A real popularity contest


Russian-armored-personnel-carriersWe hear a lot about alleged Russian interference in western elections but news has just emerged about what you need to do if you want to stand for a governor’s position in Russia – and it’s truly bizarre.

Seemingly President Putin just had a clear out of old governors to make way for new blood as it seems he wants to ensure that vigorous loyalists are in place to pave the way for smooth presidential elections in March.

But anyone thinking of applying might want to think carefully as two hopefuls have just revealed that they were expected to lie down as armoured personnel carriers were driven over them!

They also had to make parachute jumps, throw hand grenades, and fire pistols and automatic weapons.

Three of the candidates pulled out after the parachute jumps with leg injuries, and another with a bad back. Apparently the jumps were designed for guys weighing 60-70 kg, but some participants weighed in at 100 kg (16 stone).

So if the Russians really are trying to interfere with elections in the west, perhaps they could have arranged for “THE DONALD” to have been driven over by an armoured personnel carrier and chucked out of an aircraft.

Now that would really have been something!

Meanwhile from India comes news of the woman who caused uproar on a plane after she unlocked her husband’s phone, by using his thumbprint whilst he slept and discovered he was having an affair.

Phone thumbprint 

The ensuing fracas caused the plane to have to make an emergency landing as even the efforts of all the flight attendants failed to subdue her from kicking and punching her other half.

The winner of that popularity contest has yet to be revealed.

See you again tomorrow,

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