Sleepy Wood – Broken Man (Live Phoenix FM Session)
14. Tool – Schism (Lateralus)
15. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Coming In From The Cold (Uprising)
16. The Temptations – Beauty Is Only Skin Deep (Greatest Hits)
17. Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers – Right On (Doin’ What We Wanna)
18. Vibrasphere – Breathing Place (Lungs Of Life)



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Stratus Rocks – Musical Meanderings 26th February 2013

I enjoyed being joined by more great guests this week when Southend band Stratus Rocks joined me live in the studio. As well as more fantastic conversation they were able to wheel in a bunch of their gear and play some songs live in the studio. After initially meeting over a disagreement over football, we heard about their musical evolution as Singer Lee and guitarist Stu kept the band going from its origins around 2007 to now with the latest members Alex on bass and Dan on drums. You can tell from the way they spoke about it that the band have been injected with a new lease of life and the creative contributions of Alex and Dan, along with being great musicians, will help push them into their next phase. Lee and Stuart also spoke about the ebb and flow of keeping the band going amidst what life can put in your way. I’m always interested to hear how bands and artists keep pursuing their passions despite having to work in realms which aren’t necessarily conducive to their creative side and how it has to be this way in this world.

The conversation continued with discussing the benefits of also having acoustic music to initially attract people that at first might not like heavy guitar riffs and also persisting with your form of expression after getting inspired by the artists and musicians who helped you get started. This led us onto some of the other music that I played tonight which have inspired them, including The Cult, The Doors, Kyuss and Alice In Chains. For example, Lee spoke of the feelings he had when he first heard Kyuss and the inspiration that gave him to want to give those feelings to others through his music. After I mentioned some of the other Southend bands I’ve had on the show recently such as Herida and White Devil’s Cause, they also spoke of the camaraderie between these bands in the town and we talked about their up and coming gig at Chinnery’s on Southend seafront on May the 3rd. You can check out the show for yourself again here:

Stratus Rocks – Musical Meanderings 26th February 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

You can also find out more about them, including song downloads and other upcoming gigs via their links:

Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.









I also took the opportunity to play Refrain by fellow Southend band Herida who will be playing at Chinnery’s this coming Saturday which you can find out more about here.

Here’s the playlist for 26th February (Albums in brackets)
1.  Stratus Rocks – (Keep Your Hands Off) The Medicine
2.  Superchunk – Crossed Wires (Majesty Shredding)
3.  Kyuss – Isolation (Wretch)
4.  Electric Love Hogs – Mr. Fun (Electric Love Hogs)
5.  Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole (Dirt)
6.  The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Love)
7.  Stratus Rocks – Give Me The Life (Live Phoenix FM Session)
8.  Stratus Rocks – (Keep Your Hands Off) The Medicine (Live Phoenix FM Session)
9.  The Doors – The Chageling (LA Woman)
10.  Stratus Rocks – Bitch Of The Black Mountain (Live Phoenix FM Session)
11.  Stratus Rocks – When You’re Lonely (Live Phoenix FM Session)
12. Stratus Rocks – Purgatory
13. Hüsker Dü – Could You Be The One? (Warehouse: Songs And Stories)
14. Herida – Refrain (Ghost Of The Sun)
15. PJ Harvey – Down By The Water (To Bring You My Love)
16. John Coltrane – Part II: Resolution (A Love Supreme)

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Dream On Me – Musical Meanderings 19th February 2013

Still on my own unfortunately this week, but I’m already getting ready for the visit of Stratus Rocks to the studio next week. I enjoyed playing Washes Away again which inspired some of the musical selections tonight. It was great to play music by artists that haven’t been making the playlist recently such as Marilyn Manson and Fishbone. There was also a nice trip down an Indie memory lane for me with the likes of Belly, Kristen Hersh and Hüsker Dü.

Here’s the playlist for 19th February 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine (The Reality of My Surroundings)
2.  Rage Against The Machine – Microphone Fiend (Renegades)
3.  Kristen Hersh – Sally Is A Girl (Golden Ocean)
4.  Marilyn Manson – Great Big White World (Mechanical Animals)
5.  Hüsker Dü – Sorry Somehow (Candy Apple Grey)
6.  Belly – Dream On Me (Feed The Tree Single)
7.  Ruts DC – Different View (Animal Now)
8.  Gerry Rafferty – Everyone’s Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine (One More Dream)
9.  Linda Ronstadt – When Will I Be Loved (Heart Like A Wheel)
10. Van Halen – Why Can’t This Be Love (5150)
11. Carter Burwell – The Wicked Flee (True Grit Soundtrack)
12. Stratus Rocks – Washes Away
13. Nerso – Particles (Future Nature 2)
14. Ianuaria – Kabum (Beware Of The Fish)
15. E.V.P – Waldorf Salad (Neuroplasticity)
16. Illegal Machines – Honey Flavour (Bombax Mix) (Between Sanity And Madness)
17. Neutral Motion – Human Memory (Cymatic Frequencies)
18. DarkShiRe – Cosmic Sunrise (After The Storm)
19. 2012 – Abduction (Carbon 7 EP)
20. Gaudium – Killer (So Called Life)

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Instant Karma – Musical Meanderings 12th February 2013

I dove extensively into my record collection this week to bring an even more varied meandering selection. It was great to enjoy flowing amongst The Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket and the Beatles to then have a preview of Southend’s Stratus Rocks who will be joining me on the 26th February. In fact I’m hoping to feature a wonderful variety of guests over the next few weeks starting with Sleepywood next week, also from Southend. There was a nice Southend connection actually as I enjoyed talking about a great weekend I enjoyed back there seeing Bloodline at the Railway on Friday and catching up with Felipe from Herida who was also online tuned into the show.

I talked further about the progress into this year as it was difficult to believe we’re already close to the middle of February. The dark, reflective time of January has turned into a lively, busy February with much to be done and action to be taken after a period of integrating difficult lessons. I hope as many of you as possible are seeing your plans come to fruition and ready to enjoy what the year has to offer as it unfolds.

I enjoyed some rocking out as usual as I ventured through some uncompromising rock vibes with the likes of Downset and I enjoyed reflecting on my times seeing them in the mid nineties when they supported Biohazard in the UK and I also caught up with them when they played the Esplanade in Southend. There was more mightiness from the likes of Mexico’s Molotov who are as explosive as their name suggests and the likes of old classics from Judas Priest and Infectious Grooves. I indulged in some introspection with John Grant’s the Czars and Otis Redding before immediately getting things back up to electronic rocking with some of the more epic recent psy trance finishing off with Greece’s DarkShiRe who will be making his UK debut at the Disciples of Psykaia party in London this coming weekend.

Here’s the playlist for 12th February 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Rolling Stones – Happy (Exile on Main Street)
2.  My Morning Jacket – The Way That He Sings (At Dawn)
3.  The Beatles – Michelle (Rubber Soul)
4.  Guns ‘N’ Roses – My Michelle (Appetite For Destruction)
5.  Stratus Rocks – Washes Away
6.  Lifehouse – Simon (No Name Face)
7.  John Lennon – Instant Karma (Shaved Fish)
8.  Judas Priest – Bloodstone (Screaming For Vengance)
9.  Molotov – Que no te haga bobo Jacobo (Don’t Let Jacobo Fool You) (¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas?)
10. Downset – Empower (Do We Speak A Dead Language?)
11. Infectious Grooves – Punk It Up (The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move…It’s the Infectious Grooves)
12. Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Ill Communication)
13. The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice? (Pet Sounds)
14. The Czars – Paint The Moon (Goodbye)
15. Otis Redding – For Your Precious Love (The Great Otis Redding Sings)
16. Archaic – Intro & Owl Trip (Sonic Driving)
17. Tantrix – Jumping Mice (VA- The Garden of Delights)
18. Harmonic Rebel – Psyatic Convolutions (VA – Primordial Distortions)
19. Journey – Spirit Molecule (Through The Mirror)
20. DarkShiRe – Endless Dream (After The Storm)

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Raising The Bar – Musical Meanderings 5th February 2012

No guests this week, but I still enjoyed a rocking start to February with a return to some psychedelic vibes. January seems to have passed all too quickly, but it’s nice 2013 is up and running. There have been many changes as the year has got under way and I’m glad I can experience a bit of a pause and reflect on what has passed. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of living in the present moment and letting go of past regrets which certainly helps be aware of the synchronicities which seem to be occurring on a regular basis now. It was nice to play a couple of different mixes of songs which I’ve been checking out recently- a rocking full on selection in the first hour easing into some progressive trance in the second featuring the likes of E.V.P and Gaudium who I’m looking forward to joining me on the show in the coming weeks.

As always I couldn’t resist playing a bit of rock to get things going, especially as I’ve been enjoying the ‘stoner’ variety provided by the likes of Kyuss recently and it was lovely to enjoy a trip down memory lane with Bomb The Bass, otherwise known as fellow Brixotnite Tim Simenon. The song Beat Dis is a classic anyway, but I was enjoying the memory of my first radio interview in 1995 when I interviewed the band One Inch Punch featuring Justin Warfield who had some associations with Tim who produced their album ‘Tao of the One Inch Punch’.

Here’s the playlist for 5th February 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Kyuss – 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) (Blues For The Red Sun)
2.  Led Zeppelin – In The Evening (In Through The Out Door)
3.  Mogwai – Friend of the Night (Mr. Beast)
4.  Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Into The Dragon)
5.  Avalon and Lucas – Stinking Warehouse (Lucas presents Tales of Heads)
6.  M-Theory – Rising The Bar (VA Sonica Vol. 2)
7.  E.V.P – Neuroplasticity (Neuroplasticity)
8.  Fagin’s Reject – Dirty Random (Degenerate EP)
9.  Ital – El Jaguar (VA Goa Trance Vol. 4)
10. Psilocybian – Proof Of Principle (Wry Figments)
11. Gaudium – When The Sun Rises (Session Of Progression)
12. Ritmo – Follow Me (Phrase A)
13. E-Clip – Asia Tribe (Shuma)
14. Egorythmia and Ace Ventura – White Tunnel (Forensic Science)

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The Fifty-Four Plates – Musical Meanderings 29th January 2013

I had the pleasure of enjoying more live music in the studio this week as I was joined by Southend band The Fifty-Four Plates. It was great to see all five of them, Nolan, Nathan, David Jamie and Ian and to hear some live acoustic versions of their songs- even including a version of Jamie’s drum kit. It was the first time I’ve had drums in on a session and it worked really well. They sounded really tight, as if they’ve been together for years and I’m a big sucker for vocal harmonies which they incorporate wonderfully. Actually wonderful was the word I was using a lot more than usual as I enjoyed hearing the music and also finding out how they formed and try to get the band more widely known, such as through their increasingly popular gigs around Southend. You can find out more about them through their Facebook page here, including when they’ll be playing gigs such as the recent Band4Life event I spoke to Chris Powell about and the upcoming event at the Old Hat in Southend this coming Friday the 1st Feb.

Hearing their music inspired some of the musical selection tonight, such as old favourites Kyuss and Monster Magnet through to recent discoveries Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight.

Here’s the playlist for 29th January 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Aerosmith – Let The Music Do The Talking (Done With Mirrors)
2.  Kyuss – Hurricane (…And The Circus Left Town)
3.  The Joy Formidable – Whirring (The Big Roar)
4.  Sabatta – The Emperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes EP)
5.  The Fifty-Four Plates – Rescue Me (Single)
6.  The Fifty-Four Plates – All The Way Home (Live session on Phoenix FM)
7.  The Fifty-Four Plates – A Thousand Kisses of Life (Live session on Phoenix FM)
8.  Monster Magnet – Stadium (Superjudge)
9.  Deftones – Pink Maggit (White Pony)
10. Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of The Knight – Going Home (Going Home)
11. The Fifty-Four Plates – Rescue Me (Live session on Phoenix FM)
12. Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost Of The Sun)
13. Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s Dream (Volume 4)
14. The Doors – My Eyes Have Seen You (Strange Days)
15. Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole (Dirt)
16. Rollins Band – Volume 4 (Weight)
17. Black Flag – TV Party (Damaged)
18. Aretha Franklin – Good Times (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You)
19. Buddy Miles – The Segment (A Message To The People)
20. Gerry Rafferty – Get It Right Next Time (Night Owl)
21. Helmet – Rollo (Betty)









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Ebb and Flow – Musical Meanderings 22nd January 2013

Here’s the playlist for 22nd January 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magic (Blood Sugar Sex Magic)
2.  The Black Keys – Money Maker (El Camino)
3.  The Byrds – Lay Down Your Weary Tune
4.  Puscifer – Toma (Conditions Of My Parole)
5.  Therapy? – Safe (Semi-Detached)
6.  Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces (Contraband)
7.  Philip Glass & Lavina Meijer – Metamorphosis Two – Flowing (Metamorphosis)
8.  Nick Drake – Pink Moon (Pink Moon)
9.  John Martyn – Seven Black Roses (The Tumbler)
10. Easy Star All Stars – The Great Gig In The Sky (Dub Side Of The Moon)
11. Burning Spear – Girl Like You (Dub Side Of The Moon)
12. Thievery Corporation & Lee Scratch-Perry – Chase The Devil
13. 2012 – Organic Transmission (Carbon 7 EP)
14. Beardy Weardy – Easy Tiger (Squelch Monster)
15. E.V.P – Baad Sheep (Neuroplasticity)
16. Hoodwink – Cypher (Sound Mirrors)
17. Ancient Tribes – Liquid Vision
18. Shpongle – Nothing Lasts… (Nothing Lasts….But Nothing Is Lost)
19. Ott – The Queen Of All Everything (Skylon)
20. Stars Of The Lid – December Hunting For Vegetarian… (And Their Refinement of the Decline)

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Yinka – Musical Meanderings 15th January 2013

This week saw the welcome return of Yinka Oyewole to the Phoenix FM studios. The last time I spoke to him on the show was on the phone while he was still over in New York last year. He’s back in London now for a bit and has been busy recording his new album ‘A Hundred Hurricanes Coming Through’ and creating videos for some of the songs, including I Don’t Exist and No Brakes which we heard during the show (check the videos here and here). It was great to hear Yinka talk about the process of making the videos as you could tell it was enjoyable for him to use this new form of creative output and, as with all his work, he cared a lot about the attention he puts into it to get his results. We also dove into his back catalogue by hearing songs from the South London-Brooklyn EP and when he was in his band Sabatta.

We also spoke about how his music can’t be defined by a certain genre, something I’ve talked about before with other artists that have been on the show. One comparison I made with him once related to his more rock side was Jane’s Addiction as they were technically a rock band, but certainly unique in their style, so I couldn’t help also playing one of their songs too. When Yinka and I get talking it doesn’t take us long to talk about how things are unfolding in the world, either in politics or in events that are happening in the world. It certainly didn’t take long for the freshly unfolding news of the horse DNA found in burgers sold in supermarkets to get us off talking about it. It also influenced the music played too as I could’t help getting the perspective from Curtis Mayfield and the wonderful John Trudell.

You can check out Yinka’s website here and listen again to the show:

Yinka – Musical Meanderings 15th January 2013 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 15th January 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight – Going Home (Going Home)
2.  The Joy Formidable – The Greatest Light is the Greatest Shade (The Big Roar)
3.  Yinka – (Sometimes These South London Streets Remind Me Of) Brooklyn (South London- Brooklyn EP)
4.  Yinka – I Don’t Exist (A Hundred Hurricanes Coming Through)
5.  Yinka – No Brakes (A Hundred Hurricanes Coming Through)
6.  Sabatta – So High (Sabatta)
7.  Jane’s Addiction – Up The Beach (Nothing’s Shocking)
8.  Yinka – The Wander Returns (South London- Brooklyn EP)
9.  John Trudell & Bad Dog – Carry The Stone (Live à Fip)
10. Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Down Below We’re All Going to Go
11. The Black Crowes – Seeing Things (Shake Your Money Maker)
12. DarkShiRe – Skywalker (Serenity)

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Chris Liberator – Musical Meanderings 8th January 2013

I got 2013 started on a rocking note this week as I had the pleasure of being joined live in the studio by acid techno legend Chris Liberator. It’s a genre of music close to my heart as it provided the foundation of my journey in the party and raving scene in London and it was a wonderful education to hear the background and stories about it from someone who was there from the beginning.

Originally from Hornchurch in Essex, we heard about his musical background in the 70s and 80s, especially from the punk scene, then how it evolved into him enjoying then participating in the scene through playing, the organisation of the events and running the record label StayUpForever. He still prefers playing with vinyl records and we discussed its benefits over the digital formats which are now becoming prevalent.

The parties are still going strong, either through squat parties or club events. You could feel Chris’ enthusiasm and passion for the scene and he really described well the camaraderie between everyone involved, including the artists, promoters and people who come to enjoy them. There are a couple of events coming up which are well worth checking out, especially one this Friday at Jamm in Brixton which is free before midnight, StayUpForever Payback party, which makes it easy to pop along to see and hear what it’s all about. Then there’s a big party in the big Sidings warehouse venue in London Bridge on 30th March called London Underground United. Chris was also keen to talk about his friends who need supporting and have a boat called Stubnitz which is moored in the docklands as it’s well worth checking out their art exhibitions and parties. You can find out more here.
We also spoke at length about the relationship between politics and the music, especially punk and techno. They’re styles of music which are great outlets for expressing the dissatisfaction with the state of the world and the exploitation of capitalism. When talking about it Chris came up with the most wonderful phrase- the disgraceful pyramid of wrongness.

On the music front I got things going with some of recent favourite psy trance songs, then while I was speaking to Chris we heard some of his fantastic acid techno music then we had a wonderful venture into his punk background by playing some tunes that inspire him and also one from his punk band Dogsh*ite.

