It’s party time!

And by golly we had a real party on today’s show as I was joined by three very attractive young ladies who together go by the name of THE ADELAIDES.


The ADELAIDES have been taking the world of country music by storm and are currently on tour supporting the singer and TV star, MEGAN McKENNA.

You can listen again here to what the girls had to say about the group, the current tour and their plans for the future: –

In the first hour of the show we heard about the AMAZON ELECTRA that left alone, got bored and decided to party on its own at full blast – but at 2 o’clock in the morning!

Party Time

Disgruntled neighbours called police, who unable to make themselves heard above the music, called a locksmith to break in.

They were naturally astonished to find that no one was at home and that the AMAZON ELECTRA was boogying away happily to itself.

The flat owner was equally bemused when he returned to find that he couldn’t get back inside and had to go to the police station to pick up new keys, where he was also presented with a bill from the locksmith.

Not knowing how to get recompense for the cost of a new lock, he turned to ALEXA for the answer, only to be rewarded by the somewhat unhelpful response, “Unfortunately, I have not found an answer to that question”

The good news is that subsequently an AMAZON spokesperson confirmed that although the device had been found to be working flawlessly, they had offered the customer to cover the cost of the incident.

Well at least there was a happy ending this time around.

See you next week,