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A broadcaster and massage practitioner, based in Essex and London. Presenting Musical Meanderings on Phoenix FM and now also the Mental Health Matters podcast.

Good Weather For An Airstike | Tom Honey Interview – Musical Meanderings 17th May 2018

It was a pleasure to record an interview with post-rock/ ambient artist Tom Honey, otherwise known as Good Weather For An Airstrike.

You can hear the full episode here:

Tom originally conceived the idea in 2009 to help him alleviate his issues caused by suffering from tinnitus. I spoke with him about my issues with this too and how he learned to create the music, along with the wonderful song and album titles.

He also helped me with discovering other artists and bands in the genre, such as bands he recommended like Caspian and his brother’s band Oceanus. We even spoke about other genres and how they may crossover into post-rock, such as what I’ve been discovering on the doom/ stoner front.

Tom also revealed that the name he chose- Good Weather For An Airstrike came from a rough translation of a Sigur Ros song.

I asked about any thoughts he has about playing live and Tom explained his thoughts on how he will do it, his experiences in the past and ideas for venues and how a show would look and feel.

Here is the playlist for 17th May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 The Heavy Eyes – Levantado (Maera – 2012)
2 Wychhound – Matter – Antimatter Annihilation (Earth Orbiter – 2018)
3 OAK – Walking Away (OAK III – 2018)
4 Dog Chasing Sun – Weed Powered Spaceship
5 Distant Dream – Gradient Space (feat. Stel Andre) (Your Own Story – 2018)
6 Audrey Fall – 1944 (Mitau – 2014)
7 Stars As Lights -The Path Back To You (Constellations – 2016)
8 Caspian – Rioseco (Dust and Disquiet – 2015)
9 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Blossom (Little Steps – 2017)
10 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Every Day’s New (Little Steps – 2017)
11 Liam J Hennessy – Beacons (Ft. Tom Honey) (Held – 2017)
12 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Lungs (A Home For You – 2014)
13 Oceanus – Nautica (Sirens – 2013)
14 Liam J Hennessy – Søen (Held – 2017)
15 The End Of The Ocean – On Floating (In Excelsis – 2012)

Mental Health Matters | Find Focus & Ancestral Healing | Series 2, Episode 7

I have enjoyed returning to the Mental Health Podcast here on Phoenix FM, especially with another couple of wonderful conversations- with entrepreneur Martin Böddeker and multi skilled therapist Marie Delanote.

You can listen to it here:

Martin Böddeker has achieved a lot in his young life, from a professional poker player, through to starting his own company. He has faced challenges along the way, including painful moments with his family and a failed first company of his own, but has faced them strongly and always sees the positive in situations and works through to outcomes. However, one thing he noticed as he worked for himself was how easy it is to be distracted while working online. It is a problem I have faced and it has affected my well being in the past, with being stuck and procrastinating.

Martin spoke honestly about his journey and how his solution to reduce being distracted became the creation of his new business- You can learn more about it here:

Marie Delanote is a Brentwood based therapist. She is one of four sisters and now has four children of her own. She has struggled with many issues in her life, including OCD, eating problems, depression and anxiety. Now also her two sons have been diagnosed with autism. Over the years she developed meditations and coping mechanisms to deal with these emotions.

She has had great success with them and has also published books- The Healing Of The 1lb Baby and now the children’s meditation book- Acorns To Great Oaks. Marie is also able to help others with a variety of therapy techniques. I learned a lot in our conversation.

Click here to see her website.

Here are the articles mentioned in the mental health news:

Here are the songs played:
Sade – By Your Side (Lovers Rock – 2000)

Corey Hart – I Am By Your Side (Boy In The Box – 1985)

Aurora Borealis – Goodbye 1 & 2 (Goodbye – 2018)

Let us know what you think of the show
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• Samaritans Free on 116 123 , e-mail: or

• SANE 0300 304 7000 (6-11pm every evening) or

• Elefriends (MH Support Forum) –

• Rethink Mental Illness website (for factsheets/blogs etc) :

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Unplugged & Rewired 3 | Musical Meanderings 10th May 2018

Another enjoyable episode of Musical Meanderings with the return of wonderful live guests to the studio. In this case it was musicians Dan Hobbs, Dave Stannard and Lyndon Nutkins talking about their involvement with the upcoming charity event ‘Unplugged and Rewired 3’ event at the Brentwood Theatre on the 18th and 19th of May 2018.