We enjoyed chatting so much, it went on a bit longer than expected! It was a real privilege and a pleasure to speak to him. Hopefully you can enjoy it too by listening again here:

Here’s the playlist for 8th January 2013 (Albums in brackets)
1.  K.i.M – Foregor
2.  E.V.P – Delusions Unravelled (Neuroplasticity)
3.  E.V.P – Alchimals (Neuroplasticity)
4.  Ajja – iFriend (Tulpa)
5.  Tantrix – Free Lemonade (VA – The Garden Of Delights)
6.  Hypnocoustics – Buddha Nature (Buddha Nature EP)
7.  Chris Liberator – Rock It Now (Teknic 07 single)
8.  Chris Liberator & Lawrie Immersion – Vote Techno Party
9.  Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Scum Like Us Like Acid
10. Tassid – What a Can’t
11. Dogsh*te – You Can’t Control My Freedom (The Dogsh*te EP)
12. The King Blues – Modern Life Has Let Me Down (Long Live The Struggle)
13. Inner Terrestrials –  Law Dealers (Tales Of Terror)
14. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Sick Of Capitalism, I Want My Money Back

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Times Are Changing – Musical Meanderings 18th December 2012

It was the last show of 2012 and soon before the 21st of December which is a time many people have been talking about for a while, along with the Christmas festivities which people always look  forward to. I’ve got the benefit of writing this after the event, so it was great to see it wasn’t the end of the world as some as feared. To me though, this time does signify some changes. There is supposed to be a shift in an age as our sun has just completed a 26,000 year lap around the centre of our galaxy and we move out of the darker times.  To me more importantly it also means we’re moving into a time when feminine energy and power is becoming more apparent to balance out the patriarchy and masculine power that has been prevalent over the last 2,000 years at least. I’m not sure what impact this will have in our immediate lives or whether it is indeed true and we’ll feel it, but I know from the conversations I’ve been having with everyone I’ve come across that everyone is feeling something. And I’m confident that it means people are getting closer to realising how connected we are and finding ways of achieving things together. I spoke about this a bit during the show and this perhaps naive optimism was reflected in some of the music I played with positive vibrations ruling the day. You can listen to the show again here:

Times Are Changing – Musical Meanderings 18th December 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 18th December 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right To Party (Licensed To Ill)
2.  Black Crowes – Sting Me (Southern Harmony Musical companions)
3.  Dinosaur Jr. – Out There (Where You Been?)
4.  Interpol – Roland (Turn On The Bright Lights)
5.  Yinka Oyewole – Little Hipster Girl Lost
6.  3 Doors Down – This Time (Away From The Sun)
7.  Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
8.  Stone Temple Pilots – Silvergun Superman (Purple)
9.  Arrested Development – Give a Man a Fish (3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of…)
10. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Positive Vibration
11. Funkadelic – Wake Up (America Eats Its Young)
12. Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler (In Stereo)
13. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Invaders Must Die)
14. Journey – The Ripple Effect Part II (Through The Mirror)
15. 2012 – Alien Contact (Carbon 7 EP)
16. E.V.P – Zombie Killers (Holographic Consciousness)
17. Fagin’s Reject – Dirty Random (Degenerate EP)
18. Southwild – Twisted Eagle (Spiral EP)
19. Orbital – Never (Wonky)

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Renu – Musical Meanderings 4th December 2012

It felt a little bit like an action packed show tonight as I was joined live in the studio by Renu as she came in to talk about her new, second album called Midnight Radio. She was also able to play some songs acoustically live as she was assisted by Alice Phelps who sang lead vocals and brought along a harp to play which was wonderful to hear, with Renu playing guitar and backing vocals. We heard about the process behind making the album and the musical evolution since her first album, Love from London. We also discovered how she assembled the musicians who contributed to the album, such as Alison and fellow show favourite, Kay Elizabeth and how they contributed their own flavours into the mix. As always I was interested in how artists such as herself promote her material in the new online/social media world away from the old record company models and Renu talked about how she’s gone about it and her future plans such as spending time studying in India. As is becoming a regular feature with guests, Renu and Alice also shared some music that has inspired them such as Ennio Morricone, John Barry and Nick Drake, which explain some of the detail and orchestration reflected in Renu’s music.

You can check Renu’s website here where you can also find out how to get hold of the album.

Increasing the action on the show was a wonderful phone conversation I had towards the start with Chris Powell in Southend who was helping to organise a wonderful event in Leigh-on-Sea this coming weekend on the 8th of December called Band4Life. It’s in support of the charity PHAB (Physically Handicapped/ Able Bodied) which helps young and disabled people become happier and better prepared for later life. It was wonderful to hear Chris talk passionately about the event and the work going into organising it. The event featured bands such as Phoenix favourites Deferred Success along with White Devil’s Cause and Owen Williams. You can see a bit about PHAB here.

You can check out the show again here:

Renu – Musical Meanderings 4th December 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 4th December 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Puscifer – Telling Ghosts (Conditions Of My Parole)
2.  Madrugada – Vocal (Industrial Silence)
3.  Tori Amos – Northern Lad (Songs From The Choirgirl Hotel)
4.  James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) (Pleased To Meet You)
5.  Throwing Muses – Start (University)
6.  Renu – We Rise (Live Phoenix FM session)
7.  Renu – Midnight Radio (Live Phoenix FM session)
8.  Renu – Through The Fire (Midnight Radio)
9.  Renu – Paradise Lost (Live Phoenix FM session)
10. Renu – Barnaby and Kim (Live Phoenix FM session)
11. Renu – Mi Morena Amor (Midnight Radio)
12. Ennio Morricone – Lay Down I Think I Love You (Ennio Morricone In Love)
13. John Barry Orchestra – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Best Of James Bond: 30th Anniversary Collection)
14. Santana – Samba Pa’ Ti (Abraxas)
15. Nick Drake – Pink Moon (Pink Moon)

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Yes, I know – Musical Meanderings 27th November 2012

I had to adjust to being back on my own this week, and despite missing having people to talk to and flowing conversation, I enjoyed returning to a flowing musical selection. Inspired by my chat with Herida, it was great to play some Foo Fighters from the One by One album which Dave Grohl returned to after his sojourn with Queens of the Stone Age, then Pearl Jam who played at the Esplanade pub in Southend at the dawn of their career. Then, after being given a run down of what is useful in a disaster situation by KRS-One, we headed towards Faith No More and Everything’s Ruined from their Angel Dust album which, after a recent listen, made me reflect that it might be one of their best.

We also headed down memory lane, personally with Lamb and Iron & Wine who I enjoyed at the Secret Garden Party and Latitude festivals in the past, and quite literally in the case of Memory Tapes. I played Yes I Know from their Player Piano album of last year and it’s a beautiful, haunting song that I heard for the first time at a screening of wonderful music videos at the London Animation Festival near Holborn in London last year. It showed people developing unusual holes in their bodies as demonstrated by a still from the video you can see above. When playing the song I reflected on how some of life’s harder lessons are ones we have perhaps known intellectually, but until we’ve integrated them fully they can return more uncomfortably until we do.

I eventually ended up rocking into some psy trance and enjoyed celebrating the release of the Degenerate EP by Fagin’s Reject on Psynon records by playing Goat Leg from it. The Psynon label are throwing a party on the 8th of December in London to celebrate the release of that and their Ritual Emulations compilation. On that note, it felt appropriate to play a song by Beardy Weardy as he’s on Wildthings records who are throwing a party on the 22nd of December at the Crucifix Lane club by London Bridge. I played Stroke it from his debut album of this year, Squelch Monster.

Here is the playlist for 27th November 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Foo Fighters – Have It All (One By One)
2.  Pearl Jam – Once (Ten)
3.  Herida – Elias (Ghost of the Sun)
4.  KRS-One – Disaster Kit
5.  Lamb – Build A Fire (5 Special Edition)
6.  The Cure – Plainsong (Disintegration)
7.  Faith No More – Everything’s Ruined (Angel Dust)
8.  Renu – Through The Fire (Midnight Radio)
9.  Memory Tapes – Yes I Know (Player Piano)
10. Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home (Kiss Each Other Clean)
11. Tori Amos – China (Little Earthquakes)
12. Time In Motion – Multizone
13. Rinkadink – Call Em Wintermute
14. Fagin’s Reject – Goat Leg (Degenerate EP)
15. Beardy Weardy – Stroke It (Squelch Monster)
16. Lapsus – Holocron (VA – Erta Ale)
17. Aphod Moon and Lucas – Hat Trick
18. John Trudell & Bad Dog – Crazy Horse (Live à Fip)

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The Cortège – Musical Meanderings 20th November 2012




After the fun of Herida last week, it was fantastic to be joined by another three piece rock band in the studio who’s music I’ve been enjoying and playing over the last few weeks. The Cortège are from London Barry is the singer and guitarist with Philipp on bass and John on drums. It was awesome to find out how they formed and got to know each other, with Philipp originating from Austria and living in the country via Bristol. And it was a Bristol connection that took them there to record their debut EP ‘Triangle’ which we heard all the tracks from tonight. They have great connections there, including the band Von Bartha which allows them to play gigs down there occasionally and there’s even an Essex connection with Barry from Dagenham originally and they’re looking to soon start playing gigs here.

They also brought some music in to share that they enjoy or has inspired them, including mutual favourite A Song For The Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age who are big inspirations for the band. You can listen to the interview and the whole show again here:

The Cortège – Musical Meanderings 20th November 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

And you can find out more about The Cortège here including where to get hold of the Triangle EP:
Here’s the playlist for 20th November 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Deftones – Rosemary (Koi No Yokan)
2.  Rush – Closer To The Heart (Replay X3)
3.  The Cortège – Homo Empathicus (Triangle EP)
4.  The Cortège – Vicissitudes (Triangle EP)
5.  The Cortège – Bewitched Betwixed (Triangle EP)
6.  Sabatta – So High (Sabatta)
7.  Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost of the Sun)
8.  The Cortège – Despite The Blackout (Triangle EP)
9.  The Cortège – Clones (Triangle EP)
10. Mogwai – Batcat (The Hawk Is Howling)
11. Crippled Black Phoenix – 444 (200 Tons of Bad Luck)
12. Queens Of The Stone Age – A Song For The Dead (Songs For The Deaf)
13. Kyuss – [Beginning Of What’s About To Happen] HWY 74 (Wretch)
14. Turbowolf – Son (Sun) (Turbowolf)

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Herida – Musical Meanderings 13th November 2012

After an extended period of time on my own, I enjoyed welcoming guests back into the studio this week. It was great to be joined by Phil, Ad and Col from local rock band Herida who recently released their debut album ‘Ghost of the Sun’, produced by none other that Dave from Creative Music Studios. I’ve been enjoying it a lot since I first heard it and on tonight’s show we heard a few songs along with interesting background information on the creative process and stories behind them, including how they evolved and why one was named after Dave’s red chair for a while!

We also had the kind of great conversation that I enjoy, flowing from the origins of how they formed, how they came up with the name Herida and even the benefits of letting go and not hanging onto the past. We talked about their musical influences and I also invited them to discuss and share some of the music that inspired them. This led to a conversation about Les Claypool from Primus then onto Robert Trujillo who’s now in Metallica which led to the playing of ‘Frantic’ from the ‘St. Anger’ album.

You can listen to the show again via my Mixcloud page here:

Herida – Musical Meanderings 13th November 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

And you can find out more about them and buy the album here:

Here’s the playlist for 13th November 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Herida – Elias (Ghost of the Sun)
2.  Downset – Together (Check Your People)
3.  Therapy? – Unbeliever (Troublegum)
4.  Deftones – Rosemary (Koi No Yokan)
5.  Herida – Refrain (Ghost of the Sun)
6.  Herida – Evo (Ghost of the Sun)
7.  Primus – Laquer Head (Antipop)
8.  Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost of the Sun)
9.  Metallica – Frantic (St. Anger)
10. Herida – Burnin’ Tree (Ghost of the Sun)
11. Miles Davis – Sivad (Live-Evil)

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One Eyed God – Musical Meanderings 6th November 2012

After a few weeks on my own it was a nice change this week to once again have guests featuring on the show, and hopefully the first of many! After a slight delay it was great to finally play an interview I recorded a couple of weeks ago with the wonderful band One Eyed God. They’re a six piece band based up in Merseyside and they have a great blend of influences, from dub, reggae, space rock and even include world music. On the recording I spoke to Dave the saxophone player, Buzz the drummer and Nick who is on keyboards. I discovered their origins, how they increased the number of members in the band and how they enjoy playing at festivals, including here in Essex on Mersey island. We heard four of their songs, including Consumerist Porn which led us onto a conversation about packaged pop music and the effects of mass media, especially when people get all of their information and entertainment through the television, which is where the band name originates. I’m looking forward to finding out when they’ll be playing next and when they will be releasing material. You can find out more about them here:

Their musical influences also influenced my musical selection during the show where I enjoyed playing some space rock by Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized through to reggae by the likes of Zion Train and Jimmy Cliff and dub by Ott. You can listen again here:

One Eyed God – Musical Meanderings 6th November 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 6th November 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Monster Magnet – Face Down (Superjudge)
2.  Herida – Evo (Ghost Of The Sun)
3.  The Cortège – Homo Empathicus
4.  Spacemen 3 – Take Me To The Other Side (The Perfect Prescription)
5.  Spiritualized – The Slide Song (Pure Phase)
6.  Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People (Jimmy Cliff)
7.  One Eyed God – Infinite Season
8.  One Eyed God – Fog
9.  One Eyed God – Consumerist Porn
10. One Eyed God – Aven X Space
11. Zion Train – Flag (Love Revolutionaries)
12. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Iron Lion Zion (Songs Of Freedom)
13. Ott – Roflcopter  (Skylon)
14. Shpongle – Dorset Perception (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
15. Ritmo – Disharmonic Silence (Time In Motion Remix) (Archive 9)
16. Hypnoise – Psycho Plasma (VA – Transition 2011)
17. Loud – Enlightenment (Free From Conceptual Thoughts)

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Halloween – Musical Meanderings 30th October 2012

Halloween has never been a particularly favourite holiday of mine, but as with many things in life, I’ve noticed the more I’ve participated, the more fun I’ve had. It’s not been much participation to be honest, but it’s been a great excuse to catch up with friends, especially when it’s involved carving pumpkins!

It’s also been a great excuse to have some fun on the music front as I enjoyed selecting music from a topical perspective. I went spooky-tastic with some great songs, led of course by the band that practically invented Halloween on their own- The Misfits! I’m surprised I didn’t play more of their songs, but there was many others to enjoy…

Here’s the playlist for 30th October 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Band Of Horses – Is There A Ghost? (Cease To Begin)
2.  AC/DC – Hells Bells (Back in Black)
3.  Kyuss – Demon Cleaner (Welcome To Sky Valley)
4.  Queens Of The Stone Age – Burn The Witch (Lullabies to Paralyze)
5.  Herida – Elias
6.  Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity (Dopes To Infinity)
7.  The Cortege – Bewitched Betwixt
8.  Yinka – You Don’t Need No Permission
9.  Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song (Nothing’s Shocking)
10. The Misfits – Hellhound (Earth A.D. & Wolfsblood)
11. Mammoh – All The Days (Mammoth)
12. Foo Fighters – Burn Away (One By One)
13. Interpol – NYC (Turn On The Bright Lights)
14. Starviolet – Sphera (Intro-Version)
15. Dusty Springfield – Spooky (Classics & Collectibles)
16. Tori Amos – Northern Lad (From The Choirgirl Hotel)
17. Dead Can Dance – In Power We Trust The Love Advocated (The Hidden Treasures)
18. Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming (Towards The Within)
19. Machinefabriek – Monster (Weleer)
20. Shpongle – Monster Hit (Are You Shpongled?)
21. E.V.P. – Zombie Killers (Holographic Consciousness)


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Turn The Page – Musical Meanderings 23rd October 2012

This week I continued to enjoy the continuing evolution of the flow of music during the show as well as the flow of life. As much as I’d like to admit that I’m progressing and as productive as I’d like, I keep receiving reminders of where I haven’t been and procrastination has been rearing its head a bit more than I’d like. I’m not particularly as against procrastination as much as most, because I’m sure it’s been used a bit too much by those who would like us keep us on the treadmill of life and separated from the natural rhythms which keep us in tune with who we are and where our instinct is directing us. There are definitely times when we should sit back and pause to reflect on where we’ve come from and whether our current pursuits are in tune with our purpose and what makes us happy. What I’ve been realising though is that I’ve been in this mode for rather too long and not making as much use of some extended free time I’ve had the grace to receive recently. This was reflected in my attempts to organise and broadcast an interview with the band One Eyed God that has been in the pipeline for a little bit.

In the absence of the interview I enjoyed playing one of their songs -Infinite Seasons to whet your appetites as well as sharing a couple of old favourites, Strut by Aphradan featuring Jenny Bean which took me back to great memories on the dancefloor many years ago and Turn The Page by The Streets which I found to be a wonderful opening song on his debut album Original Pirate Material and quite an appropriate analogy for shifting up a gear and stepping into a more flowing direction in life. I hope you’re enjoying your respective rides on the roller-coaster!

You can have a listen again to most of the show here:

Turn The Page – Musical Meanderings 23rd October 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 23rd October 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  The Streets – Turn The Page (Original Pirate Material)
2.  Mogwai – Emergency Trap (Mr. Beast)
3.  Dinosaur Jr. – Blowing It (Green Mind)
4.  Yinka Oyewole – Little Hipster Girl Lost
5.  Radiohead – Just (The Bends)
6.  Kirsty Rock – Paranoid Android (Radiodread)
7.  Easy Star All Stars – The Great Gig In The Sky (Dub Side Of The Moon)
8.  One Eyed God – Infinite Season
9.  Aphradan Feat. Jenny Bean – Strut (Dub Mix)
10. The Prodigy – No Good (Music For The Jilted Generation)
11. Earthling – Tripping The Rift (Tokyo 5 a.m.)
12. Flip Flop – Francoso (Floppy Drive)
13. Illegal Machines – Honey Flavour (Bombax Mix) (Between Sanity & Madness)
14. Southwild – Twisted Eagle (Spiral EP)
15. Ianuaria – Kabum (Beware Of The Fish)
16. Boards Of Canada – Open The Light (Music Has The Right To Children)
17. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) (Apollo (Atmospheres & Soundtracks))
18. Stars Of The Lid – December Hunting For Vegetarian F***face (And Their Refinement Of The Decline)

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Keeping At It – Musical Meanderings 16th October 2012

Back to the updates for this week and it was interesting to discover the pattern that seems to emerging recently with the flow of the music when I don’t have a guest on. I’ve been debating how to manage the transition between all of the genres of music I enjoy. I have to admit to feeling comfortable when I play just one style when there’s a theme or I stick to a style a band or artist I’m featuring play. Of course it all boils down to the fear of other people’s perception and what they think of me and what I do. But what I’ve also noticed as I work through this fear is the reason I like all of the music I like and how many people like different styles of music. Within this is a wonderful flow that can occur transitioning between genres. I will still endeavour to cover particular themes on individual shows as I have done and discussed in the past, but it’s been interesting in the days leading up to Tuesday to see what songs I decide to play and how I flow between them. Tonight was a good example of that as I enjoyed the flow between rock, through ambient live percussion music into full on psychedelic trance. It looks like the title of the show has finally solidified into the structure of it!  On the subject of working through my fear it was also nice to be able to share my recent experiences in what we’re discovering collectively. This was especially related to beating procrastination and moving forward with the lessons we’re receiving for the things we need to address internally, from the reflections received from the interactions and relationships we have in our day to day life.

