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Blimey we are in December, and on this weeks show we had more brand new tracks to delight and we haerd, it is the start of me trying to pick my track of the year and album, for the Phoenix 98FM Presenters Pick. We played last years single and Album pick of 2016 and I mused over who I could possibly pick for this years outing. This weeks new tracks by the way, came from Woodrowgerber – Vague Notion – Black Forest – Graingerboy – Mark Bebb/Heliophile – Jonteknik – Le Groupe Fantastique, plus a remix from Sombre Moon of their debut single, we had a few classic artists as well.

Why not have a listen to the rerun ofnthe show, via Mixcloud- thr link is below the tracklist;


Our christmas was electric (my dad is santa) by Matt Jessup

Sound Mirrors by Covenant

Blurred Reality (Fused Remix) by Sombre Moon

The Ghost in You (Edit) by Matt Mancid & Color Theory

Barrel Of A Gun by Depeche Mode

Greed by Black Forest

Nerve by Paul Humphries

Deadender by Neil Francis & Daysound

Blackstar by David Bowie

10 In Time by Mark Bebb + Heliophile

11 Call Me by Chronica

12 Army Of My Head by Ghost Capsules

13 Shadow Former Self by Graingerboy 

14 Miracles (Radio Edit) by Pet Shop Boys

15 Corridors by Lemonade Kid Damsel In The Dollhouse

16 What We Leave Behind by Knights

17 Lonely Beast by Le Groupe Fantastique

18 Walk Away by Modovar

19 K.I.S.S. Feat Chronica by From Apes To Angels

20 Baby It’s You by DOLLS (feat DS-1)

21 When David Sings by Vague Notion

22 Playing Popstars by Tame Genius

23 Simon by Woodrowgerber

24 I’ll take my chances by Caroline McLavy

25 Torch by Jonteknik

26 Never Enough by Charlotte Someone ft. Lokka Vox

27 Shroud by Damsel in the Dollhouse

 Feel free to leave a comment- maybe whatv was your favorite track from this weeks show??
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