You can hear it again here:

It’s the third event over a number of years they’ve arranged in aid of the British Heart Foundation, each of which have been a great success. It was lovely to hear about the origins, reasons and their individual journeys in music. We even talked about the creation of the wonderful poster and flyer. And somehow ended up discussing some of the deep history of technology and the internet!

Dan and Dave are part of Mr MRB who will be headlining, and Lyndon is part of The 99 with Martin Mays and Sticksy, formerly of Bushfire.
The event will be opened by Ksenia and Dan talked about how she came on board. Dave performed some live music during the show and I managed to record some video of one of them:

It was a particularly great night for me, actually I kind of reunion, as I have known them for many years, but have seen them in a few. Part of catching up with them and their musical history included asking Lyndon to bring some music with him and talking about what they meant to him.

Before I spoke with them, I continued the heavy start to the show by playing some new music of the stoner/doom genre I’ve been enjoying, including a track from the great new OAK III EP and another from the recent new Wychhound release. Also, it was wonderful to hear a new release by an amazing, mighty band from Russia- Dog Chasing Sun.

Have a listen to the show again, enjoy the conversations and support the event at the Brentwood Theatre if you can.

Here is the playlist for 10th May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 OAK – Once You Die (OAK III – 2018)
2 Dog Chasing Sun – Only Stoned Will Survive (Slow Burn – 2018)
3 Wychhound – Supercluster (Earth Orbiter – 2018)
4 Honeybus – Story (Story – 1970)
5 Dave Stannard – The Songwriter’s Dictionary
6 Heads, Hands and Feet – Country Boy (Heads, Hands and Feet – 1971)
7 Dave Stannard – Worldwide Me
8 Steely Dan – Aja (Aja – 1977)
9 Dave Stannard – Twisted Out Of Mind
10 Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
11 Jets to Brazil – Autumn Walker (Perfecting Loneliness – 2002)
12 Manic Street Preachers – International Blue (Resistance Is Futile – 2018)
13 Ohgod – Avalanche (The Great Silence – 2017)
14 The Sun Burns Bright – Forward We Move, Upward We Climb (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)

Musical Meanderings Playlist 3rd May 2018

There was more new music this week, particularly anticipated new material by Wychhound and Sabatta. You can hear it again here:

Wychhound have been waiting to release recorded material of their new sound without a singer and they released it – ‘Earth Orbiter‘, on the first of May. Really capturing their fantastic new live sound.Sabatta have a new album, Misfit Music, coming out on June 4th and it was great to hear their new single ‘Scream Of Consciousness‘. They’ll be joining me in the studio in a few weeks.

Based on Wychhound’s new sound, I began the show with some of my recent favourite instrumental sounds, such as Yuri Gagarin and Eleventh Vibration. And new stoner rock vibes, such as Foot.

Another shout out to the ‘WherePostRockDwells‘ and ‘StonedMeadowOfDoom‘ Youtube channels which has helped me discover some of this great, new music.

This week I also discovered some new wonderful post rock music in The Sun Burns Bright. Really capturing what I enjoy about that genre of music- the beautiful ambient landscape contrasted with a mighty, heavy melodic guitar based crescendo.

There was continued meanderings in the form of another play of the new Belly single, through more recent discoveries I’ve been enjoying, such as K-Rino and Hillsong United, to more new music by The Breeders and old favourites like Loudon Wainwright III, 10,000 Maniacs and Richard Hawley.