On the music front it was great to share some last memories from the Boom festival where I played some audio from a wonderful collective based in Hungary called Freedom Café who played wonderful songs based around the hang drum which allowed me to meander via Cliff Martinez into some more psychedelic memories of Boom!

Keeping At It – Musical Meanderings 16th October 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 16th October 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Crippled Black Phoenix – 444 (200 Tons Of Bad Luck)
2.  Mogwai – Death Rays (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will)
3.  The Flaming Lips – Waitin’ For A Superman (Mokran Mix)
4.  The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling (El Camino)
5.  Curtis Mayfield – Superfly (Superfly)
6.  Freedom Café
7.  Freedom Café – Calling featuring Judie Jay
8.  Cliff Martinez – Is That What Everybody Wants? (Solaris Soundtrack)
9.  Zen Mechanics vs Sonic Species – Air Knob (Tokyo 5 a.m.)
10. Ion vs Pause – Addicted to Bass (Tokyo 5 a.m.)
11. Tron – Breeze (Healing Zone – Compiled By Ital)
12. Lucas – Hooked On Machines (Lucas Presents Tales Of Heads)
13. Burn In Noise – Herbman (Universo Paralello Compilation)
14. Acid Box & Chimbo – Suenos del Sur (Transition – Compiled by Armin Boom Shankar)
15. The Commercial Hippies – Like I Do (From Beyond)

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Aura – Musical Meanderings 25th September 2012

Continuing from the Boom special last week, I thought I would celebrate a wonderful conversation I had on a train from Castelo Branco in Portugal back towards Spain after the festival. At Boom I met many wonderful people including Jeremy & Carrina who I then met again on this train journey after. We got chatting about many things including his music project Aura when it made sense to record the conversation, as it included many things I was reflecting on during Boom. These included how the energy of the festival affects the people there for the better, a bit like Artur discussed last week and how Jeremy decided to record the new Aura album New Circuitry in 432Hz in A, which is the natural keynote of the universe, rather than the distortion 440Hz in C.
In the first hour I enjoyed some rocking fun I was listening to during the previous week. I was enjoying the drumming of Dany Carey from Tool and Mike Dupke from W.A.S.P.(?!).

You can check out Jeremy’s website here where you kind find out more about him and even listen to the album:

You can also listen again to my chat with Jeremy during the second hour of the show this week with his music on my Mixcloud page:

Aura – Musical Meanderings 25th September 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 25th September 2012
1.  Tool – Third Eye (Live) (Salival)
2.  Suicidal Tendencies – If I Don’t Wake Up (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today)
3.  W.A.S.P. – Maneater (The Headless Children)
4.  The Cortège – Vicissitudes
5.  Mr. Yinka – Little Hipster Girl Lost
6.  Throwing Muses – Red Heaven (House Tornado)
7.  The Black Crowes – Remedy (The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion)
8.  Bob Marley – Coming In From The Cold (Uprising)
9.  Burning Spear – Brighten My Vision (Calling Rastafari)
10. Aura – Ruffly Feathers (New Circuitry)
Jeremy Costa Chat1
11. Aura – Eris In The Dark (New Circuitry)
Jeremy Costa Chat2
12. Aura – Radiophonic Workshop (New Circuitry)
13. Shpongle – Once Upon A Sea Of Blissful Awareness (Tales of the Inexpressible)

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Boom Festival 2012 – Musical Meanderings 18th September 2012

Last week I mentioned that I’d just returned from adventures where I’d enjoyed rocking at some of the best psychedelic trance festivals in Europe. This week I decided to celebrate by reflecting on my time at the biggest, the Boom festival in Portugal. It takes place every two years during the full moon in August, which this year was at the beginning of the month. It was an amazing way to start my trip, heading from Madrid by train to what is almost the desert in the Idanha-a-Nova national park, inland near the Spanish border. The level of production gets better each year they do it and the music this year was awesome all the way through. What makes it, and all the festivals I visited, special is the number of amazing people from around the world that come to share the experience and help make it wonderful for everyone else. At Boom there were over 100 different nationalities represented- dancing, partying and working together, showing another way we can live. I was lucky to be able to record chats with people who are able to describe it better than me, including Artur who works with the team that runs the festival who said one of their goals is that people leave the festival better people than when they arrived. You can hear that conversation, along with Zen Mechanics and Katya who was helping organise the artists and performers at the festival during the show, along with music from the artists that were playing there. It’s available on my Mixcloud page:

Here is the playlist for 18th September 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1. X-Dream – Radio (Radio)
2. Ectima – Bounce (Ground Defense)
3. Liquid Soul – Global Illumination (Original Mix) (Love In Stereo)
Chat with Katya Chekushina
4. Protonica – Floating Point (Morning Mix) (V.A. Extrasensory Perception Vol.2)
5. Egorythmia – S.M.O.T.U. (V.A. Goa X Vol. 7)
Chat with Zen Mechanics
6. Zentura – Digital Beings (Sourcecode Transmissions Vol.1)
7. Rinkadink & Slider – Triple X (Human Tehnicians)
8. Logic Bomb – Frequent Flyers (Rinkadink remix)
9. Neutral Motion – Human Memory (Cymatic Freakuencies)
Chat with Artur
10. Kindzadza – Cristal Inside (Waves From Inner Space)
11. Onkel Dunkel – Dansk Sommer (Goods Carrier)
12. Ajja – Engage (V.A. Firestarter)
13. Ianuaria – Kabum (Beware Of The Fish)

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The Return – Musical Meanderings 11th September 2012

This week saw my return to these shores after an adventure around Europe which ended up lasting more than five weeks. I had the pleasure of being able to attend some of the best psychedelic trance festivals across Europe, which encapsulated trips to Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, France & Switzerland. During the months leading up to this adventure I knew that I wanted to head out to them, but didn’t put as much planning into the trip as I thought I should, especially in terms of money and access to the festivals. In the end, what I realised I had to do was what happened- just get out to the first one, Boom in Portugal and don’t buy a return flight home. What this allowed was an unfolding adventure which was guided by a flow I followed by being present in the moment and the wonderful feelings found in the music and the amazing people I kept meeting at every turn. The lack of planning meant I wasn’t attached to any particular outcome at each stage of the journey and the decisions about where to go next seemed to be made on a whim, which meant each day had its own unique flavour and I was open to all possibilities.

The music I decided to play tonight wasn’t guided by the music at the festivals, but inspired by some of the people I met and the music they enjoyed that I hadn’t come across before. Also by my feelings in the couple of days since my return- I arrived at the studio after a brief, intense bout of post holiday blues and some of the music I played reflected these highs and lows. Frustration at moments of indecision, feelings of loss at perceived missed moments and opportunities, or the sadness at a perceived change to a more rudimentary lifestyle upon my return to the grind in London, through to the realisation and gratitude that all the moments I had were beautiful and the time I spent with all of my friends on my journey were reflecting how I was feeling. The more open I was the more fun I had and any feelings of awkwardness or resistance were only showing me what I had yet to learn. Seeing the simplicity and joy in the moment continues to provide me with smiles. I’m no different right now than I was when I was able to enjoy those fantastic moments with the music and the sun (or not so much sun in some cases!).

The recording of the show is now available on my Mixcloud page:

The Return – Musical Meanderings 11th September 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 11th September 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun (Pure Phase)
2.  Weezer – Knock-Down Drag-Out (Green Album)
3.  The Hives – Tick Tick Boom (The Black & White Album)
4.  Madrugada – Electric     (Industrial Silence)
5.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Love Letter (No More Shall We Part)
6.  Placebo – Where Is My Mind? (Sleeping With Ghosts)
7.  Tom Waits – Ice Cream Man (Closing Time)
8.  Tom Waits – Bottom Of The World (Orphans)
9.  The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It To The Streets (Takin’ It To The Streets)
10. James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) (Pleased To Meet You)
11. Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark (Live At Donington England 2007-06-10)
12. Crippled Black Phoenix – Time Of Yer Life/Born For Nothing/Paranoid Arm of Narcoleptic Empire
(200 Tons Of Bad Luck)
13. Tool – Bottom (Undertow)
14. Porn Sword Tobacco – Pappa! Min Karlek Ar Gravid (New Exclusive Olympic Heights)
15. Spiritualized – Let It Flow    (Pure Phase)
16. The Doors – I Looked At You  (The Doors)
17. The Innocence Mission – Keeping Awake (Glow)
18. Pink Floyd – Julia Dream    (Early Singles)
19. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1) (Wish You Were Here)

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Vibe Festival 2012 – Musical Meanderings 10th July 2012

This week I enjoyed celebrating the good vibes I enjoyed at the Vibe festival at the end of June in the Czech Republic. It was their first year putting on this event and it was great to get there early and watch some of the setting up and relax in the beautiful surroundings. It was located in a campsite near Trutnov with a lake and surrounded by beautiful forests. I made some lovely new friends there and caught up with some old ones I hadn’t seen for too long. The music was rocking and I played music by artists that played there on tonight’s show.

While I was there I also spent time in the Healing Area where I managed to record some wonderful conversations. I spoke to Gemma Williams who was teaching the twice daily yoga sessions and I found out how she got into yoga and her perspectives on natural health. I also recorded a chat with Vashek Horacek, who was DJing at the festival, where I found out more about the Czech Republic, the electronic music scenes there and his adventures moving to London and what he learnt there on many levels. I even managed to squeeze in a chat with my old friend Christon Walch who now lives back in Austria and was working at the festival with other friends from there who live in a sustainable community. We briefly heard a bit about that and his perspective on where we’re all at and you can hear it all again here:

Vibe Festival 2012 – Musical Meanderings 10th July 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 10th July 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1. Savage Circuit – Just An Animal
2. Archaic – Owl Trip (Sonic Driving)
3. Zen Mechanics – Voodoo Bytes (Earthling Remix)
4. Laughing Buddha – The Acid Test (Sacred Technology)
5. Psymmetrix – Heidi Or Suki (No More Milking It)
6. Microwave Prince – Solar Eclipse (A Captive In The Land Of The Iron Bubbles)
7. Spiral Tribe – Forward The Revolution (Spiral Tribe EP)
8. Parasense – Element (Parasense)

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We Gotta Have Peace – Musical Meanderings 3rd July 2012

Here’s the playlist for 3rd July 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Curtis Mayfield – (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Down Below We’re All Going to Go (Curtis)
2.  Jesus & Mary Chain – Sometimes Always (EP)
3.  Van Halen – Mean Streets (Fair Warning)
4.  Bruce Springsteen – Better Days (Lucky Town)
5.  Soul Asylum – Black Gold (Grave Dancers Union)
6.  James – Ring The Bells (Seven)
7.  Belly – Now They’ll Sleep (King)
8.  Foo Fighters – February Stars (The Colour & The Shape)
9.  Jeff Buckley – The Sky Is A Landfill (Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk)
10. Chris While, Julie Matthews – The Sum Of What I Am (Together Alone)
11. The Byrds – 5D (Fifth Dimension)
12. Canned Heat – On The Road Again (Boogie With Canned Heat)
13. Semisonic – Closing Time (Feeling Strangley Fine)
14. My Friend The Chocolate Cake – A Midlife’s Tale (My Friend The Chocolate Cake)
15. Curtis Mayfield – We Gotta Have Peace (We Come In Peace With A Message Of Love)
16. Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her (I Was Made To Love Her)
17. Barry White – I’m Qualified To Satisfy You (Is This Watcha Wont?)
18. James Brown – It’s Too Funky In Here
19. Buddy Miles – The Segment (A Message To The People)
20. Baaba Maal – Swing Yela (Firin’ In Fouta)
21. Kool AND The Gang – Big Fun
22. Stan Bush – Dare (Transformers The Movie Soundtrack)
23. Hawkwind – In The Summertime
24. Regina Spektor – That Time (Begin To Hope)
25. Sade – By Your Side (Lovers Rock)

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Happiness Enquiry – Musical Meanderings 19th June 2012

It was back to guest fun this week when my friends Lynnette Curtis and Kevin Wood joined me live in the studio for a chat and to play music live from their latest project together- Happiness Enquiry. The show got off to a great start when Lynnette met old favourite Stedman Pearson from 5 Star who was in with Michelle Flynn on the Fashion Zone, then continued with wonderful live performances of material they’ve been working on, along with inspirational music selections they brought with them.

Happiness Enquiry – Musical Meanderings 19th June 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud

Here’s the playlist for 12th June 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  John Parr – St. Elmos Fire (Soundtrack)
2.  10,000 Maniacs – These Are Days (Our Time In Eden)
3.  Buddy Miles – The Segment (A Message To The People)
4.  Little Pink – Ceiling Rain (Cul-De-Sac Cowgirl)
5.  Radiohead – Let Down (OK Computer)
6.  John Lennon – Money (Live Peace In Toronto)
7.  Happiness Enquiry – Please Forgive My Heart (Live in Phoenix FM studios)
8.  Happiness Enquiry – Mechanics (Live in Phoenix FM studios)
9.  Stevie Wonder – I Wish (Songs In The Key Of Life)
10. Gil Scott-Heron – Blue Collar (Minister Of Information Live)
11. Glenn Frey – Heat Is On (Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack)
12. Happiness Enquiry – Does It Show? (Live in Phoenix FM studios)
13. David Bowie – DJ (Lodger)
14. Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Hurricane)
15. Baba Maal
16. Roy Ayers – Fast Money (Fast Money)
17. Happiness Enquiry – Where’s My Mind (Live in Phoenix FM studios)
18. Regina Spektor – Better (Begin To Hope)
19. Jenny Lewis – The Charging Sky (Rabbit Fur Coat)
20. Tom Waits – Invitation To The Blues (Small Change)

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Downloaded – Musical Meanderings 12th June 2012

On this week’s Musical Meanderings I had the extra pleasure of an extra hour and started at 9pm. It gave me more time to enjoy my metal roots as I celebrated the Download festival from the previous weekend. I have great memories of enjoyable times at Donington during the Monsters Of Rock era, now it continues with full power as Download and there were many great stories emerging of how many people enjoyed the weekend, despite the mud mayhem that had to be endured. I played songs from bands that played over the weekend, along with many personal favourites from over the years.

Here’s the playlist for 12th June 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Infectious Grooves – Punk It Up (The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move)
2.  Alice In Chains – Bleed The Freak (Facelift)
3.  Grandaddy – A.M. 180 (Under The Western Freeway)
4.  Fudge Tunnel – Bed Crumbs (Hate Songs in E Minor)
5.  AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long (Back In Black)
6.  Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down (Apocalypse 9… The Enemy Strikes Black)
7.  Mastodon – Oblivion (Crack The Sky)
8.  Rollins Band – Inhale Exhale (Weight)
9.  NOFX – Falling In Love (So Long & Thanks For All The Shoes)
10. Fightstar – One Last Common Ancestor (One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours)
11. Monster Magnet – Cyclops Revolution (Superjudge)
12. Kyuss – Whitewater (Welcome To Sky Valley)
13. Metallica – Enter Sandman (Black Album)
14. Rodrigo Y Gabriela – One (Live Manchester Dublin)
15. Rush – Bravado (Roll The Bones)
16. Queensrÿche – Eyes Of A Stranger (Live) (Silent Lucidity B-Side)
17. KoRn – Freak On A Leash (Follow The Leader)
18. Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet (Blind)
19. Life Of Agony – Through & Through (River Runs Red)
20. Marilyn Manson – The Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times (The Last Tour On Earth)
21. Helmet – It’s Easy To Get Bored (Aftertaste)
22. Crackdown – Knife (Rise Up)
23. Biohazard – Urban Discipline (Urban Discipline)
24. KoRn (ft. Skrillex) – Narcissistic Cannibal (The Path Of Totality)
25. Chase & Status – Smash TV (More Than A lot)
26. The Prodigy – No Good (Music For A Jilted Generation)
27. Harmonic Rebel – Psyatic Convolutions (Primordial Distortions)
28. Killerwatts – Battlestars (Blow Your Mind)
29. Insane Creation – Flow (Filestyle)
30. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
31. Mogwai – White Noise (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will)
32. Sigur Rós – Olsen Olsen (Ágætis Byrjun)
33. Ott – The Queen Of All Everything (Skylon)

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There’s no rush, but it helps to have Rush – Musical Meanderings 5th June 2012

Been getting back on the playlist action. Looking forward to some great guests here on Musical Meanderings and adventures over the summer which will be reported on here. In the meantime here is the playlist from the show this week.

5th June 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Sonic Youth – Rain King (Daydream Nation)
2.  Throwing – Angel (Hunkpapa)
3.  The Smashing Pumpkins – Bring The Light (Zeitgeist)
4.  Jimi Hendrix – Night Bird Flying (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
5.  Pink Floyd – In The Flesh (The Wall)
6.  John Cale – Ship Of Fools (Fear)
7.  Rush – Nobody’s Hero (Counterparts)
8.  Rush – Freewill (Different Stages: Live)
9.  Sonny Landreth – The Only One (Prodigal Son Collection)
10. Incubus – Echo ( Morning View)
11. Paul Simon – The Obvious Child (The Rhythm Of The Saints)
12. Frank Black – I Burn Today (Honeycomb)
13. Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (12″ Version)
14. Gaudium – Killer (So Called Life)
15. Killerwatts – Spirit Drop (Blow Your Mind)
16. Nomad 25 – Buffering (Primordial Distortions)
17. Prometheus – The Logic Of The Polyphonic (Corridor Of Mirrors)
18. Future Sound Of London – Divinity (The Isness)
19. Faithless – Swingers (No Roots)
20. Portishead – It Could Be Sweet (Dummy)
21. Neil Young – Unknown Legend (Harvest Moon)

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K.i.M – Musical Meanderings 17th April 2012

It was fantastic to continue to celebrate the new Tuesday night slot for Musical Meanderings by being joined by another great guest live in the studio. K.i.M, otherwise known as Joakim Fogelmark is a Trance producer and artist and it was great to find out about him and hear wonderful new examples of the music he’s been creating. His adventures on his way to finding his path in the music included his arriving in London from Sweden then many travelling adventures, including spells in Goa where he was able to do a lot of writing and producing. We even heard how losing a lot of techno music he was creating over a few years got stolen, amongst other belongings, in a robbery didn’t stop him and actually perhaps helped him move back into trance with a new perspective, helping his evolution within it.
You can listen to the show again here in my new Mixcloud page:

And here is K.i.M’s Soundcloud page where you can check out more of his music:

Here’s the playlist for 17th April 2012 (Any albums in brackets)
1.  Archaic – Tree Spirits                                 (Wildness)
2.  Savage Circuit – Replaceable
3.  Hypnocoustics – Ashtamangala
4.  Kanazter – The Ride
5.  K.i.M – Trouser Sznaser                            (Zero 1 Compilation – Reboots
6.  K.i.M & Earthling – Optical Income        (Zero 1 Compilation – Reboots)
7.  Gaudium – Kick Bas                                    (So Called Life)
8.  K.i.M – Induction                                      (Reckless Records compilation)
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Yinka Oyewole – Musical Meanderings 25th March 2012

Tonight we were jet setting again as I had the chance to catch up with Yinka during his latest stay in New York. He’s got a long standing affinity with it and it was great to hear about his latest adventures out there and the new songs he shared with us.

