House of Fun with Kim Wymer and Giles Bryant


Tonight’s guests were Kim Wymer and Giles Bryant talking about the World Healing Project, Juliette’s kitchen and Kim’s Happy Days coaching!

Click here for the official website for Juliette’s Kitchen

Click here for the official website for World Healing Project

Click here for the official website for Kim Wymer’s ‘new home’ coaching

Karin Ridger 24 Nov 17 Pic 2

Karin Ridgers 24 Nov 17 Pic 3

Karin Ridgers 24 Nov 17 Pic 4

Karin Ridgers 24 Nov 17

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About Karin Ridgers

Well, I still have the recordings somewhere from when I was about 5 of me interviewing my sister who was about 3. I wouldn’t let her get a word in really and I really believed I was making radio programmes. When I was a teenager I used to love listening to Annie Nightingale and Janice Long who played such cool music. The chart show was on a Sunday evening and this was followed by Essex Radio playing their late-night problems show and I used to try to keep awake and secretly listening to problems that didn’t really even make sense to me. But it was exciting to hear! For many years I enjoyed being one of Sadie Nine's Loud Women on BBC Essex, so I had my radio fix without the stress of planning the show and operating the desk. I love Sadie and learnt a lot. She is a brilliant natural presenter who makes it all looks easy! I'm back on Phoenix FM which is quite surreal at times as I was one of the founder members when the station launched in 1996. As a huge 80s fan I am playing some of the same music too! I feel more confident with myself as most people do from their 20s to their 40s, so my show is different now to then. I have some incredible friends, clients, celebrities and experts who have come onto my show, including Rozalla, Baby D and Phil Fearon, Vicki Michelle, Wendy Turner Webster, Rick Hay and many more. I am so excited as I get to chat to these wonderful guests and they have the opportunity to tell their story too.