Here is the playlist for 3rd May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin 2014 Remix)
2 Somali Yacht Club – Loom (The Sun – 2014)
3 Wychhound – Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 (SL-9) (Earth Orbiter – 2018)
4 Eleventh Vibration – Nature (Illusions – 2016)
5 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
6 Foot – Sweet Stuff (Buffalo – 2018)
7 The Sun Burns Bright – Forward We Move, Upward We Climb (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)
8 Alcest – Shelter (Shelter – 2018)
9 Sabatta – Scream Of Consciousness (Misfit Music – 2018)
10 Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky (Sabotage – 1975)
11 K-Rino – Hidden Agenda (80-Minute Eternity – 2012)
12 Belly – Shiny One (Dove – 2018)
13 Aimee Mann & Michael Penn – Reason To Believe (Badlands – A Tribute To Bruce Springseen – 2000)
14 Loudon Wainwright – Sometimes I Forget (History – 1992)
15 Thundercat – Them Changes (Drunk – 2017)
16 The Breeders – All Nerve (All Nerve – 2018)
17 10,000 Maniacs – Peace Train (In My Tribe – 1987)
18 Hillsong Worship – What A Beautiful Name (Let There Be Light – 2016)
19 Neil Diamond – Act Like A Man (Home Before Dark – 2008)
20 Richard Hawley – Lady Solitude (Lady’s Bridge – 2007)
21 Loud Exit – Out Of Hibernation (Loud Exit – 2018)
22 The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Bird’s Song (We Are Trees – 2017)

Doomsday Outlaw | Indy Chanda Interview – Musical Meanderings 26th April 2018

Listen to it again here:

It was great to speak to Indy Chanda from blues rock band Doomsday Outlaw. I discovered their origins, including how they got signed to Frontiers records and how they created their new album Hard Times. They’ve also started a UK tour with Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate.

I also enjoyed continuing to share new music I’ve been discovering, including new releases, such as Hemelbestormer, Belly and new releases by Pallbearer and the long awaited new record by Sleep.

Here is the playlist for 26th April 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Hemelbestormer – Eight Billion Stars (A Ring Of Blue Light – 2018)
2 Year Of No Light – Perséphone (Enna) (Ausserwelt – 2010)
3 Pallbearer – Dropout (Adult Swim Single Program – 2018)
4 Mt. Mountain – Seek The Sun (Cosmos Terros – 2016)
5 Sleep – Giza Butler (The Sciences – 2018)
6 Doomsday Outlaw – Over and Over (Hard Times – 2018)
Doomsday Outlaw – Bring It On Home (Hard Times – 2018)
Doomsday Outlaw – Spirit That Made Me (Hard Times – 2018)
9 Belly – Shiny One (Dove – 2018)
10 K-Rino – Really Need You (Wizard’s Ransome – 2016)
11 Kauan – Nainen (Kaiho – 2017)
12 Ohgod – Bloom (The Great Silence – 2017)
13 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Blossom (Little Steps -2017)
14 Aurora Borealis – Goodbye (3) (Goodbye – 2018)

Musical Meanderings Playlist 19th April 2018

Listen to it again here:

Here is the playlist for 19th April 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Appalooza – Obsolescence (Appalooza – 2018)
2 Weedpecker – Embrace (III -2018)
3 Monster Truck – Don’t Tell Me How to Live (Sittin’ Heavy – 2015)
4 The Rosewood Brothers – A Child Of Nations (Soul Blossom – 2017)
5 Universal Hippies – Evolution (Evolution Of Karma – 2018)
6 Doomsday Outlaw – Bring It On Home (Hard Times – 2018)
7 K-Rino – Hidden Agenda (80-Minute Eternity – 2012)
8 Helmet – Milquetoast (Betty – 1994)
9 HighLow – Where have you been? (Record Day 2018 release)
10 Weezer – My Name Is Jonas (Blue Album – 1994))
11 Belly – Feed The Tree (Star -1993)
12 Madder Rose – Beautiful John (Bring It Down – 1993)
13 Adorable – Sunshine Smile (Against Perfection – 1993)
14 Corey Hart – Jenny Fey (First Offence – 1984)
15 Rocket Miner – And They Can Never Truly Die (Elegy – 2014)
17 Unleash The Tides – Unleash The Tides-Eternal Struggle For Happiness (The Turbulent Life of Mr. Nobody – 2018)
18 Loud Exit – For When We Forget (Loud Exit – 2018)
19 Aurora Borealis – Goodbye 1 & 2 (Goodbye – 2018)

Musical Meanderings Playlist 12th April 2018

You can hear this week’s show again here:

Continuing to play some new stoner and doom metal I’ve come across recently, especially Nebula and Monolord, inspired by the visit from Andy Valiant of Oak last week. I began the show with some wonderful psychedelicness from Portugal in the form of Astrodome.