We learnt about how he came to be playing on the runway during the shows at Williamsburgh Fasion Week and the evolution of his rock sound with his band Sabatta to his solo project as Mr. Yinka.

We heard his new version of (Sometimes These South London Streets Remind Me Of) Brooklyn and Little Hipster Girl Lost. He’s also created the music videos recently which sounded like a lot of fun to produce.

You can check it again here:


Check him out here:

Mr. Yinka

Yinka on Soundcloud



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Musical Meanderings 18th March 2012

1.  Guns ‘N’ Roses – Mama Kin            (G’N’R Lies)
2.  Babes In Toyland – Mother            (Fontanelle 1992)
3.  Broadcast – Elegant Elephant        (Mother Is The Milky Way 2009)
4.  Paul Thomas Saunders – A Lunar Veterans Guide To Re-Entry (Descartes Highlands EP)
5.  Dinosaur Jr. – This Is All I Came To Do        (Beyond)
6.  Sabatta – Supa Nasteee            (Sabatta)
7.  Tears For Fears – Mothers Talk        (Songs From The Big Chair)
8.  Summer Camp – Losing My Mind        (Welcome To Condale)
9.  Leftfield – Open Up            (Leftism)
10. Gaudium – 4 Outputs            (So Called Life)
11. Nomad 25 – Buffering
12. Isochronic – Crowbar            (Section 6 EP)
13. Vaishiyas – Formasizer            (Audiophile – Compiled By Audiomatic)
14. Desmond Dekker – Mother Nature         (Israelites)
15. Prince Alla – Mama Don’t Fight         (Only Love Can Conquer)
16. Crocodiles – Sunday Psychic        (Endless Flowers)
17. Kings Of Leon – Beach Side            (Come Around Sundown)
18. Pink Floyd – Mother            (The Wall)
19. Kay Elizabeth – In This Image        (Disposition)
20. Bruce Springsteen – We Are Alive        (Wrecking Ball)
21. The Divine Comedy – Mother Dear        (Victory For The Comic Muse)
22. The Beatles
23. John Lennon – Mother

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Entering March – Musical Meanderings 5th March 2012

Entering March and the first hints of spring, it was a great chance to celebrate some new singles. I once again played the new version of ‘Brooklyn’ by Sabatta, along with new songs by Summer Camp, Zola Jesus, Slow Club and Dan Mangan. It was great to also rock a bit into the second hour with some psychedelicness from Seti and Fearsome Engine as well as playing the new song by Narkez once again…

Here’s the playlist for 5th March 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  My Morning Jacket – What A Wonderful Man        (Z)
2.  Slow Club – The Dog                                          (Paradise)
3.  Kirsten Hersh – Glory Weed                           (50 Foot Wave)
4.  A Perfect Circle – Judith                                     (Mer De Noms)
5.  Joe Satriani – Surfing With The Alien            (Surfing With The Alien)
6.  Fugazi – Waiting Room                                         (13 Songs)
7.  Sabatta – (Sometimes These South London Streets Remind Me Of) Brooklyn
8.  Dan Mangan – Rows Of Houses                        (Oh Fortune)
9.  Kay Elizabeth – Temptation                               (Disposition)
10. The Lost Brothers – Angry The Sun            (Trails Of The Lonely (Parts I & III)
11. East River Pipe – Cold Ground                        (We Live In Rented Rooms)
12. The Beatles – What Goes On                          (Rubber Soul)
13. De Fuego – Sangria Por La Tarde            (Bluebird)
14. Summer Camp – Losing My Mind            (Welcome To Condale)

2nd Hour
1.  Seti – Convenience                                           (Primordial Distortions)
2.  Fearsome Engine – Acid Head                   (Biting Point)
3.  Day.Din – Popup                                             (Speakers Corner)
4.  Bruce Springsteen – War                             (Live: 1975-1985)
5.  Zola Jesus – In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)        (Conatus)
6.  Narkez – Yeh Yeh (Prod. DJ Cena)
7.  Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get In On                         (Let’s Get It On)
8.  Tom Waits – Better Off Without A Wife            (Nighthawks At The Diner)
9.  The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses                   (Sticky Fingers)

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Narkez MC: First Play – Musical Meanderings 26th February 2012

It’s still strange to be rocking here with guests again this week, but it’s something that will be address over the coming weeks! It was still nice to plow into some wonderful tunes, especially as I enjoyed doubling up some songs after getting the thought to play a couple by Sabatta and The Black Keys! It was also great to have the first play of ‘Yeh Yeh’ by my friend Narkez, who’s making a push with his musical career by getting some recordings sorted.

Here’s the playlist for 26th February 2012 (Albums In Brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Huey Lewis – I Never Walk Alone                                                    (Fore!)
2.  The Crystal Method – Smashing Pumpkins 1979 Remix       (Community Music II)
3.  Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining                                                               (Soul Revolution)
4.  Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun                                                               (Shut Down Volume II)
5.  The Black Keys – Next Girl                                                                (Set You Free)
6.  The Black Keys – Set You Free                                                         (Thickfreakness)
7.  Sabatta – Makes Me Feel Alive                                                          (Sabatta)
8.  Sabatta – (Sometimes These South London Streets Remind Me Of) Brooklyn
9.  The Doobie Brothers – Need A Little Taste Of Love                  (Cycles)
10. The Doobie Brothers – Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)   (Stampede)
11. The Stone Roses – This Is The One                                                  (The Stone Roses)
12. The Stone Roses – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister               (The Stone Roses)

2nd Hour
1.  The Cure – Plainsong                                                                 (Disintegration)
2.  The Sugarcubes – Hit                                                               (Stick Around For Joy)
3.  Narkez – Yeh Yeh
4.  Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out              (Revolverlution Tour 2003)
5.  Ema – California                                                                         (Past Life Martyred Saints)
6.  Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue                                                   (Acid Tongue)
7.  Throwing Muses – Cry Baby Cry                                         (Not Too Soon)
8.  Zola Jesus – In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)     (Conatus)
9.  Moby – Anthem                                                                          (Miami Vice Soundtrack)
10. Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (Don’t Do It)
11. The The – This Is The Day                                                   (Soul Mining)
12. Blues Brothers – Groove Me                                               (Briefcase Full Of Blues)
13. David Bowie – Fill Your Heart                                            (Hunky Dory)
14. Otis Redding – Amen                                                               (The Immortal Otis Redding)

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Saturday Night Rock 3rd March 2012

It was awesome to be able to rock back at Phoenix again- once again quite literally! A great chance to play some rocking music, including celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’ by Pantera and ‘The Ritual’ by Testament. I also had a little Henry Rollins/Misfits tie in, along with celebrating some of the wonderful musicians found in rock, including Eddie Van Halen, Alex Skolnick, Paul Gilbert and Trent Reznor.

Here’s the playlist for 3rd March 2012 (Albums In Brackets)

1.  Iron Maiden – Running Free                        (Iron Maiden)
2.  Stone Sour – Mission Statement                  (Audio Secrecy)
3.  Motörhead- Motörhead                                 (No Remorse)
4.  Tool – Third Eye (Live)                                  (Salival)
5.  Faith No More – What A Day                        (King For A Day…Fool For A Lifetime)
6.  Dope – Rebel Yell                                             (No Regrets)
7.  Velvet Revolver – She Builds Quick Machines (Libertad)
8.  Guns ‘N’ Roses – Rocket Queen                    (Appetite For Destruction)
9.  The Misfits – Astro Zombies                          (Misfits)
10. Black Flag – TV Party                                      (Damaged)
11. Rollins Band – On My Way To The Cage     (Come In And Burn)
12. Fishbone – Behaviour Control Technician  (The Reality Of My Surroundings)
13. Dinosaur Jr. – Hot Burrito #2 (Bonus Track)   (Green Mind)
14. Ministry – Crumbs                                           (Filth Pig)
15. Anvil – Rubber Neck                                        (Absolutely No Alternative)
16. Pantera – Hollow                                              (Vulgar Display Of Power)
17. Testament – Electric Crown                           (The Ritual)
18. Van Halen – Mean Streets                              (Fair Warning)
19. Mr. Big – Addicted To That Rush                  (Mr. Big)
20. Thunder – Back Street Symphony                (Back Street Symphony)
21. Nine Inch Nails – Head Like A Hole             (Pretty Hate Machine)

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Kay Elizabeth – Musical Meanderings 12th February 2012

This weekend was the first in our brand new studio in the Brentwood Centre. It was a great occasion and it reflected well on everyone at Phoenix involved in the transition who put in a lot of hard work. There were many great bands in helping us celebrate over the weekend and I had the pleasure of helping on that front by being joined by Kay Elizabeth and Renu Hossain who joined me live in the studio on Sunday night to finish off the weekend in a rather delightful fashion. It was lovely to have them join me in getting acquainted with the new studio! We also found out about Kay’s adventure in creating her first solo album, Disposition as well as hearing wonderful live versions of songs from the album joined by Renu on percussion. Kay has a beautiful way of telling stories with her music and describing the process people follow in their lives to learn about themselves and love everything they find, including the dark and, as we discussed, that can be the place where we make the most progress can be made in personal growth. It’s a recurring theme I try and get to with my guests on the show to find what drives them and inspires their form of expression. Inevitably it is what helps them get more quickly to the point where they are more comfortable and in harmony with who they are and hopefully people who listen can be inspired to find that expression and work towards that point too.

‘Harmonious’ seemed to be my word of the weekend and it described admirably how well they work together and we heard how they had a great time playing a gig together on Saturday night at the delightfully monikered ‘Filthy MacNasty’s’ and it was a pleasure to see them continue the vibe. Check it again here:


Find out more about Kay and where to buy ‘Disposition’ here:

Stay tuned to the show over the coming weeks to hear more from Renu and the Revellers! In the meantime find out more here:


Here’s the playlist for the 12th February 2012 (Albums in brackets)

1.  Foo Fighters – Cold Day In The Sun                                  (In Your Honour)
2.  Tool – Cold & Ugly (Demo)                                                   (Salival)
3.  Pixies – Here Comes Your Man                                           (Doolittle)
4.  Meaghan Smith – Here Comes Your Man                         ((500) Days Of Summer Soundtrack)
5.  Echobelly – Cold Feet Warm Heart                                     (Everyone’s Got One)
6.  PJ Harvey – Send His Love To Me                                      (To Bring You My Love)
7.  Throwing Muses – Colder                                                      (House Tornado)
8.  Kay Elizabeth – Temptation                                                  (Disposition)
9.  Kay Elizabeth – Bird Of Gold                                                (Live Phoenix FM Session)
10. Nitin Sawhney – Cold and Intimate                                   (Prophesy)
11. Kay Elizabeth – Sunset                                                           (Live Phoenix FM Session)
12. Kay Elizabeth – 1,000 Miles                                                 (Live Phoenix FM Session)
13. Kay Elizabeth –  Sweet Sailing                                              (Live Phoenix FM Session)
14. The Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me                                   (Silver Threads And Golden Needles)
15. The Lonesome Sisters (with Riley Baugus) – Oh Sleeper       (Going Home Shoes)
16. Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces                                            (Contraband)

17. Tom Waits – Cold Cold Ground                                                (Big Time)
18. Ema – California    (new single – out 19/03/12)                     (Past Life Martyred Saints)
19. Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin                                  (The Last Resort)

20. Jon Hopkins – Cold Out There                                                 (Opalescent)

21. Desmond Dekkar & The Aces – 007 (Shanty Town)            (This is Desmond Dekkar)


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Saturday Night Rock 4th February 2012

What a pleasure to literally rock out for a change on the Rock show here on a Saturday night. It gave me a chance to play all my old favourites from my youth across all genres of rock and metal, many of which formed my musical tastes over the years. There was even a chance to play a new song- No Turning Back by Designs Of Chaos. I had the pleasure of being joined by them back in November on my Musical Meanderings show and it was great to play their new song tonight.

Here’s the playlist for the 4th February 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Def Leppard – Rock! Rock (Till You Drop)        (Pyromania)
2.  Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock                          (Stay Hungry)
3.  Metallica – Breadfan                                            (Garage Inc.)
4.  Mötley Crüe – Piece Of Your Action                  (Too Fast For Love)
5.  Van Halen – Mean Street                                    (Fair Warning)
6.  Helmet – Milquetoast                                          (Betty)
7.  Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod                      (Psalm 69)
8.  Black Sabbath – Snowblind                                (Volume 4)
9.  Megadeth – Peace Sells                                      (Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?)
10. The Misfits – She                                               (Misfits)
11. Danzig – Am I Demon                                        (Thrall: Demonsweat Live)
12. Testament – Greenhouse Effect                      (Practice What You Preach)

2nd Hour
1.  Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity              (Dopes To Infinity)
2.  Designs Of Chaos – No Turning Back
3.  Machine Head – Davidian                                 (Burn My Eyes)
4.  Black Flag – TV Party                                        (Damaged)
5.  Rollins Band – Volume 4                                    (Weight)
6.  Crowbar – Nothing                                             (Broken Glass)
7.  Madball – Pride (Times Are Changing)            (Demonstrating My Style)
8.  Guns ‘N’ Roses – Civil War                                 (Use Your Illusion)
9.  Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces                       (Contraband)
10. Stone Temple Pilots – Piece Of Pie                  (Core)
11. System Of A Down – Aerials                             (Toxicity)

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De Fuego – Musical Meanderings 15th January 2012

I was fortunate to be joined by more wonderful musical guests in the studio on Sunday when Edina Balczo and Davide Lufrano Chaves, otherwise known as De Fuego were able to pop in. There was a great synchronicity in the timing of their visit as I met them back in July when they rocked at the Secret Garden Party, but hadn’t been in touch with them again until last week when I got in touch out of the blue and asked if they were still interested in coming on the radio to talk about and play some of their music. Fortunately Edina got back in touch straight away and asked if it was possible to come on the next Sunday, last weekend, especially as it was the weekend they were launching their new CD ‘Bluebird’!
It was a great conversation and a joy to see them perform their music in the studio. We heard about their musical backgrounds and discussed the similarity between flamenco guitar playing and metal, which prompted their recommendation of a song by ‘Flametal’ which I played on the show. Catch the listen again:

De Fuego – Musical Meanderings 15th January 2012 by Graham Stannard on Mixcloud


You can buy their CD ‘Bluebird’ here:

Here’s the playlist for the 15th January 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Dinosaur Jr. – Just Like Heaven                 (Fossils)
2.  Curtis Mayfield – Love To All The People (There’s No Place Like America Today)
3.  The Crystal Method – Smashing Pumpkins – 1979  (Community Service II)
4.  De Fuego – The Empty             (Bluebird)
5.  De Fuego – Bluebird                  (Live in the Phoenix FM studios)
6.  De Fuego – E minor                   (Live in the Phoenix FM studios)
7.  Paco Fernandez – What Are We Living?   (Cafe Del Mar Vol. 15)
8.  De Fuego – Sangria Por La Tarde    (Live in the Phoenix FM studios)
9.  Flametal – Bruja Tortura                                                    (The Elder)
10. De Fuego – Miserlou                                                           (Live in the Phoenix FM studios)
11. Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away                (Houses Of The Holy)
12. The Dustaphonics – Party Girl                                          (Party Girl)
13. Dinosaur Jr. – Get Me                                                         (Where You Been?)
14. Loudon Wainwright III – Heaven                                    (So Damn Happy- Live)
15. Maceo And His Kingsmen – Funky Woman                  (Doin’ Their Own Thing)

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Hamish Jenkinson – Musical Meanderings 8th January 2012

On Sunday I had the honour of being joined on the phone by Hamish Jenkinson, creative director of the Old Vic Tunnels, trustee of the Kevin Spacey Foundation and Chairman of Free The Children UK.
I met Hamish back in November at a Ditto Campfire event co-organised by Alicia Bastos who joined me before Christmas. He spoke about his life story, from his education in a Rudolf Steiner school, through his career as an actor before following his dream into directing where he ended up working with Guy Ritchie, Madonna, then Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic theatre. This then unfolded into discovering the Old Vic Tunnels where he has staged wonderful events, then into recently becoming chairman of Free the Children UK.
I couldn’t wait to bring him onto Musical Meanderings to share these stories with the listeners, which were more great examples of the benefits of living your purpose and following your passions. I managed to catch him on the phone after another busy weekend which included a visit to the Secret Cinema which it was great to hear about too. You can listen to it all again here:


Here’s the playlist for the 8th January 2012 (Albums in brackets)
1.  Sugarcubes – Hit                                           (Stick Around For Joy)
2.  Van Halen – Mean Street                            (Fair Warning)
3.  David Lee Roth – Shy Boy                           (Eat ‘Em and Smile)
4.  Public Image Limited – Bags                       (Album)
5.  The Beatles – Do Want You Want To Do  (Rubber Soul)
6.  Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground                (Innervisions)
7.  The Doors – Newborn Awakening              (American Prayer)
8.  Rollins Band – Shine                                     (Weight)
9.  David Bowie – Golden Years                        (Station to Station)
10. Tindersticks – Slippin’ Shoes                      (The Something Rain)
11. Peter Broderick – Human Eyeballs on Toast     (How They Are)
12. Efterklang – Hands Playing Butterfly         (Under Giant Trees)
13. Deaf Centre – Limn                                        (Neon City)

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Alicia Bastos – Musical Meanderings 18th December 2011

This week on Musical Meanderings I had the pleasure of being joined by Alicia Bastos who is a Arts and Culture project manager, as well as being an accomplished artist herself. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to join me in the studio, but I was able to catch her on the phone from Brighton. It was great to hear how she got into organising art and cultural events and the results of her hard work. This includes Braziliality- a monthly event showcasing the work of Brazilian artists who live around the world and international artists inspired by Brazil and her work with who run a monthly event called Campfire. The projects have really evolved well and now inspire many people. Alicia is a great example of someone who follows what they believe in and enjoy, which as a result can become a pursuit in life, rather than making due with work which is less rewarding for the sake of an income.

