House of Fun with Vicky Kelly, Charlotte Auclair and Nynke Brett

This week I was joined by Holly O’Leary and Charlotte Auclair, talking about the amazing Screen4paws festival. I also had a lovely chat with Nynke Brett from Made in Hackney!

Click here to see Vicky Kelly’s official website

Click here to see the official Screen 4 Paws website

Click here for the official Made in Hackney website

Karin Ridgers 17 Nov 17 pic 2

Karin Ridgers 17 Nov 17

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About Karin Ridgers

Well, I still have the recordings somewhere from when I was about 5 of me interviewing my sister who was about 3. I wouldn’t let her get a word in really and I really believed I was making radio programmes. When I was a teenager I used to love listening to Annie Nightingale and Janice Long who played such cool music. The chart show was on a Sunday evening and this was followed by Essex Radio playing their late-night problems show and I used to try to keep awake and secretly listening to problems that didn’t really even make sense to me. But it was exciting to hear! For many years I enjoyed being one of Sadie Nine's Loud Women on BBC Essex, so I had my radio fix without the stress of planning the show and operating the desk. I love Sadie and learnt a lot. She is a brilliant natural presenter who makes it all looks easy! I'm back on Phoenix FM which is quite surreal at times as I was one of the founder members when the station launched in 1996. As a huge 80s fan I am playing some of the same music too! I feel more confident with myself as most people do from their 20s to their 40s, so my show is different now to then. I have some incredible friends, clients, celebrities and experts who have come onto my show, including Rozalla, Baby D and Phil Fearon, Vicki Michelle, Wendy Turner Webster, Rick Hay and many more. I am so excited as I get to chat to these wonderful guests and they have the opportunity to tell their story too.