Just another manic Monday!

On today’s show we heard all about the man who wanted to ensure that his final selfie would be a real blast – and it was.

He took it alongside a hand grenade from which he had removed the pin!

Nevertheless our hero managed to post the picture he’d taken to his friends just before the inevitable detonation.

hand grenade selfie

Police believe that for some reason the man thought that the grenade would not explode unless he actually threw it.

Well at least he’ll know better next time.   

We also revelled in the story of the 8 donkeys arrested and thrown into jail for theft.

jailed donkeys

Yes, it’s all true.

It seems that they had munched their way through £6000 worth of plants that were intended for planting inside the jail in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

See you again tomorrow,

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