Alicia also contributed some of the music on the show, sharing some of the music which inspired her, such as a Sasha remix of Shpongle, Orbital and a song which could be a bit of a theme song for the show- ‘Man In A Towel’ by Elevator Suite! These songs int turn inspired me and set the tone for the other music I played on the show, such as another song by Orbital- ‘Spare Parts Express’ and a beautiful song by Brian Eno- ‘An Ending (Ascent)’ which sounds a little like the intro to Halcyon + On + On. Check it again here:


Here’s the playlist for 18th December 2011 (Albums In Brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Orbital – Spare Parts Express                                    (The Middle Of Nowhere)
2.  The Egg – Wall                                                               (Forwards)
3.  Shpongle – Dorset Perception (Sasha Remix)        (Involver)
4.  Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)                               (Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks)

2nd Hour
1.  Orbital – Halcyon + On + On                                               (Orbital)
2.  Santa Esmeralda – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood      (Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack)
3.  Elevator Suite/Alan Hawkshaw – Man In A Towel         (Barefoot & Sh**faced)
4.  Delorean – As Time Breaks Off                                           (Transatlantic KK)
5.  Thirteen Senses – Talking To The Sirens                          (Contact)
6.  Billy Corgan – The CameraEye                                            (The Future Embrace)
7.  Psionyx – Deimos Vista                                                         (Unwind)
8.  Ulrich Schnauss – Between Us & Them                             (Far Away Trains Passing By)

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Old Music Through New Ears? – Musical Meanderings 11th December 2011

I took another break from having a guest this week and had the pleasure of playing some new music I found this weekend. Actually, when I say new music I mean music that I missed first time round! I stopped paying attention to the Smashing Pumpkins around the mid nineties and as a result missed Billy Corgan’s solo material. It was lovely to listen to it this weekend with the perspective of my musical tastes now. The highlight of this is ‘The CameraEye’ which I played this evening. Also, other music I heard from this perspective was Hole, who I had kind of disregarded in the past, but I really enjoyed listening to ‘Celebrity Skin’, which Billy Corgan contributed to. I played ‘Awful’ which featured on this album.

Last week I was able to catch up with Yinka again as he played a gig with his new line up of Sabatta at Cafe 1001 in Brick Lane. It was a rocking performance as always so I couldn’t resist playing ‘Makes Me Feel Alive’ to celebrate.

Here is the playlist for the 11th December 2011
1st Hour
1.  The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock       (The Colour and The Shape)
2.  Dinosaur Jr. – Start Choppin                           (Where You Been?)
3.  Foo Fighters – Febuary Stars                           (The Colour & The Shape)
4.  Sabatta – Makes Me Feel Alive                        (Sabatta)
5.  Billy Corgan – The Camera Eye                       (The Future Embrace)
6.  Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces                      (Contraband)
7.  Hole – Awful                                                        (Celebrity Skin)
8.  Auf Der Mar – Lightening Is My Girl             (Auf Der Mar)
9.  Rilo Kiley – Teenage Love Song                      (Initial Friend)
10. The Lonesome Sisters – Forgiveness            (Going Home Shoes)

2nd Hour
1.  KoRn Feat. Skrillaz – Narcissistic Cannibal    (The Path Of Totality)
2.  Chase & Status – Smash TV                              (More Than Alot)
3.  K.i.M – Topper Harley
4.  Squarepusher – Square Window                     (Ultravisitor)
5.  Aphex Twin – Shiney Metal Rods                    (Selected Ambient Works Vol2)
6.  The Future Sound Of London – Dead Cities    (Dead Cities)
7.  Trentemøller – Gush                                            (Serenetti)
8.  Symphonix – Trip Away                                      (The Wild Life)
9.  Ulrich Schnauss – A Song About Hope            (Goodbye)

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The Freewheelin’ Troubadour – Musical Meanderings 4th December 2011

On the show on Sunday it was great to set the tone in a different direction than usual by being joined by The Freewheelin’ Troubadour himself, Dion Power. We heard about how he set about down his path of poetic expression and his musical influences, which we had the pleasure of hearing a few examples. Especially from the likes of Bob Dylan and Donovan, who together were the original Freewheelin’ Troubadours.
I’m always eager to hear about people who follow a bit of what some may call an unconventional path towards living a life which is a bit more harmonious and leads to more day to day happiness. The Freewheelin’ Troubadour is a wonderful example of that and we heard about some of his formative experiences, including a trip across America which involved some powerful experiences, which he has been able to articulate into beautiful lyrical poems. He’s a wonderful example of someone who’s got a great connection with their true self and able to express it and we had the pleasure of hearing some of his work. Find out more about him here:

And even more in his book. Get your copy here-

We also heard about a project his involved in with some friends, The Funpowder Plot! Featuring some sketches and a bet involving Lilly Allen-

Catch the show again here-

Here is the playlist for the 4th December 2011 (Albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  The Tricks – Just For The Summer
2.  Gene – Olympian                                                (Olympian)
3.  Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning        (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
4.  John Cale – Paris 1919                                       (Paris 1919)
5.  Bob Dylan – Masters Of War                            (The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan)
6.  Loudon Wainwright III – The Acid Song        (More Love Songs)
7.  Donovan – There Is A Mountain

2nd Hour
1.  Jimi Hendrix – Fire                                               (Are You Experienced)
2.  The Pixies – Here Comes Your Band               (Doolittle)
3.  The Dustaphonics – Party Girl
4.  The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows           (Revolver)
5.  Frank Black – I Burn Today                                  (Honeycomb)
6.  Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised  (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)
7.  Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy    (Rage Against The Machine)
8.  Nick Cave – Moonland                                           (Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!)

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Like two sides of two different coins! – Musical Meanderings 27th November 2011

It was an interesting change to land at the studio this week without any guests. I’ve gotten used to the company over the past couple of weeks, but I found myself letting go a little bit and seeing where the music took me! And yes, it was an interesting one- unfolding into some classic rock in the first hour, then lurching awkwardly into some get up and dance full on psychedelic vibes! Looking forward to Dion next week, try and tune in if you can, next Sunday from 10pm.

Here’s the playlist for 27th November 2011 (Albums In Brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Sabatta – Didn’t See It                                            (Sabatta)
2.  Curtis Mayfield – Superfly                                   (Superfly)
3.  Fishbone – Behaviour Control Technician   (The Reality Of My Surroundings)
4.  Fugazi – Public Witness Program                     (In On The Killtaker)
5.  Interpol – Lights                                                       (Interpol)
6.  Pixies – Here Comes Your Man                         (Doolittle)
7.  The Black Keyes – Modern Times                    (Magic Potion)
8.  Led Zepplin – Black Dog                                       (Led Zepplin IV)
9.  Black Sabbath – Sweat Leaf                                 (Masters Of Reality)
10. Boston – It’s Easy                                                   (Don’t Look Back)
11. Supertramp – Give A Little Bit                           (Even In The Quietest Moments)
12. The Doobie Brothers – Need A Little Taste Of Love  (Cycles)

2nd Hour
1.  Ace Ventura – Psychic Experience                    (Liquid Ace Aerospace Remix)
2.  Zen Mechanics – Modified                                     (Holy Cities)
3.  Earthling & Chameleon – Into The Cosmos   (Into The Cosmos EP)
4.  Fearsome Engine – Consciousness  Conductors              (Biting Point)
5.  Protoculture – Out Of Reality                              (Circadians)
6.  Vibrasphere – Landmark                                        (Landmark)
7.  Ulrich Schnauss – As If You’ve Never Been Away    (Far Away Trains Passing By)

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Elephant 12

There was more fantastic guest fun on tonight’s show when I was joined live in the studio by Elephant 12. I was able to extract them from East London and we found out a bit about them and their wonderful collaborative writing style, even when Jerome was on holiday! We heard three great songs live in the studio and also ‘Money Talks’ featuring Lord Kimo, formerly of the Asian Dub Foundation, who gave his time to record with them and get involved with the video. We also heard briefly about Robbie’s early gigs Southend and Canvey Island with a touring adventure with a previous band.

You can listen to it again here:

Here’s the playlist for 20th November 2011 (Albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Kyuss – Gardenia            (Welcome To Sky Valley)
2.  System Of A Down – Aerials        (Toxicity)
3.  Sabatta – So High            (Sabatta)
4.  Beastie Boys – Sounds Of Science            (Paul’s Boutique)
5.  Senser – States Of Mind            (Stakked Up)
6.  Asian Dub Foundation – Memory War    (Community Music)
7.  Future Sound Of London – My Kingdom     (Teachings From The Electronic Brain)
8.  Elephant 12 – Diet Coke            (Elephant 12 EP)
9.  Chase & Status – Eastern Jam        (More Than Alot)
10. E-Z Rollers – Walk This Land        (Weekend World)
11. Elephant 12 – Ready 2 Go (Live in the Phoenix FM studio) (Elephant 12 EP)

2nd Hour
1.  Elephant 12 – Holiday (Live in the Phoenix FM studio) (Elephant 12 EP)
2.  Elephant 12 – Money Talks         (Elephant 12 EP)
3.  Elephant 12 – Knock On Wood         (Live in the Phoenix FM studio)
4.  Downset – Empower            (Do We Speak A Dead Language?)
5.  De La Soul – Say No Go            (3 Feet High And Rising)
6.  Eminem – 8 Mile                (8 Mile Soundtrack)
7.  Shpongle – When Shall I Be Free        (Nothing Lasts…But Nothing Is Lost)
8.  Shpongle – ….But Nothing Is Lost        (Nothing Lasts…But Nothing Is Lost)
9.  Shpongle – DMT (Remix2)

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Designs Of Chaos – Musical Meanderings 13th November 2011

I had the great pleasure of being joined in the studio by Designs Of Chaos for tonight’s show. They certainly helped with providing a metal edge to the proceedings! It was wonderful to find out a bit more about Richie, Jay, Chris, Dean and Scarthee and their influences and origins. In fact, it ended up being a bit of a meandering chat, which flowed rather nicely and kept in the spirit of things. They also spoke about their upcoming gig at the Camden Underworld on Saturday 19th November supporting Nightlord, Hysterica and Stuka Squadron. We found out a bit more about those bands too and played songs from them. It was a great demonstration of the wonderful camaraderie and community spirit amongst the bands as Designs Of Chaos were as keen to talk about and promote those bands as they were doing for them!

Check it out here:


1st Hour
1.  Pantera – Cowboys From Hell                  (Cowboys From Hell)
2.  Sepultura – Orgasmatron                          (Roots Of Sepultura)
3.  Biohazard – Salvation                                (New World Disorder)
4.  Machine Head – Davidian                        (Burn My Eyes)
5.  Designs Of Chaos – Bleed For Me

2nd Hour
1.  Designs Of Chaos – Plague Of Cannibals
2.  Nightlord – Dark Night Dance                    (Cult Of The Moon)
3.  Hysterica – Heels Of Steel                            (Metal War)
4.  One Fell Down – Cut From Scars
5.  Slayer – Divine Intervention                        (Divine Intervention)
6.  Stuka Squadron – We Drink Blood             (Towers Of The Ost)
7.  Dark Matter Transfer – Syphilisation

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Ramping it up – Musical Meanderings 6th November 2011

This week’s journey had been building up for a couple of weeks. I’ve been wandering an electronic meander and it culminating in a full on first hour with some great psy trance, then easing into the second hour via Leftfield and DJ Shadow into some more beautiful ambient and even slightly experimental vibes to wind down. Which more or less followed the original intention for the show- keeping the weekend rocking before gracefully easing into the new week! Though not every week follows this pattern….

Here’s the playlist for 6th November 2011 (Albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Fearsome Engine – Consciousness Conductors    (Biting Point)
2.  M-Klome – Secret Plants                                           (Various – Fairy Tales)
3.  Headroom – Sweet Like A Lemon                           (Sweet Like A Lemon)
4.  Gaudium – Nordic Nature                                        (Nordic Nature)
5.  Liquid Soul – Devotion                                              (Love In Stereo)
6.  Leftfield – Release The Pressure                              (Leftism)

2nd Hour
1.  DJ Shadow – Blood On The Motorway                  (The Private Press)
2.  Zane Trow – Arcade                                                  (For Those Who Hear Actual Voices)
3.  Chris Clarke – Herr Barr                                          (Body Riddle)
4.  Swod – Hochbahn                                                     (Gehen)
5.  Goldmund – Larrows                                               (Corduroy Road)
6.  Holkham – The Conversation                                (Komatta Saru)
7.  Mikael Romanenko – Composition Five              (To Let Go)
8.  I’m Not A Gun – Move                                             (We Think As Instruments)
9.  Efterklang – Hands Playing Butterfly                    (Under Giant Trees)
10. Cliff Martinez – Is That What Everybody Wants?      (Solaris Soundtrack)
11. AM/PM – The End (12)                                            (The Ends I & II)
12. Ulrich Schnauss – …Passing By                            (Far Away Trains Passing By)

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Getting Spooky – Musical Meanderings 30th October 2011

Things were getting a bit spooky on Halloween weekend as it seemed to be more popular than ever. The previous week found me carving pumpkins for the first time since I was a kid and it looked like I wasn’t the only one. Is Halloween becoming the official start of the party rampage towards Christmas? I got in the ‘spirit’ by ramping up the dancing spirit a little bit with the likes of K.I.M, E.V.P and Avalon. There was more to come the following week!

Listen again to come…

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 30th October 2011 (Albums In Brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Faithless – Mass Destruction               (No Future)
2.  K.I.M – Foregor
3.  Avalon – Out There                                (Distant Futures)
4.  EVP – Holographic Consciousness     (Holographic Consciousness)
5.  Tristan – Spiritual Excitation              (Chemisphere)
6.  Earthling – Stalagmitis                        (Patterns)
7.  Earthling & Chameleon                       (Into The Cosmos)

2nd Hour
1.  Neelix – Give Them Free                       (When I’m Grown Up)
2.  Aqualize – Land Of 2 Suns (Phaxe Remix)  (Land Of 2 Suns Remix EP)
3.  Shpongle – My Head Feels Like A Frisbee  (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
4.  Underworld – Born Slippy Nuxx          (Everything Everything – Live)
5.  Nathan Fake – The Sky                           (Drowning In A Sea Of Love)
6.  Trentemøller – Polar Shift                    (Polar Shift)
7.  Susumu Yokota – Love Bird                 (Grinning Cat)
8.  Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way (Far Away
Trains Passing By)

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90s Hijack…I mean throwback!

With Steve away for a week having fun, I had the great pleasure of intervening for a week and remembering my first time… Then I thought I’d look back at some of my favourite music from the 90’s. It was a wonderful journey into some great memories & I had a great time. You can even listen again here:
[audio:|titles=241011 Podcast]

Here’s the playlist for the 24th October 2011
Dinosaur Jr. – Out There                                (Where You Been)
Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing         (Core)
Weezer – My Name Is Jonas                          (Blue)
Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole                 (Dirt)
Tool – Jimmy                                                     (Aenima)
PJ Harvey – Down By The Water                  (To Bring You My Love)
Björk – Bachelorette                                         (Homogenic)
Teenage Fanclub – Hang On                           (Thirteen)
Superchunk – Driveway To Driveway           (Foolish)
Spiritualized – Let It Flow                               (Pure Phase)
Public Enemy – Shut Em Down                     (Apocalypse 91 – The Enemy Strikes Back)
Leftfield – Open Up                                          (Leftism)
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
The Prodigy – Voodoo People                        (Music For The Jilted Generation)
The KLF – What Time Is Love?                     (The White Room)
The Sisters Of Mercy – Temple Of Love        (Temple Of Love 1992)
The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Accelerator)
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic                             (Hello Nasty)
Arrested Development – Mr. Wendal             (3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of…)
Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike       (Temple Of The Dog)
Pearl Jam – Given To Fly                (Yield)
The Black Crowes – Twice As Hard        (Shake Your Money Maker)

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Getting Electrified – Musical Meanderings 23rd October 2011

It was great to take a little change of direction this week. From a few weeks of variations of rock music, I thought I’d have a gentle transition into a little electronic vibe. Starting off with some rock with electronic amongst it…

Here’s the playlist for 23rd October 2011 (Albums in brachets)
1st Hour
1.  Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined                        (The Fragile)
2.  Depeche Mode – Pleasure Little Treasure                         (Live)
3.  Glasser – Mirrorage                                                                (Ring)
4.  Wevie Stonder – Cowboys                                                     (Drawing On Other People’s Heads)
5.  Ott – Smoked Glass and Chrome                                          (Blumenkraft)
6.  Four Tet – High Fives                                                             (Everything Ecstatic)
7.  Moby – Anthem                                                                        (Miami Vice Soundtrack)

2nd Hour
1.  Hallucinogen – Alpha Centauri                                              (Twisted)
2.  EVP – Mutiny                                                                            (Holographic Consciousness)
3.  Shpongle – A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!’                            (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
4.  Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea                 (Accelerator)
5.  Faithless – Crazy English Summer                                        (Outrospective)
6.  Toni Simmonen – Terrace                                                       (Cafe Del Mar Vol.16)
7.  Porn Sword Tobacco – Papa Min Karlek Ar Gravid            (New Exclusive Olympic Heights)
8.  Ulrich Schnauss – A Letter From Home                               (A Strangely Isolated Place)
9.  Ulrich Schnauss – Suddenly The Trees Are Giving Way   (Far Away Trains Passing By)
10. Stars Of The Lid – December Hunting For Vegetarian… (And Their Refinement Of The Decline)

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Joana and her friends – Musical Meanderings 16th October 2011

This week I thought I’d take the opportunity to play songs from some of my favourite female artists, inspired by my chat with Joana Glaza from Joana and The Wolf which was recorded at the Secret Garden Party in July. I hadn’t come across her music before, but when I wandered past the stage they were performing on I couldn’t help but be swept away by by the passion and drama of her performance. This was further demonstrated when I ventured backstage to join a conversation she was having with some friends about her performance. I was able to just record it as she described how she lets herself go onstage and it doesn’t actually reflect her personality. As it was the first interview of the festival, it inspired me to keep that style with others I recorded. You can catch it here:

[audio:|titles=161011 Podcast]

Here’s the playlist for 16th October 2011 (Albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Auf Der Mar – Followed The Waves            (Auf Der Mar)
2.  Björk – Bachelorette                                       (Homogenic)
3.  Nicole Atkins – The Way It Is                        (Neptune City)
4.  Throwing Muses – Fall Down                       (Hunkpapa)
5.  Kristin Hersh – Winter                                   (Learn to Sing Like a Star)
6.  50 Foot Wave – Clara Bow                            (Golden Ocean)
7.  Belly – Angel                                                     (Stars)
8.  Tanya Donelly – Pretty Peep                         (Lovesongs For Underdogs)
Joana & The Wolf interview
9.  Joana & The Wolf – Tiger

2nd Hour
1.  Joana & The Wolf – Hide Me                        (Hide Me Single)
2.  Joana & The Wolf – Vagabond Song           (Hide Me Single)
3.  Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers              (Blue Bell Knoll)
4.  Dead Can Dance – Cantara                           (Within the Realm of a Dying Sun)
5.  Lisa Gerrard – Marantha                               (Immortal Memory)
6.  PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder    (Let England Shake)
7.  Pretty Girls Make Graves – Blue Lights       (The New Romance)
8.  Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes                     (More Adventurous)
9.  Jenny Lewis – Rabbit Fur Coat                      (Rabbit Fur Coat)
10. Patti Smith – Gloria                                         (Horses)
11. Siouxsie & the Banshees – Jigsaw Feeling    (The Scream)

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Sun is shining – Musical Meanderings 2nd October 2011

Last weekend the word on everyone’s lips was weather as we made the most of a wonderful spell of a hot version of it- a belated blast of summer before autumn kicks in. I wanted to celebrate it a bit, but ended up side tracked on another rock vibe. Couldn’t resist, must be something in the air!