Also celebrated the 30th anniversary of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden– a big influence on my musical journey.

I also continued to play songs from Tanya Donelly’s ’Swan Song’, along with a little journey through Natalie Merchant and the Dixie Chicks.

It was also wonderful to discover lovely new post-rock with the likes of Good Weather For An Airstrike & Loud Exit– who continued the trend of wonderful song titles I enjoy – Dream Friend Dream Like a Resting Ship in the Night.

I finished the show with one of my favourite ever songs- December Hunting…. by Stars of The Lid. It has once again provided a wonderful background over the last week or so. I described how it’s music I enjoy through good times and bad. During bad times it takes some of the weight of some fragile and uncomfortable burdens.

Here is the playlist for 12th April 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Astrodome – Mirage (II – 2018)
2 Foot – Low Mist (Buffalo – 2018)
3 Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son – 1988)
4 Monolord – Empress Rising (Empress Rising – 2014)
5 Oak – Love Is Falling (Oak III – 2018)
6 Nebula – Freedom (To The Centre – 1999)
7 System Of A Down – Aerials (Toxicity – 2001)
8 Alcest – Autre Temps (Autre Temps – 2011)
9 Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Led Zeppelin IV)
10 The Black Crowes – No Speak No Slave (Southern Harmony and Musical Companion – 1992)
11 Janis Joplin – Take Another Little Piece of my Heart (Live At Winterland – 1968)
12 The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses – 1989)
13 Natalie Merchant – Tell Yourself (Motherland – 2001)
14 Tanya Donelly – I Would Like To Call It Beauty (Swan Song Bonus Tracks – 2016)
15 Buddy Miles – The Segment (A Message To The People – 1970)
16 Dixie Chicks – Landslide (Home – 2002)
17 Loud Exit – Dream Friend Dream Like a Resting Ship in the Night (Loud Exit – 2018)
18 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Every Day’s New (Little Steps – 2017)
19 Stars of the Lid – December Hunting for Vegetarian F**kface (And Their Refinement of the Decline – 2007)

OAK | Andy Valiant Interview – Musical Meanderings 5th April 2018

This week it was a pleasure to welcome Andy Valiant of London based stoner rock band Oak into the studio. I’ve been playing their music or referring to them over many weeks and it was finally lovely to speak to him to find out more about them.

You can hear the show again here:

We discussed their origins, the origins of the band name and how their style has evolved. Partly due to how each of their EPs have been recorded in different studios, but also the evolution in Andy’s voice, from mainly making noises in the early days, to now with lyric writing. From this is also the enjoyment of having a platform for telling stories from the heart.

Andy Valiant | OAK

I’ve been a fan of the artwork Oak use on their EP covers and Andy spoke of his relationship with the artist- Unexpected Spectre and how much of a symbiotic relationship it is, where they don’t have to explain too much of what they’re after, but they get wonderful results anyway.

Andy also described his musical influences, especially the effect Led Zeppelin had when he first heard them. Also the effect this had on how he can use his voice, also the difference between singing live and recording in a studio.

While Andy spoke of how he enjoys performing, I wondered whether his growth in confidence came from the progress of this. Actually he discussed how it was more from knowing that this path is what he wants to do.

With the discussions about their musical evolution, we spoke about the new single Love Is Falling and how it came about, especially how it it became a single almost unexpectedly. They also created a video for it which you can see here:

It was great to talk about the scene in London and the UK in general. We mentioned other artists that we enjoyed, such as 1968 and Wychhound, and how much the bands in the scene help each other. Especially with the live events that are organised, such as the event at the Big Red on Holloway Road by Wychhound– here is the next one:

And the night in Deptford by Trevor’s Head:

Also Andy is helping organise the next all day Stone Frequency II event at the Black Heart in Camden on July 28th:

Their next gig is in Manchester on the 28th April:

Here is the playlist for 5th April 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Kyuss – Odyssey (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
2 Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky (Sabotage – 1975)
3 The Cortège – Love & Land (Love & Land EP – 2016)
4 Oak – Dissolve (Oak EP – 2015)
5 Led Zeppelin – The Girl I Love, She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (BBC Recording – 1969)
6 Oak – Against The Rain (Oak II – 2016)
7 Wychhound – Hourglass (Wychhound EP – 2015)
8 1968 – Vorpa (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
9 Oak – Love Is Falling (Oak III – 2018)
10 Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
11 Oak – Mirage (Oak II – 2016)
12 Sabatta – Emperors New Clothes (Emperors New Clothes EP – 2008)

Musical Meanderings Playlist 29th March 2018

Celebrating the dawn of the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Beginning with some 80s and 90s metal with the likes of Anthrax, Megadeth and Helmet, then more recent examples such as 1968, Elder and the new song from Black Orchids debuted a few weeks ago during their visit to the show.

I then meandered towards a more relaxed end of the show, even discussing one of Dave Grohl’s favourite pop songs Andrew Gold’s ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’ from 1978. I then chose another example from that year with Billy Joel’s ‘My Life’.

You can hear it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 29th March 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Anthrax – Time (Persistence Of Time – 1990)
2 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
3 Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Rust In Peace – 1990)
4 Helmet – He Feels Bad (Meantime – 1992)
5 Black Orchids – Still Remains
6 Elder – Staving Off Truth (Reflections Of A Floating World – 2017)
7 Dinosaur Jr – Get Me (Where You Been – 1993)
8 Faith No More – Ashes To Ashes (Album Of The Year – 1997)
9 Aerosmith – Beyond Beautiful (Just Push Play – 2001)
10 Mother Love Bone – Heartshine (Stardog Champion – 1992)
11 A Perfect Circle – By and Down (Stone And Echo – 2013)
12 Memory Tapes – Yes I Know (Player Piano – 2011)
13 Andrew Gold – Never Let Her Slip Away (All This And Heaven Too – 1978)
14 Billy Joel – My Life (52nd Street – 1978)
15 Beautiful Girls – Cash Money (Learn Yourself – 2003)
16 Feist – The Limit To Your Love (The Reminder – 2008)
17 Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
18 Neil Diamond – Pretty Amazing Grace (Home Before Dark – 2008)
19 Natalie Merchant – Not In This Life (Motherland – 2001)
20 Snatam Kaur – Deep Blue Sea (Celebrate Peace – 2005)

Musical Meanderings Playlist 22nd March 2018

This week I enjoyed playing some new releases from Australian stoner rockers Foot and Swedish post-rock band Loud Exit. I also continued to share new music from Tanya Donelly, The Breeders and carried on the recent habit of playing songs from recent favourites such as the Lonesome Sisters.

Also this week I discovered some wonderful new classical music, including choral music from The Cambridge Singers and Tallis Scholars.

You can hear it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 22nd March 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Telekinetic Yeti – Colossus (Abominable – 2017)
2 Pallbearer – Foundations (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
3 Burzum – Back to the shadows
4 Foot – Thunder Cave (Buffalo – 2018)
5 Corrosion of Conformity – Albatross (Live)
6 Yuri Gagarin – Za Kosmosom (Yuri Gagarin – 2014 Remix)
7 Arhios – Ath (Arhios – 2018)
8 My Morning Jacket – One Big Holiday (Okonokos – 2006)
9 The Breeders – All Nerve (All Nerve – 2018)
10 Tanya Donelly – Snow Goose And Me (Swan Song)
11 Lonesome Sisters – Peachtree (Deep Water – 2012)
12 Aerosmith – You See Me Crying (Toys In The Attic – 1975)
13 Midlake – Small Mountain (The Courage Of Others – 2010)
14 John Williams – Vivaldi- Concerto For Lute in D Major- II- Largo Rv 93
15 Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni (I Giorni – 2002)
16 Tallis Scholars- If Ye Love Me
17 The Cambridge Singers – Rheinberger – Abendlied
18 Loud Exit – Out Of Hibernation (Loud Exit – 2018)
19 Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Nordlight Remix)