Here’s the playlist for 2nd October 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun                (Pure Phase)
2.  Spiritualized – Straight & Narrow                    (Let It Come Down)
3.  Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home        (Kiss Each Other Clean)
4.  Midlake – Small Mountain                                 (The Courage Of Others)
5.  Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces                        (Contraband)
6.  Dinosaur Jr. – Feel The Pain                              (Without A Sound)
7.  Queens Of The Stone Age – A Song For The Dead (Songs For The Deaf)
8.  Sabatta – No Part Of It                                        (Sabatta)
9.  Kyuss – White Water                                           (Welcome To Sky Valley)
10. Foo Fighters – Hey, Johnny Park                     (The Colour & The Shape)

2nd Hour
1.  Monster Magnet – Dopes To Infinity               (Dopes To Infinity)
2.  The Offspring – Genocide                                  (Smash)
3.  Rollins Band – Inhale Exhale                            (Come In And Burn)
4.  The Czars – Paint The Moon                             (Goodbye)
5.  John Grant – Sigourny Weaver                        (Queen Of Denmark)
6.  The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun                (Abbey Road)
7.  David Bowie – The Prettiest Star                     (Aladdin Sane)
8.  The Stone Roses – What The World Is Waiting For
9.  Memory Tapes – Yes I Know                           (Player Piano)
10. Toni Simonen – Terrace                                  (Cafe Del Mar Vol. 16)
11. Porn Sword Tobacco – Pappa Min Karlek Ar Gravid (New Exclusive Olympic Heights)
12. Turbulence – Ethiopia Awakes                        (Final Blessing Compilation)
13. Prince Allah – Mama Don’t Fight
14. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Coming In From The Cold  (Uprising)

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Natural progressions – Musical Meanderings 25th September 2011

On Musical Meanderings on the 25th I continued my new theme of more natural progressions between songs, tonight Meandering from Black Sabbath through to ambient electronic music via Tanya Donelly and Hope Sandoval!

Here’s the playlist for 25th September 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s Dream                      (Volume 4)
2.  Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules                             (Mob Rules)
3.  Deep Purple – Child In Time                                   (Deep Purple In Rock)
4.  Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Country Home        (Ragged Glory)
5.  Creedence Clearwater Revival – Run Through The Jungle    (Cosmo’s Fury)
6.  Boston – More Than A Feeling                                (Boston)
7.  Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit                            (Nevermind)
8.  The Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise                   (Siamese Dream)
9.  The Breeders – Cannonball                                        (Last Splash)
10. Belly – Super-Connected                                           (King)
11. Tanya Donelly – The Bright Light                            (Lovesongs For Underdogs)

2nd Hour
1.  Mazzy Star – Blue Flower                                           (She Hangs Brightly)
2.  Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions               (Butterfly Mornings)
3.  The Jesus & Mary Chain & Hope Sandoval – Sometimes Always (Stoned & Dethroned)
4.  Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again?                         (Enema Of The State)
5.  The Offspring – Self Esteem                                     (Smash)
6.  Beastie Boys – Intergalactic                                     (Hello Nasty)
7.  Asian Dub Foundation – Real Great Britain        (Community Music)
8.  Adam F – Metropolis                                                (Colours)
9.  Laurent Garnier – Man With Red Face                (Unreasonable Behaviour)
10. M83 – Be Wild                                                          (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts)
11. Pan American – Lights Of Little Towns                (Quiet City)
12. Chihei Hata    keyama – Towards A Tranquil Marsh (Minima Moralia)

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Sabatta – Musical Meanderings 18th September 2011

Continuing my catch up, here’s info on my show on the 18th which unfolded in two parts. First of all I played with a new style of Meandering which took on less random directions and hear some connections between songs. In the first hour I flowed through a natural progression of what I guess you could call alternative rock from Jane’s Addiction, through Faith No More & The Chili Peppers, through a Black Crowes/Rolling Stones style intervention to more obviously connected songs by Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots & Guns ‘N’ Roses. It was really enjoyable and I’m looking forward to playing around with it in future shows in other genres of music.

In the second hour I had the great pleasure in catching up with Yinka Oyewole from Sabatta, a good friend who joined me on the show last year and now they have a new album out. He was on the phone live from New York where he’s been playing some gigs, meeting lots of lovely people and generally getting good promotion for the new album which we heard four songs from during the show. He spoke about the process behind making the new album and had a few stories to tell about the night life in New York compared to the UK!

Here’s the playlist for 18th September 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Jane’s Addiction – Ocean Size            (Nothing’s Shocking)
2.  Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere        (Live At The Brixton Academy)
3.  Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away        (Blood Sugar Sex Magic)
4.  The Black Crowes – Twice As Hard         (Shake Your Money Maker)
5.  The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice        (Exile On Main Street)
6.  Led Zeppelin – In The Evening            (In Through The Out Door)
7.  The Joy Formidable – The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie (The Big Roar)
8.  Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces            (Contraband)
9.  Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song    (Purple)
10. Guns ‘N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle    (Appetite For Destruction)
11. The Big Pink – Velvet

2nd Hour
Interview with Yinka live from New York
1.  Sabatta – So High                        (Sabatta)
2.  Sabatta – Makes Me Feel Alive            (Sabatta)
3.  Sabatta – Blow                        (Sabatta)
4.  Sabatta – No Part Of It                    (Sabatta)
5.  Audioslave – Out Of Exile                (Out Of Exile)
6.  Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy (Rage Against The Machine)
7.  Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike        (Temple Of The Dog)

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Back in the swing of things – Musical Meanderings 11th September 2011

This evening I’ve been enjoying revisiting some of my recent shows and having a catch up with posting them. After our little flurry of heat and sunshine we have autumn about to take hold and, although it’s easy to agree with some who find it a little depressing as the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, I find it a bit like spring in that it’s a season of change and I use it’s momentum to help me make changes in my life. There’s a lot going on for a lot of people and I’m sure lots of great things coming up. I’m looking forward to the coming weeks on Musical Meanderings here on Phoenix FM and it’s been great to reflect on a little transition of the show since the summer.

Sunday 11th September was my first show in almost a month as I began to land after being out and about during August. I caught up with what I’d been up to and what was going on. The new Sabatta album was out on the 12th so it was great to talk about that and play ‘So High’ which has a great video directed by Ambrose Yalley.
Here’s the playlist for 11th September 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Megadeth – Peace Sells                                                      (Peace Sells….But Who’s Buying?)
2.  Vampire Weekend – Horchata                                         (Contra)
3.  Memory Tapes – Yes I know                                             (Player Piano)
4.  Sabatta – So High                                                                (Sabatta)
5.  Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love                                              (Axis: Bold as Love)
6.  Plaid – Eshish                                                                         (Trainer)
7.  Psy Trance feat. Alex Jones
8.  Boris – Tokyo Wonder Land                                               (Attention Please)
9.  Boston – Feelin’ Satisfied                                                     (Don’t Look Back)
10. 38 Specials – Hold On Loosely                                           (Wild-Eyed Southern Boys)

2nd Hour
1.  Steve Miller Band – Jet Airliner                                                (Book of Dreams)
2.  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Peace Go With You Brother
(Winter in America)
3.  Joan Armatrading – Peace In Mind                                          (Show Some Emotion)
4.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Came Along This Road   (No More Shall We Part)
5.  The Jesus & Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval – Sometimes Always
(Stoned & Dethroned)
6.  Guns ‘N’ Roses – Patience                                                          (Lies)
7.  Inklings – Break You                                                                   (Rhizomes)
8.  The Divine Comedy – Everybody Knows (Except You)       (A Short Album About Love)
9.  Loudon Wainwright III – The Acid Song                                (More Love Songs)
10. Iron & Wine – Glad Man Singing                                            (Kiss Each Other Clean)
11. Susumu Yokota – Music From The Lake Surface                 (Symbol)
12. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here                                          (Wish You Were Here)

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Latitude warm down – Musical Meanderings 14th August 2011

It was great to get back in the seat tonight after what seems like too long. Many thanks to Chris for filling in appropriately last weekend. I’ve been out and about enjoying great festival fun of a few  varieties and it was great to make a start of catching up with them and sharing my experiences. Tonight started with the Latitude festival back in July and I played music from some of the bands I saw there, some of which I hadn’t heard before and I really enjoyed discovering, such as Iron & Wine, Glasser, I Am Kloot and Foals. Some of the bands I was already aware of and enjoyed there were Echo & The Bunnymen, My Morning Jacket, Lykke Li, The Leisure Society & The National.

Of course there was the usual meandering amongst them with related bands or music of similar style and an oldish song from Sabatta, hearalding their new album ‘Sabatta’ out in September which I’ll be playing songs from over the coming weeks. Also coming up in future shows, I’ll be playing some of the chats I recorded with artists and bands I caught up with at the Latitude and Secret Garden Party festivals.

Here’s the playlist for 14th August 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Weezer – Take Control                                                        (Maladroit)
2.  Sabatta – Didn’t See It                                                         (Sex Power Death)
3.  Public Enemy – Fight The Power                                      (Do The Right Thing Soundtrack)
4.  Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised   (Pieces Of A Man)
5.  Glasvegas – Lots Sometimes                                              (Euphoric Heartbreak)
6.  Primus – Jerry Was A Race Car Driver                            (Sailing The Seas Of Cheese)
7.  Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers                                                  (Wounded Rhymes)
8.  I Am Kloot – Northern Skies                                               (Sky At Night)
9.  Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’                     (Fulfillingness’ First Finale)
10. Tool – Schism                                                                       (Lateralus)
11. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker                                              (Windowlicker)

2nd Hour  
1.  Fearsome Engine – Consciousness Conductors                (Biting Point)
2.  Glasser – Mirrorage                                                             (Ring)
3.  Mikael Romanenko – Composition Five                            (To Let Go)
4.  Echo & The Bunnymen – The Cutter                                 (Porcupine)
5.  My Morning Jacket – I’m Amazed                                     (Evil Urges)
6.  Foals – Olympic Airways                                                      (Antidotes)
7.  Vampire Weekend – Holiday                                                (Contra)
8.  Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home                            (Kiss Each Other Clean)
9.  Midlake – Roscoe                                                                  (The Trials Of Van Occupanther)
10. The Leisure Society – The Last Of The Melting Snow  (The Sleeper)
11. The National – Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks                     (High Violet)

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Latitude warm up – Musical Meanderings 10th July 2011

It’s that time of the year again, where a few of us here at Phoenix FM look forward to the Latitude festival. It’s only next weekend & I enjoyed looking at some of the bands that will be playing this year & sharing fond memories of those I enjoyed watching last year.

Here’s the playlist for 10th July 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Auf Der Mar – Followed The Waves       (Auf Der Mar)
2.  Boston – Don’t Be Afraid                           (Don’t Look Back)
3.  38 Special – Caught Up In You                (Special Forces)
4.  Lykke Li – Breaking It Up                        (Youth Novel)
5.  Emmy The Great – Dinosaur Sex            (Virtue)
6.  Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready                    (Beyond)
7.  Superchunk – Crossed Wires                    (Majesty Shredding)
8.  The National – Available                            (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)
9.   Interpol – PDA                                            (Turn On The Bright Lights)
10. British Sea Power – Canvey Island          (Do You Like Rock Music?)

2nd Hour
1.  Earthling – Fraggle’s Rock                                        (Patterns)
2.  The Doors – L.A. Woman                                          (L.A. Woman)
3.  My Morning Jacket – First Light                             (Circuital)
4.  My Morning Jacket – The Way That He Sings       (At Dawn)
5.  Rodrigo Y Gabriela – One                                          (Live In Manchester & Dublin)
6.  The Leisure Society – Save It For Someone Who Cares (The Promise)
7.  Eels – Selective Memory                                          (Daisies Of The Galaxy)
8.  Brian Eno & John Cale – One Word                        (Wrong Way Up)
9.  Echo & The Bunnymen – Nothing Lasts Forever (Single)
10. They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse In Your Soul (Flood)

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Jeff Green on Drive 30/06/11

Garreth Hicklin and Jeff Green with Graham Stannard

[audio:|titles=Jeff Green Hour]

While I was covering Drive last week for Bryan I had the great pleasure of being joined live in the studio by Jeff Green, who came in with Garreth Hicklin from the Illegal Eagles. Jeff was in to talk about his album ‘Jessica’, which took eleven years to create & is based on his experience of losing his daughter. It was wonderful to hear about the musical influences behind the album & how Jeff was able to honestly share his feelings & experiences in his music. It’s for such a good cause as well because all profits from the album go towards the bereavement room at the Southend hospital maternity ward. We also heard about his time with the Illegal Eagles & he played some songs live with their latest member, Garreth Hicklin.

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The Dustaphonics on Musical Meanderings – 26th June 2011

The Dustaphonics (King A Ling Records)

[audio:|titles=Dustaphonics Chat]

At the end of a beautiful weekend where the sun returned to lift everyone’s spirits,  it was wonderful to celebrate by featuring The Dustaphonics on last night’s show. We heard three of their songs, along with a chat I was able to record with them after seeing them play a rocking night at the Blues Kitchen in Cameden on June 10th. Mr. Healer Selecta himself, Yvan Serrano, along with Michael, Kay & Dana were able to talk about how they got together & had a great time bonding as a family on a recent tour in Spain.

Here’s the playlist for 26th June 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Boston – Feelin’ Satisfied                                                (Don’t Look Back)
2.  The Stone Roses – What The World Is Waiting For (What The World Is Waiting For)
3.  Boris – Window Shopping                                              (Heavy Rocks)
4.  The Joy Formidable – Whirring                                    (The Big Roar)
5.  Superchunk – Hyper Enough                                         (Here’s Where The Strings Come In)
6.  The Dustaphonics – Party Girl
7.  The Dustaphonics – Showman Twang
8.  Wavves – Post Acid                                                           (King Of The Beach)
9.  Surfer Blood – Swim                                                         (Astrocoast)
10. The Vaccines – If You Wanna                                      (What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?)
11. The Misfits – We Are 138                                                  (Static Age)
12. The Black Keys – Set You Free                                        (Thickfreakness)

2nd Hour
1.  Earthling & Chameleon – Into The Cosmos
2.  E-Z Rollers – Walk This Land
3.  Terence Trent D’Arby – Wishing Well                         (Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby)
4.  Gil Scott-Heron – The Train From Washington        (Real Eyes)
5.  Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – Television The Drug Of A Nation
6.  Bob Marley & The Wailers – Waiting In Vain            (Exodus)
7.  The Dustaphonics – Dearest Darling
8.  Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly                                         (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
9.  David Bowie – Underground                                          (Labyrinth)
10. Ulrich Schnauss – A Letter From Home                      (A Strangely Isolated Place)
11. Vessel – Limit                                                                     (Dreaming In Pairs)
12. Jónsi – Grow Till Tall                                                      (Go)

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Musical Meanderings – 12th June 2011

Rain was the order of the day (or weekend!) as lots of people were out & about this weekend enjoying the first big weekend of festivals. Glade was on up in Norfolk, and Download at Donington Park. I’ve heard a great time was had by all, though I know from experience that being outdoors all weekend isn’t helped by a large amount of wetness! 😀
I had a relatively quiet weekend in for a change and I had a wonderful time preparing the music for tonight’s show- belatedly checking out some Black Flag, then playing their oft-partners in crime The Misfits. It was great to play a song from Boris too, long championed by Henry Rollins.

Here’s the playlist for 12th June 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  The Black Crowes – Twice As Hard        (Shake Your Money Maker)
2.  The Black Keys – Aeroplane Blues        (Rubber Factory)
3.  The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice        (Exile On Main Street)
4.  The Smashing Pumpkins – Geek USA        (Siamese Dream)
5.  Black Flag – TV Party                                       (Damaged)
6.  Misfits – TV Casualty                                       (Static Age)
7.  Boris – Window Shopping                             (Heavy Rocks)
8.  Funkadelic – Let’s Make It Last                  (Cosmic Slop)
9.  Sabatta – Didn’t See It                                     (Sex Power Death)
10. Tron & Earthling – Kilauea

2nd Hour
1.  Silicon Sounds – Nexus 6 (Protoculture Remix)    (Natural Selection)
2.  AMD – Big Dipper                                                             (Network)
3.  Zyce & Fox – Infinity Ends                                            (Hypercube)
4.  Aretha Franklin – Think
5.  Manu Chao – Mr. Bobby                                                 (Próxima Estación: Esperanza)
6.  Fleet Foxes – Lorelai                                                         (Helplessness Blues)
7.  Gil Scott-Heron – Peace Go With You, Brother       (Winter In America)
8.  Yuck – Shoot Down                                                            (Yuck)
9.  The Byrds – Hey Mr. Tambourine Man                       (Mr. Tambourine Man)
10. Jackson Browne – Running On Empty                       (Running On Empty)
11. Ulrich Schnauss – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow     (Goodbye)
12. Porn Sword Tobacco – En Hyllning Till Cykelin      (New Exclusive Olympic Heights)
13. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds        (Exodus)

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Mark Wynn on Musical Meanderings – 5th June 2011

It was great to be joined live in the studio last Sunday by singer/songwriter Mark Wynn. He joined me during his travels- he’d been up in York, then played in Southend during the afternoon. We discussed the liberation of life on the road and how his musical style has evolved. Mark started out in punk bands, but has forged a path in a reflective acoustic music. His songwriting style is also evolving and we heard a fantastic selection of them during the show.

Here’s the playlist for 5th June 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Anthrax – Out Of Sight, Out Of MInd            (State Of Euphoria)
2.  Mark Bradley/Motion Sickness Of Time Travel (Stetsasonic) – Talkin All That Jazz
3.  Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle                           (Winter In America 1974)
4.  Life Of Agony – Weeds                                     (Soul Searching Sun)
5.  Mark Wynn – Walk It On (Live Phoenix FM Session)
6.  Shpongle – DMT Remix 2                                (Shponglization)
7.  Mark Wynn – Lost John (Live Phoenix FM Session)
8.  Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie                            (Helplessness Blues)
9.  Neelix – Voices                                                    (You’re Under Control)

2nd Hour
1.  Hydrophonic & Headroom – Lank In Tents        (Streamline)
2.  Bob Marley & The Wailers – Waiting In Vain        (Exodus)
3.  Jane’s Addiction – Ocean Size                        (Nothing’s Shocking)
4.  Mark Wynn – Untitled  (Live Phoenix FM Session)
5.  Uncle Tupelo – Punch Drunk                           (Still Feel Gone)
6.  Gil Scott-Heron – It’s Your World
7.  Mark Wynn – Junkyard Angel (Live Phoenix FM Session)
8.  Simon & Garfunkle – Kathy’s Song                   (Sounds of Silence)
9.  Prince Allah – Mama Don’t Fight
10. The Jayhawks – Over My Shoulder            (Music From The North Country)
11. Crowded House – Something So Strong        (Crowded House)
12. Mark Wynn – Ramblin Jack
13. Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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Club Culture – 28th May 2011

Hopefully you didn’t mind something a bit psychedelic to get your May Bank Holiday rocking! It was great to get it going during a little intervention on Club Culture…

Playlist 28th May 2011 (Albums in brackets)
1. Ace Ventura – Psychic Experience
2. Cosmic Tone – Kick & Fly (Wake Up)
3. Protoculture – Circadians (Circadians)
4. Hydrophonic & Headroom – Lank In Tents (Streamline)
5. Hallucinogen – Alpha Centauri (Twisted)
6. The Commercial Hippies – Imaginoid (From Beyond)
7. Tristan – If Only (Chemisphere)
8. Scoofy – Coral (Network)
9. Savage Circuit – Just An Animal
10. Protoculture – Driven (Circadians)
11. Savage Circuit – Feedback Memory
12. Astral Projection – Flying Into A Star (Dancing Galaxy)
13. Liquid Soul – Devotion (Love In Stereo)
14. Aqualize – Land Of 2 Suns (Phaxe Remix) (Land of 2 Suns – Remix E.P.)
15. Day.Din – Popup (Speakers Corner)
16. Ephedrix – Frontiers (Far Away)

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Musical Meanderings – 22nd May 2011

Here’s the playlist for 22nd May 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Teenage Fanclub – Hang On (Thirteen)
2. Bruce Springsteen – War
3. The Joy Formidable – Whirring (The Big Roar)
4. Beach House – Zebra (Teen Dream)
5. Depeche Mode – Pleasure Little Treasure (Live)
6. Desmond Dekkar & The Aces – 007 (Shanty Town) (This Is Desmond Dekkar)
7. My Morning Jacket – Holdin’ On To Black Metal (Circuital)
8. My Morning Jacket – The Way That He Sings (At Dawn)
9. Shpongle – A New Way To Say ‘Hooray!’ (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
10. Ott – Roflcopter (Skylon)

2nd Hour
1. BeatNik – Pass The Parcel (Streamline)
2. John Cale – Paris 1919 (Paris 1919)
3. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Let Us Down Easy (Cardinology)
4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (No More Shall We Part)
5. The Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird (Absent Friends)
6. Richard Hawley – Ashes On The Fire (Truelove’s Gutter)
7. Trentemøller – Serenetti (Hemman & Kadan Remix) (Serenetti)
8. Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love (Superfly)
9. Radiohead – Codex (The King Of Limbs)
10. Jon Hopkins – Inner Peace (Opalescent)
11. Ulrich Schnauss – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Goodbye)

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Musical Meanderings – 15th May 2011

Here’s the playlist for 15th May 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly (There Is Nothing Left to Lose)
2. David Bowie – Let’s Spend The Night Together (Aladdin Sane)
3. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (Rumours)
4. Tool – You Lied (Live) (Salival)
5. Aqualize – Land Of 2 Suns (Phaxe Remix) (Land Of 2 Suns EP)
6. Symphonix – Home Sweet Home (The Wild Life)
7. Ulrich Schnauss – …Passing By (Far Away Trains Passing…)
8. Nathan Fake – Long Sunny (Drowning In A Sea Of Love)
9. Shpongle – ….But Nothing Is Lost (Nothing Lasts….But Nothing Is Lost…)

2nd Hour
1. Ephedrix – Frontiers (Far Away)
2. Arcade Fire – Empty Room (The Suburbs)
3. Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (Daisies Of The Galaxy)
4. Hans Zimmer – You’re So Cool (True Romance Soundtrack)
5. Aretha Franklin – Think (Aretha Now)
6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy (Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheous)
7. Otis Redding – Happy Song
8. Jónsi – Grow Till Tall (Go)
9. Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
10. Loudon Wainwright III – A Father & A Son (History)
11. Faithless – Crazy English Summer (Outrospective)
12. Arrested Development – Mr. Wendal (3 Years, 5 Months and 2 days in the life of…)
13. Ulrich Schnauss – A Letter From Home (A Strangely Isolated Place)

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Divine Hangover – 8th May 2011

It was great to have a bit of a quiet weekend for a change & enjoy the aftermath of the Divine Comedy Top 20 show on Friday. It was great to feel the release after a few weeks of anticipation & wonder how it would go. I was able to make amends tonight & play a couple of songs that people thought should have made the Top 20.
It was great to also get a bit Shpongled! To go on a bit of a psychedelic journey with the wonderul producer Simon Posford & his sidekick the legendary Raja Ram via the South African producer Protoculture. I then had a quick look at some classic psychedelia with Pink Floyd.

1st Hour
1.  The Divine Comedy – The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count    (A Secret History… The Best of the Divine Comedy)
2.  Dinosaur Jr. – We’re Not Alone                (Beyond)
3.  The Joy Formidable – Buoy                       (The Big Roar)
4.  Joy Division – Isolation                               (Closer)
5.  The Stone Roses – Made Of Stone            (The Stone Roses)
6.  Tool – 4 Degrees                                           (Undertow)
7.  The Misfits – She                                          (Static Age)
8.  Tom Waits – Down, Down, Down            (Swordfishtrombones)
9.  Cinderella – Night Songs                            (Night Songs)
10. Belly – Super-Connected                            (King)
11. Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze        (Tales Of The Inexpressible)

2nd Hour
1.  Protoculture – Circadians                                (Circadians)
2.  Shpongle – Retry                                               (Shponglization Bootleg)
3.  Shpongle – Once Upon A Sea Of Blissful Awareness    (Tales Of The Inexpressible)
4.  Pink Floyd – Money                                            (Dark Side Of The Moon)
5.  The Divine Comedy – Commuter Love            (Fin de Siècle)
6.  Citizen Cope – Karma Police                              (Radiodread)
7.  The Jayhawks – Miss Williams’ Guitar            (Tomorrow the Green Grass)
8.  Eels – Livin’ Life                                                   (Revolution In The Head)
9.  Julien Neto – Musicbox                                        (Le Fumeur De Ciel)
10. The Divine Comedy – Tonight We Fly               (Promenade)
11. Ulrich Schnauss – In All The Wrong Places        (A Strangely Isolated Place)

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The Divine Comedy Top 20 Show

You can now download the show from here!


Friday’s Top 20 show featured The Divine Comedy. I was overwhelmed by the interest and support from Neil Hannon’s many fans from around the world who voted in their droves for their favourite Divine Comedy songs. He maintains a large online fanbase and it was great to be able to get through to them. We talked about that a bit during a conversation I was able to record with Neil the previous week while he was stopping over at Stansted on his way to the Queima das Fitas do Porto in Portugal. I was able to play the recording at various points throughout the show and, as I discussed, I had prepared a series of questions to ask him, but he is so friendly and talkative, our conversation just flowed in a variety of directions.

This also included a discussion on cricket of course, when I was talking about his collaboration with Thomas Walsh in The Duckworth Lewis Method which prompted me to play one of their songs during the show too.

There was a late flurry of voting on the day which resulted in some last minute changes and some close calls, demonstrated by a tie for 18th place!

A lot of his fans who had voted also joined me during the show via the live stream or the chat room on our website to find out which song would be number one. There were a lot of discussions on what made it and what was excluded from the top 20, but many agreed that Tonight We Fly deserved its place at the top. It won by a considerable number of votes!

20 – Bad Ambassador
A tie for 18th place:
18- Lucy
18- Perfect Lovesong
17- At The Indie Disco
16- The Frog Princess
15- Gin Soaked Boy
14- Generation Sex
13- Down In The Street Below
12- If…
11- Charmed Life
10- Absent Friends
9- I Like
8- Everybody Knows
7- Songs Of Love
6- National Express
5- Something For The Weekend
4- Becoming More Like Alfie
3- A Lady Of A Certain Age
2- Our Mutual Friend
1- Tonight We Fly

Thanks again to all who voted, it was a great experience and one I look forward to repeating in the future.

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Easter Bank Holiday Meanderings – 24th April 2011

Here’s the playlist for 24th April 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Spiritualized – Lay Back In The Sun                       (Pure Phase)
2.  Aerosmith – F.I.N.E.                                                    (Pump)
3.  Megadeth – No More Mr. Nice Guy                         (Hidden Treasures)
4.  Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again        (Music For The Masses)
5.  Lacuna Coil – Swamped                                               (Out Truth CD Single)
6.  Dinosaur Jr. – This Is All I Came To Do                 (Beyond)
7.  Matt Berry – Take My Hand                                       (Witchazel)
8.  Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think              (How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?)
9.  The Joy Formidable – Whirring                                (The Big Roar)
10. Ritmo – Wake Up                                                          (Disharmonic Silence)

2nd Hour
1.  E.V.P. – Incoming Signals                                          (Harmonic Module)
2.  Underworld – Scribble                                                (Barking)
3.  Nitin Sawhney – Streets                                             (Introducing)
4.  De La Soul – Say No Go                                             (3 Feet High & Rising)
5.  David Bowie – The Jean Genie                               (Aladdin Sane)
6.  Otis Redding – Amen                                                 (The Otis Redding Story)
7.  Kate Bush – Wow                                                        (Lionheart)
8.  Pixies – Here Comes Your Man                             (Doolittle)
9.  Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill                                  (Peter Gabriel)
10. The Style Council – The Lodgers                         (Our Favourite Shop)
11. Laid Back – Beautiful Day (Banzai Republic vs Trentemøller Remix) (The Singles Collection)
12. Deaf Centre – Limn                                                  (Neon City)

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Phillious Williams on Musical Meanderings – 17th April 2011

Last night on Musical Meanderings I was joined live in the studio by Mark, Mark & Ted from Southend based band, Phillious Williams. They had a lively weekend playing out- in Southend on Friday then Colchester on Saturday night. We had a great chat about all things rock ‘n roll, including how they really get on great together as a band & a little bit about their origins ;-D They played a wonderful selection of their songs, plus a fantastic version of Jolene by Dolly Parton!

Here’s the playlist for 17th April 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Foo Fighters – All My Life                                                   (One By One)
2.  Shout Out Louds    – The Comeback                                 (Howl Howl Gaff Gaff)
3.  Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Live)    (Revolverlution Tour 2003)
4.  Telepathe – Can’t Stand It                                                  (Dance Mother)
5.  Phillious Williams – Weird Connections                         (Live Phoenix FM Session)
6.  Tom Waits – Goodnight Irene                                           (Orphans)
7.  Phillious Williams – Oh Baby                                             (Live Phoenix FM Session)
8.  Protonica – Floating Point (Morning Mix)                     (Extrasensory Perception Part 2)

n 2nd Hour
1.  Beatnik – Function Creep                                                  (Dream Creation Promo CD2)
2.  My Morning Jacket – Lowdown                                      (At Dawn)
3.  John Cale – Helen Of Troy                                               (Helen Of Troy)
4.  Phillious Williams – Caroline                                         (Live Phoenix FM Session)
5.  Surfer Blood – Take It Easy                                            (Astrocoast)
6.  Panda Bear – I’m Not                                                       (Person Pitch)
7.  Phillious Williams – Jolene                                             (Live Phoenix FM Session)
8.  Phillious Williams – Dirty Hotel                                    (Live Phoenix FM Session)
9.  Russell Joslin – Dreams & Country Lanes                   (Jet Black & White)
10. Midlake – I Guess I’ll Take Care                                    (Bamnan & Silvercork)

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Musical Meanderings – 10th April 2011

It was great to get back in the saddle this week after having last week off. Thanks again to Chris Siviter for covering last week.
The break gave me a chance to catch up with some new music I was recommended by friends I was able to spend time with. So it was great to play music from the likes of Delorean, Surfer Blood, Memory Tapes & a song from the 2007 Dinosaur Jr. album Beyond which had passed me by until now. It was also great to catch up with old favourites Sliver Bullet & Delerium.

Here’s the playlist for 10th April 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready                (Beyond)
2.  Surfer Blood – Swim                 (Astrocoast)
3.  The Joy Formidable – The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie    (The Big Roar)
4.  Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply
5.  Lalo Schifrin – Bullitt                (Bullitt)
6.  Fugazi – Blueprint                    (Repeater)
7.  The Divine Comedy – Don’t Look Down        (Promenade)
8.  Sabatta – Didn’t See It
9.  The Flaming Lips – Pompeii am Götterdämmerung    (At War With The Mystics)
10. Delerium – Heaven’s Earth (Matt Darey Remix)        (Karma + 6)

2nd Hour
1.  EVP – Harmonic Module                (Harmonic Module)
2.  Neelix – Ask The Right Questions (Dirtyloud Remix)    (When I’m Grown Up)
3.  Memory Tapes – Bicycle                (Seek Magic)
4.  The Style Council – You’re The Best Thing        (Café Bleu)
5.  Delorean – Seasun                (Ayrton Senna E.P.)
6.  Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla                (Takk…)
7.  Yage – Procession                    (The Woodlands Of Old)
8.  Chris Isaak – Two Hearts                (True Romance Soundtrack)
9.  Charlie Sexton – Graceland                (True Romance Soundtrack)
10. East River Pipe – Backroom Deals            (We Live In Rented Rooms)
11. Trentemøller – Miss You                (The Last Resort)
12. Band Of Horses – Neighbor                (Infinite Arms)

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Martin Mays in on Musical Meanderings – 27th March 2011

It was great to be joined in the studio tonight by singer/songwriter Martin Mays. We were able to hear some of his songs, find out where he is with some of his projects at the moment & get an insight into his songwriting process. We also heard a bit of the background to some of his songs, which mainly centered on relationships, but also brought up a discussion about sustainable local communities!

I also played three songs featuring the singer Jónsi in celebration of catching him last year at the Latitude festival & looking forward to the Latitude festival this year. We heard a song from when he was with Sigur Rós, a solo song from the album Go & a collaboration with Tiësto.

Here’s the playlist for 27th March 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere    (Live At The Brixton Acadamy)
2.  Dweezil Zappa – Vanity            (Confessions)
3.  Martin Mays – Old Flame Fading
4.  The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance        (Invaders Must Die)
5.  Russell Joslin – Dreams & Country Lanes    (Jet Black & White)
6.  Martin Mays – Sweetness
7.  Rush – Closer To The Heart            (A Farewell To Kings)
8.  Tiësto – Kaleidoscope (feat. Jónsi)        (Kaleidoscope)

2nd Hour
1.  Ritmo – Dimension (Suntree Rmx)        (Archive 9)
2.  Martin Mays – Slave To The Waves
3.  Jónsi – Tornado                (Go)
4.  Meaghan Smith – Here Comes Your Man    (The Cricket’s Orchestra)
5.  Martin Mays – Wanderlust
6.  Loudon Wainwright III – One Man Guy        (Career Songs)
7.  XTC – Senses Working Overtime        (English Settlement)
8.  Sigur Rós – Sæglópur            (Takk…)

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Savage Circuit on Musical Meanderings 20th March 2011

It was rather fantastic to be joined in the studio tonight by Alchemy records Trance artist Savage Circuit. It was great to catch up with him & listen to four of his songs in tonights session.

I also played an interview I recorded with Jon Brookes of The Charlatans who is currently in Japan touring in the Lew Lewis band. It was great to catch up with him & see how the tour is going.

Here’s the playlist for 20th March 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1.  Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart        (Dr. Feelgood)
2.  Weezer – Kock-Down Drag-Out        (The Green Album)
3.  Ferbi Boys – Bush Caffee            (Dizzy Factory)
4.  Savage Circuit – Slight Of Mind (Live)
5.  Van Halen – Mean Street            (Fair Warning)
6.  Extreme – Kid Ego                (Extreme)
7.  Savage Circuit – Lost Control
8.  Hujaboy – The Acid Revival Live Mix        (Extreme – Black Belt Live Mixes)

2nd Hour
1.  Earsugar – Mindprint            (Special Compilation – Vol.2 by D-VaGon)
Chat with Jon Brookes from The Charlatans about his tour in Japan in the Lew Lewis band.
2.  Lew Lewis – Boogie On The Street
3.  Savage Circuit – Feedback Memory (Live)
4.  Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On  (Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On)
5.  Television – Friction            (Marquee Moon)
6.  Bangles – Going Down To Liverpool        (All Over the Place)
7.  Echo & The Bunnymen            (Ballyhoo)
8.  Savage Circuit – Breaking Point (Live)

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Musical Meanderings tomorrow 20th March

Just a reminder to join me tomorrow on Musical Meanderings from 10pm- midnight, when I’ll be joined in the studio by Alchemy records Trance artist Savage Circuit & hearing some of his new material.

Savage Circuit









I’ll also be playing an interview I recorded today with Jon Brookes from The Charlatans who is currently touring in Japan with the Lew Lewis Band.

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Breakfast this morning 18th March 2011

Joining Graham Stannard this morning is Warren Kennedy, currently on tour in Japan with the Lew Lewis band. We’ll be catching up with him after 9 o’clock to find out how they’re getting on and how they’re finding the country after the recent tragedy.

Also, between 8 & 9 I’ll be playing the first Phoenix FM Creative session by Turtle Soup!

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Spring has sprung? – 13th March 2011

I had another great weekend, catching up with some friends at a birthday party. I heard & was inspired by some new music there as well, some of which I enjoyed playing on tonight’s show, such as the fantastic Goa Trance song Let’s Go! by Bus. I also played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Not an artist I’ve ever really played before, but after hearing Billie Jean over the weekend I was reminded how much soul is in his music & how ahead of its time it was.
I also played music from a wider variety of styles & artists, such as Aphex Twin, Four Tet & Trentemøller.

1st Hour
1. Love/Hate – Blackout In The Red Room (Blackout In The Red Room)
2. The Mars Volta – Eriatarka (De-Loused in the Comatorium)
3. Fugazi – Arpeggiator (End Hits)
4. Stevie Wonder – Boogie On Reggae Woman (Fulfillingness’ First Finale)
5. Leftfield – Arika Shox (Rhythm & Stealth)
6. Pearl Jam – Given To Fly (Yield)
7. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Single)
8. Shout Out Louds – Very Loud (Howl Howl Gaff Gaff)
9. Ratt – Lovin’ You Is A Dirty Job (Detonator)
10. Four Tet – Smile Around The Face (Everything Ecstatic)

2nd Hour
1. DJ Bus – Let’s Go! (Gus Till – Best Of The Rhino Years Vol.2)
2. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Thriller)
3. Jeff Buckley – Yard Of Blonde Girls (Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk)
4. The Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me (Silver Threads & Golden Needles)
5. The Doobie Brothers – Ordinary Man (Sibling Rivalry)
6. Cat Power – Song To Bobby (Jukebox)
7. Night Ranger – Sentimental Street (Seven Wishes)
8. Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars (Mermaid Avenue)
9. The Jayhawks – Tailspin (Music From The North Country)
10. Trentemøller – Liquid Dreams (The Singles Collection)
11. Neil Young – Such A Woman (Harvest Moon)

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Flying The Funk

It was great to top off a great weekend by dabbling in slightly different styles of electronic music with the likes of Vessel, Brisker & Magitman & Chihei Hatakeyama. I kept it funky & rocking with Parliament, Funkadelic & Earsugar. And I kicked off the flight rather appropriately with Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy as I looked forward to my Top 20 show on May 6th. You can start voting now for your favourite song here:

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 6th March (albums in brackets)
1st Song
1. The Divine Comedy – Tonight We Fly (Promenade)
2. Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song (Nothing’s Shocking)
3. The Blues Brothers – Groove Me (The Blues Brothers Soundtrack)
4. Danzig – Long Way Back From Hell (Danzig II: Lucifuge)
5. Rollins Band – Civilized (Weight)
6. The Dead 60s – Red Light (The Dead 60s)
7. Brisker & Magitman – Dinner Out (Just Another Day)
8. Funkadelic – If You Don’t Like The Effects, Don’t Produce The
Cause (America Eats Its Young)
9. Carter Burwell – The Wicked Flee (True Grit Soundtrack)
10. Sebadoh – Hillbilly II (Harmacy)
11. Fugazi – Forman’s Dog (End Hits)
12. The Seahorses – Blinded By The Sun (Do It Yourself)

2nd Hour
1. Earsugar – New Era
2. Idan Raichel (vocals Sergio Braams) – Brong Faya (Burn Fire)
(The Idan Raichel Project)
3. Cat Power – Naked, If I Want To (Jukebox)
4. Talking Heads – What A Day That Was (Stop Making Sense)
5. The Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Becoming X)
6. Vessel – Apartment (Dreaming In Paris)
7. Eels – Fresh Feeling (Souljacker)
8. Cathy Davey – The Touch (The Nameless)
9. Parliament – Colour Me Funky (Gloryhallastoopid)
10. Godley & Creme – Cry (Extended) (The History Mix Vol.1)
11. Chihei Hatakeyama – Towards A Tranquil Marsh (Minima Moralia)

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Pubaging! – 27th February 2011

It was great to once again head to the studio after a weekend in London catching up with friends & rocking straight over here. It was great to play some music tonight by artists that I was previously unfamiliar with such as Fugazi, Butthole Surfers, Everclear & Matchbox Twenty.

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 27th February (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Fugazi – Bad Mouth (Fugazi E.P.)
2. Butthole Surfers – Dracula From Houston (Weird Revolution)
3. Sixx A.M. – Life Is Beautiful (The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack)
4. Matchbox Twenty – All I Need (More Than You Think You Are)
5. They Might Be Giants – SenSurround (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: Original Soundtrack Album)
6. The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (Love Bites)
7. Neelix – The Next (No Way To Leave)
8. Nine Inch Nails – The Day The World Went Away (The Fragile)
9. Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (Antichrist Superstar)
10. Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It (Stay Hungry)
11. Guillemots – Come Away With Me (Through The Windowpane)
12. Spiritualized – Let It Flow (Pure Phaze)

2nd Hour
1. Aqualize – Pressure Behaviour (Goa Vol.32)
2. Iris DeMent – Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (True Grit Soundtrack)
3. Nil Lara – Fighting For My Love (Scrubs Sountrack)
4. East River Pipe – Firing Room (Shining Hours In A Can)
5. The Joy Formidable – Greyhounds In The Slips (NME Radar Compilation)
6. John Grant – Where Dreams Go To Die (The Queen Of Denmark)
7. The Czars – Paint The Moon (Goodbye)
8. Efterklang – Hands Playing Butterfly (Under Giant Trees)
9. Curtis Mayfield – Superfly (Superfly)
10. Everclear – Wonderful (Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile)
11. Jeff Buckley – Yard Of Blonde Girls (Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk)
12. Terence Trent D’Arby – If You All Get To Heaven (Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’Arby)

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Back in the saddle – 20th February 2011

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 20th February (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Poison – Nothin’ But A Good Time (Open Up & Say….Ahh!)
2. Ramones – When I Was Young (Acid Eaters)
3. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Invaders Must Die)
4. Motörhead – Love Me Forever (1916)
5. Protonica – Red Dust (Ectima Remix) (Selection 2010)
6. Leftfield – Release The Pressure (Leftism)
7. Aqualize – Land Of 2 Suns (Phaxe Remix) (Land Of 2 Suns EP)
8. Bruce Springsteen – You’re Own Enemy (Magic)

2nd Hour
1. Ovnimoon – Galactic Mantra (Geometric Poetry)
2. Fiord – Hybrid (Twin Coast Remixes)
3. Pedro The Lion – A Mind Of Her Own (Winners Never Quit)
4. Peter Broderick – Not At Home (Home)
5. Radiohead – Go Slowly (In Rainbows)
6. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On? (What’s Going On?)
7. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lookin’ Out My Back Door (Cosmo’s Factory)
8. Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun (Here Comes the Sun)
9. Ulrich Schnauss – A Letter From Home (A Strangely Isolated Place)
10. Prince – Purple Rain (Purple Rain)

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Endurance fun – 6th February 2011

Tonight’s show was one of those that took a life of its own. I found out earlier today that unfortunately Taylor wasn’t around for Rock The Week, so I initially thought I would just do my show earlier & finish at ten. But, I had a bit of an eventfull weekend featuring a couple of late nights, lots of driving & a bit of house moving so it seemed to end the weekend on a final endurance campaign!

It allowed me to experiment with a bit of structure to the show. It turns out the first hour was a bit of a tribute to Taylor’s rock the week, then the second hour allowed me to play some fantastic Psychedelic Trance songs I’ve been listening to recently. The final couple of hours returned to more familiar Musical Meandering territory, featuring interventions from the likes of Spiritualized & Eels. Though, by the end of the show I realized I hadn’t played the songs from the Phoenix Fundraiser that I said I would. To me remedied in the coming weeks 😀

1st Hour
1. Jane’s Addiction – Stop (Ritual De Lo Habitual)
2. R.E.M. – What’s The Frequency Kenneth? (Monster)
3. Mötley Crüe – Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.) (Dr. Feelgood)
4. 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite (The Better Life)
5. Rollins Band – Volume 4 (Weight)
6. Rollins Band – Shine (Weight)
7. Sabatta – Living The Life (Sex Power Death)
8. Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness? (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son)
9. Pantera – Hollow (Vulger Display Of Power)
10. Van Halen – Eruption (Van Halen)

2nd Hour
1. Ephedrix – Frontiers (Far Away)
2. Symphonix – Home Sweet Home (The Wild Life)
3. Day.Din – Popup (Speakers Corner)
4. Sub6 – Program Flies (Who Needs Love Songs?)
5. Neelix – Voices (You’re Under Control)
6. Hallucinogen – Alpha Centauri (Twisted)

3rd Hour
1. Pavement – Date With Ikea (Brighten The Corners)
2. Talking Heads – Wild, Wild Life (True Stories)
3. Bruce Springsteen – Happy (Tracks)
4. PJ Harvey – Send His Love To Me (To Bring You My Love)
5. The Rumble Strips – Not The Only Person (Welcome to the Walk Alone)
6. Arcade Fire – Half Light 1 (The Suburbs)
7. Eels – Railroad Man (Blinking Lights & Other Revelations)
8. Eels – Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) (Blinking Lights & Other Revelations)
9. Interpol – Lights (Interpol)
10. The Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise (Siamese Dream)
11. Alison Krauss – I’ll Fly Away (O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack)

4th Hour
1. The Divine Comedy – Complete Banker (Bang Goes The Knighthood)
2. The Flaming Lips – Thank You Jack White (For The Fibre-Optic Jesus You Gave Me
3. Tom Waits – Please Call Me, Baby (The Heart Of Saturday Night)
4. Richard Hawley – Don’t Get Hung Up In Your Soul (Truelove’s Gutter)
5. Spiritualized – The Slide Song (Pure Phase)
6. Spiritualized – Stay With Me (Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space)
7. Spiritualized – The Straight & The Narrow (Let It Come Down)
8. The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (Abbey Road)
9. Aretha Franklin – Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
10. The Lonesome Sisters – Oh Sleeper (Going Home Shoes)
11. Loudon Wainwright III – The Picture (History)
12. Porn Sword Tobacco – Pappa Min Karlek Ar Gravid (New Exclusive Olympic Heights)

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Keep the resolutions & new year flowing – 30th January 2011

It’s almost the end of January & already I’m struggling to keep on top of my resolutions. I was hoping by now to have developed a bit more of a relaxed routine of getting more rest & looking after myself a bit better. I have been having mixed success & was able to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend at home for a change. A friend was visiting & we were able to just relax, watch films & listen to music, some of which I had the pleasure of including in tonights show.

Also, it was great to pop into the Brentwood Theatre on the way into the studio this evening to catch a bit of the Phoenix FM fundraiser. Highlights for me were Edd Coates, Roz Ure & a beautiful song from Michelle Ward & Ed Wellman.

In the second hour tonight, I found myself getting a bit carried away with Mark Everett & the gang in their band Eels. I played Susan’s House then got inspired to have a bit of a chat about them then play a couple of songs from their recent album of last year ‘End Times’.

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 30th January 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Marilyn Manson – I Don’t Like The Drugs (Mechanical Animals)
2. Nirvana – Negative Creep (Bleach)
3. Joy Division – A Means To An End (Closer)
4. Sabatta – Didn’t See It (Sex Power Death)
5. Long Blondes – Century
6. Neelix – The Answer (Resident)
7. Motörhead – Killed By Death (No Remorse)
8. Uncle Tupelo – I Wanna Be Your Dog (Covers & Oddities ’88 – ’93)
9. Gomez – Get Miles (Bring It On)
10. LL Cool J – Going Back To Cali (Less Than Zero)

2nd Hour
1. Ace Ventura – Presence (Crossing Boarders)
2. Teenage Fanclub – The Cabbage (Thirteen)
3. Eels – Susan’s House (Beautiful Freak)
4. Eels – Little Bird (End Times)
5. Eels – In My Younger Days (End Times)
6. R.E.M. – Nightswimming (Automatic For The People)
7. Jackson Browne – Love Needs A Heart (Running On Empty)
8. Stevie Wonder – I Wish (Songs In The Key Of Life)
9. Wevie Stonder – Cowboys (Drawing On Other People’s Heads)
10. Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (Silk & Soul)
11. Young Coppers – Come All Ye Bold Britons (Passing Out)
12. Eels – Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists (Blinking Lights & Other Revelations)
13. Toni Simonen – Terrace (Cafe Del Mar Vol. 16)

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Psychedelic Trance – 23rd January 2011

It was great to have a bit of an early experience of a fresh start in this new year. I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Rollo who’s squirreled his way down to Bath to start producing his music. We had a bit of a chat about what we know about & our feelings of the Trance music you find interjected on my show every week. I’m looking forward to having him back & playing some of his music.

It was great as well to slot in a cheeky number from Iron Maiden! Still enjoying massive success after all these years.

Here’s the playlist for Sunday 23rd January 2011 (albums in brackets)
1st Hour
1. Iron Maiden – Wasted Years (Somewhere In Time)
2. Band Of Horses – Ode To LRC (Cease To Begin)
3. Auf Der Mar – My Foggy Notion (Auf Der Mar)
4. Bruce Springsteen – Better Days (Lucky Town)
5. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Love)
6. Zen Mechanics – Immerse (Holy Cities)
7. Flowjob – Change Everything

2nd Hour
1. Neelix – Give Them Free (When I’m Grown Up)
2. Jimi Hendrix Experience – 51st Anniversary
3. Belly – Gepetto (Star)
4. Led Zepplin – In The Light (Physical Graffiti)
5. Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman (Superfly)
6. Broadcast – Ominous Cloud (HaHa Sound)
7. Loudon Wainwright III – Missing You (Last Man On Earth)
8. Martha Wainwright – Jesus & Mary (I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too)
9. Tom Waits – On The Nickel (Heartattack & Vine)
10. The Wallflowers – Hand Me Down (Breach)
11. Moby – Everlong (Play)

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2011 Under Way

1st Hour
1. Monster Magnet – Powertrip (Powertrip)
2. Nirvana – Breed (Nevermind)
3. Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (Don’t Do It)
4. Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod (Psalm 69)
5. Dinosaur Jr. – On The Way (Where You Been)
6. Bruce Springsteen – Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (The Rising)
7. Pixies – Holiday Song (Wave Of Mutilation – Best Of Pixies)
8. A Perfect Circle – Thinking Of You (Mer De Noms)
9. The Doobie Brothers – Rockin’ Down The Highway (Best Of The Doobies)
10. Tom Waits – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (Bone Machine)
11. Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul? (How You Sell Soul To A Souless People Who Sold Their Soul?)
12. Rush – Earthshine (Vapour Trails)
13. The Stone Roses – This Is The One (The Stone Roses)

2nd Hour
1. Neelix – Chainsaw (When I’m Grown Up)
2. Broadcast – Paper Cuts (The Noise Made By People)
3. David Bowie – Fill Your Heart (Hunky Dory)
4. Uncle Tupelo – Watch Me Fall (Still Feel Gone)
5. Nitin Sawhney – Immigrants (Beyond Skin)
6. Richard Hawley – Soldier On (Truelove’s Gutter)
7. Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me
8. Natalie Merchant – Jealousy (Tigerlily)
9. The Divine Comedy – I Was Born Yesterday (Liberation)
10. The Lovemakers – Gonna Find (Times Of Romance)
11. Otis Reading – Look At The Girl
12. Ott – Rogue Bagel (Skylon)

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New Year. New Start. Let’s Go!

The holiday season passes by so quick doesn’t it? It was great to have a bit of time off between bits of work to get on with a bit of partying & catching up with friends. It’s over now, but the New Year has just begun. Tonight was a bit of a birthday for me as it’s been almost exactly a year since I started Meandering Musically here on Phoenix FM & it’s been a really rocking adventure. It was great to celebrate that & wonderful as well to return to the theme of fresh starts & new beginnings as the New Year is a great time to take stock & leave behind what you don’t need any more- be it stuff, memories, habits, regrets & attitudes. A good time to get moving with positive changes.

1st Hour
1. Van Halen – Panama (1984)
2. Placebo – Days Before You Came (Black Market Music)
3. Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (City To City)
4. The Coral – Dreaming Of You (The Coral)
5. A Perfect Circle – Thomas (Mer de Noms)
6. Sabatta – Cold Enuff (Emperor’s New Clothes)
7. Bruce Springsteen – Gotta Get That Feelin’ (The Promise)
8. Tristan – Spiritual Excitation (Chemisphere)
9. Kyuss – Thee Ol’ Boozeroony (….And The Circus Leaves Town)
10. Stealers Wheel – Everyone’s Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine (Stealers Wheel)

2nd Hour
1. Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (Holy Cities)
2. The Stone Roses – This Is The One (The Stone Roses)
3. Depeche Mode – Precious (Playing The Angel)
4. Echobelly – Bulldog Baby (Lustra)
5. Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night (The Eraser)
6. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul – Fallin’ (Judgement Night Soundtrack)
7. Tom Waits – Jersey Girl (Heartattack & Vine)
8. Loudon Wainwright III – Something For Nothing (So Damn Happy – Live)
9. Tindersticks – Here (Donkeys 92-97)
10. Gerry Rafferty – Whatever’s Written in Your Heart (City To City)

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